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Tigris is resting by the doorway, watching everyone that enters, and making sure everyone that enters the house is 'kosher', so to speak. Meanwhile, Flora is in her study, finalizing some things.

Selena looks over the golem and decor of the manor as she enters, raising an eyebrow though not making any comment on it herself. The wolfess navigates through the manor to the room occupied by the tigress, knocking on the doorframe. "Flora? I'm here. Sveta should be here soon."

Sveta arrives just behind Selena, having finished all matters at the inn. She comes to a stop beside Selena, and nods. "Good thing you managed to find your way in without incident. The manor has changed a bit because of the renovation, but it's definitely to Flora's liking, and that's what matters."

No sound. Flora isn't quite there yet, and it takes a few moments for her to arive, a stack of paperwork in hand. "Flora was setting up some simple contracts, yes. Sorry about that," she mumbles, handing one to Selena. "Anything that concerns LongTech stays within these walls, yes yes. Flora set up a contract quickly, feel free to read, but Flora would appreciate it if friend Selena signed. Even if just a formality, since Flora does not expect friend Selena to tell others."

Selena looks back to the cat, rubbing her cheek. "It's not too difficult to find. I've been by the manors here several times in past, and this one is difficult to miss as well." She notes, taking a contract in hand and reading over it. "Fair enough. I Trade secrets and such things, I suppose? The question is if I shouldn't write up some of my own the next time I have you visit my house..." She chuckles, taking her time to memorize the stipulations.

Sveta nods, and takes a seat beside the two of them "turnabout is fair play," she says. "Flora is quite formal when it comes to these things, if I know her well enough. And I do apologise for my thoughtlessness earlier. But the matter does now stand - I've been trying to petition my contacts within the craft school, and they're somewhat afraid of rocking the boat. I'm not sure how much luck you've hard in pressuring your colleagues, Selena."

Flora nods and flicks her tail, her ears flicking lightly. "Flora has some other contracts, but those won't be needed for now, unless we head to the labs, yes," she rumbles, before leaning back. "Flora's already asked Lina to prepare something to eat, yes. Flora doesn't know why. Flora's still hungry," she mumbles, shrugging it off and leaning back, simply listening to the conversation for now.

Lina peers around a corner and smiles, moving towards Flora in a bit of an awkward fashion before she stops and offers a light bow to all present. "Hi! I'm Lina, it's nice to see you!" she says rather excitedly, before turning to Flora. "Where would you like to eat Flora?" she asks before she looks over Selena for a moment. Her tail sways about before she waits for the answer.

Selena nods back to the bird and cat. "It's fine, Sveta. I tend to get a little touchy when people get on the subject of what I own. I'm no noble, after all - none of my possessions are half as protected as a single crown in a nobles's coffers."

"I don't see any harm in the contract. After all, I stil have the right to use what's said in court if that's deemed necessary - but I don't think that'll become relevant at all. And I have no intention to be loose-lipped." The wolfess notes. The more energetic lion's comments prompt a slightly surprised look. "Well. I suppose Sveta wasn't the only person who you named noble." she notes.

Sveta frowns. "I'll have...well, something light, Lina. I'll leave the rest to you, thank you." Turning back to Selena and Flora, she clears her throat. "Yes. Well, what Selena and I were thinking was that since the spell is too valuable - and possibly unwieldy - to be moved through the streets, we were hoping that you could take a picture of it, or even better, several pictures of it from different angles. Then, when you went to see Sinclair, you could bring it along and ask her to examine it as per Selena's directions. Of course, since that last missive, we will be getting at least one, perhaps many more Creator visitors to our perhaps these changed circumstances means the idea might just have more merit than it originally have. What do you think?"

Flora smiles lightly and flicks her tails as she looks towards Selena, shaking her head. "Granting nobility and not rescinding a title are two different things, friend Selena. Lina? Flora has granted friend Sveta a place in our house. As far as Flora is concerned, friend Sveta is family, yes. And Flora... Flora wants chicken... Or meat... Vegetables... Something. Flora isn't sure." she mumbles, her tails twitching.

