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The night air is cool and crisp as one would travel through the streets, though the usual quiet is filled with the yelling of guards and the excited murmer of a large crowd outside of the twin pillows. The crowd itself seems to be made up of females and males whom work inside of the estabilishment, and judging from their dress they were quick to be thrown outside without preperation. A few heavy clan guards keep a way open for the freeswords to approach through, with their captain standing in the doorway to the establishment.

"Alright Alright! I already told you all, nobody gets in until we finish having the scene documented!" The heavy set black bear bellows out over the crowd, seemingly aggitated as he waits for his summons to be answered.

Perhaps odd for the wolfess to be making her way through such parts of town at the odd hour, Selena moves throught the square with a yawn and a stretch, the debacle certainly having caught her attention.

Before too long, she finds herself in front of the establishment and the guards there, looking somewhat concerned and glancing about the beings gathered there, employees or otherwise, before addressing the guard. "Excuse me, could you tell me what's happening here? I don't think I've heard this much of a commotion from Mange square before, much less the 'pillows."

Rixo shuffles down the streets, armour clinking together. She'd heard there was trouble, and her sense of justice and duty demanded that she help! Well, that and she was mostly curious as to what was going on. She didn't bring her warhammer today, at least, helping to lighten her load. Approaching the captain, she offers a plated salute with her free hand. "Ahoy, I heard there was a bit of trouble?"

"My word," exclaimed Xisysoly in a muted clatter as the crow looks over the crowd, standing up upon the edge of his toes. "You would have thought a proper establishment would have had robes on hand for just such an occurance.." Unhooking the bit of rope from about his hunting staff, he approaches the captain as well. "It would seem that you are in need of a bit of order in this place. How may I be of assistance?"

Siyu huffs a little bit as he's dressed in a long flowing silk kimono. One more akin to a female then a male. Grumbling a little bit as his makeup is a bit smuged, just chittering to himself "Excuse me, but I do count myself as a kind of manager if the Lady Blackback is not in the establishment Good Guard. Please allow me to establish the siutation within this private residence, owned by the Blackback family." he folds his arms, all of 3 foot 10, trying to draw as much dignighty as he can, "I suppose I am the voice of the owner since I am the senior member here." he looks back at the other employees who are huddled and he shhhs shhhs and he tries to calm them. Digging into his kimono he'll pull out a couple of 100 crown coins. Go get food and drinks, linger and talk. Do not worry. But stay nearby if needed. Trying to make sure operations are not too disrupted, but coperating. Just tryign to establish himself within the beings working the scene.

The captain gives a loud grunt as they all seem to finally arrive, the big black bear pointing his thumb at his chest as he speaks loud enough for them all. "My name is Captain Titanus, my boys will be keeping the peace here 'Freeswords', but seeing as my investigations unit is caught up at another scene you'll be aiding my assitant Lunaxia here." Titanus' gaze falling down to Siyu as he leans forward slowly, his arms crossing across his chest. "You can either help the other freeswords, or you can sit out here with the others. So long as the situation inside remains, this building is under the control of the guards."

The Captain moving then to the side as a thin and small mouse woman makes her way forward, clad in the guard's colors, and a board with papers and quills set in her grasp. She pauses for a moment to push her glassess up as she looks to the freeswords before offering a smile. "Greetings! I'm Investigation assistant Lunaxia, and I suppose I'll be working with you today! If you'll all be so kind as to follow me inside so we can discuss the situation while we head to the scene?" The woman quick to turn and skitter her way back inside, moving through the main floor to begin ascending the stairs.

Selena waves back to Rixo as the woman approaches, nods to the other decidely less familiar face. "It's nice to see you as well, Rixo. No hello for me?" She teases with a smile, furrowing her eyebrows a little at the comment from Siyu. "Senior of a few months, if that. I'm fairly certain there'd be beings here that've worked for longer." mutters to nobody in particular, though the next comment is a little more directed, again to the guard. "I'd recommend against leaving only one being to investigate. Perhaps leave them to speak with their co-workers, but alone there's a tendancy to... Miss details."

Luxiana's enthusiasm about the job is met with a raised eyebrow, the wolfess following nevertheless into the building behind the rodent. "So then, what happened?" she asks simply, "I suppose there's a good chance we're going to see the result, but I may as well ask for any other details while we're walking. Better than wasting time later."

