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A large crowd of beings of various shapes and sizes has gathered in the docks, mostly gathered around a single airship, and held back by beings enlisted in LongTech Industries' security-personell, making sure that the airship can't be boarded by anyone that doesn't pass muster.

Aboard the ship, a duo of beings currently standing on deck.

High Lady Longtail is currently flagging several beings carrying supplies around as to how and where they should move the last few supplies, while Matthews is keeping an eye on the security-corps.

Matthews humms gently as he taps his parasol on the deck, idly moving back and forth amongst the various members as he eyes the majority of the bags being loaded onboard. "Remember to record the weight of each bag, and if it seems unusually heavy have the owener with you for them to give permission to open it up... Don't want any stowaways attempting an easy ride."

Asher patters through the crowd, hardly slowed in his natural habitat of other beings' knees. His little satchel bulges a bit with all his travel preparations. Not that he is carrying a lot, mostly snacks really. "Here I am!" he calls out, trotting up to the security checkpoint, "I'm not late am I?"

Unlike Asher, Cassidy is carrying a fair many things! Several bags on her person, some of which are tied and hanging off her her body with straps due to not having enough hands. Doesn't help that one of those hands is occupied with carrying a parasol above her head to keep the rain off. She's not even wearing her creepy mask right now! What a treat. She approaches the airship and its security, giving a nod. "I am here now."

A few muffled shouts and frustrated 'hmmphs!' can be heard above the various conversations polluting the dockside as a certain skunkette tries to work her way through the throng. The tip of her cinnamon-hued tail wiggles in the air a little as she sidesteps around a large group of Beings, dissapearing a moment later with nothing but a shrill squeak and the sound of someone collapsing onto the floor!

Brutus strolls in to the checkpoint, walking-stick in one hand and umbrella in the other, seeming suspiciously unburdened for a long trip. He gives a smile and a nod to Matthews at the security checkpoint. "All is in order, I take it? Of course, I am accompanied by my friend and loyal servant," he says, with a nod behind him. The reason for his light load(well, as far as baggage goes) comes stumbling behind him, as Hartford, the grand skunk-striped Deer follows along, with muttered apologies to surrounding folk as he manages to bop them with Brutus's bulging bags, his arms full and luggage danging off wildly. He even appears to have his own, simple burlap bag stowed between the base of his antlers, and a couple small purses hanging by their drawstrings from his points. "Just a minute Mister Brutus, I promise! I wouldn't miss this for all the stout in Sweetwater!" he exclaims in childlike excitement.

Head mostly upturned to the falling rain, the tallish plant lady shoulders her way through the throng, the joy imparted by the rain shifting her dislike of phsical contact off to the side for now. Reaching the boarding gate she nods lightly at the security. "Saviante." she says softly, hoisting her large and well-worn satchel over her back, though she holds her positon to the side of the security station, mildly concerned with the smaller creature who didn't quite make it to the gate.

Lina streches and hurries as she carries her baggage, random assorted things of use stuffed into sacks. The feline shoves her way through the crowd with a loud "Hi! I'm Lina, nice to meet you, I'm going this way thank you." and a "Hello! I'm Lina, please excuse me I have to get over there.", making surprising headway as she and her bodyguard make it to the group. "Okay, I'm here, where do you want me?" she says to matthews and Flora if she can find her in a glance.

A large group of people, and Flora finally gestures Lina, Cassidy, and Brutus on board. "Flora had already counted on Brutus bringing an extra, yes," she mumbles, before looking the gathered crowd over curiously.

The crowd that, by now, has parted lightly around Samira, and a wolf-being is extending a paw to help her up... What Samira doesn't see, or rather, doesn't see quite yet, is that he takes a moment to swipe a money-pouch from her, that is, until he disappears into the crowd, moving just a little too fast to be entirely natural.