Soon enough, her mind is back to the task at hand, and she looks up at Sveta and Selena. "Flora is... Quite alright with that... However, Flora would appreciate if the cost of the pictures is split. It's not much, but any money Flora spends cannot be invested in LongTech Industries or the house, of course.

The feline takes notes and nods, taking the responses into account and smiling. "Alright I hope it's to your liking... Chicken, vegitables, something light, and... something for guests, okay! And family? Maybe we can be close, congrats Sveta." she says happily, her tail swaying as she listens for a bit before wincing and pawing off, a light 'ow' can be heard as she gains distance.

Selena shakes her head. "You'll probably be a little underwhelmed if you expect it to be unwieldy. If it was I doubt I'd have got it as far as the main concourse without it being noticed." She chuckles, rubbing her chin. "I have no problem with paying the cost of the picture either. Just let me know how much it'll set me back before the date." She replies. "...I'll probably want to write up one of these when the pictures are being taken." she notes before passing the signed document back to the cat. "And I suppose that's true, Flora. But it's much of the same thing as far as I'm concerned." Then adding as Lina's ow reaches her ears - "Is she alright?" She asks perplexedly.

"I haven't seen much of Lina, but from what I know, she's quite the excitable type," Sveta replies rather languidly. "No doubt Flora knows her better, don't you? But as I said...the best chance of finding someone who can complete the spell is a Creator. And even if Sinclair doesn't know much, now that there are other Creators slated to come to Promise, it's likely that at least one of them will know something, at the very least," she says with a ruffle of her feathers. "I know I might be pushing this solution a little too hard, but to find someone who doesn't have any vested interests or fear repercussions from - ahem - the Church is going to be an uphill task."

Flora nods and flicks her tails lightly as she looks between Sveta and Selena, before scratching the back of her head. "Flora... Flora has been thinking about that... Why would those creators teach us things? What's in it for them? Would they even be allowed by... Their king? Council? Whatever they have?" she asks, fiddling a bit with the words... It doesn't sound right. "Because... If Flora were to find a new group of beings, far behind us? Flora would be careful in teaching them things... Teach them how to use a gun, and they could attack... Flora isn't saying they, or the beings would, but... Do friends Sveta and Selena see Flora's point?"

Selena tsks quietly. "Sveta, it is a good solution. Don't get me wrong. However, it doesn't enable future research at all, and the latter problem continues - we'd have no access to spells to actually research." She replies. "If they're intending to stick with their doctrine, they are actually incapable of denying the request. What arguments can they give against allowing access to the spells? That we aren't educated enough in creator spells to glean any more useful knowledge from them? I have a trump. You've seen the proof of concept." She replies simply. Flora's musings prompt a gesture. "And Flora has another point. Creators aren't here to assist or help us. They're here to evaluate us. I have my doubts Sinclair would be willing - if able - to help with this. Petitioning the creator church in a civil, honest manner strikes me as the best option. I have my proof of concept. If they're keeping by the first text then they wouldn't hinder the intellectual development of promise by keeping their doors closed. Nor is there a statement in the first text that extolls the virtue of keeping everything to themselves and not allowing new perspective. If anything, the texts request understanding and collaboration. If they argue, then I see no reason not to argue against the decision with their own doctrine. If they have other issues with the idea then we would discuss them as adults - not a as a woman speaking to a group of children over their hoard of shiny rocks."

Sveta sighs, not having very much to add to Selena's argument. "You're right, Selena. I was hoping...but never mind. I'll continue pushing in my direction, then. Not sure if Flora could help push in the courts, too, if it came to that. I...don't really have that much to add. Sometimes, beings can be so much trouble to be around, if you understand what I'm getting at."

Flora nods and rumbles softly as she leans back. "Flora can push in court if and only IF a motion comes to pass. Until then, this is friend Selena's doing, yes. Friend Sveta... Can cast her vote in court as well, but considering that Flora would be casting her vote on behalf of House Longtail and LongTech Industries," she begins, allowing the others to finish that sentence for her, before she slides the other contract towards Selena, allowing her to look it over. "In case friend Selena wishes to get a tour of our... Facilities, later."