Rixo chuckles softly, nodding at Selena. "Of course, of course. Hello to you, as well! I'm always happy to see me, you don't need me to say it, do you?" She gives a wink as she follows after the two, chuckling. "I just didn't notice you at first, that's all. Apologies!"

Xisysoly's head darts back and with a nod to show suitable deference, he speaks to the Captain, "I'd wish you a dull evening Captain, but with this spectacle I doubt you'll get it." He sidesteps the bear and before departing asks, "You shall be here outside then if we have need of you then?" The question is retorical though as Xisyxoly keeps an eye on Lunaxia and if it looks like she's gotten too far ahead he sprints to keep up with the rest of the group, regardless of the answer.

Siyu nods his head, "Just establishing this building belongs to Lord Jessica Blackback, and in lieu of her presence, I Gang Xi Siyu is acting in her best interestin Captain." he bows his head. He's not causing a problem he just wants information known and understood. Respectfuly bowing again. And...a mouse girl! Well that's a sight, he doesn't oft see rodent females, none in fact really. He bows his head again and tucks his hands into the lon silk sleeves of his kimono and swish his wide hips after her. Fallking in line with the other beings as he'll enter with her. e glances at Selena, "It's true of course...but the Lady Blackback is not here. Does anyone else wish to speak for her?" he asks of the assembled group? He glances back to Selena. "I'm just trying to make sure she doens't get hurt all right. I have no nefarious purpose in mind."

The captain gives a gruff huff at Selena's words, waving her off as he clomps down the stairs to grab one of his guards by the shoulders and give him instructions... It seemed the Bear wasn't too happy about having to have freesword help. Turning his head though to look to Xis as he grunts with approval before clearing his throat. "Yes. Me and my guards will be outside making sure nobody disturbs anything."

Inside of the building though, it's easy to see everyone had fled in a large pannic, as bits of board games, cards, and even the occassional aritcal of clothing dot the floor. Luxiana's enthusiasim doesn't seem to abate though as the mouse girl gives them a nod before leading them all to the stairs, heading up to the more 'private' rooms. "Oh yes yes you'll get to see... I do suppose I should warn those whom lose their lunch easily that it may be a tad graphic, but most double homicides are after all." She lets a slight churr as she stops infront of the door and clears her throat. "At approximatly twenty-two thirty tonight, two loud gunshots were reported coming from behind this door, with a reported fifteen, to thirty seconds between each shot. Now, I do not wish to pressure you all but we've two victems beyond the door, one Lulu a local rabit employee who's worked here for a month or so, and a Siegfried, assistant to one Sir G�nter from Thera'dor, and a minor noble of the house schluafuch..." She nods as she sets the papers to her side and looks up to the group. "If you're ready, I can open the door."

Selena sighs, shaking her head. "She's not here, but the deed's been in Firmament since the building was constructed. If the guards didn't know who owned the building there'd be more serious problems. You'll also notice I suggested not leaving the investigation to one being. I didn't implicate you in anything." The wolfess replies, keeping her attention focussed more on the interior than anyone else. "It's fine, Rixo. Double homicide? Well, that'd explain the noise..." she remarks, sighing quietly and looking over at the door with a slight shake of her head.

"Shame. No other background you can give? If Wulf we here this evening I'd probably ask her. Then again, if you don't have anything else to say then it might be worth asking the other employees out front as well." Selena takes a moment and looks back to Siyu. "And since you're here I may as well ask you first. Should we know anything about her that may have got her targetted?" She asks - then as an afterhthought, "I don't mind when the door's opened, pardon me."

Rixo idly taps her haft of her spear on her pauldron, nodding. "I'm used to the grotesque. My first assumption is that someone wanted to kill the noble... And Lulu was a witness. Being the first assumption, that might very will be wrong! Maybe Lulu was the target and the noble was the witness. Hmm..." She rubs her chin and shrugs. "I suppose we will find out, won't we?"

Xisysoly's round eyes narrow a bit as he glances towards the others, "Ah? I suppose I have no objections to seeing what's beyond the door, lunch or otherwise." He nods to Rixo and looks over to Lunaxia, "And I'm of her opinion, if you don't mind letting us see for ourselves." Rubbing his chin he asks, "If not the killer, has the weapon or weapons been found?"