Meanwhile, Flora is moving to the side of the boat, besides the gangplank. "Beings of Firmament. We, LongTech Industries and company, will be heading for Shralesta soon. As you all know, LongTech Industries has offered a small group of you the unique opportunity to join us on this trip. Be warned, any costs you make when we are there will NOT be paid for, we simply offer you the means to visit the Jewel of the Desert, as it is often called. If you miss our trip home, you are on your own. We will NOT wait for anyone but our own personel, because we're on a tight schedule, although what you there is your own choice. You are free to join in what few public activities we have, but Flora encourages exploring the city, talking with the beings, and making the most of your time,"

"Without further ado, Flora will name those beings lucky enough to go. Allow our security-personel to inspect your bags and search you for weapons, and if it all checks out, feel free to step forward," the she-cat speeches, starting off her list.

Matthews nods gently as Flora speaks, the Tomcat's tail swaying gently before he looks back over the crowd. "Failure to comply with security proceedures will result in termination of your stay upon the ship when it is discovered, understand that no weapons will be kept by security personnel, only stored and locked away for the duration of the trip to ensure maximum safety of our passengers. That being said, in the request to ensure a speedy embarkment, please surrender any weapons to the security personnel before presenting your bags for inspection."

A final nod, and Matthews steps back slightly so as to give the group of security officers room to work, as he looks to Flora. "Should be rather simple, basic identification, we hold their weapons in a locked chest guarded in the storage hold, and return them when we land." The Tomcat giving her a slight smile before glancing to Samira and the Wolf with a sigh. "... I shall ensure the sides of the ships are properly safety-proofed to help prevent someone falling off as well."

Samira looks a little dishevelled by the time she accepts the wolf's hand and gets up, tilting her head a little at his speedy departure. Shame, she'd have liked to know his name. As she turns back around to face the boat she starts to thing something's amiss, patting each of her pockets before she checks her waist, only to find that her coinpurse is gone! Concerned for her chances of sampling the cuisine at this new place she starts scanning the ground, spinning on the spot for a moment. It takes her a good bit of time to realise what just happened, enough that the wolf has a decent head start. Not one to be detered by silly things like a lack of athletic prowess she immediately starts sprinting as fast as her little legs can carry her, all the while shouting 'Theif!' at the top of her voice and gesturing wildly at the fleeing canid!

Asher bounces up and down a little as his name is called. He already knew he was on the list, since Flora had warned him earlier, but it was still awfully exciting. The corgi patters up to the security detail and offers up his little satchel, hoping that they don't spill his box lunch. Or his afternoon snack. Or his other snacks. Then, as an afterthought, he starts to produce a plethora of knives from all over her person and handing them over one at a time to the incredulous security officer.

Cassidy steps aboard and gestures to one of her bags, willingly letting the security at least -know- where her weapons were. Most of them. "My bow is in that one, along with my arrows. One of the blades in the black bag, along with some of my clothes." Then there were the ones she kept out of sight, in case she had to go and defend anyone. Like the spiritdagger on her thight under her dress, or the wristmounted crossbow under her sleeve. "I am assuming you do not need to liberate me of them, given my circumstances for being here?"

Brutus smiles broadly as he takes a couple of the bags loaded in Hartford's arms--though the Deer is still quite overladen. "Hm...this would be your first trip to a foreign land, wouldn't it?" He ponders for a another second. "And mine on official business...well, official LongTech business; I had gone with the family on a few excursions..." he begins to trail off, talking to himself--until he hears Samira's cry for help! The overlarge Skunk almost seems to snarl, and throws the bags right back onto Hartfords arms, causing him to stagger into quite a few nearby Beings. The Deer apologises profusely as Brutus bowls his way through the crowd--though, given his shape, the only hope he has of catching up is that the crowd is easy for him to plow through, but enough of a hindrance to slow the thieving Wolf down...

