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After walking to the back of the orphange Kilsa sit on the anvil and looks at the group, "I'm sure all of you noticed that the Machine priest were acting strangly at the words given to them." She seem furious as she spoke but kept her tone even and steady. "I can vaguely read the words but they don't sit well I almost thought I didn't read what I did till I noticed my retainer seemed to notice the same words. Tell them what you read Ryusho."

Ryusho shifts his position where he stands, "Well, From where I was, and..thankfully because I have..a rather high curriosity in old creations, even to pre awakening, I was able to read, and it looked to me like it said "Expect our arrival....." And then it mentioned a date...One that had already passed actually..." he says after a moment or two, as he stands there near Kilsa as he speaks to the rest of the group...

Traxin silently mouths a bad word as the implications of what Ryusho said sink in.

Ictus hmms? and looks to Ryu at that, "When were they supposed to arrive?" he either doesn't see the implication or doesn't want to believe it yet

The gator's curiosity becomes even more piqued. He leans against the nearby wall and even crosses his arms, "Their arrival and a date that has already passed? So you're saying they've already come and gone or something, yet each time the ritual was performed there was nothing to see."

Rogna blinks and continues to listen. He is unsure of what to say or think just yet, he is toying with thoughts of false messages.

Ryusho looks to Kilsa, assuming she saw it a bit better from being closer...

Kilsa sighes, "From the speed I could tell you the exact date but I can tell you that it was well away from the current date and supposed to in the summer.." She looks so angry, "I'm going to bridge a gap and say that they didn't measure the dates like we do now. I don't have the exact date but I've arranged to speak with that crane in private." She makes fist in her hands, "If I got to break that bird neck to learn why she lied I will. This is our life she is hiding from us."

Ictus blinks at Kilsa and hmms at that, "True... I suppose the creators don't measure time like we do now..." he thinks on this a bit

Ryusho mrphs slightly at this, "...Would you rather I do the breaking, compared to you, since You have the language skills, why not let me deal with the physical side, since I am the retainer..and you do not need to dirty your own hands with her lying to speak."

Darquan shakes his head, "You're all speaking in riddles. Could either of you state what the entirety of the message was so we can put our heads together and sort this out?"

Rogna continues to observe as he soaks in the knowledge, only commenting "Miss Kilsa, do not resort to violence. What would you have had her do? Would you have her tell everyone in attendence that they had missed their creators arrival? Do you not think the priests would be to blame in such an event?" The hippo sighs and shakes his head. "The church means the world to a great deal of folk, i'm sure their intentions are good."

Kilsa nods, "Sorry I'm still reeling from this, The Creators have not shown themselves for generations and the machines priest get a message that tells them that the Creators missed us by a very long margin. They decided to hide it. They know something that they are keeping from us and I want to know what. We all deserve to know what they have been keeping from us." She narrows her eyes skimming over all of the group. "My life is dedicated to living the values our Creators have laid down for us, I don't want that tto be a lie." She looked to Rogna, "Hard truths should be told so that we can face them. When a shadow comes to your door step do you pretend it doesn't exist or do you and your people unite to kill it?"

Ictus ponders this a bit and nods, "They may be lying... But there is also a possiblity they don't know any more than we do..."

Darquan draws a hand up to rub his snout thoughtfully, "So you're saying that what you had read was part of some conversation between the Creators and the Priesthood? Do you have any reason beyond suspicions?"

Ryusho shifts slightly, "I only know what I saw....and I saw that the priestess got -scared- looking when she was reading it the first time..." he says simply, "Scared or something similar.."

Kilsa sighs, "I don't think it was just for the priesthood. That is my issue, even if it was just for them. We have a right to know too, Do we not all pray to the same Creators? If this was something so easy to write off why would they all be so afraid? You can fake that level of fear and uncertainty." She growls to herself, "I don't like to be in the dark but this is unforgivable, I'm giving that crane a chance to come clean."

Rogna shakes his head again. "Think of the turmoil sweetwater would face if people lost faith in the church. While I agree that we all need to face this issue directly you must understand there are those who are weak. There are those who would shatter upon hearing such news. The church is likely attempting to save the good faith."

Darquan glances toward Ictus and then back to Kilsa, "I would offer to go with you to this meeting you have set up, but it is not my place to interfere with those I am not bound to. I have received an offer to become a retainer for a House, but I have not yet decided whether to accept or decline."

Ictus hmms and nods a bit, "This is true..." he looks at Rogna and nods at that, "This is also true, and with the looming threat of the shadows... We need to be strong."

Kilsa shakes her head, "You give the folk little credit. If the revelation that the Creators aren't coming would shatter them those same folk would have never lived through the destruction of the moon. Shadow attacks, bone Dragons, Possessed Soulless. Promise is strong." She look at Rogna, "If worst comes to worse we will feed them the information in baby sized bites."

Ryusho nods slowly in agreement, but he also is saying pretty much quiet, just being there as a guard of sorts, "Though...I do wish to go with you Kilsa, that is up to your discression, incase you wish to have my guard there or not." He says after a little while

Rogna laughs. "They have done without their creators for thier lives, they can continue doing without. A breach in trust with the church is my main concern." the hippo says with a nod.

Darquan breaks out into a sudden yawn, which has him hurredly covering his snout as best he can. Sometimes having such a large maw can prove detrimental at times. When he is finished he asks, "Is there anything that you feel needs to be shared further? I fear I must head back to my nest before I end up collapsing."

Kilsa shakes her head, "One last thing, Keep this to yourselves for the time being. This conversation never happened, ok?"

Traxin stares off into space, perhaps the shock of hearing that about the Creators sent him into a mild trance. Slowly coming back to himself, he nods to Kilsa in agreement to keep silent.

Ictus nods in agreement with Kilsa and looks to the others, "What conversation?"

Rogna nods begrudgingly. There are those who need to know but they will learn soon enough, the church will share something to the mass when it has brought meaning to it's message.

Kilsa smiles, "I'm glad I can trust you all. For now get some rest and Ryusho.... I would like you to be in the orphange but not in the room with the crane. That way she doesn't get nervous." She smiles sadly, "I'm glad I can count on you."

Darquan nods once, "Fair enough. Not that there's been anything said so far that would be cause for alarm. At least, not that my tired brain can see." He begins to head for the door, pausing only to yawn again so he doesn't crash into anything.

Ryusho nods and bows his head and overall a bit, "Very well Ma'am, I will be nearby and able to help as needed if requested, otherwise I won't be in the room with you and her." he says after a bit

With a heavy heart Kilsa lead all of her to the door and smiled sweetly at them, "I need to think this over a bit. Do you mind meetingme tomorrow at the Freeswords, I think I'm going to need a lot to drink by the end of the day." She bid them all fairwell before closing the door and sitting on her bed. "Creators Help me. If your still out there...." She started at the ceiling before blowing out her candle and turning in.