Siyu will follow the group, his brows raise a little bit. Siegfried? Guenter's manservant? He doesn't know Lulu so well, but...still. He idly makes a note for funeral services. Only right after all. He is jolted out of his thought by Selena, "She was rather new, Newer then me. Quiet girl, nice, cute. She was ablte to get along with patrons. Didn't really make many friends among staff. Not at all." he chitters. "Shame. I'll have to tell her family." he tugs upon his ear, not liking that thought, but he is in teh back of the group. He works here so prehaps he shouldn't go first. Just hanging at the back.

She shakes her head gently before clearing her throat as she moves to the side of the door. "None other to really give at this moment, as I told you it was indeed recent. We already have a runner sent to Sir G�nter to inform him, and the other we've sent another runner to records as nobody seemed to know anything about her. We'd have figured it for your standard affair murder suicide, but whomever did this left behind a gift. As far as weapons, no the boys had informed me they didn't discover any laying around..." The girl giving a nod before she turns the knob and pushes the door open.

The room behind the door is as fanciful a room as one would expect from the Twin pillows, complete with a dresser to on the wall to the right, and a closet built into the left side. The closet was open, revealing a large variety of clothing inside that made it almost impossible to see the wall behind them. In the center pushed back against the wall, is the bed made with fine silk and plush comforters... Though it all seems a tad ruined when one puts into account the dead arctic fox sprawled out over the covers, clad only in a pair of blood splattered white pants, and a large gapping hole in the center of his chest. The second body however was laying face down towards the closet doors, a solid hole in the back of her head and a larger exit wound leaving her missing half of her face. She is the more clothed of the two, sporting a black nightgown one would easily call seductive.

There sitting upon the dresser, was a pair of crossed black feathers soaked in blood... They didn't seem to belong to a being though, more likely an animals feathers.

Selena tsks. "The worst part of any job is informing families." She notes, coughing politely. "Any being in a job like that would have to be able to get along with patrons, I'd have thought." Then she looks back to the panda - "Unless someone working here had something against her then it probably falls to Siegfried. I don't see why someone would target the manservant of a noble, though. Think about it - He's likely not a noble himself, and in doing his job he doesn't actually make any choices that'd implicate himself if he was doing his job properly. If he wasn't, he likely wouldn't have been brought out of Thera'dor."

The wolfess shrugs, taking a long breath as the scene is revealed. "... I think I'd rather the murder weapon have been left as a 'present'." She mutters, moving into the room carefully. "The size of the holes doesn't look like a pistol, it's definitely not a crossbow. Frankly it makes me think of a blunderbuss or a very well made musket."

from there, the wolfess moves through the room, paying some attention to area around her. "Except if there was a blunderbuss you'd expect some holes in the walls. Air magic... I have never seen a being do that with it. Cutting winds-type spells don't usually break any bones or make this much of a mess."

Rixo props her ornate spear against the wall after stepping into the room, glancing around with a thoughtful look on her face. Her eyes linger on the feathers for a moment before passing them over. "I'm not sure about the rabbit, but... Could be a hammer. They can make some pretty nasty holes, but the existence of an exit wound makes me uncertain... And they said they heard gunshots. Perhaps some kind of explosive or impact oriented firemath? With less focus on the burning, it might be possible to achieve that kind of... Force? And it might explain the 'gunshot' sounds if it was something explosive."

Xisysoly's beak droops a bit as the crow enters the room and glances about. "Um--" he mutters turning grim as he takes a look in at the scene and lets the others consider the forensics of the bodies for the moment. Before moving in too far he asks Lunaxia, "Was the door open when your team first got here?" His eyes look over the furniture, checking for scuffs on the floor, scratches on the back of the door, and with a questioning eye he turns to Siyu, "You work here, do you not? Does anything look different here to you, besides the obvious?"

Siyu gives a faint little grunt, "yes the murden weapon would be nice at least to see what...well the TWO murder weapons that is, a pistol only shoots one shot after all..." is his comment and he'll wait in the door frame, he looks back and forth at the othes, "I do work here yes. This is a standard room for our patrons who...well. Who desire comfort of a more physical nature"

Lunaxia clears her throat for a moment before she taps her papers with a nod. "Well, we would have considered him if well... He wasn't splayed out with the hole in his chest and all. As far as talking to the others outside, it's akin to what your handsome friend there said... Nobody really -knows- her enough to even have a grudge as we could see, and with the stampede of people fleeing the killers could have easily skipped out as well." Her gaze turning to Xisysoly as she shakes her head. "No, the door was closed but unlocked. From what we're told many doors remain unlocked up here for the safety of the workers, unless they approve to lock it... And we'd have considered it being a blunderbuss, or a musket, but the shots were paced too far apart..." The mouse girl walking forward then as she points to the hole in the back of Lulu's head. "Pluss, we have a difference in the size of the entry wound here, and on the fox."