Savi smiles softly as she sees the little skunk get back to her feet though the plant seems only concerned with her falling and loses intrest quickly once it is clear that the creature hasnt actually been harmed physically. Her smile however vanishes as she hears that weapons are to be taken. With a frown the surprisingly well armed plant begins to drop her plethora of weapons at the feet of the waiting security. A pair of woodchopping axes, a sword, two hammers, one large, one small, a small bundle of various scrolls and parchments, a blunderbuss, a rifle, and finally a small bladed knife. With a light shrug to the expression on the security guards face, Savi holds out her satchel with one hand, intoning in her whisper soft voice, "I'm fairly sure I got everything."

Lina smiles to Flora and nods, being directed to board she stops to look in her bag, two small swords a great sword sticking out and one on her back probably don't mater, probably. She can put them in a locker herself. She looks to see if there are any staff around who would be staying. "Make sure they take care of Gimpy!" she says before she starts to board the ship, oblivious to the world around her as she gets pumped for the excitement of travel and seeing new things.

The crowd, seeing an oversized skunk heading straight their way from one side, and a smaller, shouting skunk from the other side, quickly parts to make way for both of them, exposing the poor wolf for all to see. As it turns out, the guy is an apostate, and with him cornered, it doesn't take much for him to drop the pouch of money and try to run off again... Whether or not either of the two goes after him is their choice, of course.

Meanwhile, Flora is steadily working down the list, and around ten other beings finally make their way towards the security-station, before being allowed on board. "Now... The trip will take around two days, food and beverages are available on board, though we will incur a small cost for the more expensive dishes and drinks," the she-cat notes, looking in the direction of Brutus and Samira curiously, while the security-personel looks rather... Amazed of the amount weapons they manage to collect from the Gifted people.

In particular, the guard searching Cassidy seems a little... Displeased, shaking his head and gesturing at the bag for confiscated weapons. "I'm sorry, miss Solacious. You may feel free to take it up with Mister Matthews later, but for now, I've got standing orders to confiscate any weapons not in the possession of LongTech Industries' personel."

Matthews peers up and over the crowd at the duo of skunks chasing after the wolf, tsking gently before he turns back to Flora. "I can send two boys out to the end of the docks if you want, prevent any other pickpockets that think your employees are an easy mark." The Tomcat's tail twitching slightly before he looks to the weapons taken custody of already. "... Are folks aware we are not heading out to war exactly?"

Asher is completely oblivous to the drama happening in the crowd, aside from Brutus's sudden disappearance. After retrieving his satchel and snacks from the nice security people, the little canine finally notices Hartford, draped with all of Lord Blackback's luggage. "Need some help there, Hartford?" he asks, happy to see another friend among the travelers.

Cassidy folds her arms, seeming rather displeased as well. "Where is he? I shall take it up with him now. Or perhaps I could just go. I'm -sure- Flora will be able to convince Shralesta's church to agree with her ideas just fine without me, and I could always catch another ride..." She doesn't leave the side of her weapons, though, trying to follow them wherever they might go. She doesn't give up her posessions very eagerly.

"Oh, heh! It's alright," Hartford chuckles, still swaying and trying to catch his balance. "Lord Blackback trusts me to--take care of them, and--oop!" The topmost bag spills from his arms, nearly hitting Asher. "Uh-oh. Sorry! "The Deer starts to squat, tilting his head down to look for the bag--and down tumbles his own luggage from his antlers--"Ah, shoot!" As he reaches an arm out to grab that, more bags slide off his arm and land beside the poor little Corgi, and he turns to face Asher with a sheepish smile. "...well...okay. But only what ya can handle. I got the big stuff..."

Brutus, for his part, doesn't break stride once the Wolf drops the purse. Doubtless Samira will grab her money, but he's eager to give the little sneak thief a lesson he won't soon forget, letting out a far more bestial bellow than one would expect from a noble Skunk...

Samira gives out a little cheer as she spots the coinpurse drop to the ground, closing in quickly to scoop it up before anyone else can nab it. This time she puts it into one of her more protected pockets. With a wide smile on her face she stands up and starts glancing through the confused crowd to work out just where Brutus and that wolf have gotten to... It doesn't take long before she spots the rotund being. Well, hear might be the better word. Samira's ears flatten down as that mighty bellow rings out and she lets out an insignificant squeak, chasing after Brutus to make sure everything's okay!

