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Early in the morning in Sveta's room, the faint calls of birdsong drifting into the room from the adjoining rose gardens. The sun's barely over the horizon, even for summer, and sunlight has only begun to seep in through the blinds.

The goshawk herself is lying in her bed amidst a nest of pillows, dressed in her nightgown and wings folded protectively about herself. The unweldy leg braces lie at the foot of the bed, but the cast is still on her shoulder and so are the splints on her legs. On the nightstand, a stack of books on simple alchemy, borrowed from the library; beside them, a calming concoction to help one sleep and settle bad humours, so the label on the bottle claims.

There's an empty being-shaped spot of mussed sheets next to her, but if there were indeed one there, they've left a little while ago.

A small smile adorns Flora's muzzle, and she gently guides Selena through the manor, towards Sveta's room. "Friend Sveta is here, yes... Friend Sveta is doing alright, but it will take a good amount of time before she's back on her feet, yes," the she-cat rumbles softly, before gently opening the door and making sure the goshawk isn't currently asleep.

Selena sighs quietly. "So I'd heard, Flora. You did mention it last time I was here." the wolfess replies quietly, bag fairly full in comparison to usual - and peeking around the doorframe with the cat before making her way in silently - presuming the door isn't pulled back in her face. "Sveta..?" She greets tentatively, tone kept quiet so that it wouldn't wake the bird if she was asleep but loud enough to be audible nevertheless.

Silence for a minute or two. Then a groggy, "Come in."

The goshawk looks uncharacteristically dishivelled, her feathers all out of order - perhaps it's that she's just woken up, or that she's been tossing and turning in her sleep despite the pain that would cause...but an eye flicks open and follows Selena and Flora as the two of them enter the room. "Oh., thank you for coming. Please, there are seats by the wall. Make yourself comfortable."

A small smile, and a light flick as Flora moves towards her chair, silently looking towards Sveta with a brow that is momentarily raised. She's got some things to bring up, but for now, it can wait until Selena and Sveta are done talking.

Selena smiles slightly over to Sveta, a somewhat empathic look on her face as she sets herself down by the bed. "You look terrible... Flora did tell me you'd been badly injured, but this is a lot more than I'd expected, Sveta." She notes, rubbing the back of her head slightly and setting her bag down before pulling it open. "It looks like you've got enough light reading for the time being, but I did bring some news reports if you'd like, and I took a look around the library and found a few books on alchemy as well - but I'd have to take a look through the ones you have already before I know if they're at all new."

"I understood what I was getting myself into when I chose to follow Flora, so I have no regrets about what happened. But...the sympathy is appreciated." Leaning on her good side, Sveta attempts to sit up in the bed, with some level of success. "It doesn't hurt that much any more. Not as much as it did the first few days, anyway; it's faded to mostly a dull ache and itching all about, especially in the cast. The main problem is that I'm feeling ill and tired all the time; I asked one of the employees to hustle down the the marketplace for something to settle my insides, and this is what they come up with. I took it anyway.

"It's just been a bit of a struggle to keep my mind distracted when I'm not otherwise preoccupied. The leg braces help, but even then, I can't have someone waiting on me hand and foot all day. Reading material...would be appreciated. Feel free to look through the titles there, yes."

A small nod, a small sigh. "It is still... Inconvenient, yes," the she-cat notes after a while, before sighing lightly and looking over the casts momentarily, tails swaying lazily behind her, ears flicking a tad.

"If there is anything else Flora can get, do let Flora know, yes... Flora will look for some potions later, yes... Or make a few... Flora should have some herbs somewhere," she mumbles, silently... "How has friend Selena been, in the mean time?"

Selena nods back to Sveta, taking a small pile of the books and offering the bird the news in exchange before replying, "It's not a matter of knowing what you were getting into, Sveta. That it happened..." She sighs quietly and shakes her head. "It's a bit worrying. At least you're not hurting so much anymore, or I'd offer a dulling potion for it. I just hope you haven't got an infection; from how beaten up you've got, it's a very real possibility."

Flora's comment prompts a slight shrug - "Inconvenient isn't how I'd put it, personally. I've been reasonable enough. It surprised me a little when I heard the Lightbringers were officially disbanded in favor of that new unit. What were they called... The 'Divine Sentinel Unit'."

Sveta nods as she accepts Selena's gifts. "I know. The dressings are changed as often as possible - Trace makes sure of that - and there's no sign of any infection having taken hold, especially with my sacred family being what it is. Still, with me feeling this out of sorts, I can't help but worry a bit. One moment I'm feeling fine, the next I'm just tired, moody and resisting the urge to scratch at my bandages. The aqua vitae stings like...something that stings terribly, but I've gone through worse."

