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Having checked on her children at the Solacious Manor, done all that needed to be done there, Mira busied herself with preparing for another fund raiser for the orphanage. This time, deciding it hold it at Freeswords itself instead of the orphanage or the church. Renting the place was costly for her, but wroth it if it braught in more donations then it cost her to set up. Currently, she waits outside the building proper, to greet guests, a few coming in already.

Fenris wanders up to the Freeswords Inn munching on a large, red apple. When he sees Mirana standing at the door he grins and gives a happy wave. "Hello Mirana," he says, "What is going on?"

Alef sits at a table by the fireplace, popping her neck softly and scratching at a paper on the table. looking over at the door she smiles, waving Mirana over to her table.

Tzerya sits at the bar with a near dazed expression as she seems almost confused by what was going on. After a few inquiries, she had decided to stay, giving a small salute to Mirana with her glass before returning to her drink.

Siyu stretches and yawns a little bit at the bar, his customary beer is next to him, he's been drinking, and wiggling his hips some, he's tired! The alst couple of days at the Orphange have been...noisy.i His own fault, he's taken all the blame of course. The matron wasn't happy about letting the little maestros have all those instruments, but they were oh so happy/. Chewed out, noised at, and all manner of worn out. He's going to get a little tipsy this weekened.

With a gentle creak, a breeze pushes the door to the inn open--so quiet, it's not even enough to bother the bartender this time! Following the breeze is Dupree, the blond-maned, walleyed grey mare--and seeing the knot of Gifted about, she claps with excitement. Crowds! She loves crowds!

Alanis is dirty, she stinks like a ton of garbage. That last work to the guild was.... no, she won't talk about that. She wants to forget about it, so she goes to the Inn. But, wait a moment, why is a priestess here...?

Looking around, Mira greets thoughs who come in, "Welcome Fenris, good evening Alef. Hello Tzerya, Siyu. Oh, Dupree, it has been a while! And good evening Alanis." she says, giving a careful curtsey. A few more nobles and the like walk in with her, smiling wide. "And remember, a portion of all proceeds tonight go to the orphanage, as well as all donations. The orphange needs weather-proofing again, and the children new bedding from the winter. Please, if you find it in your hearts, give what you can. And thank you all." she says. Murmur and bustle starting up after her short announcement.

Alef smiles softly. "If I can help I will." Nodding gently standing by Mirana at the door for a moment. "You feeling ok? last I saw you you were... abit down." Patting her shoulder gently. "Long as your ok." Smiling gently, going to her table and relaxing.

Siyu blinks a bit, and he looks at his drink and he looks at Mira, "Lady Solacious...I...I've been donating to the orphange, b ut is this some manner of regular drive? Like a yearly donation?" he asks as he'll try and hop down from his bar stool, beer in hand. Swishing his hips over towards her, running a hand through his longer hair, "I mean offically for the orphange, not somthing yourself is doing, or the House Solacious..."not that he hasn't been donatining, but it didn't occure to him that the orphange would run an offical drive.

Fenris raises an eyebrow at the gathering of nobles and freeswords alike. Well, this is unusual. "We've been helping out a bit at the orphanage ourseves," he says waving idly at Siyu. "But I am certainly willing to contribute," he rummages about in his bags and pulls out a heavy bag of crowns to hand over to Mirana.

Grinning at Mira as she spoke, the rabbit quickly reached down to her belt, taking a rather large satchel from it. Setting it down with a soft jingle, she counted the crowns in it before a soft smile appeared with a wiggle of her ears. "Ohh, I suppose this should work fine. I am so rarely in town that my donations have been lax...", she chimed before tossing Mirana the satchel full of crowns.

Alanis looks around and thinks "Lots of people, maybe family and some important fellows from the guild, and dirt all over my body, it's just perfect, it can't be worst, well, maybe is the G.K. Himself comes here..." She get closer to the priestess "Good day and sorry for the stink, i'm ... well.. i didn't know about your... benefit... maybe i should go and take a shower..."

Mirana spends 1 Crown to: Donation thingy

Dupree blinks at Mirana's announcement, one eye focusing on her while the other one drifts up to the rafters. "Orphanage? Donations?" Her coutenance droops as she thinks. "But I don't have any beddings to donate!" she blurts out, heaving a deep sigh...and catching a whiff of Mirana's aroma. Sniff. Sniff sniff. Her nostrils flare as she leans in, snuffling the pleasant redolence with an intense curiosity.

