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The military camp was surprisingly calm as the freeswords each made their way to the meet up location. The tents of soldiers shut tight as those who now work the nights prowl on patrol. The way to the spot isn't hard to find, with simple signs leading folks along to a single tent with a sparrow woman clad in an officers regalia waiting inside.

Upon the table infront of her is a single box, covered in a plethora of runes and studded with crystals. Alongside it, sits a open map of the edges of the swamp lands, numerous marks have been made denoting breaches and where they have been sealed up... The more concerning factor being how closer to the camps the marks seem to be making their way.

Making her way into the perimiter of the swamplands, Selena breathes a quiet sigh of frustration, or perhaps tiredness. The canine makes her way into the tent, noting the marks of the breaches as she makes her way through the too-calm camp.

"Good evening. I heard you were working on something new here rather than just beating back the Craige. I thought I'd take a look." She greets, looking over the materials on the table for a few moments. "I'm Selena. it's a pleasure."

Kilani lands softly in a clearing nearby, arriving shortly after the canid being. She gives a short sweep of the eyes across the runes on the table, before finally adressing the darkly-feathered being which stands in front of her, and therefore behind the table. The greeting applies to all who are nearby, she supposes. "Greetings." She stares at the strange badges and symbols on the avian for a second, before continuing. "I have read about these... Craige. I feel it would be beneficial to take a field investigation." She omits her name for the time being.

Fenris saunters along the trail, hands jammed deep in the pockets of his specially tailored trousers. It was hard to find something that was resilient, had lots of hidden storage space and still managed to keep him from looking like a squeezed puff ball. A silvery little golem frolics along at his feet. He stops at the command tent and gives a loose salute and an uneasy look at the box. "I'll bite," he says, "What's in the box?"

Zuri follows in after Fenris, the small salamander dressed in his combat leathers and loaded for bear. He races in to join the rest of the group and peers at the map curiously while waiting for Rokarion to catch up.

Rokarion moved in after Zuri, partly because he wanted to check this device and mostly because he did not want to let his salamander go face something dangerous alone. The youth entered the tent, giving everyone a nod of greeting as he inspects both the map and the box.

Lucasiel makes her way through towards the camp, dresses up in her armour, shield at her side. "We have something to give us an edge?" She inquires plainly, helmet still perched on her head. She was certainly dressed for the battle she expected. "That is all I need to hear."

The sparrow officer looks to those who arrive, walking forward slowly to gently tap a finger on the box. "I am aware of who you are Selena, I frequent the academy. As for what is in the box, well let us say it's more complex than what I wish to describe. Now, as far as something to use against the Craige? That is what you will establish." The sparrow points to the map, where a recent mark had been made. "They sent up a group of diggers here. You will take the box there, and one of you with some sort of math ability, will activate this box. I want you to fight these craige, and tell me what it does to them. Questions?"

Selena nods, taking a deep breath. "Well, it's a pleasure nevertheless. If it's some form of magic, then I can certainly agree that some would take far too long to explain in any short period of time. Perhaps if you'd like to take the time to explain it a little later, once it's successfully been used or failed. I suspect you know enough about me to know I'm capable with magic." She replies, offering a hand out to Fenris as the tiger makes his way in, taking a step to the side to allow a little more room for the others. "I haven't seen you in quite some time, Fenris. You've been well, I trust?"

Kilani listends quietly to the instructions, and listens to Selena talk. While she does, however, she investigates the map carefully, and then looks at the box again. "One question. I notice you said activate the box, but there's also something inside the box as well. Is the thing inside doing the mathemagic, or is the box itself doing the magic and harnessing what's inside as energy?" The bat looks up with curious eyes, but a somber expression. It is a legitimate question, after all.

Fenris grins at Selena and takes her offered hand, kissing it gently and sweeping a deep courtly bow before she can protest. "I am well enough," he says, straightening, "Busy, as always." He frowns at the box, a little worried by its similarity to another artifact he had had the misfortune of uncovering recently. "Where does this thing come from?" he asks, "Is it safe for us to carry?"

Zuri turns to the sparrow to listen, his gaze shifting over to the box as it is mentioned. He wiggles his snout at it, not trusting the box or whatever it is supposed to do. He raises his hand at the sparrow. "Only one question Sir. Do we know if this is attuned to any particular branch of Divine Math, or even if it might respond better to one than another?" He looks around. "I'm not exactly the best at the math stuff, but I figure it might yield different results depending on what you put in, right? Or is it completely unknown?" He pauses, then giggles. "That was three questions, sorry!"

