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"You prat." Yelling is taking place inside the Inn, and a serving maid is being held up against he wall by a rather husky buffalo in robes. Around him are a rat, a panther, and a deer, all in robes calmly downing drinks. "LOOK what you've done you incompetent fool. Do you know who I am?" the buffalo screams into the face of a very terrified inn employee as he points to a spilled mug on the table. He looks to be drawing a sword.

Munch, munch, munch. The large gator of the Heavy Clan had been eating a meal for the last several minutes at one of the tables along the side of the room. Darquan has been watching the spectacle unfold in relative silence. As things start to rise to a shouting match and a sword is being drawn, he finally speaks with his mouth partially full of food, "I would not do that if I were you, friend." Such a calm voice amidst the chaos.

Ictus hmms? as he enters the inn and blinks at the unfolding scene, he shakes his head and growls as he sees the sword being drawn. He swiftly approaches to grab the hand that is drawing the sword, "Give me a reason not to kick you out right now..."

Fefneir wanders into the inn and glances over at the yelling. Slipping a star into his hand, "Why don't we put the girl down eh? So she spilled a mug, though who knows maybe you were the one to drunk to keep it upright." Ready to throw the ninja star if he has to to keep the buffalo from using the sword on the maid. Besides he's a bit more likely to survive than a scared serving girl.

Peril didn't wait to see what the massive, horned buffalo had in store for the serving girl, plucking her drink off the bar and slipping down of her seat. The little cat moved to put a few bodies between herself and the spectacle unfolding while still keeping a good clear view of the proceedings

"Unhand me, you should be hospitable to your Cliffside neighbors." the buffalo grunts, dropping the maid with a glare. "She's destroyed my research!" he cries as he points to the table again. Upon closer inspection bits of words can be seen on its surface, almost opaque as the liquid dissolves the paper it was written on. The buffalo jerks his arm away with frustrated might. He drops the girl from the wall and gets right in Ictus's face, snorting. "Now why don't you mind your own business and we'll collect whats due." The deer sets down her drink, watching Fefneir closely as her robes begin to glow. Around her the other figures rise from their seats.

Ictus hmms? as he glances at the so called 'research' and shakes his head, "That is still no reason to attack someone, you may be from Cliffside... But you are still visitors here and should respect our laws." he backs up a little as the buffalo yanks his hand away and glances at the others who seem ready for a fight, "That goes for you as well..."

Darquan notices that one of those present is trying to be inconspicuous while still being able to see. Instead of calling out toward Peril, wanting to keep her out of her namesake, he rises to his feet with a bit of a grunt. He gestures to the one whose robes are beginning to glow, "Your research will not be the only thing that will be at stake here. Are you folks so certain that you wish to start a brawl here, especially when there are so many eager to defend this place?"

Fefneir doesn't miss the glow, opening his mouth slightly as if to yawn, as it looked like ictus was handling it. Using some ultrasonic waves to stimulate the gator fox and bat, the good guys, to give them a boost of energy and regenerative healing incase things go south all of a sudden. (hehe recovery tales heh)

Peril sighs softly and shook her head, eying the gathered band of robed figures and noting the melting papers on the table immediately starting to wonder if what had been written on the could have been sensitive information enough to warrant being placed on rice paper. With a soft chuckle she called out over the rowdy individuals threatening a physical resolution to the despite "I thought you looked like the learned sort? Tell me, when did scholars start resolving issues with brutal force"

The group looks amongst themselves and the buffalo grits his teeth. "I don't think that's what matters right now." he says very lowly. His associates seem to be giving him looks as though he should keep quiet, the panther setting a knife on the table. "I think you'll let us get back to business." he says very calmly as he and the other two give the buffalo a final look. The buffalo seems to be getting more and more frantic as they do so, looking down and then back to the serving maid as she crawls away. Grasping her he lifts her up and shoves her at Fefneir, moving towards the door. He doesn't get very far before he bursts into flames and is then knocked into the ground face first by the other robed figures. Something is going on, but what?

Darquan smirks as he feels power flowing through him from a source he does not immediately recognize. He takes his glass and finishes the meal in full, downing the contents. He sets the glass down just in time to see the buffalo burst into flame and get knocked over. Brow rising again he snorts and finally approaches the group at a slow and rather measured pace, "Attacking your comrade, now, for seeing the light and wanting to leave in peace? To what did he owe the honor of that?" He is fingering a soul gem in one of his large hands, and if gems can be identified by their looks they might note that he is not suited for combat at present.

Peril fishes her soul pendant out from beneath her robes with one hand while the other delves into a pocket hidden within the heavy fabrics, pulling out a second soul gem. Grasping the amulet securely the little feline inserted the second gem into the conspicuously empty secondary slot, swearing to herself for having forgotten to insert it earlier and keeping her skills as a scholar in mind as they so regularly proved useful.

Fefneir takes the girl into his arm, curling one wing around to protect her. Turning with the momentum and flinging the ninja star at the buffalo mostly without thinking. Arching a brow as he then bursts into flames then knocked to the ground, well will be quick to find out which ones aren't here to cause more trouble maybe.

