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Claud leans against his spear, catching his breath as he waits for people to, hopefully heed his call. Time was certainly of the essence in such a thing, and while his request was vague... He hoped that wouldn't kill his chances. Who knew who much time he had left? He seems heedless of the rain, doing his best to catch his breath before he's forced to make the run back.

Fenris comes swaying up on the back of a waddling stone Mole! "Claud?" the tiny liger asks, "Where is your brother?" He hops down from his golem mount. "You said it was urgent?" he prompts.

Ranawhin lingers at the edge of the gathering area, looking over Claud and Fenris both. One hand rests on the hilt of her sword, and the other absently smooths at the heavy weight of her jacket. "I heard there was work...?" She asks softly, canting her head and flicking her ears. "Though not many details about it. Would you care to exposit, or...?"

Thelergramor walks through the rain; preferring the storm to a clear night. The wolf, if he indeed currently a wolf, as his tail pokes out under his coat seems to be scaled, currently/ The rest of his body is covered, chainmail, scarf, plague mask and hat. Scarf wrapped completely around his face under the mask. Doesn't look heavily armed; only obvious weapons are the dagger at his belt and the blades worn on his left wrist. Arriving with the group, he speaks to Claud. "What's the problem?"

The nurse shark stands nearby, not really caring about the rain. To her, it is just a natural, comfortable part of her life, and her clothing protects her well from it. She's unable to use her chalkboard because of the rain, though she can keep short messages on it for a short period of time and writes <Need help?> on it, showing it to the ocelot.

"I heard there was a cry for help for freeswords?" Sara asks as she walks into the guild and looks around, her crimson gaze soon falling over Claud and the crowd he had gathered. Her own voice meshing with the others in asking, "Excuse me, are you the one that requested assistance? What is it that you need?" she asks the mole as she nears the man in question.

Rokarion follows the group, while wearing their usual heavy cloak to protect from the rain, but keeping the hood at the back, after all what kind of plant does not like some rain? Rokarion looks at the ocelot, his jasmine scent wafting around the area, before asking in his usual clan and polite tone, "May I ask what exactly is the service you require good sir?"

Claud takes a deep breath before looking over the group that has shown up. He recognizes... None of them. But it didn't matter. "That's the problem," he says to Fenris before straightening up and looking over the others. "I'll explain more as we go. The short of it? My brother is in danger, and I couldn't help him alone," he pauses for another moment to catch his breath. "Near the pass. If any of you can help, please. You will be rewarded as best as we are able to manage!" He doesn't wait any longer and turns off at a brisk jog, slowing only to see if people were going to follow.

Fenris nods and hops lightly back atop his golem, setting off after Claud at a lumbering trot. "I'm right behind you," he calls.

The nurse shark follows, having some difficulty keeping with his pace, but otherwise wanting to help. At the very least she would be able to help with serious flooding if that occured.

Thelergramor follows after the ocelot; not needing any other information. "Right. Let's go then." Probably unwise; acting without thinking doesn't tend to go well for the basilisk. He nods to Fenris; glad to actually see he isn't dead, as opposed to hearing it before checking that his concealed crossbow was loaded; it is.

After reaching behind her cloak, and pulling a pulling a dragon-headed pistol from inside and checking it over Sara states, "Well, I'll be there to assist as best as I am able." before dropping her arm back to her side, and finishing with "Just point the way."

Ranawhin nods, as well, and starts moving to match the ocelot's pace. She doesn't seem bothered by the rain too much - it slicks off of her fur, and runs down the treated leather of her coat. "Any details you can share, along the way...?"

Rokarion just follows the group, looks like he will be going on minimum information. It seems that the heavy cloak covering his whole body is designed not to impede movement if his fast foot steps are any indication.

As promised, Claud does his best to explain once they're on the move and running through the forest outside of the city. The canopy catches a lot of the rain, but it still drips through the leaves and down to the group below. "We were continuing our pursuit of a criminal that has managed to elude us for a considerable time," he explains, trying to go into more detail for those that were not up to date on the previous dealings. "We were chasing a lead when we got waylaid by her second in command. Big lion guy. Geoff sent me to fetch aid while he held him back, but I do not know how long he'll manage it." The travel is progressing quickly, with little to stand in their way just yet. It is still quite a walk to get to their destination, though.

The nurse shark follows. Cirra can't exactly respond, though she makes mental notes on the things she knows: dangerous criminal, elusive, and has some form of group. She prepares a few mathemagics mentally, not sure what to expect.

Thelergramor manages to keep up with the ocelot; not difficult, considering he was letting them follow him. "So, what? Kill the lion? Easy." Trying to sound less concerned about his mortality than he actually is.

"So how many people are we going up against? Is it just the lion?" Sara asks along the way, occasionally stopping the line to pant as she tries to keep up with the group. "Though I'm also curious, are you going to try to get this guy back alive?" sparing Thelergramor a quick glance as she asks, though meaning it for Claud.