Tzerya spends 100000 Crown for RP reasons.

Fenris spends 10000 Crown to: Donation to Orphanage

Alef spends 250000 Crown to: donation to Orphanage

Alanis spends 100 Crown to: because i'm cheap

Mirana walking around collecting from soul gifted and noble alike, "Thank you, thank you all. Thank you." The large coin purse from Tzerya makes her eyes go wide. That was much much more then she spent to rent the place to begin with! "And to answer questions, I try to do a benefit at least once a year, though not always at the same time of the year." she says, continuing to collect from those who would give, passing it off to another priest following her. The large crown bag from Tzerya was not something easy to carry. "Now, before we all order or food, a short prayer." she says, bowing her head and crossing her hands at her groin, "On great creators, thanks be to those who are here today, for their help to those who need it." She says, the priest's back practically breaking from Alef's donation!!

Siyu considers, "Peace and strength, the House Solacious has many more resources then me, but here I am, a noble rat in spirit if not in coin. So..." he is a bit tipsy, "Take what I can spare, through war or other tragedy, really they should at least be comfortable..." he nods his head as he'll wobble, not from the booze, but from the weight of coin he'd offer. Huffing a little bit as he struggles, but hands it over.

Siyu spends 300000 Crown to: For the orphans!

Fenris is glad to see so many people here to support the orphanage. The sack of instruments he had made would provide lots of entertainment, but these donations would keep food on their table and a roof over their heads. The tiger stands in silence during Mirana's short prayer.

Tzerya grins as she watches her own donation cause a bit of struggle and happily bows her head during the prayer, barely managing to contain a snicker as she watched the poor priest carrying Alef's donation. She seemed rather cheerful at the displays and the prayers, though a small 'ha' escaped her as she watched the priest carrying the rats' donation, feeling a bit of sympathy.

With all that money going to the priestess hands, Alanis feels a little... cheap with her modest donation, but done is done. And she hasn't any more right now. So she sits behind, to not dishonor herself anymore...

Alef smiles softly. "Im glad I could help Mirana. Helping the orphanage is a wonderful way to spend crowns." Nodding gently, sipping her tea. offering to help the priests carry the crown anyway she can.

Mirana smiles a bit more from the coin rolling in. Another drive already succussful. She smiles a bit, "Now, to the entertainment! Story to be told, song to be sang! Do we have any volunteers?" she asks. THough she notices Alanis, feeling badly over there, smelling... no quite fresh, going ove to her fellow noble, "You are doing fine, do you have a story you could tell? All are welcome here, and all are free to have fun!" She says, smiling around once more.

"Ooooh." Watching all the donations chipped in, Dupree finally catches the drift. "Coins? Oh, I have a ton of those. Aren't they pretty?" With that, she dumps a handful of crown atop someone else's purse.

Dupree spends 100000 Crown to: donation

Aha! A place to contribute! Fenris pulls his new violin from his bag and starts to play a lively tune.

Siyu lays out his coin, and he turns a bit red, he turns in a blush, talking to the lady Solacious. He's...embaressed speakign so boldly to her, and he swallowsa nd he runs, quickly away, back to the bar, disappearing agian somewhere nearby, but he doesn't want to say anything more.

Snickers as she almost chooses to get up, then looking down at her drink, gives a light shrug, "While I'd love to entertain with stories of lore, I'm really not dressed the part...,", she says with another chuckle, gesturing to her oddly casual clothes. "Removes a bit of the amazement without the look."

Alanis opens her eyes wide. "A story? here? with all people looking at me like this? (and smelling like this?) No, thank you Lady Mirana, but Maybe i could go to your orphanage and help with some duties with the children" All to save face, please...

Alef blushes as the songs start... coughing and reaching into her bag... pulling some papers out and gulping a tight lump in her throat...

Looking over to Fenris next, leaving Alanis there with a nod, "Just relax and enjoy, order some food, think of a story to tell. And, please, you are here, and I don't see anyone minding you in the slightest." she says to the fellow noble fox, before shuffling her way over to Siyu next, "What is wrong?" she asks the smaller Kangaroo Rat, "Come, eat, drink, be marry and join in!" she says. She digs in her own pack, pulling out a piccalo, "Come, Fenris! I will challenge you, the first round of drink on the loser!" she says. Everyone cheering as Mira makes the bet to the tiger.