The goshawk clicks her beak as she hears the news. "I'm not surprised they were eventually disbanded. The Lightbringers were formed to fight the shadow, and with that threat safely out of sight, if not completely quashed, it's time the resources were diverted to new efforts. I can't say I know about this new group that's forming, though."

Flora sighs lightly, and nods again, before offering a faint smile. "Things will be alright eventually, though... Flora has... Made a few contacts, a potential new contract, and a few discoveries, yes. And friend Sveta will be alright, it will just take a while, yes yes," the she-cat rumbles softly, offering an encouraging smile to the other two, murring softly.

Selena raises an eyebrow. "Oh? this wouldn't happen to be a kite? I remember meeting a being by the same name a long while back now in the Academy. He was having trouble controlling magic past a certain point." She notes amusedly, though her features quickly return to quiet concern as she continues. "that is fairly concerning, but at least it's not necrosis or paralysis, I suppose." She notes quietly.

"I'm more surprised that the group's existing resources weren't just redirected. I mean a full disbanding and unit creation. they're supposedly going to be on the lookout for creators breaking their or our laws, I think. I only heard a little about it through the ID's usual reports after I forwarded a formal complaint to them about one of their members." she sighs, shaking her head.

"So business as usual for you, I suppose. What about your employees?" the wolfess jokes, sighing quietly. "Magic's a lot slower in new breakthroughs these days. I suppose a good part of it is just in the amount of learning there's to be done already." she muses, settling back into her chair, setting Sveta's books back on the table and pulling a single one from her bag. "Well, you have almost all of the books I could find that'd interest you. I thought you might be interested in this, though. Maybe a bit fitting, too." she chuckles, showing the title - 'Refined Dulling Potions and Their Practical Applications'. "The book actually covers Ebon as well, though not in the same manner you'd find it on the street. I took the recipe I used to prepare for Arimia from here, not that she ever used them when she was injured."

Sveta turns her head a little, clearly avoiding Selena's gaze. "Sounds like him. We're working on his problems. He's improving with adequate encouragement." She hesistates a little more, then notes the title of Selena's proffered book before wincing and looking...ashamed? Embarrassed? "As for It'll come in useful. If all goes well, I should be walking about in a month or two. It could be worse, I suppose. I mean, I could petition the Church to try and use one of their so-called sacred doctors for what good it'd do, but that feels like the easy way out to me. That, and I don't really want to get involved in matters along those lines. Whatever that new unit is going to be doing...I'd rather not have any part of it or their devices.

"And Flora...look, don't worry about me, all right? It's not as if I can go anywhere further than the gardens or yard. It's good to hear that things are on track, though. I'll be fine...and if I'm not, I'll be, anyway."

"Flora... Flora is worried about Friend Sveta... However, the sooner we have more people on our side, more funds to use, the sooner we can make sure things like this don't happen again, yes."

"We have moved mister Trace to the mansion for the time being, considering he was another target of the act that brought this upon friend Sveta, yes," Flora explains, sighing lightly. "He was... Significantly less harmed. As for sacred doctors... If friend Sveta wants... Flora has one... It's not as powerful, though... Seems to be malfunctioning a little. Flora should look into why it's doing that, yes."

"However, that does not mean Flora can simply sit here and be worried, friend Selena... Flora has to make sure things don't get worse, yes... On that note... Flora also has something Flora would like to offer to friend Selena... Although Flora isn't sure if friend Selena wants it, no."

Selena raises an eyebrow at Sveta's sudden uncomfortableness about the subject matter. "Well, you ARE bedridden and I have a strange feeling it wasn't a very pleasant experience." She comments, rubbing the back of her head. "Next time you see Trace, though, could you pass him my regards?"

"You wouldn't even have to petition, if I'm not mistaken. I've heard some rumors about a couple of unusual requests going through without a hitch. Shame Sinclair was deported, though, Flora. I'm sure she'd be willing to help... Parson never did reply to my message asking what she'd even done." The wolfess sighs, shaking her head disappointedly.

"I think I offered a while ago, but I can get the ID on board. There haven't been many jobs for us recently, so we can spare some beings. To be honest, Sveta, I'm fairly worried about you as well."

"Making sure things don't get worse is certainly a good idea, Flora, but it might be best to let things simmer for a while. Actually attacking this part of Firmament is borderline impossible, and it'd be too obvious if someone was sent after you or anyone under your care." A slight shrug. "But, you really aren't going to be in any better of a position later either. What worries me the most is the chance of someone going turncoat on you, and on top of that there aren't that many beings that would side with someone knowing that association alone could get them killed. People value their lives a lot."

"... Well, I might as well hear you out, since I doubt you'd try to offer me a job here again. I think I was clear enough last time." She notes with a wry smile.

"I will." Sveta rubs her face and sighs, then slumps back onto the bed. "I'm not dead, and I don't intend to die anytime soon. That puts paid to that. Excuse me. I just feel a little light-headed...Flora, you were about to say something?"

