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Fenris finishes laying out the big checkerboard blanket he hauled along to the lake, setting a well stocked picnic basket down in the center. The light rain does not seem to bother him much as carefully stitched water math in the blanket repels the raindrops in a head high bubble. The tiger busies himself with setting out bread and cheese and fruit and other food while he awaits the others.

Kalt doesn't take long to arrive, the hood of the Vixen's cloak pulled up high over her head to help repel the rain as her and angus had traveled up together... The little Golem Mister dutifully tagging along at her heels as the vixen makes her way forward with a little wave. "Afternoon Fenris, uh... Ya goin' an' makin' this awefully fancy ain't ya? If'n I weren't knowin' better, I'd have went thinkin' ya were startin' a date!"

Angus quietly follows along, humming to himself as his maneback cloak keeps the rain off him. "Good evening Fenris." He greets the tiger, tail flicking a bit as his smile grows. As he notices the blanket he steps up to it, making sure to duck down underneath the bubble of water before he sits. "I think he will like it, and if not we can always eat."

Fenris laughs and finishes laying out food on the blanket. "I figure that our watery friend is less likely to lose his cool at a picnic than at a confrontation," he says, "Besides, I managed to sneak a few things from the High table at the manor. Shame to waste them on Rainer." He settles himself down on the blanket with a sigh, gkad to be out of the rain. "Now we just need our guest of honor!"

Kalt plops down under Fenris' little rain catch! The Vixen curling her cloak about her a little tighter with a little shiver. "Mmmmmhm. It'll be... Interestin'. Don't go expectin' me to go interjectin' too much though, I uh... I ain't one to go speakin' on that an' all. M'more for uhm, well -he's- curious 'aight?" The vixen nestling in some, and gently pushing Mister away from herself!

Angus gives a nod as he gently rests his staff across his lap, sitting cross leggeds. His gaze roams over what is spread on the blanket, reaching over to pet Mister before he eyes Fenris "You sure you want to do this?" He asks one last time, ready to call his patrion but wanting to make absolutely sure this is what they wanted to do.

"Of course!" Fenris says with an easy smile, "We needed to cme and speak with him eventually anyway! No time like the present!" The tiger passes around plates laden with food, laying out a fourth plate for their as-yet-to arrive guest.

Kalt takes her plate and sets it into her lap, once more pushing Mister away as he tries to approach before she looks to Angus with a nod. "Whenever yer ready love, just go an' give a shout out for him m'figurin'." The Vixen falls silent then in anticipation of what was to come...

Angus once more nods, taking a deep breath before he turns his gaze to the lake as he bites his lip for a moment, grip tightening on his staff before speaking in a clear, loud voice. "Ser'ther, we request your audience and invite you to a picnic in your honor."

Fenris nods at Angus's summons. "I'm not sure if a Spirit has ever been invited to a picnic in there honor before, Angus," he says, "That is another first for you!" The tiger is not sure where the Spirit will appear, so he dies not bother to guess, simply filling up a plate with good food.

~Not for many years to be certain, it does certainly break the mold~ Ser'ther's 'voice' filling the minds of those present as he rain shifts and gathers for a moment as a smaller sized version of him appears, roughly the size of a being and floating in the air slightly. ~Now, what is it you request my audiance over exactly Angus? Have you gotten into more trouble?~

Angus presents Ser'ther with a smile as he appears, no long taken by surprise by the spirits entrance. "Oh no, no trouble at all I've been keeping my nose clean. As for why we called you here we have something we must discuss." He looks to the others as well, encouraging them to speak to the spirit as he continues to slowly pet mister.

Fenris slides a full plate toward the water Spirit. "Welcome, Ser'Ther," he says, "Our friend Angus was good enough to call you, partially on my request. I wasn't sure what you would like, so I brought a variety. I am assuming that you know about the Craige? I am here to beg your aid against them."

~My aid? Well of course, I don't have a reason to deny you in such a request...~ The spirit wastes no time dipping it's tail into the bowl of water as it continues to float. ~Of course, I have heard some rumors and the like from my ilk, that it is not just -us- you are attempting to bring into this little alliance? Perhaps you are wandering off to garner some unwanted attention?~ The question seems like less of a question, and more of an acqusition as the spirit stares heavily at Fenris.

Angus watches Ser'ther and Fenris carefully, ears flicking back and forth. He had no idea what the spirit was talking about, curiosity starting to peek as he allows them both to speak without interruption, slowly reaching out to graps Kalt's hand.

Fenris nods and leaves his head bowed humbly. "We will need the strength of all of us, and all of you," he says, "I have sought the aid of your opposites in the Corrupt Court, and I fear that I must beg a hard thing of you to gain the cooperation of the White Lady." He does not look up right away, awaiting the Spirit's reaction.