Smiling inwardly, knowing how Cassidy feels, Savi steps around the fennec, gathers her own satchel and starts up toward the main section of the ship. Passing the Cat in charge of security she smiles outwardly as well. "We are always heading off to war... always." With this small whispered statement, she continues up in hopes of finding a comfortable place to sit, hopefully away from the edges of the ship. While not afraid of heights per-say, the plant has never been farther away from the soil than the thickness of her armored boots.

"Flora would have to disagree. We're on a diplomatic mission, yes," she mumbles, before smiling as the other ten beings pass security, leaving Asher, Cassidy, Hartford, Samira and Brutus the only people standing.

On Brutus' and Samira's front, it seems the noble skunk has managed to capture the canine assailant due to some assistance from the crowd, as two large bears hold him by the sleeves of his shirt, head hanging low in what appears to be shame and .

Meanwhile, the guard near Cassidy is looking rather... Pale. On one hand, it was important to High Lady Longtail that Cassidy goes on this trip... On another, he did have his standing orders from his direct superior. "I... I assure you, miss. The moment we disembark, you will have your entire collection of weaponry returned, but for the time being, I... I have to follow my standing orders. I can't make exceptions for one person, because then, I'd allow others to do it too," the jumpy bull mumbles, before gesturing at the Black-furred cat on deck. "Mister Matthews is over there, but again, if you board the ship, no weapons, unless you have express permission."

Matthews raises an eyebrow at the commotion as he makes his way down to where Cassidy and the security operative were. "I see there's a bit of an altercation in the works? As regretable as it is, you should have no need of weapons on the ship to begin with, and with a full security detachment of armed guards, I -doubt- anyone will be flying onto our decks to start trouble. That being said, the policy is one hundred percent for those whom are not our employees, and I ask kindly that you cooperate with this policy." The Tomcat's tail flicking gently behind him as his features remain as stoic and apathetic as always.

Asher laughs as he slings his satchel over his shoulder and starts to pick up a few of the smaller items that have slipped from Hartford's grasp, including the big deer's own rucksack, which he slings over a shoulder. "Do you have the rest of that under control?" he asks, ready to carry more if necessary. "We had better get aboard!" he says, "before they leave without us!" He smiles as Matthews descends the gangway, "Hello Mister Matthews!" he says affably.

Hartford smiles down at the little Corgi. "Aw, thanks! I think I got the rest of it, I just hope Mister Brutus is alright..." he says sympathetically, with a glance through the crowd. He heard the cry of his master, and he knew what Brutus had undergone and pledged himself to...but still, it worried him.

Brutus cracks his knuckles, a strange, cold pity in his eyes. "This is not personal, but simply the duty of Adrestia. You will not harass me or mine again, or it will only grow worse. Apologize, and I strike only once," he declares in a flat, emotionless voice.

Cassidy stares long and hard at the bull, then at Matthews before a bored look crosses her face. "Very well then." She turns her attention away, then looking around for any other airships that might be docked. "I suppose I do have the funds to acquire personal passage on another ship." After a moment she sighs and offers the two bags containing the majority of her weapons out. "But that'd be a rather lonely voyage. They are not to be removed from their bags, and if they are lost or damaged, even so much as a scratch, I'll be holding the two of you... Personally... Accountable." She then leans forward to peer intently at the bull. "You especially."

Samira finally catches up with the skunk as he cracks his knuckles with a strange, sickening sound. For a moment she conciders trying to run up to him and stop anyone else from getting hurt as a result, but then she catches a glimpse of his face and quickly decides against it. Instead she's forced to watch - eyes wide and expression tinged with fear.

Settled into a nice spot on deck, still taking in all the rain, the plant with a name smiles, feeling glad that for once, she isn't the cause of the commotion.

"I-I... N-not in the face. I'm... I'm sorry, please... Not in the face," the wolf whimpers out, and clearly, his courage has dropped like a stone affter being caught.