Rokarion looks down on the artifact and then back at the sparrow, "Yes, I would be interested in knowing how it works." the plant being says in his usual apathetic voice, "But first, since you want us to activate it, is there a specific way of how to do it, or just use any form on maths on it and it will activate?" he asks as he looks down on the chest again, "Also, is there an intended effect that we should be looking for? Or we don't know what this device will do and this is the first field test?"

"Magic is not much my strongsuit, compared to you," Lucasiel says, nodding towards Selena. "I will leave such things in your capable hands. But I will do my best to guard you while you work, and give you time to do... Whatever it is you need to do."

"Any math should work, it is safe to carry, it comes from my researchers, and unless you'd have me sit here all through the night, do not worry about opening it. All you need to do, is channel your spell into it and it should amplify it's effects outwards to effect an area. Now, we already tested this with focused spells, so your fireballs and the like will blow it up, and probably you as well. So keep to simple spells, and keep it guarded. This is the only one we have right now, and I want to be sure it works." The sparrow steps back as a young buck steps forward and pops to a salute. "Private Gunger reporting to lead you to the diggers when you're ready!"

"You've evidently been busy." She comments with a wry smile, nodding back tot he sparrow. "You encounter some things like this when you begin looking at three-dimensional magic, as well. I'm rather impressed you've managed to make something like this effect any magic, though, that's no small achievement." The canine gives a respectful nod, though Fenris's gesture is met with a slight scowl, gripping and shaking his hand before it's retracted. "This will be quite helpful though, thank you."

turning to the others, she continues; "some magic is activated with lunar dust as opposed to with a spell. It's especially true for creator spells or some 3D magic, when it becomes to complicated or taxing to cast alone. At that point some spells still require a caster to direct them, but it depends on how they're constructed."

Kilani nods, listening carefully and silentlyy to the explanation. Learning new things is always very good. "I believe we've spend enough time talking at any rate. We should get moving, before the creatures move from their grounds. If they move from the grounds at all." She considers this for a second, before picking up the box. "Does anyone wish to carry it in particular, or should I?"

Fenris nods to the sparrow and gently takes the box from Kilani to tuck under his arm. "Happy to help," he says with a smile. "Lead the way, Gunger," he says amiably, following after the stag, "Let's get this madness underway, shall we?" His silvery little otter golem capers along at his feet.

Zuri nods, smiling. "No further questions!" He peers over at Klami as she asks who's going to carry it, which draws a grin from the small salamander. "Dibs not me, that thing's as big as I am!" He notices Fenris as he volunteers to carry it, and quickly escapes back out of the tent, his tail whipping happily behind him.

Rokarion rubs his chin as his first question is answered before taking out his sketchbook and pen and beginning to pen down some personal notes. Rokarion then moves outside the tent following Zuri, while busying himself with adding a number of doodles to the sketch book.

Lucasiel adjusts the weight of her shield and rolls her shoulders. "I do some magic, of course. Water and wind, mostly, but... Not very often. I much prefer my physical combat," she says. "But this should be an interesting trinket to observe, certainly."

"Good luck!" The Sparrow cries out as the group leaves, the enthusiastic private leading down the entire way through the camp. Soon enough the group is pushing their way through knee-high brush as they make pace. "Right then, when we get there, we should have a deep gulley as of right now. Normally we'd swarm them with pikemen, and collapse the tunnel, but today is the test. Should just be a handfull in there for you lot to clear out no problem, after you finish them off though you -need- to tail it on out of there. I guarantee ya there will be more heading right up for you lot. Thats where us pikemen will come on in to push them back as you head back to the camp!"

Sure enough, as soon as the young buck finishes his sentance, the group comes into contact with his unit. Thirty pike-men of varying races and clans sat concealed mostly in the brush, ready it seemed to rush forward into the gulley below at a moment's notice. The Gulley itself is rightly five feet wide, permitting two beings shoulder to should, at a steep incline into the half finished Craige caves below. Ten regular craige workers scurried about, the lizard like beings emitting a soft glow from under their scales in the night sky as they rip off pieces of rock in an attempt to widen the path. Near the wider entrance of the tunnel, is a single draconoid figure. This one looks different from the work overlords of the past, as it carried a large two handed sword in it's grasp. The metal of this sword seemed to streak blue with a cold air, it's quality almost equivilant to a master craftsman from the city as well... The being itself did not glow as the others did, instead he seemed to lack their burning touch all together.