"Alive is always harder than dead." Ranawhin comments absently, the fox keeping up well enough. Even if her footfalls aren't the lightest in the group, she's obviously used to exertion. "S'why they tend to pay more - both more useful, and that fact is recognized."

Rokarion remains the silent throught the whole trip, just kepeing mental notes on everything that i being discussed, having nothing to add himself. The young Jasmine just follows the ocelot with a light step, wondering why did they not bring a faster source of transportation with them. Surely they could have gotten of it, before reaching any area of danger.

Fenris sits easily in the saddle on his big mole golem. "Longtail, right?" he asks Claud, not at all winded, since his golem is doing all the work, "The lion is Reinhart Longtail. He's gotten pretty famous as a mercenary. Pretty mean with that hammer of his." The tiny liger is ready for action!

As the group draws nearer and nearer to the pass, the trees start to thin out and the rain seems to lighten up a little. Still less then pleasant conditions for a fight, though. "Alive... Would be best," Claud says, "Though protecting yourselves and my brother is the priority. If you must kill him to do that, so be it." There's a distant rumble of thunder as the storm moves off towards the horizon, and a closer rumble of something that's definitely -not- thunder, followed by a loud crack.

The group manages to clear the tree line and into a little clearing, and the source is almost instantly visible. The battlefield is mired in mud, too much of it to be natural from the rain, and in the middle of it are two heavily armoured figures. The lion in his regal plate doesn't seem to be faring too poorly, but the other is clearly on his last legs. Fenris might recognize the plate, but the ocelot wasn't in it. Instead, there was a phoenix, and from the scorch marks on the dampened grass around the area, it seems he's already had to rely on his sacred family boon. In the back, seemingly minding their own business, was a group of four robed figures. "Aha! Seems like the cavalry has arrived!" Bellows the lion as he slams his large hammer into the phoenix's shield, sending him down into the mud again. "And not a small bunch, either!"

"Reinhart!" Fenris calls amiably, "I thought you would be taller!" The tiny feline urges his golem forward, using a push of earth magic to solidify the ground as he goes. Even if he is only a distraction for the Lion, it might help Geoff out of the trouble he is in. Those robed figures look like they could be trouble too.

Cirra herself is confused what is going on in the fight, but assumes since lion was mentioned as the fighter, then that is who she should target. Her own directions with the soil is not to make it more solid, but less so, using the ambient water in the air to make her own path a little more fluid. She prepares her staff in anticipation of trading blows.

As Thelergramor steps into the clearing, the basilisk sets his sight upon the Lion and the robed figures; attempting to slow them with his petrifying gaze. No words, as he pulls his parrying dagger into his right hand and glares at the hostiles.

As the sounds of fighting come closer, Sara begins to turn away from the main group and venture further into the heavy forest, making her way around area, and into what could only be called a pincer movement. Once close enough, and the lion firmly in her gaze, the lizard woman drops to her knee and returns the pistol to the weapon belt underneath her cloak and replaces it with the musket, and waits underneath some of the undergrowth in silence.

Ranawhin draws her blades, as the two combatents - and extras - come into view. A clean-cut, long dagger inscribed with violet-gleaming math, details ruined by the rain, and a longer, serrated one limmed in venomous green sigils. She pads carefully through the mud, amber gaze piercing the gloom to study their obvious foe and his hangers on. "This could get interesting." She notes absently, her gaze flicking over the opponents, probing for weaknesses. She doesn't leap in, quite yet, but gathering energy for an assault. She flips the knife into a reverse grip, and makes sure her buckler is at the ready on that arm.

Upon reaching the clearin, Rokarion immediately stops. He takes a good look at the battlefield, before taking out a musket from under his cloak, it looks to be a bit shoddy signifying that he had no weapons or that was not his main form of combat. Rokarion checks the musket ensuring it is ready to fire, before looking at an area near him, there with a flick of his arm and some equations done in his mind the droplets of rain falling on that area start concentrating mid air. The mudied water in three or four of the nearby puddles also seems to move towards the center of the reaction. Soon enough a sphereical globe of mudied water is formed. The water elemental simply stays there waiting for its master's command, while Rokarion surveys the battlefield and waits for the moment to start acting.

Reinhart sets a heavy paw down atop Geoff's chest, and props the hammer up on his shoulder, ready to drop it on the pheonix's head, should he be provoked. He feels himself become a little more sluggish, but simply narrows his eyes and parts his muzzle in a wide grin. "Well, well! I'd say I'm much taller than you, little friend!" He call in retort to Fenris. "I do love a fight, but there's so many of you... That'd hardly be fair, now would it?" He looks down at the beaten cat-bird and scoffs. "So... You've come to save the fellow. I'm impressed you made it here fast enough! He put up quite a fight, though I think it has run out." A groan from Geoff causes Claud to bristle, taking up a position near the Freesword group with his spear at the ready. "I'll tell you what," the lion says. "I'll spare the drowned bird and fight you lot under one condition. No magic. If I catch any of you using magic," he pauses to gesture back to the four in the back. "My lovely mage friends here will jump in on you, as well. Or you could refuse now, and the same will happen. And I'll snuff out this one's life. So... What say you?"