Meanwhile, the bull is looking between Cassidy and Matthews rather hesitantly, before nodding. "O-of course, lady Solacious. None of your weapons will be damaged," he practically squeaks out, before looking towards Matthews, silently pleading for help, before hesitantly whispering towards the feline. "S-sir? C-can... C-can I maybe take the rest of the day o-off, once we disembark?"

In the mean time, Flora is making her way over to the side of the ship again, before calling out. "We will be disembarking momentarily. Flora would appreciate it if sir Brutus Blackback and Miss Samira could make their way back to the ship as soon as possible, yes," she calls out as a part of the security-staff makes their way up the gangway with the collected weaponry, each of the carry-bags labeled with the name of the being they belonged to.

Matthews just gives Cassidy that ever so pleasent gaze as he smiles gently. "Of course. Now, with that all said and done, please do enjoy your trip." The Tomcat stepping off to the side, before looking to the bull with a raised eyebrow. "After all the checks have been made, and I'll aprove a switch of watch if you get another to approve of it."

Asher patters happily up the gangplank, laden with Brutus's luggage, setting it all carefully with that of the other passengers before turning to pass Hartford's rucksack back to him. "I'm going to find a spot up by the front if I can!" the corgi grins, "I want to see the takeoff!"

Cassidy reaches out to pat the bull on the back as she passes, noting his unease. "Just relax! I'm not going to kill you!" She offers with a bit of a laugh. "I'm just going to be very disappointed and scold you, because some of those have sentimental value to me." And with that she moves to board the ship proper with the rest of her bags. She was far from disarmed, anyway, if it came to it.

Brutus nods grimly. "Your request is granted." With that said, he takes a step back, before throwing his entire (and not exactly insignificant) weight into a punch aimed straight for the thief's gut, a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes as the figure gasps dreadfully. His mission accomplished, he seems to return to himself, suddenly growing quite aware of and tired from his exertion. His ears peek up at Flora's voice, echoed by Hartford's kindly "Hurry, Mister Brutus!" echoing the sentiments. The Skunk gives a salute of acknowledgement with his walking stick, wearily stumping through the crowd and aboard the airship.

Samira winces as her ears pick up the dull thump of Brutus' fist meeting the theif's gut, her eyes remaining tightly shut behind her hands for a good few moments more before she finally peeks out. She does give her fellow skunk a rather blank stare as she follows him back towards the airship, not that he can see from where he is. Hoping to herself that she won't have to witness much more violence of that sort, she does her best to hide the look of confusion and mild shock.

Saviante watches all the commotion quietly, her bulk just quitey place inbetween a thing and a what-ever-its-called on the deck of the ship. As the crew bustles about she tries to calm her shaking hands. Hands that shake because she is seperated from her weapons and venturing into a new land. Not because she was terrified of the fact this machine the size of a building was somehow about to rise in the air.

She repeats this last line over and over in the hopes it would somehow become true.

Helfer barely manages to get to the shipyards in time. Every muscle on his arms straining visibly with the large hoversack he is carrying on his back and two large bags of equipment is is dragging on both arms as he huffs and stares at the airship. "Did I make it? You never did tell me if I qualified!" He shouts onto the boat, eying the security and hesitating to climb on without approval.

Wasting no time, Flora gestures Helfer on board, before gesturing at the security-personel. "Flora was about to give your position away, yes... Mister Helfer did not get the message?" she asks, while the security-personel takes away any weapons Helfer might have on his person or in his luggage. "They will be returned when we land, and no sooner."

Soon enough, the airship is fully boarded, and asher has taken his spot at the bow of the ship, before the ship sails out, then suddenly rises out of the water with air-magic, the drops still dripping from the bottom of the wood, and hitting the surface below as the ship sets off in the direction of shralesta.

"The trip will last about two days, and during this time, Flora highly suggest people converse, enjoy the facilities we've managed to provide, and so on. Please follow all instructions from LongTech Industries' personel, and do not hesitate to ask anything."