Selena stretches as the group approaches the gulley. "If I may - the box? And which of you will be on the front lines?" she asks, moving over to Kilani and resting a hand on it, "I want to test this quickly before we get too close, and one of you is more likely to benefit from this than I am." She explains, looking around for a few moments before casting the spell on whomever requests it.

Kilani hands the box over to Selena without a word, and the removes her gun from her waist and checks the ammo. She's not exactly an excellent shot yet, but it'll certainly help if she gets close enough. If the enemy is right by you, aiming is a moot point. After doing that, she checks her bow, noting, "I am not yet sure what it actually provides a being. I am quite uninclined to be the test subject here."

Fenris leaves the box with Selena and prepares himself for whatever comes next, keeping his golem and weapons close at hand. "Ready when you are," he says, "You need me to get that thing in close?"

Zuri nibbles on his lip as he observes the strange creatures. He's had no previous encounters with the Craige himself, but has heard the tales, and can recognize the trouble when he sees it. He opts for range, drawing his recurve bow and nocking an arrow in preparation for the skirmish that was about to take place.

Rokarion rubs his chin as he looks around, marking the overseer before moving closer towards Zuri, idly resolving the equations in his head as he places a hand on the salamander's shoulder, attempting to ensure he is better defended for the coming fight.

Lucasiel hums softly as she takes in the sight and the blade the creature held. Securing her shield, she reaches around to pull her heavy axe free, instead. "I am ready. I don't mind taking the fore and the distraction," Lucasiel says, thumping a fist on her breastplate. "I am geared for it."

The box glows a dull green as the party finds themselves slowly being covered in a reinforcement of stone, ensuring some extra safety for the group! Zuri finds himself pumped up a bit more as his stony cover is amplified by rokarion, making a rock armored salamander! Gunger slowly looks at the group, before sneaking his way into the bush to give them all a clear path as he whispers. "The lead is yours." The Craige, unsuspecting of the assault, wander back and forth hacking at the walls of their little gulley as they keep working to widen it. One particular one seems to stop and sniff at the air, before slowly approaching at the lip leading to the brush concealing the freeswords!

Lucasiel tightens her grip on her axe, waiting. As soon as Selena's earth magic reinforces her already significant armour, she charges out of the bush to meet the one that was coming close head on. "Hope you're ready," she says as she goes. "Because we're taking initiative!" With an axe.

Selena continues to carry the box forwards, quietly commenting to those around her - "I want to test something. try not to breathe in too much of the mist; it's not particularly pleasent." She explains, before channeling her water magic through the box again, with the obvious intention of keeping the area better occluded - the results of the amplification of her previous spell prompting her surprise. "If it will be a problem, I'll dissolve the fog for you."

Fenris does not ask questions, he simply follows after the charging Lucasiel. "Kawa!" he barks, urging his golem into action, the glittering little otter zipping in with scythe like claws. The tiger is not a second behind, charging in to attack with well trained fists.

Zuri is used to Rokarion protecting him with Calcified Flesh, but this is the first time he's been so fully encased in protective rock. He grins as he raises his bow and levels it at one of the Craige workers, preferring targets away from the walls as they wander back and forth. He picks his target and lets the arrow fly, aiming center-mass to try and get a nice puncturing shot.

Rokarion rubs his chin as he eyes the battlefield. The plant being noticing that the overseer was still away from the thick of battle, decides that he might as well test the creature. And luckily enough he could even use some of his more powerful magics without risking hurting the group. With that in mind, the plant being decides to see how the 'cold' looking overseer would handle heat.

Kilani raises her bow, looking around at the trange creatures... she seems more focused on studying them then actually shooting them, although an arrow is knocked. She realizes she probably couldn't hit anything yet, as she's rather quite horrible with the bow and arrow right now, but having it out is safer than not having it. Her gaze shifts to the other beings, watching the quick flurry of activity unfold.