Selena nods back, rubbing her temples. "Sveta, it's a better position to have than trying to suggest we 'aren't ready' to try and learn about their magic." She chuckles, tapping her nose with a half-smile. "And I appreciate the perspective. I wouldn't be here if not for the beings around me." She replies with a smile. "Angus has been helping me find out what other houses would do with the ability to reproduce creator spells and Rogna agreed with my position as well, so I hope that I'll have enough influence behind my request. "If the motion moves to court, then I'll have probably failed to make my position as clear as I can. It's a likely outcome, but I would ideally like to resolve it publicly without bringing it to a mode where there are less 'normal' beings than nobles. I can find out the opinion of the latter very easily, but the public is a lot more diverse."

"I've been finalizing the petition either way. Essentially, my request is that beings may request access to the repository of creator spells, much like the academy offers library passes to beings outside their own ranks to look through their collected literature."

The contract passed over to her as intercepted with a somewhat surprised expression. "Another one? ...I suppose I might want to keep it in mind, but for now I might pass." Nevertheless, she does read over the contract much like the last.

Lina awkwardly makes her way back into the room, pushing along a wooden cart of sorts topped with a tray of food. The aromas are mixed, but plesant as she makes her way straight towards the group. She slows to a halt alongside them and says "Okay, chicken, light snack, and some assortments." The cart carries a plate fixed with mostly chicken and some form of seasoning alongside a modest serving of carrots and something leavy green, another plate has a bit of chicken also, this sandwiched between what appears to be bread and some of the same leafy greens as FLora has. Aside them, a small few small plates with excess chicken, carrots, and small biscuits topped with crushed berries. The underside of the cart has nothing more than a few cups and drinks.

Flora nods and flicks her tails lightly. "It was an offer, yes. Anything in the labs is to be considered top secret, not to be shared... Or used by anyone without LongTech permission," she explains, before nodding lightly, gesturing at a free chair for Lina and almost instantly digging into the food, smiling encouragingly. Almost as if to say 'see? Told you you were good at things!'

Selena chuckles quietly and looks back at the cat. "I've heard of anxiety making people skip food and then get hungry afterwards, but you're eating a LOT." she observes a little awkwardly. "...Hmm. As long as the contract doesn't stop me from doing my own things." She mutters, though doesn't sign off. "I'm a little hesitant to sign it, admittedly. Maybe in future, but for now I'd like to maintain the option to do anything I so choose." She chuckles. "It's one thing to say I'll not repeat what we've talked about here, but another to not use any portion of your production processes at home without even noting the context of them. I know that's not exactly what the contract is trying to do, but I'd rather not be tripped up later down the line."

Lina looks to the gestured seat and takes it, beaming a little when Flora gives that ever so encouraging smile. She takes one of the berry topped biscuits and takes a bite, before settling back and nodding. "You don't have to eat so quickly, but I'm glad you like it. I can always make you more." she adds. "So how are you two today?" she asks as she looks Selena over, noting the papers. "Is she signing on too? You are really making a name for yourself aren't you Flora."

"Flora understands, but most of the things we work with are never-before-tried, and almost enchantment-free... Flora is... Hesitant to let others work with it. However, as the contract notes, permission granted by a LongTech official would permit you to use or talk about the things friend Selena would see, yes," she explains with a nod, before turning to Lina. "Friend Selena is just a friend, yes. Friend Selena works at the academy, so Flora can't hire her without asking her to quit her current job, no. Although Flora is sure friend Selena would make an excellent addition to the LongTech team, were she available. And Flora... Flora hasn't eaten a lot for several days, Flora is hungry, but Flora will be fine after this, yes."

Selena shakes her head, passing the contract back to Flora. "I agree that she's made a name for herself, Lina. Certainly one to be proud of. That said, I won't be signing that contract unless I decided to work here... And given that I already have a job I enjoy and affiliations with another group, I don't have the time to commit to another. Not to mention... Well, what Flora just said. I like my job a little too much to quit it." She chuckles, rubbing her chin. "I know that a lot of the work you do is with technology, but for the time being I'd rather keep my hands clean of this kind of contract. I'm more than willing to offer you any help you need, but it IS subject to your discretion and the secrecy you want. As much help as I could be to you, I feel I can help more beings by teaching what I know to my students... As odd as it feels to say that. It wouldn't do to live and die without leaving anything behind for the future."