Fenris stands atop his golem, still trundling forward through the mud. "Sure thing, Reinhart!" the little liger says with a smile, "I will fight you alone if you like. Just let the birdie go." The feline discreetly swaps out his soul gems for something a little more suited for hand to hand combat. "Assuming of course, that you will abide by the same rules?" he continues with a smile, "No magic?" The challenge is obviously ridiculous! Such a tiny combatant couldn't possibly stand a chance! Right?

Cirra doesn't trust her opponent to not use magic, but thankfully, She has enough mundane skill that she can at least support her allies against this beast. She begisn to Study the battlefield, hoping she can get some manner of usefull knowledge she can pass on to the others.

Thelergramor removes his hat, tosses it to the side; revealing his basilisk crest, then takes off his mask, lets it hang on his chest. "No magic? Sure. How about, no weapons too? Make it interesting..." The lizard laughs, sheathing his dagger and removing the wristblades from his arm, just drops the whole bracer to the ground. "Or, I could just butcher you, and your mage friends. They don't look tough. Neither do you. You scrawny shit." A lie, that's a big fucking lion, before stepping up next to Fenris. "This little guy could kill you with a tickle." Big talker.

Still silent and hopefully ultimately unseen, Sara draws a bead on one of the giant lion's legs, notably the joint, holds her breath, and answers the Lion's request by pulling the trigger, firing off the shot in an attempt at dissabling the man.

Ranawhin takes a deep breath, readying herself for a challenging fight - and then that gunshot rings out, a surprise to her, at least, if no one else. And she darts in, pushing herself, to try and use the still damp mud to slide into place with her shield. It'll probably hurt her arm - and something fierce - to catch a blow like that on her buckler, even braced with both arms, but...

Rokarion thinks for a moment, looks like he will have to.....His thoughts are interuppted by a gunshot. Well looks like here goes the challange. He is not sure what will happen next but decides to act defensively, and help protect Ranawhin, with the equations done he attempts to surrond her with a layer of stone, before shouting towards the lion, "Look this is a an accident one of our group probably couldn't hear you from their position. Let us go back to your proposal no magic whatsoever, just let the two in front of you move safely for now."

The water elemental near Rokarion simply just waits there not being given any command.

"No magic? Of course -I'll- be using magic... Ot

"No magic? Of course -I'll- be using magic... It's a seven-on-one battle! Of course," he says, looking at the small cat challenging him. "If you want to go one-on-one, I will restrain myself from magic. Otherwise, it'll be me and my magic against all of you. By not using magic, you only save yourselves from having to deal with the other four magicians behind me." His eyes settle on Thel for a moment before giving a hearty laugh. "Coming from you? You have quite the loud mouth, don't you? I'll be sure to make you my first target when- " He's cut short when the shot rings out, and for a moment things get -real- tense. The hammer is raised, the mages prepare... But they stay themselves when Rana slides in to take the hit herself. The bullet catches her in the side, and while Roka's quick thinking with the earth magic will save her from anything serious, that's still going to hurt and leave a bruise, most likely. "I am... Going to pretend like that didn't just happen." The lion takes a step back and kicks Geoff over. "Get out." The injured bird pushes himself to shake feet and staggers back towards his brother. "So... Looks like most of you are rearing to go, but the little one here wants to try to fight me by himself. Well. Seems like your group is of different thoughts, then. Settle it."

Fenris frowns at the gunshot. What kind of unprofessional. . . ? There would be time to worry about that later. "Just you and me big guy," the liger says, smile returning. "Let the others watch. If either side calls foul, they are welcome to join in." He turns to look around at his compatriots, raising an eyebrow at Thelergramor's new look. "Can we all agree?" he calls out to the rest from his place on Holy Mole's back.

The Nurse shark blinks at Fenris. <Either fight is suicide. He has battlefield control, and can probably deal with the earth a lot better than any of us.> She signs frantically, hoping someone can understand her. For her own part she continues watching, looking for his mages, and mentally preparing the largest spell of her life.

Thelergramor laughs mockingly back at the lion. Seems he cares nothing about what just happened... "You probably couldn't tear a parchment. What's that hammer made of, silk?" The basilisk laughs again, taunting hopefully doing its job. He catches Cirras sign language, smiles broader. He stares straight at the lion, not ready to slow him with a gaze again yet, while he speaks to Fenris. "Sure. One on one, if he drops the hammer. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant his crutch. That happens to be his mother." Ever insular.

A faint 'Gack!' can be heard from the underbrush to the side of the group as Sara realises her blunder, and emerges from her hiding spot, though hanging her head low out of embarrasment. Once close to her compatriots, she continues, "My weapons are unloaded. I will watch silently if that is the general ruling.." before noticing Cirra do.. something with her hands, though while she gives it an odd glance she shakes her head, dispelling the thought and looks to Fenris and the lion.