Zuri's shot pegs one of the works square in the chest, causing it to topple in a heap. Lucasiel's axe cleaves through another of the workers, as Selena's mist rolls in... The poison portion of her mist doesn't seem to do anything to the craige workers, though the mist itself slows them down as the gully begins to fill rapidly with minimal effort. Fenris and his golem both take down two more worker. Rokarion's spell however, seems to only cause a minor annoyance to the overseer as it shakes off the flames and readies it's sword! With a single thrust of it's wings it vaults airborn, descending on the spot Lucasiel was just in a mere moment after she moves, though the same cannot be said for Fenris as he's caught under the foot of the massive being! The force from the landing along cracks the ground below the Tiger as Fenris' support frame is dented inward from the force, and a crescendo of cracking signify one, if not a few, broken ribs... Though the tiger seems to have lucked out with his life and all working limbs through this moment, though he's now trapped below the foot of the overseer. Lucasiel's own movements suffer from the backlash of wind the entrance and wings brought forth, though thankfully for the group, the workers seem too sluggish to respond due to the mist!

Selena smiles slightly as the thick fog causes the workers to behave a little more sluggishly. The canine raises a spare hand, takes a quiet breath in preparation for casting down a volley of large ice shards into the melee, avoiding having any fall too near the other party members. "Good grief..." She mutters to herself, bracing slightly as she watches the overseer slam down into the ground nearby - not wanting to be any closer to them at all.

Kilani watches the glistening ice shards come down with awe. The bat doesn't quite know how to respond in this situation at all, but winces as the feline-being is crushed by the overtly large monster. That seems to bring her to, spurring her into action! She quickly spreads her wings and takes to the sky, trying to... get on top of the strange monster. Unfortunately for her, she misses the monster by a rather large margin, crashing into the ground next to it. Well, that worked well.

Fenris gasps for breath under the crushing claw of the lead Craige. He can't get enough air in him to make a witty quip, but it only requires a focused thought to bring his vicious little golem to his aid. That little magic box is not being especially helpful just now. Not from this rather unappealing perspective, at least. This particular position is becoming all too familiar for the poor tiger. One would think all that training would pay off more. Amazing how one's mind can careen around in times of stress.

Zuri quickly nocks a second arrow and aims for the big guy this time. His shot becomes even more urgent as he sees Fenris being pinned down by the Overseer, the salamander tensing his bow all the way back before firing high, aiming for the Overseer's head. He doesn't pause to see if his shot hits, instead the armored 'mander starts running forward as he packs away his bow and draws his twin blades, ready to join the close combat skirmish.

Rokarion looks down on Fenris, the plant being's nonchalant face glancing the poor tiger for a moment before looking at the overseer again. Then with a deep breath, Rokarion decides to try some free-form mathematics as he begins drawing geometric symbols on the air while muttering long lists of numbers. The goal is to create a wind strong enough to throw the overseer back, or at the very least force him to step off Fenris.

Lucasiel narrows her eyes, noting Rokarion's attempt. As the wind blows against the overseer, she swings for the fence with that big axe, putting momentum into it. The fence in this case being the back of the large creature's... Whatever passes for knees. Maybe together it can be toppled.

Zuri's arrow bounces harmlessly from the Overseer's body, falling with a gentle patter upon the stone a mere seconds before selena's spell begins pelting the workers! Two go down with muffled cries, as the survivors sloggishly make their way for an escape back into the tunnel... Seems this overseer didn't take direct control of them, and they weren't too keen on staying! Fenris' golem smacks into the overseer as well, it's attacks scratching at the surface of it's scales fail to distract it from the pinned master, though Rokarion's powerful gust of mind catches in the wings and forces it to take a single step back, freeing fenris! Lucasiel's attack comes right after, slamming into the back of the knee she fails to cleave through his hardened form. There is little time to think of that though, as with a quickened motion it lashes out with it's sword! The pommel smacks into the center of Kilani's back, sending her flying at the entrance of the tunnel before landing in the dirt, before he swings the blade around in a arcing manner down. The blade just barely misses the wounded fenris, and strikes clear past Lucasiel! Seems his aim was off...

Selena clicks her tongue as the group of Craige are sent into retreat, making her way forwards for a moment. "Well, this proves one thing..." she mutters to herself. The Craige leader is met with an improvised cutting winds spell at its torso, ideally forcing it to return to its allies as they continue to retreat into the trench. "I want to see the remains of any craige that have been killed here! Pick up something for me if you can!" She calls over to the others in the melee.

Kilani oofs, tumbling rather ungracefully through the air in a completely uncoherent heap of rapidly flailing wings, cloth, and various scattered arrows, and landing with an unflattering thud. The bat gathers herself together quickly, the spot where the pommel caught her hurting quite badly. She attempts to head back towards the thick of the fight once more, drawing her pistol this time..