The room itself does indeed standard, and nothing seems damaged or harmed aside from the obvious hole on the fox and the bed... The closet doors upon Xisysoly's obervation would reveal to have locks upon it's outside, no doubt to help prevent someone from peeking inside or ambushing a girl... But the lock does seem a tad -off-.

After a few moment's consideration, the Selena adds - "Good point, ... Pardon, I don't know your name. But if the door was open, then I suspect it'd mean the murderer had already moved out of the room." She notes, taking a closer look at Siegfried's chest wound. "Explosive damage? The magician would have to be both good at their math and terrible at their aim to do that to Lulu. As for this poor being, Well... Better to check." she notes. "The typical explosive spells that are taught and used are very broad, not targetted at all, and again - usually don't cause holes in beings. It's certainly possible though."

Back to the investigator - "And again, if there was a gunshot there'd be some damage to the walls as well. It's possible that one shot was fired and a spell was cast, if we want to make that stretch, but it'd be less likely than one or the other."

After finishing with the manservant, she moves to the courtesan and takes a look a the damage there as well. "It's a shame Arimia isn't here either; she'd probably have some kind of lead on the feathers if nothing else."

Rixo peers at Siyu, brow raising. "Could have had two guns. That's how I'd do it. You know... I heard the other day, at a party, one of the Thera'dor nobles punched a Blackback out at a party. Could be someone seeking a little revenge. While not the right family, it could certainly stir something up between nations. A bit abstract, perhaps, but... You never know! Have to consider all possibilities, no?"

Xisysoly nods to Lunaxia and turns to look at Rixo and Siyu, "A skilled shootist could reload and fire again within half a minute, but it's doubtful either of these two would have allowed them the opportunity if they had the means to do so." He sets his staff aside with Rixo's and with a glance back at Lunaxia he approaches the closet door. "Supposing our killer kept themselves hidden in this closet--the lock looks a bit off to me--they would likely have left their fur or hair on the clothing. It might be worth taking a brief look to see if anything else might turn up inside as well."

Siyu shrugs a bit at the rebuttals. He just stands in the door frame again. He remains quiet and watches the scene.

Luxania shrugs gently to Selena as the wolf talks about the magic, clearing her throat slightly. "That's what I figured as well, I mean it does seem a tad strange to me honestly." Her eyes blinking at the mention of the blackbacks and the altercations. "I see... Do you have a name of the blackback in question? This could be a -very- important lead!" The mouse girl's tail flicking happily as she churrs, a very excited investigator really.

Selena's investigation upon the corpses turns up showing no trace of the use of math in the killings, though she would discover that the hole in the back of Lulu's head is facing down more as if the shooter was aiming up almost... And judging by some gunpowder burns on fur fur around the wound, it was a firearm used... Though curiously, that'd leave the trajectory of a shot if one was taking where she lay, to lead straight into the closet.

The closet in question seems to mainly contain short outfits for the workers, leaving a good four feet free below it and a two foot depth into the closet. The outfit's themselves seem to contain no fur on them for the most part, the cleaning service of the establishment on par to ensure no dirty clothing for the workers. Any investigation by Xisysoly doesn't seem to turn up any hair, though the -one- pair of rather filthy undergarments from a past customer would fall down onto his face from above blocking his vision for a moment.

Selena looks up from the latter of the bodies, shaking her head. "And it's definitely not any kind of magic. Excuse me, though - the crow? Could you check for any damage at the back of the closet or to the clothes while you're there? And let me guess, Rixo - Brutus was the blackback that was attacked, if any?"

That announcement done, she looks over at Rixo somewhat concernedly. "You're sure about that, then? It does change some things, but that doesn't really explain much about why Guenter's manservant was attacked rather than the fox himself." She replies.