Ranawhin takes a blow for someone else - not the one she intended, but it seems to have done the job all the same. Even if it does leave her side aching, despite the protective plates in her coat. She rises to her paws, one hand over the bruise for a moment, before following Geoff away from the lion. There's a nod to Rokarion, and a murmured "Thank you." - and then her eyes catch something interesting. Not the entirety, but enough to catch a meaning. "Oh, probably. I'd wager he's the one who made the ground like this." She responds to Cirra, moving to stand near the shark to catch further messages whole. "But I'm sure they know that he has the tactical superiority in the situation, right now."

Rokarion looks at the spectacle thankful that the situation didn't go out of hand, but not showing it on his serene face. "Well I guess we agree to the proposal." He then signals for both Rana and Geoff to come closer to him, as he takes out a small satchel from under his cloak, "Come here you two, you need some proper medical attention. WHich I can't provide, but this will do for now." He then opens the satchel and prepares the bandages and poultices he will be using soon.

Claud guides his brother over towards Rokarion, nodding. "Thank you. Please help him," he says as he eases the bird onto his back. Reinhart catches Cirra's signing and snorts, before signing something in return. <Quite right you are, dear.> "Well... If none are opposing your challenge, little one, I will accept." Radiating outward from the lion's feet, the mud starts to harden and firm to create a respectable 'arena' but not before a globule of mud launches itself up towards Thelergramor's face. Harmless, but two could play the mudslinging game. "Not now lad. The adults are talking." He turns and retreats towards the edge of the arena before turning back around to face Fenris. "I, Reinhart Longtail, will accept your challenge. No magic from either of us. Should either of us break this agreement, then our teams are permitted to enter the fray at will. Should any outside interference occur, our teams are permitted to enter the fray at will." The terms stated, he slams his hammer down onto the ground and bows. At least he was polite about it.

Fenris hops lightly down from his golem's back, retrieving a few things from a handy compartment before sending the construct to wait at the edge of the hardened ring. The little liger takes his place opposite Reinhart, a long, flexible spear in hand with a red, horse hair tassel attached. "I am Fenris, of no house and no name," he says, setting his spear and bowing formally to the lion, "I accept your terms. Please, teach me."

Cirra blinks, shaking her head in disbelief. She'l have to keep her signing tight, moving next to Ranawhin to try to communicate with the fox. She turns her back to the fight, hoping to use her coat to prevent the Lion from seeing. <Working on a new spell. Ready to complete at any moment. If things go bad, going to set it off. YOur thoughts?>

Thelergramor is struck with mud. Wiping it away, he just keeps smiling, albeit it is now slightly... unnerving to behold. Possibly. "...Your mother was talking. Fenris! Snap his neck for me." All he says, before he walks slowly towards the mages, hands in his pockets, with an eye kept on the lion. "And who are the rest of you fine beings?" The same mocking, billious tone in his voice; that still fake as all hell smile.

Being a woman of her words.. atleast now, that is, Sara returns the musket to the shoulder it had been hanging from and sits herself down in a cross-legged possition, and waits.

Rokarion removes his cloak, revealing his dark gray tunic and trousers and the assortment of pouches and satchels he wears. He places the cloak on the groun, before setting Geof on top of it. Rokarion then proceeds with removing the pheonix's upper armour, before he opens the satchel and removes some of the herbs and poultices to rub and clean Geoff's wounds. He also casts some airmagic on top of him to prevent the rain from hitting down on the wounded cat. He then says in an almost whisperlike voice to those around him, "Well this might take a while, but at least if things go to worse. Geoff will not be as much of a hindrance. I still do not trust the longtails. Remember he made no promise of surrendering only to fight without magic."

Ranawhin shakes her head, some, and waves off the attentions. "Focus on him, for now - it's just bruising, on my part. I'll be fine with a bit of reast." She takes a deep breath, and settles in to watch the impending fight, hand hand lightly over the bruise to keep a feel of things.

As Thelergramor approaches the wizards, each of them regards him with a turn of their heads. "I am Steve." "I am Reeve." "We are most peeved." "And perhaps you should leave." Come the replies from each magus in turn. With Rokarion's help, Geoff is certainly on the way to recovery. No fatal wounds were obtained, it seems, though some nasty cuts and gashes from the crushing and breaking of plates, but he'll be well with time!

Reinhart wasn't about to underestimate Fenris, despite his stature. He knew size wasn't everything, so rather than make a downward swing, he darts forward, turns his shoulder, and brings the hammer in an upward arc, like one might swing to hit a ball on the ground.

Fenris launches himself toward his opponent, hoping that the lion is as honorable a combatant as he pretends to be. First order of business, don't get hit! Someone as small as the liger was now probably could not hope to take a hit from that hammer and expect to remain standing.