Fenris gasps and wheezes, desperately trying to remove the dented breastplate of his complex support frame. "Kawa!" he groans, "Fire!" The voiced commands are not strictly necessary, but it helps to focus the mind. While he scrabbles at his armor, trying, painfully, to breathe normally, the silvery otter golem turns and braces its legs wide and gapes its little mouth open, firing a blazing beam of Creator Fire at the Craige overseer.

Zuri watches his arrow patter off harmlessly, but the small salamander already has his weapons drawn and is bearing down on the overseer as quickly as his legs will take him. He sidesteps past Fenris and his golem, and actually races to the other side of the overseer to try and flank him. The small being then leaps up into the air, blade arcing through the air at the apex of his leap and coming down on the creature's thigh mid-motion.

Rokarion takes a deep breath both of his hand going to his forehead as the plant being gets a slight headache after expending some energy pulling off his trick. With another deep breath, Rokarion decides to pull off another risky action. The plant being starts resolving some improper equations in his mind, even dividing by zero. The chaotic energy forming in front of him a signal of one of the most unsafe spells developed by beings. The elemental monstrosity is immediately ordered to rush and attack the overseer, "Elemental incoming!" the plant shouts in the same nonchalant voice to ensure no one is caught in the rampage of the abomination.

Lucasiel tightens her grip on the axe again, stepping to the side. They were being pushed back, but she... She had her eyes on that sword. It was intriguing. Her next blow comes for that weapon, trying to strike near the base of the blade in hopes of knocking it from the overseer's grip.

The Overseer is being battered from all sides now, Zuri not making it to the thigh though his daggers find purchase in the shin of the beast, digging in deep to the stone creature! Selena's spells rip at it, blowing a flew chunks of rocky scale free from it, while Lucasiel's strike is parried to the side by the experienced fighter! Fenris' revenge comes finally as his golem's beam rips along the overseer's face, leaving a ragged and smouldering scar over glowing eyes! Rokarion's elemental as well is soon into the fray, charging forward at the embattled overseer...

And with a eruption of shouting from behind selena, it seems the pikemen are begining their charge! The Overseer takes this moment to que his exit as he takes a deep breath, before exhalling a torrent of blue flames from it's mouth, aimed up the gulley in the direction of the incoming pikemen! Lucasiel manages to shoulder it while within her armor, surviving without a scratch while Fenris unfortunatly takes a large brunt of it... The tiger's unfortunate circumstance coating him in the blue flames that eat quickly at his fur. The Flames travel up the path quickly as well, selena's earthern shield aids her enough to avoid serious injury, though her fur begins to singe on end and the heat puckers at her skin, while Rokarion finds his chest catching fire with the blue flames!

Taking advantage of this current chaos, the overseer spreads his wings, and with a single vaulting leap, rises into the sky as though he was launched from a cannon! Leaving the freeswords to tend to their burning compatriats as the pikemen rush past in an attempt to secure the tunnel.

Selena flinches as she feels to heat roast the stone armor around her, the canine shedding a significant portion of it to avoid the lingering heat from burning her, gritting her teeth and making her way over to the fallen craige with the box, mantaining the amplified vitriolic haze as she examines whatever may be left of them. "They're all gone. Good." she observes, raising her voice to continue, "Do we have a medic here? Fenris is going to need attention."

This is not a situation Fenris ever thought to find himself in. The fluff had never actually been a problem up to now, and here it was, on fire! There is no time to worry about the escaped Craige overseer, or to give any commands to his golem as the flaming feline rolls and bats at the unnatural conflageration. Hearing Selena's calm exasperation and observation, the only thing he can think is, "I AM the medic!" But that is not really going to help much just now.

Zuri looks up at the overseer as he escapes. The salamander wiggles his snout at him and briefly ponders chasing him, but the rapidly growing flames and the sight of some of his companions quite literally on fire takes priority in his mind. He drops his two daggers and begins to gesture. The salamander's form begins to shift into that of a pegasus, brightly colorful and luminous wings sprouting as he adds his dedication's magic to a little bit of water math, hopefully to condense ambient moisture into droplets, and to make rain fall down on the party, even if just briefly.