Lina nods. "It's really great to enjoy what you're doing in life, I hope the feeling never goes away don't you um.. Selena? Right?" she says as she tries to make sure she got this new family friends name right. "You're an academic? That sounds exciting, you get to work with books and study things?" she adds before shoving her mouth full of biscuit, and rising to serve drinks. "Is there anything anyone wants?"

Sveta has been sitting back all the while. She hasn't eaten much, the thin bird eating like - well, a bird - and shakes her head. "Thank you very much, Lina, but I think I'll pass. Maybe I'll do the cooking for's just so much applied chemistry, after all. And Selena...I was lucky to finish my time at the craft school at the same time when Flora was looking for folk, so I didn't run into any conflicts of interest. Even if you don't join us, I'm sure there'll be external consultation work open from time to time."

Flora's tails flick behind her, and she continues eating, even if she's slowly but surely slowing down. Her ears twitch a tad, and she shakes her head. "Flora is... Quite fine, thank you, Lina," she murrs with a smile, before nodding towards Selena. "Flora knows, Flora knows. Flora wouldn't want to stop friend Selena to help people, no."

Selena chuckles quietly and nods. "I know a lot of people that'd find the work I do dry and uninteresting, Lina - And yes, I am Selena. Those people will probably eat those words one day. Between Spellcrafting and earth magic alone I feel like I'm helping more than I'd do by making something. It's in giving the future generations something they can use to surpass you, and every physician I've seen has told me my chances of having children is nil - I can't really leave behind much of a legacy with that kind of family life." She chuckles quietly, shaking her head.

"And I'm used to consulting for beings that don't want to tell me everything about their work. I'm still a Cliffsider, and there's still that bit of tension I notice every time an honors student asks me for help with their research or someone asks for a tip off on their thesis. Of course, the latter are a lot rarer than the former, but I can't begin to say how satisfying it is to help someone with something like that."

Lina nods to Selena, staring at the food she prepared as she tries to puzzle the meaning of Svetas words and then nods. "Okay... um can I watch? I'm sorry you don't like it." she asks and adds as she pours a drink and then sets the bottle back where it was, tasting it and then moving back to her seat. "How can that be boring?" she says with curiosity, her tail flipping over the arm of the chair. "I bet that would be great, as long as you can read."

Sveta leans back, listening to the back and forth between Flora and Selena, not really having much to add at this point. "It's not that I don't like it, it's that I don't eat much to begin with. There have been folk who've asked me if I eat or drink anything other than iced water, and the answer is yes." She frowns at Lina's comment. "Can you read?"

"Reading is a useful skill, yes," Flora mumbles, her tails flicking and taking another bite. "Flora thinks it tastes great, yes," she mumbles, smiling brightly towards the lioness and leaning back in her chair. "Oh, friend Sveta. I've got some designs to discuss with you, later. Lina can be present as well, of course."

Selena can't help but chuckle at the Bird's comment - "Like a cackle. Isn't that the saying?" she replies with a smile. "I'd like to hope you can read, Lina. It's an invaluable skill." She notes, tilting her head. "But the reason beings don't always find teaching interesting is because a lot of it is rather slow, explaining the basics of spellcrafting and Kevinscoping, or explaining how to use multiple soil expressions in one spell and so on. It can be a bit dry sometimes, but all things can." She notes, rising from her seat. "Still, thank you for all of your time. There's a few things I'd like to do and I'd certainly like to get some rest. I'll see myself out, unless there's anything else..?"

Lina listens to Sveta and nods. "I'll make sure it is even lighter next time then!" she declares with gumption, smiling and waving Selena off. "Take care, it was nice to meet you." she says before looking to Sveta. "Sure I can read! Better than my brother could! I the papers I signed." she said with a nod. "And I'd love to come Flora."