The little feline skips nimbly to one side, handily avoiding Reinhart's swing and zipping back in, hoping for a chance at the more exposed underarm that would not be covered with thick plate armor! Fenris just hopes the others are wary. Even if Reinhart proved an honorable opponent, there was no telling what his wizardly compatriots might do.

With this many people, it's a bit difficult for Cirra to keep track of everything. She notices the fox holding a wound of some sort, so she tries to see if she can't apply some first aid.

Shrugging, the basilisk grins at the mages. "Perhaps I should." Thel laughs, ignores their request, slightly amused that they spoke the way they did. Stands right next to the furthest one to the left. "So... I've got 500 crowns on my person that says your lioness falls. Any takers? Or are all of you too poor?" He keeps an eye on the lion; knowing that Fenris has it handeled for now while grinning at the four rhymers.

As she waits, Sara's tail begins to lash back and forth in an agitated manner. Eventually she rises to her feet again and looks to the Fox that she had accidentally injured and asks, "Erm.. are you well? I.. I'm sorry for.. for earlier. Th.. that bruise you mentioned earlier. Is it.. is it bad?"

Ranawhin blinks a little, as she feels Cirra step up beside her, like that, with more medical supplies. But she moves her hands, holding her heavy coat out of the way so that the shark can lift up her shirt to get at the injury. "Thank you." She replies simply and honestly, before looking to Sara at her words. "It isn't really bad, and I do recover quickly from injury. A bit of help from the lady, here, and I should be set in short order." Her amber gaze is flicking about quite quickly, trying to keep track of everything going on. It's a little difficult.

Rokarion finishes up applying the last of poultices and tightening the rest of the bandages, before standing up and grabbing his musket, which he kept on the cloak too to prevent it getting wet. Rokarion then moved towards the ocelot and whispered something in his ear, before he moved a bit away from the recovering Geoff with his water elemental in tail. He then stood at a position that allowed him vantage on both the mages and the lion without being near enough to the wounded of his group. Deep in his mind he begins preparing his mathemagics in case any of the mages decide to break the rules.

Claud nods at Rokarion and slips his arms under his brother. "His armour is shot, but I'll move him out of the area. He's a phoenix, he'll be fine." As carefully as he can, he starts to move the other being away from the group. The four mages fold their hands behind their back and outright ignore Thelergramor and his words, not about to respond to someone resorting to such insults. It would be unseemly.

Reinhart snarls out as Fenris' spear finds purchase, sinking into the underside of his arm. "Argh! You got me there, you lil'..." He trails off and whirls the hammer around, trying to strike Fenris horizontally.

Not so different from fighting a bone dragon or a hill wurm used to be! Fenris had often fought opponents bigger than himself, it was just a question of applying the same principles to a new shape. And added intelligence. And a LOT of battle experience. Okay, it was VERY different, but it was a nice, comforting lie he could tell himself as his mind raced for the next battle strategy!

The tiny feline does not reply to his opponent's growl except with an exuberant laugh. He rolls low between the lion's legs to avoid the vicious sideswipe and begins to strike with a wild flurry of blows to the exposed bits of Reinhart's legs and lower body, ready to dodge away at a moment's notice!

Cirra gently works the healing salve into the bruise, careful not to press too hard. She leans in and nods, satisfied with her work. <It might still be a bit, but it will heal. Don't seem to be any broken bones.> She then turns to watch the battle, shivering a bit, though not from the cold.

Thelergramor shrugs at the mages. Seems they are a bit deaf. Fenris striking the lion makes hims smile broader. He briefly considers putting a small crossbow bolt through the neares mages throat; decides to save that tactic for later. Then, he realizes it would be smarter to breath a toxic cloud over them! But doesn't. Again, saving his tactics for later. "Heh. Kill him Fenris!" Thel turns to the mage next to him: "So what happens to you after that my friend kills your buddy?"

Noticing Cirra already helping Ranawhin's injuries Sara steps away from the two and nods, "I.. I see. In anycase, I do apologize." before turning away from the two and making her way back to the edge of the arena and sitting once again. Her tail begins thrashing about in agitation once more as she watches on.

Ranawhin nods gently to Cirra, and squeezes her shoulder. "I hadn't thought so, but thank you for confirming it." She says simply, turning away from the shark to... watch Fenris at work, since Sara has retreated. The agility isn't so surpising, but she imagines Reinhart is feeling the heat from the liger going to town on him, like that. "Must be embarassing." She murmurs softly.

Rokarion simply stood there ensuring his musket was ready, and his mathemagics in mind, not having anything else to do and seeing how Reinhart was a bit busy he decided to help Thelergramor a bit, hoping that none of the mages can understand him he signals, <If you are going to insult a mage how about saying that they are nothing but conjurers of cheap tricks in front of the superior mages of Cliffside? Surely, they must be Sweetwater trained and that might raise their ire.> Well insult or not, this was a fact in Rokarion's mind after all Cliffside was the center of learning in Promise.