Fenris laughs and continues to play, picking up the pace of his spritely jig. "You're on," he laughs, not even slowing his pace to speak.

Siyu just blushes, "Nothing I just...I've donated, don't want to interrupt the other gathering of people that's all. I was just having a drink, ahem, I just..I'm just going to enjoy my beer, fine beer..." he nods his head a bit as he ooks at the picallo, and blinks. He'll with his beer over at the various playing. The bard and the priest. He'll listen and bob his head

Tzerya watched the two competing against each other in a musical battle, as she takes a brief moment to yawn before picking up an apple. Drawing a dagger from her belt, she tossed the fruit into the air before making a serious of fast slices and catching the apple again, taking the slices and eating them, her ears bobbing with the music.

Well, Alanis thinks, i'm here so, maybe i could do the best with all this dirt. She stands and tries to dance with the music.

Drifting through the crowd like a spring zephyr, she suddenly shows up behind Siyu, soundless but for the rustle of a gentle breeze. "Hello, there!" A single eye fixes on the small kangaroo-rat. "Have I met you before? You don't look familiar."

Fenris laughs and lowers his violin as Mirana sets to a wild bit of piccolo brilliance. "I yield, I yield!" he smiles and waves to the bartender to distribute the promised drinks. The tiger raises his instrument again and rejoins the music.

Mirana plays her own piccallo, a pericing, but beautiful tune that mixes and melds with Fenris' own. The pair drawing quite an applouse from all those around! Though Mira takes a careful bow and decides, "Instead, I shall pay for the first round however, it was a good song!" Lots of people turn to watch Alanis and Tzerya in their displays, eyes wide and watching. "Eat everyone, the full menu is up, and part of the proceeds go to help the orphans!" she says, then, listens to Fenris giving in, "Half and half then my good tiger!" she says.

Alef smiles weakly, but happly, relaxed as she listens to the performers, sighing softly and gently, applauding happly with the wonderful music.

Grinning at Mirana's declaration, the rabbit turns to the barkeep with a wiggle of her nose, "My normal veggie stew and...what is the literal best alcohol you have back behind the bar, I'm feeling festive.", she asked, her grin growing to an almost disturbing level.

Siyu hear's the voice behind him and he gives a little bit of a squeek! He'll turn back and the short rodent is red faced, "Um..I...I do not know, ahem, I am Gang Xi Siyu, a merchant and trader. A meatalsmith, a weaponsmith a trader of metal and coal. Um, nice to met you." he bows his head again, the pretty little thing trying to offer a small smile.

Fenris finishes the jig with a flourish and lowers his violin with a little bow. "A moment," he says with a laugh, "This really isn't my best instrument." He skips to his pack and carefully stows the fine, old instrument before drawing out his guitar. "Now it's time for a song!" he crows.

Alef smiles softly, foot tapping and hands clapping to the beat. nodding happly and smiling as she sits by the fireplace, ordering another tea and some stew.

Mirana smiles a bit more brightly as it seems everyone is getting to enjoying themselves a bit more, "Don't just bring one, bar keep, break open the whole berrol!" She says, looking a bit uncomfortable for a moment. She smiles and waits for the booze to come up to the counter listening to Fenris, "And surely someone has a story or song to accompany this! A tail of glory out in the field? Of home and hearth? I'd always welcome a song about Kilsa Ironsoul if any knows one?" she asks.

Tzerya laughs at the mention of the barrel and gives a gesture of approval as well before downing the remains of her cup. "Ahh, Mirana sure knows how to throw a fund raiser.". Pondering the request of song again, she still gave a light shrug, not really knowing many about Kilsa Ironsoul.

Kilsa Ironsoul, mmmm.. Alanis doesn't know a lot about the newest noble house. It could be interesting to listen something about her. "Lady Mirana, could you tell us about Lady Ironsoul? Tell us about how she built her orphanage"

Dupree beams widely, getting a response from the tiny rodent. "Hello, I'm Dupree, Watcher of the Skies! And..." her she squints, staring into the middle distance. "I guess I don't have a job." She eagerly takes Siyu's hand and shakes it heartily. "Oh! What's this?" she asks, her attention drawn to a fresh cup of...well, she's not entirely sure what. But it was free, and free is always good. Releasing Siyu's poor little paw, she swiftly picks up her mug, sniffing and eyeing it curiously.

