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the Saint's Square was abuzz with it's usual plethora of activity, although unusual for this hour there is a small crowd of both priests and travels around one of the small side alleys, all of them trying to peer past a group of heavy clan guards being led by the large Black Bear from last night.

"FOR THE LAST TIME, GET BACK! YOU CAN OFFER YOUR PRAYERS FOR HER -AFTER- OUR INVESTIGATIONS SQUAD GETS HERE!" The bear seemed beyond aggitated right now as he tried to herd the crowds away from the scene while awaiting his help.

Johnny approaches the scene curiously, having been in the area when the commotion all started he searches for the source of the gunshot, finding a hoard of guard in its place. Despite his reputation with the guard, he approaches them rather casually, snickering and giving a wave. "Hey what's going on around here?" he asks as he eyes the bear and his group, already knowing a thing or two, he just needs to solve this for himeslf.

After last night, Rixo had all the more reason to be on scene. Still clad in her black plate, she makes her way up towards the bear, nodding and tapping a gauntlet to her helmet in salute. "What's the situation this time? Same guy you think?"

Awful increase of murderous activity as of late, and Dio couldn't be more curious! With his homemade inspector gear, that being the gear he always wearing, the coat toatin' lion strolls towards Saint's Square. He attempts to peak over the various beings gathered around and does his best to make himself a part of it. "Dio the Traveler," he booms out in all due pride, "An' part time investigator when the time calls. Also the Freeswords 'ere to 'elp. Nasty bunch o' events this is. 'nother innocent cut down?"

Cedric had been on his way through town, walking through the saint's square on his way back to the maritime district when he noticed all the commotion near the opening to one of the small alleyways. Unable to resist his curiosity, the badger made a detour towards said alleyway, making his way through the crowd of beings as politely as possible without simply shoving them aside, until he could approach the bear himself, just behind the other gifted on the scene. "RIght, right. I'm a Freesword myself. What's going on around here?" Cedric asks, tilting his head off to one side. He hadn't actually heard about the previous murder just yet, so he's a little in the dark at the moment.

The Bear gives a low growl as it seems the freeswords were showing up, a huff of positive acknowledgement given to Rixo. "Hmph, now don't you go assuming I'm going to be giving anyone the details before my own squad gets here! You lot are helpfull when needed but we don't--" He blinks then as if looking at Johnny stirred up a memmory before he points to the rat. "WHAT IN THE SHADOWS GRASP MAKES YOU THINK I'M TELLING YOU ANYTHING?!" The large bear appearing as... 'friendly' as usual.

Although, a sharp clearing of throat from behind him causes him to settle and grumble, stepping to the side as Lunaxia, the small folks mouse girl comes wandering out. Gently she pushes her glassess up her nose before looking to the bear. "Captain Titanus, you know you're supposed to stop yelling at freeswords..." A soft sigh given before she turns to the group with a smile. "What the dear captain -meant- to say, is it'll be hours until our squad returns from the slums, and we'd be delighted for help! I am assistant investigator Lunaxia, and I've the displeasure to inform you all that today it appears a defensless noble-woman was executed in this alley."

Johnny grins and starts to press his luck with the bear, before he is quelled by another rodent, some smart type. "Alright then, so yah need my help huh? Glad to hear it, I ain't done nothing for you tah throw me in over and you know it." he says before he looks to Lunaxia. "So you got any information us, maybe something the enraged windbag is forgetting in his petty moment? I'm sure we can figure it out."

Rixo gives a nod to Lunaxia, smiling under her greathelm. "Good to see you again. Unfortunately circumstances though they may be. Might I ask who it was? And are there any obvious signs to it being the same culprit as before? With the feathers, I mean?"

Now that he's gotten some approval, Dio the Freesword Traveler Investigator Sometimes Bard and Cook on Occasion steps forward with a spear held securely within his grasp. "Thank ya thank ya," the lion comments, nodding in an appreciative manner towards the mouse. "Now I 'eard 'bout the murder in the Twin Pillows, but I'm 'fraid I don't know much 'bout the details. Any connections between the two, 'specially the victims?" The lion looks about and eventually lands his attention upon Johnny, peering at him for a few moments before addressing. "Been awhile since I've seen ya, lad. I 'ope yer friend is doin' okay?"