"The blackbacks are known for their research primarily, not for anything like this. That still doesn't mean there is no chance a blackback could be involved. After all, Jessica does own and run this place. One wouldn't expect a courtesan to come from a line of researchers, but it happens. I'd still be surprised if this was a blackback, but it would establish a motive. Unless someone here has a very, very strong dislike of the Schlaufuchs or his manservant."

Rixo shakes her head, frowning. "Afraid not. I was not at the party, myself, I only heard about it and got it confirmed from Sven. You'd have to ask him or maybe one of the party-goers... As for why not the fox himself? Well, think of it this way... Someone from Thera'dor punches you. Maybe you've got a grudge from being humiliated in public like that. Maybe something were to happen to an assistant of one of the Thera'dor nobles in Sweetwater. Maybe that noble gets upset, and starts a bit of a political incident. That's just my theory, anyway. One of many!"

Xisysoly swings the closet door open and peers inside, instantly wary as a grey moth flutters out from behind one of the garments, unseen by the others. The crow's face turns fierce as he snatches at it. He's dealt with this sort of pest before! His look of triumph turns to bright surprise as he opens his hand however, the moth darting between his open fingers as he bumps against the closet door again in another attempt to grab at it. In the middle of his attack the undergarments fall, a large shape darting at his face. "Gah!" Xisysoly staggers back from the closet in alarm, hands flailing at his head for a moment before blinking and recovering, the murder scene quickly bringing him back to sobriety. "I--" he swallows nervously, "think someone else needs to look in there."

Siyu clears his throat, "Aloicious Blackback, he's currently in the Brig of Lord Snowmark." is his comment. "Along with 2 other Blackbacks and and Heart. They triedto assualt his ship and use his cannon on the dock..." he mummers, "Just today actually, their houses are being informed." he states, having nearly shot one of those Blackbacks.

"Brutus huh? We'll have to let the captain go and speak to him and these other three could definantly be a retaliation for such a thing... It does make the most sense though, to have such a hit occur in an estate owned -by- the family then. You can have it prepared without having to worry about problems arising, and the girl could have been in the wrong spot at the wrong time..." The mouse giving a slight nod of her head as she begins to pace through the room. "So we have possibly two weapons, a possible motive for the attack... And nothing else. Though, if this was to just enrage a noble, why would you leave a... 'gift' for us? Most asassains find calling cards bad for business."

A few more garments fall as Xisysoly acts rather clumsily in the closet, revealing exactly what Selena was looking for and then some! A medium sized pistol round logged into the wall, along with a tuft of tan fur logged in on of the hooks for a bra! What a lucky find!

Though it does seem strange to note that the pistol ball was lodged in the wall all the way up by where it meets the cieling... which doesn't make sense for if the woman was standing when shot in the back of the head.

Selena raises an eyebrow. "And 'heart'?" She queries, then looking back to the investigator proper. "Assassins leave calling cards if they're trying to make a message. If you've been in Shanty town, it's a bit like that - some gangs leave very distinctive marks on their targets as a way to make sure their hits don't forget any time soon." The wolfess notes, looking back to the closet. "Did you find anything, sir..?"

then, it's over to the pair of feathers. "But I honestly don't know where to start on these. Shanty town isn't nearly this 'neat'." She muses.

Rixo folds her arms again and nods. "Frame job, perhaps. Leave a false clue or calling card to try to throw people off your trail. That's probably what I'd do if I wanted to avoid detection. Leave a clue to throw people off my trail, you know? Or maybe I'm just over thinking it. Who knows!"

Xisysoly steps back as his attempts to halt his search turn into attempts to disentangle himself from the clothing he's been mired in. "Xisysoly," he answers to Selena's question, the crow clacking his beak on the first syllable as he walks out of the closet with the fur sample. "While my search was admittedly clumsy, it appears I've discovered the path of at least one of the bullets." He tilts his head, getting a suspicion as he glances at the ceiling and suggests, "Perhaps we should gather our staves by the door and sweep under the bed?"

Siyu shrugs as his information is blown off again, just contines to lean against the doorframe and watch.

The feathers appear to not come from any of the local birds in the area, though it's hard to really tell the color when the blood had been smeared over it... Leaving one curious as to where their origins are from, at the least leaving the impression of a foriegn hitman having been used if this -was- a noble house matter.

Luxania gives a short nod to Xisyoly as he speaks, the mouse moving to the bed as she lays down on the floor. "No worries, I should be short enough to check." The moussette quick to shuffle underneath before coming back out with a large pistol round, and a piece of paper. "Never send a big guy to do a small folks job I suppose..." Quickly she moves to open the letter before clearing her throat.