Fenris' blow doesn't find purchase this time! He manages to twist himself and dance around in a way that the spear glances off the steel plates of his armour. "Fool me once," he grumbles before slamming his hammer downward... Not for Fenris, this time, but for his spear, as if trying to break it.

The mages are silent once more, for a moment, before the words start again. "We go home." "With hearts full of gloam." "But we will not roam." The fourth remains silent, remaining stoic.

Fenris dances back as Reinhart's hammer slams down onto his spear, fingers tingling from the shock. Not about to be taken out of the fight by something as small as losing his weapon, the tiny liger takes a flying leap at the lion's arm, ready to run straight at his helmed head. What is the little maniac doing!?

Thelergramor chuckles again. "Ah, you crazy mages. So, the fourth one. I assume your silence means, you don't know, or you don't want to risk threatening me. Smart. Could kill you before you blink..." A bit more agressive in tone. Growing a bit adjitated, but not yet ready to spill blood. He glances at Fenris, who seemed to have lost his weapon. "Hmm. If that's the best, er, what's his name, can do... Well, I might not be hungry later..." Implying cannibalism. A lie, of course, trying to unnerve the mages.

Ranawhin is, at this point, just making sure she's at the ready should interference be needed - but she's got herself leaned against a tree, amber eyes watching everything closely. She's honestly expecting someone to cheat, soon, though she isn't sure who.

Having nothing else to do, Rokarion simply kept vigil on the mages and the lion, he then singalled in front of the mages, <So I am assuming you gentlemen hail from Cliffside? You don't know like people of Stillwater.> Rokarion was not really out for idle conversation but mainly for distraction and to see if the mages actually understood sign language.

"The dim one talks like he has a clue!" "That he would put us in a stew?" "Oh, the day he would certainly rue," "Should he try to cross us two of two." The mages snort as one and keep their eyes on the fight. Rokarion's gesturing gets a look from one of the mages, but no reply.

There's a roar of pain and frustration from Reinhart as Fenris strikes him square in the helmet, setting his head ringing. "Nasty blow..." he mutters trying to regain his senses as he lashes out at Fenris with a plated punch. Behind the others, there's a gentle rustling in the brush and a hushed murmuring.

Fenris takes another leap, this time from Reinhart's own shoulder! He dives over the lion's helmed head, grabbing at it as he goes in an attempt to throw his opponent of balance, or simply unhelm him!

Thelergramor nods at the mages. "Damn right." Doesn't seem to have gotten it. Or, he did and is feigning ignorance. With a flick, his concealed crossbow comes out and is ready to fire. The serpentine being yawns, just kind of looks at his weapon. "Think you can stop me from shooting your friend?" His smile drops a bit, as he returns his gaze to the mages.

With the sound of vegetation being disturbed reaching her ears, Sara tilts her head slightly to the side, and turns her crimson gaze to the noises origin. With nothing to do, and fearing it to be some ambush, Sara pulls a pistol from underneath her cloak and waits, turning her attention fully to the murmurring, trying to figure out just what they had been saying.

Seeing as how Thelerramor was handling the mages he turns his attention to the sudden voices coming from the bushes. He looks at the origin of the noise, before preparing his musket and gives the occasional glances on the mages. His water elemental moving closer to the source and ready to attack if necessary.

The mages raise a hand in unison to give a dismissive gesture towards Thelergramor. "

The mages raise a hand in unison to give a dismissive gesture towards Thelergramor. "Your words do bore." "This is becoming quite a chore." "We need not even four." "To destroy your very core." They continue along in their sing-song rhyme, before holding their arms out at slightly varying angles so that each is visible before flashing a very rude gesture to the wolf.

Behind the bushes, there's a little squeak as the firearms start getting pointed and prepared, followed by more rustling and then... Silence.

Fenris manages to avoid the fist! And while his ability to remain stop the large lion is to be admired, he does not managed to stagger the lion one whit, his large hand coming up to try to grab Fenris by the throat, hoping to pull him off.

Well, that could have gone better! Fenris crashes hard into the packed earth, the breath rushing out of him in a whooshed exhalation. fortunately, his long hours of training kick in and he rolls away. Gasping, the liger rolls back to his feet, whipping what seems to be a long, ornate kukri from within his coat. On an average sized being it would barely be more than a dagger, but it is amply large for someone of Fenris's stature. Oddly enough, it seems that there is an image of a slotted spoon etched into the blade. He does his best to recover himself.

"H-hey.. you." Sara whispers to Rokarion as she makes her way closer to the person in question, making sure to show no hint of her noticing the people behind her along the way. As she gets close to Rokarion, the lizard drops down to a seated possition again and turns her gaze to the fight infront of her, "Got some people behind us.." she continues, "Sound like two, maybe more? Heard them talk, sounded curious, wondered what was happening and whether they should intervene. Not sure if they're hostile.. your thoughts?"