Fenris would gladly sing about the Lady Ironsoul. . . but he has never heard about her beyond her ascension to the nobility and that she founded the orphanage. "Angus," he calls out, still playing his guitar, "maybe you have a tale or two!"

Mirana continues to walk around, greeting people here and there, though her discomfort seems to be growing slowly, "Don't drink too much, it is the good good stuff and will put you under the table quickly if you are not careful!" she says. She spares herself from the drink though she paid for it, taking up a dinner of roasted meat, veggitables, and breed with sweet cream. "Come now, come now, Fenris' play is great and wonderful, but lets her a story!" She calls out, many of the partons calling out as well after her, "You, Miss Alef, surely you have a tale or two to tell?" she asks. WHen Fenris talks of Angus though, she looks around, "Angus? I see not my brother here, come now, it doesn't have to be about the greatest soul gifted to ever live, she is just one of my personal favorate people!" she calls out.

Siyu nods, "Siyu is fine, really it's fine." he's getting drunk, and much lighter in purse, MUCH LIGHTER. Really a good deal of his savings, but the last couple of weeks have really ingrained him on the orpahans and well...frankly a dedicated dnation drive got him right where it hurt,s he has his time, buthe figures Mirana knows how best to use his money. Still red faced from talking to her the rodent bobs hsi head to Dupree, "Um...well I...I'm..." he squeels a bit as Dupree takes his hand and shakes it, he's bowing hs head and he'll try to shake it back, "Ahem I...I..." he is stammering as he'll take a cup. Booze! He knocks it back.

Tzerya smiles still taking her drinks as she watches the group, eventually getting from her chair and dancing just a bit to the music. "Ohh, just relax and focus reason to play yourself to death.", she chuckles happily.

Alef smiles weakly. "Oh... well... uh... umm... not really im afraid..." tapping her fingers together slowly with embaroussment. "I mean... most of my storys could be told by others." Blushing and looking embaroussed at being called out.

Alanis sits back and removes some dry mud. "So Lady Mirana, What's the story of Lady Ironsoul? I only know that she's the founder of the newest house. Could you tell us something about her?"

Mirana sighs a moment and shakes her head, "My good Alef, that is not the point! A great and glorious story needs telling!" she says, looking next over to Siyu, "Do you have a story? Or you Dupree, you may have a story from out in the swamp." She looks both uncomfortable, and maybe a bit unhappy. It wouldn't be much of a drinking party benefit if there was no song or story about! She looks to Alanis, "Well, if no one else has anything." She says, waiting for a moment.

Dupree mutters, "Tell a story about Lady Kilsa?" and ponders for a minute. "Well, if you say so, Miss Mira." She clears her throat and peers off into the distance with one of her eyes, the other one staring up as she concentrates./

"So...once upon a time, there was a lady...and her name was Kilsa...and, um..." she trails off. Storytelling wasn't her strong suit, really. "She lived in the mountains--wait, no, the woods. And there was...a dragon! No, wait. Not yet." Trying to regain her composure, she takes a deep draw from the mug--and, expecting juice and caught unawares by the fizz and bitterness, she coughs and gags rather severely, nearly spilling her drink on poor Siyu.

Fenris laughs at Dupree's antics. "Come on then Mirana," he says, "We've heard quite enough of me! Tell us about Kilsa!"

Alef smiles softly. "I have heard about Lady Kilsa, but not a offical story. I would love to hear about her from someone who knows her." nodding gently, buying Mirana some tea to drink.

Siyu looks over at Mirana and he turns a deep shade of crimson, he'll step up though, "A story, a story...I'll tell of the pauper and the king..." he will draw a deep breath and he'll move with beer in and, fresh and full to wet his lips and make sure his courage is true. He'll draw breath, drink and then speak. "A pauper, one who did all the jobs of Sharlesta, from medning, to sweeping to carring to hauling, went into the sands. He was going to pray. Away from all his friends and those whom he worked for. For prayer in silence is best if the creators wish to hear you. He prayed for simple things, for he enjoyed his life, and he was happy. He only wished that prehaps he could read his scriptures at night. For tallow and oil were expensive, and he could burn neither. The creators, upon hearing his humble prayer, alone, blessed him. A sacred gift was given to him. A simple light, which glowed when touch, and if prompted, could burn like a thousand lamps. He knew it to be a blessing and of course, talked about the blessings of the creators. THe king, heard of a man blessed by the creators, and demanded an audiance. He expected a man who could conjure water, stop fires, destroy armies,yet he was met with a peasent. He was angr, and the peasent was calm. the king himself demanded to know how he was blessed. And the peasent showed the light, and said he could read what the creators told us all at night. And upon those words the light burned brighter then the sun, and the king was humbled...." he says, an old story, and a telling one from his homeland.