Same as before? Feathers? Cedric listened to the others with marked interest, twitching his rounded ear a little bit as he tries to get a good look at the scene behind the bear, though he's not quite able to. For now he's content to just listen and try to take in as much as he can. The badger does take a moment to glance at Johnny, recognizing him a bit and trying to figure out where he'd seen the rodent before...

Titanus continues to grumble until Lunaxia leans up to whisper to him, the bear giving a grunt as he moves to the other guards and begins to motion them. "Come on then, clear them out! You lot wanna be here all day?!" The guards along with their captain begining to push back the majority of the crowd as the holy men and women and travelers seem to dislike the idea of enraging the captain more.

Lunaxia gives a slight nod before turning her gaze back to the group and clearing her throat. "Terribly sorry about that... You have to understand that when a noble is killed the guards tend to have the blame heaped on them... -Anyways-! Yes, there are a few key similiarities. Follow me please." The mouse girl going to lead the group down the alley then as she speaks to them. "The Victim is one Bonnie Blackback... A lower level researcher for the family, and not appearing to be part of the scenario from last night..." She looks to Dio as she gives a gentle nod and clears her throat. "The killer left behind two blood covered feathers, indicating it was most likely the one from the night before... As for the connections, well... You'll have to see." The woman stopping before the turn in the alley, where one could juuuust make out a small pool of blood behind the heel of her foot. "I will warn you as I did last night, it is rather graphic... But aside from that warning, any more questions before you see the body?"

Johnny nods to the lion as they move about, saying "Got em walkin around again, all square." Johnny shakes his head to the woman as he pushes past her to see what kind of handiwork was left by this slob.

Rixo nods curtly and approaches the alley, giving another nod, this one of greeting, to Cedric and Dio. "Good evening, you two. Yes, I am ready to see the body." She shifts her weight, and the way her warhammer was propped up on her shoulder. "We really need to catch these creep, if he works this fast."

"I'm real glad to 'ear that," Dio nods towards Johnny while a small smile grows upon his face. Even in such an atmosphere, at least there was some good news to be had. "I was worred the lad might not be walkin' 'gain." The lion follows along with the group and gives a wave to Rixo while he listens and soaks up the important information. "So a murderer's goin' 'round killin' innocent Blackbacks? That's awfully strange. Don't know why anyone would target 'em. Nice group o' researchers an' such. Either the killer's doin' it fer his own fun, o' maybe they were researchin' somethin' that he didn't like?" Stopping just before the body, Dio plants the base of his spear against the ground and nods. "Go ahead lass."

Cedric looks up from his thoughts, nodding in return to the panda. "Good evening." he says to her, looking between Rixo and Lunaxia. "So this... would be the second in what's likely to be a series of murders?" he asks, his eyes widening a little in surprise. "I hadn't heard about any other recent murders, actually... aside from the one a while back in... Shanty Town, I believe?" he asks, making sure he's got his information in order before seeing the actual crime scene. "Are these latest crimes related to that one, the Solacious murder?"

Lunaxia gives a nod as she steps to the side, allowing them all into the alley. "We didn't expect them to work this quick either, but it seems they didn't like something about last night really... And no, no connection to the murder of the solacious." The mouse averting her gaze for a moment from the alley as she clears her throat.

The alley itself lead up to a dead end, with a door leading to a small local book shop at it's end. In the center of the alley though, near the right hand side was the victim in question. The woman appears to have been about twenty years of age, if that, definantly in the youth of her life and research. She sat upon her knees, with her back and what remains of the back of her skull plastered across the stone building as well. As far as anyone could tell, there was only one entry wound right between her eyes, the size akin to a pistol round. The strange part to note, was the knife that was sticking out of her chest that seemed to only be serving the purpose of holding a scroll filled with writing up. On the ground next to the skunk, seems to be the killers calling card with two crossed feathers drenched in blood.