Thought for a moment, before whisering bacl, in his calm tone which seems unaffected by the situation at hand, "Well one of us could check, but that would be dangerous. I could probably write a note and sneak it there. If they are friendly they might take the time to answer back."

"I love you too." All the basilisk says, before looking to Fenris again. "Well then..." As Fenris is slammed, Thelergramor gnashes his teeth to not intervene. The basilisk takes a photo from a belt pouch, looks at it, smiles, taking his focus away from the fight for a moment; the photo the only thing preventing him from opening fire on someone.

The brush remains silent, though there's a little flick of a tail just above the top of a bush before it's promptly pulled down by a white-furred hand. The mages glance towards the photo for a moment before clicking their tongues, one after another. "If you have it in your heart to care," "Then why our moods do you impair" "We all have one world to share." "Why must civillity be so rare?"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Reinhart doesn't immediately follow up on Fenris while he's down. Instead, he allows the small liger to catch his breath and prepare. "You're a good fight. I'll give you that." The lion sets his hammer down, with the head on the ground and the haft sticking up into the air. "I expected nothing less, Fenris." Once he feels adequate time has passed, he darts forward at a surprisingly swift pace and lashes out with a foot, trying to simply punt Fenris out of the duelling ring.

Fenris tumbles across the ring, halting just short of the mud outside the ring. The little liger coughs and spits the dust from his mouth. Hopefully the lion would not score any truly solid blows! These glancing ones were nearly too much for the little feline to handle! Fenris decides that a solid charge is the best strategy for now. The liger speeds across the arena, his sword slashing in a glittering arc!

Thelergramor shrugs at the mages. "Don't know. Insularity. It's more civil then stabbing you, aye? You -are- standing here while some leonine brute swings a hammer at beings at the behest of some criminal. Not a good first impression." He answers, while he continues to gaze lovingly upon his photo. "So, I assume that means you aren't having fun? Pity. I am." He glances back at the lion; nodding as the small liger runs at him.

Sara nods to Rokarion as he offers his opinion and responds, "I guess that might help." though still she shrugs it off just in time to wince as she watches the lion boot Fenris.

Rokarion grabs his notebook and a pen, before looking back at the mages and Thelergramor. He then says, "You five stay where you are. I might as well waste some time by drawing." With that Rokarion begins doodling on his book, before tearing off a page and throwing it on the ground. He then repeats the same action again. Thankful for the distractions in front of him Rokarion attempts to use air magic to push a piece of paper, that "accidently" fell near the bushes, towards the bushes. The message on it read, "If you are here to help write or mark this paper then attempt to stay hidden, the moment we need you will be obvious."

"Every life taken," "Is a choice mistaken!" "A memory forsaken." "A soul to never awaken." A hum, then they begin again. "Yes, we stand." "Here on this land." "Enjoying life most grand!" "But we played no hand."

The paper sails over towards the bushes, causing another startled rustle. Whoever was back there didn't have much to write with, so they try to just push the paper away. They didn't want any of it!

Fenris' attack bites deep into the metal of Reinhart's armour, but doesn't quite find the flesh behind it. In response, the lion lets out a roar and tries to grab at Fenris again, this time with both hands! No slams attempted this time, though, just a hearty toss towards the scenery.

Fenris dives over the lion's grabbing hands, making a swift, hard slash at the weaker joint at the knee of Reinhart's armor. The little feline is starting to tire, if something does not change soon, he will be in trouble!

Thelergramor puts away his photo; sufficiently calm for the moment. "Yeah... I didn't get all that. But, sounds to me like you think killing is a bad thing. So, why allow him to try to kill my friend?" A slight chuckle. "Hypocricy. Money's involved, yeah?" A shrug. "I'll give you 5000 crowns to obliterate the lion." The basilisk looks over to Rokarion, shrugs at his mention of drawing them, tehn back to the mages; taking a pouch from his belt.

Rokarion looks at the spectacle at hand. Deciding that the group behind the bushes are of no consequence. He simply waves the bushes away before looking back at the nmages.

"Not just a royalty." "More than that. It is loyalty." The other two mages remain silent, simply nodding in agreement. "They fight." "But not to last light."

Reinhart falls to his knees with a well placed blow from Fenris! Seems like he might come out the victor! Though he does make one more last-ditch attempt to either win, or at least end it in a draw. The armour joint on his leg is broken, but he's still got one good leg! And with it, he pushes off, trying to body flop ontop of the smaller feline.

Fenris scrambles to avoid the tumbling titan, but with his scrapes and scuffs and his general weariness, he does not quite make it. Turning to face the attack, the little liger finds himself smashed to the ground under Reinhart's chest, looking up into the lion's face. "Call it a draw then?" he coughs, finding himself immobilized by his opponent's weight.

Thelergramor shrugs, yawns. "Right. Loyalty. Well, looks like it's over. Fenris, if you want to call it a win... I'll support that. With a crossbow bolt." The basilisk chuckles slightly, glances at the others around him. Them mages; they're amusing enough that he no longer wants to kill them, depending on what Fenris says, he might have to.