Rokarion quickly tries to pull off another powerful spell, but sadly the hastily erected shield does not manage to take out all of the flames as the leather armor he wears on his clothes catches fire. The plant being bites his lips as it starts to rain, letting the rain droplets extinguish the flames as he walks towards one of the fallen Criage and takes out his sketchbook again, idly sketching them while inspecting the bodies, "Do you need any medical attention, or can you do that yourself?" ROkarion asks the tiger, since he said he was the medic it seems that he knew what he was doing and needed no help, or so the plant thought.

Lucasiel growls as her blow is parried away. She'd have to try for that weapon another time, it seems. For now... She turns her helmet away and brings up her free arm to shield her face, out of habit more than anything, to weather the firestorm. "Is anyone..." She trails off. Even if someone were harmed, she can do nothing to help that. "Does anyone require my aid?" She asks instead.

"DAMN IT! Didn't realize Ebonscale was down there till a few moments ago..." Gunger coming forth to the group as a few mages begin to make their way forward, earth magic begining to shake the ground as Gunger sighs. "He's one of their leaders from what we can tell... At least like, a lieutenant maybe? It's hard to tell with them... But gather what you need and head back, we're demolishing this area to prevent them from countering quickly."

There's plenty left of the dead craige for the adventurers to make their way back with for study.

Selena coughs quietly, releasing her spell and picking up the catalyst before gesturing to the craige. "I'd like to take a closer look at these later, if you don't mind helping me bring them back." She comments, eyes briefly going wide as the beings enter the trench. "Wait, wait! Leave a vent open; collapsing the tunnel completely isn't stopping their approach, but if you leave it own you can vent water magic down their tunnels; it slowed them down when I put it to use!" She calls, cursing silently. "I have a suspicion from the accounts I've heard that these are elementals, and the way they reacted to the fog supports it." She explains quickly. "Don't have them destroy the entire cave, but make sure there's a chokepoint at the top so they can't swarm out."

"Nobody trouble yourselves," Fenris wheezes, charred and beaten on the ground.In the mud. "I'll be just fine! Probably just some broken ribs and terrible burns. Nothing to worry about." The burned tiger winces as this little burst of sarcasm hurt him more than anyone else. Wearily he fumbles first at his belt, then lays a hand over the charred remains of a silver gauntlet. Fortunately, it still works and a bubble of blue light winks into existence over Fenris' prone form. He groans a bit as he sets a rounded, white bix on his chest and murmurs something to it before the machine spirit inside chimes pleasantly and starts to glow white. That should at least soothe the burns and keep the ribs till he can get them properly wrapped. "Just catching my breath, is all!" he calls to the general bustle.

Zuri maintains his magic for a bit longer, requiring his full concentration to manipulate the weather in such a way as a pegasus. Even then, such an act has it's limits, and the pegasus finds himself being forced to stop out of exhaustion. He staggers forward even as the rain begins to fade to a lighter drizzle, and slowly approaches Rokarion and Fenris. "Are you okay?" He asks both of them. He is concerned for Fenris, of course, but the jasmine being takes first priority. He moves in to check on Rokarion, wings fluttering as he gets close.

Lucasiel stands over Fenris, peering down at the other feline as best as she can. Hard, in all that armour. "If it makes you feel better, I can stand here and stare at you, Fenris. My medical talents are lacking, and I cannot help you."

Rokarion turns around and looks at Fenris as he activates his ward rune, "Can't help you when you are inside that bubble." the plant being comments before looking down on Zuri and shaking his head, "Just some minor burns, but I will need to get some new armor. This one is ruined." the plant being answers Zuri before giving the salamander a quick pet on his head, "Good job." he says in his apathetic tone, but to get a compliment out of this soul is a miracle in itself. Rokarion then turns around to look at the corpses, "Indeed, what we have seen from them seems to more or less point out as them being elementals to be the only current logical explanation." he answers before leaning in front of Zuri, "What about you, are you okay?"

Fenris smiles weakly. "I know," he apologizes, "It's the injuries talking. I should have been more careful. Let me rest a few minutes and I should be able to get back to the camp with a little help."

With their duties left finished, the mages turn to Selena. One merely shakes his head before looking away before the other speaks in a kind tone. "We are just following our orders Ma'am." The other pikemen, now that the hole was sealed up, pull up a empty wheel barrow for Fenris to sit in to get a ride back to camp... Though, it seems today was a win! They discovered a new weapon against the craige, hurt a craige leader, and only suffered twenty-five percent injury rate!