Johnny looks to the feathers and then moves to read the note, aloud.

"How -dare- you ingrates equate my work last night to this pathetic family, I cleaned from your society a dirty man and a harlot... And you attempt to label me as a killer for these petty fools?! Well, here's your proof in one of their own that I've no love for that house, and even less for you who cannot appreciate my art. -Signed, The Bloody Feather"

Johnny reads the note aloud, before he scoffs. "No purpose but killing for the sake of killing it looks like. What trash." the rat says.

Johnny reads the note aloud, before he scoffs. "No purpose but killing for the sake of killing it looks like. What trash." the rat says. He looks the scene over once more before he inspects the dagger and the positioning of the body. "I'm not sure how the were forced into this position, probably prior to death but who would willingly do that?"

Rixo snorts and nods. "Trash indeed." She thumps her hammer down on the ground and glances about. "But if he knew all that from last night, then he was listening. Perhaps he's listening now. If so, I'm calling you out, buddy. If you're too much a coward to show your face here, you can find me near Mossystone, certainly." She huffs and looks towards the body again. "Twisted, certainly..."

Upon witnessing the body, Dio holds out a palm vertically a few inches in front of his heart. Eyes closed and head slightly down, he recites a silent prayer within his mind for the deceased. "Sorry," the lion whispers towards the body's direction. "May ya be well in the life beyond." Putting his hand back down, the lion listens as the note is read off. "I see. Jus' another crazy murderer it seems. Anyways, after two murders, I think it's 'bout time we change strategies. Can't keep lettin' poor people die, so perhaps we need to go on the offensive some 'ow."

"Huh. That's a pretty strongly worded letter..." Cedric blinks repeatedly in shock as he listens to the reading of the note, and shakes his head with a morose expression before wandering over closer to the scene, being very careful not to disturb anything too much by accident. "That's a bit on the frightening side, really." he says, nodding in agreement with the others. "So... someone who was around during the last murder, and possibly tonight as well? It sounds like whoever the culprit is likes to revel in their crime after the fact." he says with a visible shiver. "Yeah, we should get this dealt with before it goes any further. Is there anyone out in the crowd who was also lingering around the other scene, perhaps?"

Lunaxia nods to Johnny as she clears her throat. "That was my thought as well... Most victims of someone just shooting them, would attempt to run or fight back. Leaving them to be shot while standing, though she was brought to her knees first it looks like." She shakes her head toCedric as she looks to him, her lips pursed in a frown. "From what we gather through the reports, she was in this alley alone. Her friends had told the captain she was just going for a minute to buy a book from inside the building back there, and there was no answer and the door was locked when we tried to enter it. So we don't know how she managed to spend so much time back here..." She sighs and moves to the body, reaching out to gently close the victim's eyelids before turning back to the group. "Finding the round wasn't an' issue this time... We just have to figure out -how- they did it."

Johnny listens for a moment and moves to the door to see if he can 'persuade' it to open. "And just who was the first on scene, might I ask? And were they present last night? In fact who discovered this?" the rat says with a low tone. "Who owns the store?' he adds, asking many quetions which might all not be helpful.

Rixo narrows her eyes a little under the helmet, slowly turning to look at Lunaxia. Her helmet obscures whatever thought or expression might be on her face as she carefully scrutinizes the rodent, looking them over suspiciously. She was at both scenes, afterall, and what better way to hide a crime than to help 'solve' it? She couldn't rule out anything, however unlikely. A small being would certainly profit from firearm usage, as well.

Dio listens to the mouses' explanation and takes a close look at the body. After taking that in mind, his gaze flickers back and forth between the door and the deceased in an attempt to grab a picture of the situation. "Ya know, I suppose it could be possible that the murderer was stalkin' this poor lass from afar an' when she came into the alley, perhaps he tried to start up a nice conversation with 'er. When he saw that there wouldn't be any witnesses, the murderer did the deed an' executed the poor lass with his gun before takin' off into the buildin' over there. Durin' his escape, he could've locked it so no curious citizen could follow. Maybe there's another exit in this buildin' he could've squeezed in o' out of? Could be right o' wrong, but it's worth throwin' theories out there."