"So.. who won?" Sara asks, as she rises to her feet, "Both look to be downed.. that.. that mean we're able to take the big guy back with us? Or.. do we just go our seperate ways?"

Rokarion shrugs , "It seems that we will probably have to get into another battle to secure our prize, what say you Mister Claud?"

A tired, rumbling laugh echoes from the lion's helmet as he starts to push himself up, slowly, onto a knee. "Oof. I can settle for a draw, lad. That was the best fight I've had in years. I don't have much experience fighting small folk like yourself." He reaches up to remove his helmet and draws in a deep breath. "Almost had me a few times!" His ears twitch at Sara's words and he looks up with a chortle. "Well. I don't know how keen my buddies and I are on that thought. But I'll tell you what... I don't fancy getting locked up. And neither of us won, so I'd not feel proper turnin' myself over just like that! How about I drop the contract and I'll not impede you any further."

Claud, who had been tending his brother, tightens his grip on the spear and narrows his eyes. The ocelot was not so keen to forgive the one that had nearly killed his brother, but he sighs all the same. "Do what you will with him, and I will support it. I would prefer not to see him get away," he mutters with a growl.

Fenris laughs brightly. "I would be satisfied by that," the liger says, "And maybe some training from a fighter like yourself!" He rises gingerly and helps the lion up as best he can. "And maybe the option to buy your contract," he adds, "Not to fight, but we need your help to find your former employer." The tiny feline stows his weapons and brushes the dust and dirt from his coat. "I can't let her continue hurting people,' he says.

Thelergramor scratches at his reptilian face; almost forgot his fur was gone. He sets about retrieving his dropped blades and hat. The hat takes a few moments to find. He sets the now slightly dirty hat on his head. Over at Fenris and Reinhart: "What he said. Although I'd rather not have someone who fights like you out there taking contracts, it isn't my place to stop you anymore." He approaches Claud; whispers to him: "I can always kill him for you later."

With a brief grumble and the words, "Fair enough.. guess that'll have to do then." Sara offers the other Longtail a brief nod and turns to Claud, "Your brother.. is he going to be alright?"

Rokarion shrugs and puts his musket on his back, before moving towards Claud. "You can use the cloak to keep your brother warm and relatively dry. You can send it back to the Freesword's Inn when you are done with it." Rokarion then looked back at tge rest and said, "If you wish to keep a criminal on the loose that is your business. Should we go now?"

The group of mages rush over to help the Lion up, as Reinhart removes part of the armour that was damaged around the joint. "Nngh? What do you mean by that, boy?" He asks, looking at Thel. "People with my skills make for popular hire." He turns his eyes to Fenris then as she stands upright and moves off to grab his hammer. "To buy my contract, hn? I don't like to work against my former employers, but I will put thought into it, at least."

Claud accepts the cloak and wraps it around his brother, who has reverted back to his ocelot self and seems to be doing a little better, if drained and pale in the fleshy-bits. He'd probably be out of it for a bit, still. "Thank you. Geoff will be... Alright, yes. He his a phoenix. He'll be better in no time. Thank you for coming." He frowns for a moment, gaze lingering on Thel before standing, scooping his brother up. "We are going to return to the city. Follow us, if you wish for your payment. We will see to it that you are properly rewarded as best as we can." Claud turns and sets off. He was eager to be as far away from that lion as he could be, lest he did something drastic.

Fenris holds out a hand to Reinhart. "Look me up," he says, "Let's talk at least. I want to know what it is you see in Calina and her plans." After shaking hands with the lion, the little liger climbs wearily aboard his golem to trundle after Claud and Geoff. He never did hear why Geoff had challenged Reinhart in the first place. "Remember!" he calls back, "Just ask around for Fenris! I'm easy to find!"

Thelergramor shrugs, glances back at the mercenary lion. "Right. Be more selective in who you work for. Might end up killing good beings. I know, good is subjective and all that shit. Work for less criminals; you might not survive the next group who comes after you." Thel yawns again, follows the ocelot, noting the name 'Calina.' "Not sure you should be paying me. I didn't do anything. Still, I won't say no to being payed to watch one of my friends fight."

Rokarion have nothing more to say and he simply follows Claud silently. Helping him with his brother if needed, but other than that doing nothing.

Giving Claud a brief nod, Sara begins to follow in line before stopping, "You don't seem all that bad, you ever think on joining Flora? Could probably make a lot more than any criminal could pay, and become famous as well.." she gives a shrug then and continues on her way, saying, ".. it's something to think about atleast.."

Reinhart looks between the group offering their 'advice' and laughs softly. "I take work from whoever pays. I've lived this long!" Then to Sara, he narrows his eyes. "I've had cousins do such. I have my reservations. I like my independence, but we shall see," he says before setting off in the opposite direction with his 'team.' "And I am sure I will be seeing you. Fenris."