Ictus hmms? at the buffalo and blinks as he bursts into flames, he immediately looks to the others of the group and shakes his head, 'Indeed, what did he deserve that for?" as he draws his blade, "I do believe that it's grounds for imprisonment..."

The buffalo groans as he tries to getup off the ground, seemingly dazed. "I don't think I'll tell you anything, it's time to leave." Noting that Darquan is not a threat, the panther snatches up the dagger and it starts to spark as he lunges at Ictus. The deer begins to calcify his flesh, and the rat dives under the table as he eyes Peril, the start of a fire spell coming out very obvious.

Darquan is not a threat...yet. He changes that the moment the mages proceed to make things even more difficult than before. He stops in his tracks and removes the gem that is in his pendant, only to immediately place the second one in its place. This one is apparently equipped for battle, for some armor fades into existence over his bulky frame and an axe fades into existence in one hand. The swapped-out gem is tucked away in the meantime.

Peril exorcizes the better part of valor and dives back beneath a table, the little cat upending it and topping it down on its side to place a barrier between herself and hard before beginning to focus her own magical skill.

Fefneir stays turned no only does he make a slimmer target but puts him between any incoming attacks while keeping the maid covered. Raising his hand to release an explosive force at the group as they launch attacks in various directions. Maybe he can knock them all to the floor giving everyone a few more moments to ready themselves.

Ictus glances at the dagger and tries to swipe it away with his sword, "Not coming peacefully I take it." as he lunges with his own blade at his attacker

Since Peril is now out of sight, the rat grins and swaps targets swiftly, his gaze falling on the serving maid. The area around the poor girl is engulfed in flames and the girl with it. At Ictus's lunge the panther side-steps, his calcified flesh and the less direct blow only slowing him for a moment. He takes the chance at the now close proximity and slashes at the foxes arm as he moves past towards the door. The deer moves towards the door with the panther in the commotion but is stopped as the buffalo pushes his way up and pushes the panther and deer back.

Ictus grunts as his arm is slashed and growls as he chases after the panther, moving to tackle him as he does (Intervention)

Peril finds herself in the unenviable position of having no prepared magic to hand. The little cat instead lightens her burden, setting aside her trade tools and withdrawing a long, thing and jagged blade from the sleeve of her robes, gripping it firmly in hand before moving to the edge of the overturned table, peeking out from round it to get a better idea of where the rat and his companions were fighting

Darquan watches all that is transpiring while the transformation is taking place. He does not seem to care in the slightest about the flames close by, for he turns to go right after the Deer and the Panther even as the Buffalo rises to stop them. The axe is fully formed by then and he goes so far as to dare step right in front of the door, growling, "Don't even think about leaving so soon." He makes a half-hearted chop at the panther, knowing that it isn't likely going to land.

Fefneir quickly moves toward the flames to get out of them as quickly as possible with the girl behind his wing. Using a select ninjitsu because this is going to hurt like a son of a bitch. Though with moving out of them not nearly as much as just standing there and roasting. Hopefully the city guards will get here before they can get away. But right now moving away from the fighting to get the serving girl to safety.

The buffalo snatches the deer up and gives them a hearty headbutt, looking down upon them. He backs up however as an axe is swung at the panther who is tackled forward, the chop barely missing the panther and giving Ictus an undue trim of fur. The panther struggles beneath the fox before he realizes his friend is unconcious. "You..." he directs at the buffalo before shouting "Burn the place to the ground!" The rat hears this and begins prep work on a wide spread fire spell, dropping everything to move to what they feel is a safe distance to ensure they can get the divine math to finish. As suddenly as they start they stop, giving a very pathetic look to the soulless. "I"m sorry, I'm done." the rat says and slouches against the wall with a sigh. The maid escapes the fire with Fefneirs aid, bearing almost no burns at all. Fefneir on the other hand has minor burns over his body, the ninjitsu surely saved him from extensive damage.

Peril spots the rat, and knows enough about magic even with her reduced skill to spot trouble when she sees it. Flicking her ears back, narrowing her eyes and stepping out from behind the table she charged strait for the rodent with dagger in hand

Ictus grunts as the axe narrowly misses him and looks to the panther, "You will stop resisting, understood?" as he hooks his blade under the panthers neck, ready to slice his neck open if he tries anything funny

Fefneir lets out a long breath, large shards of ice forming above his head ready to be launched as he looks over at the buffalo, "You better start talking, and i mean really fast. The girl's ok but not from lack of yours boys trying."

Darquan was not aiming for anyone, and that could have been the reason why Ictus is suddenly without some of his body fur. When the rat is ordered to cast his spell to burn the place he merely grins as things change for the better for the group and he turns his axe on the buffalo, resting the flat of one of the blades against a shoulder, "Don't move, friend. This will all be over very shortly." He then calls out to the rat, "Good choice, sir. The last thing we need is senseless killing today."

"You think I'm the boss?" the buffalo says to Fefneir. "No no. He's the boss." he says pointing to the panther, and then with a sigh he says "He's a crook, and we all owe him a great deal of crowns. I was supposed to meet him here, which I did, and I was given instructions to follow so I could pay off my debt. It wasn't research, it was my saving grace. I'm sorry I lost it when she spilled that drink, it wasn't her fault." The panther snarls overtop of parts of his speech, trying to drown him out, but no-one moves with the exception of the rat, who ducks down with hands overhead at the charging feline.