Mirana was just about to start a story of her own when Siyu starts. She sits back and enjoys for a change, the look of discomfort seeming to go away for a while as she eats, drinks on the tea, giving Alef a nod and a slight bow for it, staying quiet for the story, so as not to interupt. She smiles, clapping after along with many other beings, "Good good! Surely others have stories from far away? From the north? The east or the west?" She asks around, ready once more to take up the mantle herself if no one else does.

Tzerya perked up a bit after having taken her seat again, a small thoughtful look in her eyes before giving a small passing gesture, "Another time...Let someone else have the glory here.". Snickering a bit, she hated telling the stories unless it was entirely needed.

Alanis gets closer to Mirana "Lady Mirana, i'm sorry but i have to go and wash myself before all this mud gets so hard that i can't move anymore. It has been a pleasure"

Siyu flattens his ears, he spot a lot, he drinks his beer deeply and goes back to the bar, turning red and going v ery very quiet.

Alef smiles softly, listening to the story with a giggle, nodding lightly as she tips Siyu. "I am sorry Mirana, I dont have any real story telling ability or storys to share." Smiling weakly. blushing softly.

Mirana sighs a moment and stands up, "Alright, this is a story from Kilsa's early days. It is a story that also has my good cousin Sally in it, as well as my dear beloved Ictus. Atop the mountains, just to the west of our good city, was the Arc that carried us all here. Before the Shadows came, pilgramage to the arc was common and done by just about everyone desiring to become a priest. However, no trips were made after the shadows arrived. So, Caption Sally got together volunteers to go and see what came of the Arc, and if they could start the trips up once again." she says. She uses a bit of air and fire math, making smoke shapes of six being, climbing up a steep mountain. "At the top, they found nothing else but..." she stops, the smoke being dashed to nothing before she forms it up again into the shape of many many strange creatures, "The Arc, covered in shadows!" She says, pausing there a bit longer.

Smirking as she hears the story that she heard a few times before, Tzerya gives a firm nod and allows Mirana to continue without interruption, mainly focusing on her soup and drink. "Ahh the good part,", she mumbled softly during the pause.

Fenris is excited! He has never heard this story and it is very exciting so far!

Dupree tilts her head curiously at Siyu as he sits back down. "But...why didn't he just read during the day?"

Alef listens in, she had only heard of the arc before. but never heard this story from one of the sources. eyes wide.

Mirana smiles a moment after her pause. "They faught with the shadows!" More air and fire matht to use smoke to tell the story as well, "But they decided they were ill prepared to try and take it back! Sally returned to the city, gathering more forces to come back!" the smoke swirls about into a massive war between shadow creatures and beings fighting it out, "Then, something unexpected happened! One of the shadows spoke! It came forward, asking for the violence to end! And requesting an audiance with a few of the being." She says, depicting a massive shadow creature talking to a few beings with weapons drawn. "Sally agreed, and, later, a group of them returned." She says, showing a very small group climbing up the mountain again, "What was said there, I know not, but, later, when Sally returned again, the Arc was completely gone! Taken by the Shadows." she says, the final depiction of a lone being standing atop the mountain, before, the smoke falls upon everyone softly, disappating to nothing. A few ohhs, ahhs, and much clapping, "Thank you! Thank you! Now, if you don't mind, I'll going to retire, but please, enjoy the drink the food! Let the party continue! And thank you all for your donations!" She says, carefully visiting everyone for a hand shake or a hug before departing the inn.

Siyu just kind of squirms, he is rather embaressed at all of hte story he told, that was it of course, a story a legend, he went first damnit! First story is always terrible, dam damn damn....he blew it and he knows it, just drinking his beers, and flattening his ears. He almost doesn't hear what Mirana has to say, wallowing in his own inadequency!

Tzerya stands up as Mirana finishes her story before giving a polite bow to the vixen, "Thank you for the tale and it was a lovely event. Have a pleasing night.". Waving with a smile, the rabbit soon returned to her food and merriment.

A wonderful tale! Fenris applauds long and loud for Mirana's story, then sits back to play a bit of background music as the festivities go on into the night.