As Cedric considers the answer of the small mouse woman, he narrows his eyes just a bit as he looks her over. She did sort of gloss over his question about whether or not anyone was at the scene before who is also around today. He nods a little bit at the lion's barrage of theories, all which seem quite plausable, but he's watching Lunaxia very closely.

"One Mister Denarus Blackback, and his wife Mary Blackback own the bookstore, first on the scene was myself and captain Titanus. We both met at the fountain before running down here, the rest of the guards arrived after. Aside from the guards, then she is the only one from last night as well." Her finger moving to point at Rixo as -she- gives the woman an almost accussingly once over before tapping her chin. "I might need you to speak to the captain about where you were today... So don't go running off."

Johnny's efforts on the door are indeed met with success as a heavy clank sounds before the door swings open... Revealing it's own grisly sight inside. Two blackbacks, one male and one female, are laid out on their shelves with a multitude of stap wounds in their back. Blood cakes the floor and counters, complete with the handprints one would assume belonged to the two givin their deserpation. A series of bloody foot prints do lead up to the entrance mat, two sets of them with one indicating a smaller folk and the other what looks to be a female skunk, probably the earlier victim.

Luxania's face does pale slightly at the scene as her mouth drops some, nervous chittering rising from her as she speaks. "M-My l-light... What--- I mean---

Johnny looks at the scene, the footprints, then the rodent. "So you don't go runnin off nowhere either. First on scene, body type fits the footprints don' it? She would have trusted you, you're the guard after all. I think we should talk to the captain about that too, shouldn't we? Feathers aint nothing but a calling card, I could get them off a cackle if I wanted to, means nothin." the rat says as he moves towards the woman. "We ain't got much but we got that, best to start with the obvious choice."

Rixo turns more fully to face Lunaxia, one hand sliding under her cloak to grip at the hilt of her coiled whip, while positioning herself to help block the dead-end alley from escape, should it come to it. And then, she decides to try her luck with a little statement to see the reaction. "So... Miss Lunaxia. What say you to the showdown near Mossy Stone? We could meet there." A low rumbling chuckle echoes from under her helmet. "Or would you care to explain it now?"

Hearing the door open up, Dio follows along behind the mouse girl and peers inside. "Oh that's a right awful scene that is," the lion muses, shaking his head in disdain. But at the very least, the footprints provided a nice clue they could use. As Johnny and Rixo make their declerations, he looks at them both and then rests his eyes upon the mouse. "Now that's an awfully big call yer all makin'. It ain't impossible an' I ain't disagreein' but... Well, if we're accusin' this lass, we got the test to prove it. If ya will, mouse lass, put yer foot over that bloody footprint over there an' we'll 'ave this sorted out one way o' another. I know it's gruesome, but we gotta be sure."

Cedric steps over to the door as it is picked and opened, covering his mouth with a hand in surprise as the grisly tableau within strikes him. A slew of new purple and green question marks appear on his neck and arms as he takes in the scene. "You've gotta be kidding me..." he mutters under his breath, taking a look at the footprints leading to the door and making the same connection. The badger agrees with the other Freeswords. There's something off about the small clan mouse, and he knows it. But could she have really done all this by herself? It seems unlikely but he can't think of any others who fit the bill, and from the few times he's been in Rixo's presence she just doesn't strike him as the type of crazy being that would commit such atrocities. For now though, he doesn't say anything but he's keeping a very close eye on Lunaxia as the others put a little pressure on her, and to see how she reacts to being asked to compare her footprint with the ones inside.

Kalt doesn't hesitate as Rixo seems to enter a more aggressive stance, the small mouse pulling out her own flintlock pistol with the guards insignia on it as she keeps it pointed to the ground but ready. "I-I am a guard, and I w-will not be threatened like that!" She seemed to shake slightly but gave a nod to Dio's statement, inching her way around Rixo as she heads for the door and takes a deep breath as she places her foot down into one of the small folks prints...