Flora smiles again, nodding faintly. "Flora remembers... And Flora did accept, if Flora recalls properly, yes," the tigress nods momentarily, before sighing. "Flora has... Made some progress in that regard. As for going turncoat... Flora will keep everyone at a distance while building up the network. Information is everything. All reports will be doublechecked, but... Having extra sources of information saves US having to watch everywhere," she rumbles in explaination.

"So far, Flora may have a first contact in the countryside... Sir Guy Longtail has offered us his allegiance in exchange for certain political favors we will have to look into. Nothing set in stone, but there are possibilities," Flora explains.

"The Spyguard are compiling a list of potential allies, enemies, and neutral Longtails, so there will be progress, however slim. Every pair of eyes helps."

"As for Flora's offer... Flora was thinking... Flora would like to offer friend Selena a position of knighthood within house Longtail, yes."

Selena tsks quietly. "What I mean is that if you do have someone sabotaging your network, then it could take a long time for it to be corrected. Particularly if it's during formative years." She replies, shaking her head. "the Spyguard would probably be a better bet than establishing a network of your own, they're already well entrenched enough." She notes, furrowing her eyebrows a little. "Depending on what those favors are, I'd be very careful of who you take in, too."

When Flora brings up the subject of Knighthood, the wolfess chuckles to herself, pinching the bridge of her muzzle for a few moments and taking a deep breath before replying. "No. That's the short answer. With respect, I don't want or need to be a noble of any sort and to be frank, I'd sooner accept an offer like that from Lady Ironsoul. I can tell you that my answer to her would be the same." Leaning back in her chair, she looks at the ceiling for a few moments. "Consider it a matter of personal principal. I have an old friend that could tell you all about that bit of philosophy. He seceded from House Wirefur after hearing of Edric's warmongering."

Although Sveta's eyes are closed at the moment, she nevertheless chuckles at Selena's words. "Knew you'd say that. Otherwise, I'd have to ask who you were and what did you do with Selena. You wouldn't be you, otherwise." A moment to consider things, a sigh. "There's a lot going on out there, isn't there? I do trust Flora to keep her head on her shoulders, but at the same one's ever lived in times like we are right now. Perhaps we could wish that it weren't the case, but that won't change things. Perhaps look at it this way, I have a perfect excuse to have a month of two's respite and weather out the storm that's brewing beyond these walls."

"Flora understands... It was merely an offer, yes," the she-cat explains, before moving on to the next matter. "Sir Guy would like to see the camp up north legalized. A clean slate, so to speak. Flora will not grant immunity from the law, and possibly, even fines or something else would have to be arranged, but... In principle, it's doable, yes."

"As for others... Flora is, of course, careful. Information will come from the spyguard, and Flora will try and communicate with them as well... However, there are many things they are simply not permitted to discuss... Flora will need a secondary network for those things," she explains, before shaking her head lightly.

"As for the spyguard... Flora may have managed to get them interested into a long-term contract with LongTech Industries, yes. The terms, of course, are still to be discussed."

"Finally, Flora has... Something else. Flora appears to have a sister."

Selena smiles slightly at Sveta's reaction, clicking her tongue and pulling her hair back behind her as she listens to Flora's next order of 'business'. "I don't see some of that going over well at all. A clean slate, maybe, but... I can't imagine legalizing that camp could possibly go over will with some of the officials, or maybe some of the beings in the camp either." she notes, rubbing her temples. "To be perfectly honest, I think you may be biting off more than you can chew."

"A sister?" The wolfess asks with a somewhat incredulous tone. "That almost sounds like something out of a novel or play. what should I know about them then? I assume there's a reason you mention that now, and in that tone."

Sveta doesn't appear to have much of a reaction to the announcement - although if one looked closely, one would notice she's holding her breath, and her expression's gone totally straight. There's not much she can add at the moment, save listen.

"Flora will face each of those issues as they come... As for Flora's sister... Flora doesn't know. Flora may have been pushed out of the cart, in Shralesta. She may be in charge of the Longtails that we've already faced. Or she might be dead, or she might not be involved at all... Flora doesn't know, but... Flora still thought it was important enough to note..."

"However, Flora will have to get back to business... There are reports to review, research to be done, and so on, yes. Flora will inform the guard to escort friend Selena out once she's done here, yes" she rumbles, before closing the door behind her.

Selena nods back to the cat and sighs, setting a few white-colored dulling potions by Sveta's bedside before standing, along with a note stating not to drink more than one unless she wishes to be knocked out for a while. "Well, I'll tell you if I hear anything. If you'd like I can take a look at the academy's older history books and see if anything turns up. they have some unusual volumes there. Sveta... I'll see you sooner or later." She notes, moving over to the door. "I have a few things I should take care of at home as well. And I think I have to pay someone a visit."