Peril closes on the rat quickly and throws her weight against the rodents belly, pushing him back against the wall while raising her arm with dagger in hand bringing the length of the blade up beneath his jaw. With the jagged edge in against the rodents thought applying enough pressure that the points pricked the skin beneath the rats fur the little feline leans in closer with a viscous grin "I may not know much fire magic, but if you so much as look at me funny I'll boil your beady little eyes in their sockets. So keep your lips sealed and your hands still vermin"

Ictus hmms? at the buffalo and glares at the snarling panther, he presses his blade into his jugular and growls out, "Quiet you..."

Fefneir moves slowly over toward the group, hey he moved away to keep the serving girl save. Muttering at the burns but he'll take care of them later. "Better to do some hunting bounties than to owe someone like that money." Of course looks like ictus has the 'boss' covered perfectly he turns his attention to watch the deer...just in case they wake up.

Darquan removes the axe from the bovine's shoulder when the truth comes out, or what they can assume to be the truth with how the panther is acting. Turning his attention to the feline, he does something that folks might not have expected. He knows a little fire magic of his own and he gives a reason for the cat to be all loud and snarly: he sends a bit of fire right up the feline's pants to begin tenderizing his privates. That will likely knock down the testosterone quite a bit.

Fefneir lets out a breath letting the shards of ice flow away back into nothingness as he goes to check on the serving girl check how she was doing.

The rat whines and closes their eyes as Peril assaults them, and panics, driving their form into the wall. The deer keeps her eyes shut as she comes to, only breathing a little harder as the pain in her head sets in. As the axe comes away the buffalo sighs in relief, saying "When you're in debt it's hard to say no." He furrows his brow and reaches back, and with some effort removes a throwing star from his back. The panther goes silent beyond grunts of pain, unable to get up because of Ictus. A couple of armed guards walk into the inn. "Disengage and wait quietly while we sort this out." one of them says, while another asks the staff for an explanation of what happened. Hearing it, they take the rat, deer, and panther and prepare to leave. Had the staff left out the buffalo?

Peril snorts softly and tucks her knife away as the guards take the rat into custody, giving him a nasty glare as he is lead away with his comrades "That all seemed needlessly violent. you would have thought the creditors would have had the common sense not to start a fight here. Guess it doesn't take any brains to pray on others misfortune"

Darquan ends the fire spell when the guards finally come in. As things are coming under control he switches his soul gem back to how it was before the ruckus began, returning to being bare chested with just a kilt worn. The axe melts away and he becomes a non-threat once more. He does stick close to the buffalo, though, one hand resting on that same shoulder for a brief squeeze.

Ictus nods as the guards arrive and tends to his wounded arm, he glances at the buffalo and tilts his head before looking to the guards, "What about him?"

The guards look puzzled and glance at Ictus. "What about him? The staff said that the rat, the panther, and the deer were violent troublemakers. Is there something we should know about?" they query. The buffalo looks down in shame, ignoring the squeeze. The maid is shaken and trembling, and the rest of the staff are telling her to sit down, and go home if she needs it.

Fefneir looks over at the Guards, "He got the serving girl out of the way with a shove before the rest got exceedingly violent." Giving them an out so they can get the rest of the story from the buffalo. Moving over to the staff to make sure the girl is alright, hey he likes eating and drinking here so might actually have met most of the employees.

Ictus hmms at the buffalo and nods, "While he was forced to do it from what I understand, he was the first to draw swords."

Peril folds her eyes across her chest and glares at Ictus "Hey! he is a victim of circumstances, his nerves set on edge by dangerous creditors and he didn't hurt anyone himself. not to mention he got set on fire. Give him a break"

Ictus looks to Peril and nods, "Which is why I suggest leniency."

Darquan keeps his hand resting on that broad shoulder while he looks toward the shaken girl, "It shall be up to the maiden whether or not she is willing to forgive him for what he did. Another way he can repay his debts would be to work it off." He then smiles directly to the Buffalo, "Clean, honest work as a bodyguard would work nicely, I think. Unless you have other creditors seeking to take a chunk out of your hide, of course."

Peril skips a few steps closer to the massive bull, arms unfolding and hand clasping together to be draw up alongside the tiny felines cheek as she looked up at he massive figure with a warm smile "Ohh I could always use another big, strong bodyguard! How much are you in debt anyway?"

The guards look to eachother. "Wait wait, we've got three different accounts going on." one of the guards says as he thinks about what he's been told. "So he didn't hurt anyone, and he saved the maid?" he finally says. "The staff didn't mention that, and it doesn't sound like he did anything wrong from what I'm told." The guards leave the buffalo and escort the three mages out of the inn. The buffalo approaches the serving maid and apologizes profusely, and helps her up to get her home. "I'm sorry" he says to the feline, adding "But I've had enough action for the day. Maybe I'll meet with you before I go back to cliffside." With that, they all leave the soulless in the inn.