It's a close call, but her foot appears perhaps an -inch- too small for the footprint. Enough that it could cast doubts on her being the culprit, but enough to make one wonder if most short folk had the similiar foot size. "S-See? Not me! How'd I have even get c-cleaned of blood if I had to meet the captain at the fountain anyways?!"

Johnny looks at the footprint and then the guard again. "Put your gun away and step lighter, don't step completely down." he says as he looks her over. "And that is a good point, should check if there are any discarded clothes around huh? I'm willing to say it might not be you, but I'm willing to say it might be you anyways."

Rixo withdraws her hand and nods. "Sorry. I had to see how you would react. If you are not the culprit, then no hard feeling, and you have my apologies. I want to find them as much as you do." She moves into the building, searching about for any bloodied clothes like Johnny had suggested.

Dio watches closely as the mouse presses down upon the footprint, hand gripping tightly upon the spear in case they needed to make a move. When it doesn't exactly fit, the lion takes a breath and loosens his grip. "Thank ya fer cooperating. I didn't think it was ya, but I suppose it ain't impossible fer ya to be releated somehow. Until we find proof o' somethin', it's just a theory. An' speakin' o' theories..." The feline rubs his chin and walks into the room, muzzle shifting here and there to obseve the area.

"We should come down with a good idea fer 'ow the crime went down. If the murderer answered the door when the victim came knockin', that would imply the murderer knew beforehand that the lass would be comin'. So perhaps back to the earlier idea that the murderer met the victim in the alley, talk to 'er, killed 'er, ran into the shop, did these murderers, cleaned up, an' escaped. But after firin' that gun, it must've been 'ard to just walk back out even after gettin' clean. Curious."

Cedric also watches the mouse test he foot against the print, frowning a little bit as it's not a match which only serves to increase the number of strangely colored markings popping up in his fur. If she didn't do it then they really didn't have many other suspects to fall back on. The badger nods, listening to Dio and agreeing that it's probably best to try and figure out how the murders went down first. He steps into the room with the two other bodies and carefully looks around for some sort of clue.

Luxania turns to glare at Johnny as she does as he suggests, indeed still showing a difference between the two footprints. "I'll keep my gun out as long as I feel threatened, I-I'm the guard here not you!" She huffs and seems to wait a few moments before actually putting her pistol back as she sighs. "It's entirely possible they may have been the main target, and her just an unfortunate accident based on wrong place and wrong time."

The search inside for discarded clothing doesn't seem to be going well... The only bloody clothing being the ones upon the victims. Cedric would take note of a half finished note, saying the first part of the note outside, perhaps eluding to the accuracy of Luxania's statements... But it's rixo whom makes the big find, as she would pass by one of the doors to the bottom of a shelf and a squirell woman's head slowly peaks out. "W-Who are y-you?" She asks in a quivering voice, her clothing clean and signifying her of a merchant of some sort perhaps.

Rixo pauses as she hears the voice, glancing towards the squirrel for a moment before glancing around the room. She approaches the door and positions her body where it might open, just in case the culprit was still around, they wouldn't likely be able to get a shot off. "I'm here to search for the one that made this mess," she mutters quietly. "Do not open the door more than a sliver. The less of you that is exposed, the better. I will keep you safe to the best of my ability, if you can help us."

Johnny smiles. "Well don't feel threatened by me, if you were that gun wouldn't save you. Lucky for you I'm not like that, you have reports to know that." he says before he moves to approach the sound of a voice, stooping to no low or high to gete a look at them, eying them carefully. "Quite a clean set of clothes you have there. What are you doing here?"

"Yer right," Dio responds to the mouse, watching as a few of the group members go about searching for more clues. "A couple o' plausible possibilities we got 'ere. Guess we better wait fer more clues an' such." Hearing a shaky voice, he reaches to his back and unstraps his tower shield, bringing it to his front while he walks towards Rixo and the disturbance. "The guard an' Freeswords 're 'ere. Nothin' to be worried 'bout anymore. Yer safe now."

