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I wonder why that monk told me 'There's nothing I can teach an idiot, but much I can learn from her.'

Ooh, you have wings? They're so beautiful! Can I touch them? Have you ever felt a cloud? Are they as soft and fluffy as they look?

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Bird folk - They have their own wings and they can fly without air magic! They must live such wonderful lives.

Fox folk - My, but there's a lot of them about.

The Freeswords Inn Staff - They're very nice, but their baking abilities need some practice.

Performers --

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Angus - He was the first to greet me. How nice! He offered to let me join the army, but he hasn't said much to me since, though.

Azerith - A friendly lizard. He seems to get us attacked an awful lot during walks, though.

Dio - A loud sort, but he seems awfully clever too. I hope I can talk with him more.

Flora - A very smart tigress who's good at building mechanical things. She doesn't say much, though. Nor does she like muffins.

Sveta - She's a bird! The first bird in Firmament I've talked with, I think. Although she doesn't talk back very much. She owes me a hat.

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RP Hooks

Zimla Dedicant

Excited by his puzzles, games, and rewards, Dupree first sought out the path of the Puzzler, but a certain lack of awareness made her a poor choice at untangling the riddles of the universe. Thanks to Fenris, she met with Zimla, the Lady of Dreams, who took an interest in the mare and took Dupree on as a dedicant.

I am Dupree and so am I

Given her inability to keep her attention on one thing and her childlike awe at the myriad wonders of the world, Dupree was rather terminally scatterbrained. The Lady of Dreams chose to 'bless' Dupree with an uncanny level of focus on what's in her soul--though this is filtered through her Gifted-ness.

As a result, she now tends to embody various characters and legends from Creator tales, dependent on which soul gem she wears. Each Soul has its own discrete memories and only recalls the experiences of other Souls as half-remembered dreams, if at all. For example, a new acquaintance made by Dupree the Performer will probably not be recognized by Dupree the Winter Witch.


After years of wishing and hoping and listening to the winds and talking the ear off anyone who will listen, Dupree heard word of a site that had once been home to the very pegasi she admired. With a pocket full of lunar dust and some infinitely patient Aranian guides, she found the Weatherworkers' Wheel in the lands of Shraletsa. She is the first known Pegasus in the modern age, with the power of flight unassisted by air magics and a very local control over the weather...though as with much of her life, she shows more enthusiasm than she does control with this new blessing.

Child of the Skies

Apparently taking admonitions about having her head in the clouds a bit too seriously, Dupree frequently refers to herself as a child of the skies. She seems convinced that she really was born of the heavens and hopes some day to return to them, and so she loves all things relating to the skies. She takes her cloudy, dappled-grey coat and grasp of air maths as evidence of her celestial origin, swears she can speak with the wind, will talk the non-existent ears off any bird folk, loves stories involving pegasi, and takes discussions of the weather as very serious business indeed.

Unusual Eyes

Her eyes are both a sunny golden, but they never seem to point in the same direction; usually, one of them points up while the other looks straight ahead or down. If asked about it, she will insist that it's so she can keep one eye on the skies at all times.

Idiot Savant

Something about air mathemagics just comes perfectly natural to Dupree. Common sense, however, does not, and she seems oblivious to all the subtle hints and signals of social interaction, as well as the attendant dangers of the adventuring life. The raw mathemagical power she wields and dumb luck seem to keep her from coming to any serious harm, but she still makes for a rather peculiar assistant.


Given her talent with air maths (and maybe her penchant for air-headedness), echoes of her ability tend to seep into the surrounding environment. This manifests itself as winds that vary with her mood; a calm mood means gentle spring zephyrs, excitement creates playful summer breezes, and sadness brings those cool gusts that precede the rains.


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Full Name: Dupree

Clan: Clever Folk

Species (breed): Horse (Lipizzan)

Approximate Age: 20

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, naive, friendly, mostly

Height: 6'0'

Weight: 160#

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Mage Adept

Army Magician


Craft Apprentice


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