"A Harlot goes first, the depraved lover of flesh with her. Let them burn, let them burn, let's turn all to ash... Signed, the Bloody Feather."

Selena shakes her head. "All I can say is the feathers don't look like they're from around Sweetwater. So, Siyu. What did you mean by Heart?" She asks again, turning to face the mouse unamusedly - then back to the room. "... Hmm. So we have pistol rounds - that makes enough sense; both are easy enough to conceal. It wouldn't be too hard to conceal them, and if they're a foreigner they might be easier to recognize in a crowd..." She suggests, looking back at the pair of dead beings and shaking her head.

Rixo raises her brow again as the investigator reads out the letter. "If that IS true and it's not some coverup, and it's a crime of hatred... Well, this is interesting, then. I do hope we find the one responsible soon. I do not support murders of hatred. Any murder, really, but especially this kind."

"Indeed," Xisysoly says with a nod to Rixo, "that note would seem to in-dicate that both murders were planned in advance. And it has a name--of some sort at least--to associate with this killing." The crow moves over to hand the fur to Lunaxia and says, "Incidentally, I found this while I was searching in there as well. It might mean something to the investigation." He glances back at the closet before mentioning, "Though it's odd, I wasn't able to locate the victim's clothing." Xisysoly turns to Siyu and asks, "Are there special procedures for hanging up coats, or something like that?"

Siyu feels his fur bristle, "A murderer. And not just of one, but of many." He feels a very hard sort of steel come to him. "Matters not what potential or comfort someone will find, but instead just a judgement. Withing rational or reason. A blind man who thinks he sees..." he exhales slightly. "A perverse individual." He draws a deep breath. "Who walked in and out...through this door and out of it...He walked amoung us." he bites those words. "Prehaps now I'll have to find some good guards as well as my pistols. This palce was supposed to be of comfort, but if we can't depend on saftey..." he sighs some. "A shame. A shame indeed." he glances around the room again. He looks at Selena, "A Stongheart Bull, heavy clan, was one of the fools trying to manuver a cannon"

Lunaxia nods solemnly as she stands, taking the fur and placing it into a small bag. "Thank you, it'll help us to hopefully get a better idea of their color hopefully." She takes a deep breath before bowing to those assembled as she makes sure all the discovered evidence is properly put into a bag for transport. "I thank you all for assisting us with this endeavor, though as he says..." Her hand motioning to Siyu. "Whomever the killer is already walked out and is no doubt far away from here. Though, we have some evidence for the investigation to use, and hopefully will be able get a better idea what happened." She adjusts her papers as she pulls a four bags of coins from her satchel and holds them out to the group. "Hopefully we won't need more help for this, but here you go none the less for your work this night."

Selena looks back at Siyu and deadpans, "Yes, Siyu. Would you care to stop waxing eloquent and put your status as a worker here to use? Perhaps by doing something more than standing in the doorway?" The wolfess grumbles, aparrently none too pleased. "I asked you twice before you replied to my question, and I wasn't mumbling either." she replies, before looking back to Lunaxia. "...I don't like the prospect of leaving before the killer's been found, personally. There's still a few things we should be checking before we leave. Whoever the floor manager was this evening should certainly be checked on - It warrants some discussion with whoever that may have been as well for anything unusual this evening."

Rixo sighs softly, reaching out for her polearm. "I'm sure we'll find them at some point, Selena. Hopefully. I know I'll certainly be keeping an eye out. But yes, in the mean time I think there's nothing more I can do here." She frowns a little and starts for the exit with a soft sigh.

Xisysoly blinks a bit as Siyu makes his speech, "Calm, calm," the crow cautions. "Perhaps we should talk to the manager or whoever would have welcomed people for this evening." He puts a hand upon his beak for a moment and says, "I doubt that many of them would be signing a guest book, but if it was a stranger someone would have noticed something."

Luxania shakes her head as she clears her throat, gently motioning them all outside. "With all due respect, we're not in a position to let freeswords talk to the witnesses... Captain's orders, he took qualms over some folks 'tactics' of investigation in the past." The moussette moving out of the door first to lead the group outside and give the captain a debriefing as the crowd outside seemed to have dispersed for the most part.