Cedric picks up the half-written note, nodding as he reads it. "Yeah, it's likely that's what happened here..." he admits, bringing the note to the others where the small squirrel woman is. He stands back a bit, as he hasn't really brought anything too substantial to defend himself with tonight.

Luxania doesn't take her eyes off of Johnny as she keeps ready to grab -just- in case, though she's quick to move to join the group by the woman, kneeling down as she peers at the woman. "Are you alright Ma'am? Did you see what happened here?"

The squirrell seems to take a moment to swallow a lump in her throat as she nods and does what Rixo says, keeping it closed to just a sliver as she speaks through it. "I w-was coming here to b-buy a book... I was right down here looking, when the door burst open and all the screaming happened..." A soft whimper escaping the woman as she takes a breath before speaking a tad bit softer. "I h-hid when they w-were being killed, I could h-hear the s-screams and everything. S-so much screaming..."

Johnny listens as his tail moves a little, standing and continuing to look around the shop. The others can question her, how the killer left is another matter, unless they were in the room, and that wouldn't be so easy to ignore.

Rixo leans against her war hammer, keeping close to the door, even as the others gather around. "Did you happen to get a good look at who did it? If so, you could really help make sure this doesn't happen again. Five dead in two days. This really needs to stop."

"Sorry fer askin' ya all the questions," Dio comments, taking a quick look over his shoulder before returning his attention towards the cracked open door. "As the lass mentioned, we're investigatin' an awful string o' murders that's been 'appenin' as o' late. They've been targetin' Blackbacks an' such, an' we're tryin' to gather up as many clues as we can. If ya could tell us anythin' at all, it could really 'elp us catch 'em before he strikes 'gain. Anythin' at all would do, even just tellin' us if it's a lad or a lass."

Cedric just nods along in agreement with the others, turning the note over in his hand as he observes the scene quietly. He doesn't really have too much to add that the others haven't already asked, so it would just be parroting to voice anything further at this point.

Kalt says, "I-I can try..." The woman takes a deep breath before nodding to herself as she speaks. "T-They were short, two of them, I c-couldn't tell what they were but they were laughing and yelling a lot... After the gunshot they came running back in, laughing and running... T-They went near the back of the store then. T-Then a little while later you guys came." %r %r The investigation through the scene -would- reveal that close to the back of the store was an older chimmney, one from probably when the building was first constructed before the greater advent of chimmney science givin it's wide width all the way up."

Johnny looks to the chimney and frowns. "Someone keep an eye on her... I'm going to have to go outside." The rat says before moving outside and attempting to find the best way to scale the building.

Rixo furrows her brow and nods. "Two of them... That would explain the crossed feathers... And the two shots from last night, in the Pillows. Very interesting... Thank you for your help. I... If we don't stop them tonight, I worry for your safety. I would suggest trying to stay under care of the guards tonight. Or even under my protection. Whichever you would feel safer with. I would hate to see something happen to you out of their spite."

"Two ya say..." Dio listens closely and relaxes his grip on the tower shield just a bit, letting the tower shield lean across his body while he thinks the new information over. "That's a big clue, lass. Thank ya. Can ya recall their voices? Were they two lads perhaps? O' maybe two lasses? An' yes, we should probably get to callin' the guard. We've got an important witness on our hands 'ere."

Cedric bites his lower lip slightly as he considers the being's statement. "I see..." he says as he watches as Johnny takes off for the chimney and nods, turning his attention to the squirrel once again, keeping a close eye on her for her own safety, as well as to try getting a read on her behavior and see if she's holding back anything. The question marks that seem to be dyed into his fur aren't going away at all, and in fact, there's quite a few more than were there moments ago. He is absolutely riddled with the marks and it's impossible to hide. "Ah... you're sure you didn't happpen to get a good look at the beings in the shop?"

Luxania is quick to turn and run her way back down the alley, calling out for the other guards, many of whom are quick to respond along with Captain Titanus. The large black bear burling into the store to make for the group. "A survivor?! I'll have her under my -own- personnal survielance until this situation is figured out..." A large huff arriving from him as the Squirrel woman opens the door all the way to crawl out, her movements shakey and her face rather bleak as she tries to stand. "B-boys... They w-were two boys, didn't see t-though. Couldn't--- N-no wouldn't open the door..." Two of the heavy clan guards moving to drape a cloak over the woman.

Outside, Johnny would be given a rather nice treat indeed... As a series of boxes and barrels along the side of the alley almost made a perfect stepping path to the top of the building, firm and sturdy as they appear weighted down with supplies so as to not have to worry about them buckling beneath him. Upon the roof however, should the rat travel up, he'd discover two pairs of trousers and shirts... Both covered in a soot and blood, at the foot of the chimney's opening. The opening itself possibly two to three feet wide.

Johnny stares at the trousers and spouts a few profane words, grabbing them and tossing them down the chimney before he moves down to join the others. He calls out to those present "Those were on the roof, they swapped clothes and ditched... see that the lady isn't eatten by loud mouth tubs and hopefully she leads you to someone. Done all I can here." the rat says, snickering to himself. Beats boredom, and he got to harass the guard, this was productive.

Rixo grumbles softly under her helmet at Johnny's news and backs up, nodding at the captain. "Good. I have every faith that you will protect her. Please see that she doesn't die for her words." Hefting her shoulder up onto her shoulder she looks towards Dio and nods. "There was something I wanted to tell you. They're not targeting Blackbacks. Last night was a girl at the pillows and one of the Thera'dor nobles' assistances. Siegfried. It was a crime of hate, apparently."

Dio moves aside as the guards come walking in to give everyone some space. "It's okay, we understand. This information is very valuable. We've gathered a lot o' clues today that can really 'elp find our killers. The guards 'ere will make sure yer nice an' safe, so go 'head an' relax now. Ya've 'ad an awful day." The lion picks up his shield once more and begins the process to strap it upon his back with a mighty heave. "Ah, so it ain't just Blackbacks? Thank ya. Seems we've pieced together all the story we can get fer now."

Cedric also gives the guards some room, bowing his head politely to the squirrel. "Thank you for your assistance. It's been very invaluable." he says to her before turning away and starting to leave. He stops suddenly in his tracks as he hears what Rixo has said, reaching up with a hand to idly scratch his cheek. That was some interesting information. Without another word, he nods to the others and heads off on his way.

Titanus gives a nod as he goes to shoo the guards seeing to the woman away, having them serve as her armed escort to safety before he turns to face the group. "You did... Good." He sighs and reaches into the pocket of his uniform, handing Luxania four bags to distribute. "We wouldn't have had the authority to come into this building if you didn't discover these bodies... I'll say a bit of blood seemed to have slipped under the door, yes that's what notified you..." He gave a short nod, aparantly being less of an asshole as he doesn't charge them with breaking and entering. "None the less, I feel we're getting closer to the killer. Luxania, collect all the evidence and make you way back to the center." The bear turning on his heel before standing outside of the door. "This is still a crime scene, so you'll have to depart for now."

Johnny looks a little dissapointed that the captain doesn't take offense to any remarks, but is slightly thankful he doesn't have to deal with explaining why he picked the lock. He grins as he turns around, looking back and saying "You should get out more, you might make it on time to see the killer without all of that extra weight." towards Titanius. He then examines the bag and says "Alright, thanks." before he starts to move off.

Rixo gives a nod to the bear and places her fist over her breastplate. "Good luck to you, captain. Until we meet again." She gives a polite nod to the others and shuffles off, hammer over shoulder. "Hopefully we stop this soon. I wonder if they'll take me up on my challenge," she comments as she exits the building.

The Captain gives a low growl at Johnny before nodding to Rixo. The remaining guards moving to help put the bodies into respectable positions as the Captain turns to have a heated debate with Luxania... Leaving those departing to wonder what to expect next from the aparant duo of killers.