~No.~ The spirit's words are quick and swift as he floats there, eyes on Fenris completely. ~You want me to aid a child, who cannot come to the realization that I did -nothing- wrong, and that it was her -own- actions that brought her downfall? We do not need them, we can stand strong, and you all have others whom could provide even greater aid then them.~

Kalt holds Angus' hand, frowning as she listens to the situation, the vixen doing just what she was requested to... Observe.

Angus frowns a little as he squeezes Kalt's hand. "Be reasonable Ser'ther, at least hear them out. Please." He asks the spirit as he leans forward. Hearing that Fenris had something to do with the lady of bones made him even more curious as to how this will play out.

Fenris rises from his bow. "I am not asking for you to help her or to talk with her," he says, "She has asked for a token and that only." The tiger looks evenly up at the water serpent. "I pass no judgement and place no blame," he says, "It is not my place. But Zimla has shown me that it will take all of the courts together for us to succeed."

~You. Do. Not. Need. Her. You do not need -them-. Come puzzler's chosen, you should have figured out an option already, perhaps, oh I am unfamiliar in this but oh... Your own -creators-.~ The spirit flirks around a bit with aggitation, shaking his head slightly. ~No. Her temper tantrum cost everyone every thing last time, she will -not- have that. Zimla is little more than a misty eyed optimist as well, believing they will come fully in line instead of stabbing us in the back at the first opportunity~

Fenris sits quietly and listen's to the Spirit's rant. "What else can I do, Ser'Ther?" he asks, "Our Creators will not interfere, and I am convinced more and more that the Craige we have seen so far are no more than the tip of an iceberg. Everything I see says that we need ALL of you. Can you not sacrifice a memento for the sake of a world?" The tiger only hopes that a memento really is all that Pyrrha is asking for.

Angus squeezes Kalt's hand again before he decides to speak, his shoulders squaring a bit as he smiles. "Ser'ther. What makes you think we will give them the opportunity to stab first?" He states calmly, tail flicking behind him as an idea comes to mind.

~It is -NOT- up for debate!~ The spirit's tone rising sharply as it seems to shimmer with aggitation before settling some as it looks to angus. ~You should know my fellows better, if we cease fire, then we cease fire until -they- break it. I am no fool like them...~ The spirit flicks it's tail at fenris, splashing a few drops onto the tiger. ~Have you -asked- your creators yet? Have they guaranteed their abscence?~

Angus cocks an eyebrow. "We question is not will, but when. We know our 'eager' friends are more then willing to turn on us,that is why we coax them into a vunerable position before they can do so. Weaken them enough that their blades are to blunt to pierce our defense, so to speak." He answers the spirit calmly.

Fenris ignores the splash. "I will not ask them, Ser'Ther," he says, "There are politics beyond our little world that would demand a price higher than any I can pay. But the Spirits I can pay myself. I can make my own sacrifices. What is the price of your aid, Ser'Ther, Flowing Water?" He looks at Angus, and bites his lip, but decides not to comment. "I will pay it if I can, but I will not make my whole world pay for the aid of the Creators," he says.

~Why should they not pay a price for their safety?~ The spirit turning it's gaze steadily upon fenris as it floats closer. ~Are you the sole inhabitant of this world? Are you it's sole defender? Did you elect yourself to carry the burden because you think no other can, or did you merely believe yourself capable of moving the hearts of the spirits with an easy excuse hm?~ It seems that this trinket has rather stirred the usually... Playful spirit as he shakes his head. ~I price not my aid, but if you think I will merely give forth something as precious to me as what you ask for, then she sent you on a fools errand so that you would not succeed.~ The spirit shifting it's gaze then to angus as it speaks softly. ~Quiet, none of that. Should eyes fall on us, how would you answer?~

Angus gives Fenris a look as he steps up to bat, but says nothing more before turning back to Ser'ther. "Upon the day you became my patron I swore to keep the perfection of disorder, of order. The Dark must always balance out the light, but the Craige have shifted that balance. All I propose is that we let them take the forefront, bloody their noses and let them realize that if they turn and strike first we won't give them time to clean up."

"Yes," Fenris says, "I have come on a fool's errand. An emmissary between petulant children who cannot work out their differences on their own." The tiger takes a bite of fruit and chews it thoughtfully. "She is mad and broken," he says, "What is your excuse?" He turns his attention on Angus with a frown. "That is SHAMEFUL," he says, "You should know as well as I who will take the brunt of all this! Beings like you and me. I don't have time for political games if you are going to treat this like a schoolyard brawl!" The tiger takes another bite of fruit. "Children!" he mutters, "All of them!"

The spirit seems taken back at Fenris' outburst, his watery figure becoming darker and more stormlike as he seems to seethe. ~You hold yourself above your own people to believe your own way is the best way, and so seek to crucify yourself through your actions for all of your people! I have seen this play before little tiger, and it does -not- end well. Ask your creators for aid, the prices that shall be paid will not be payable just by yourself~ The spirit's gaze turning to Angus as it shakes it's head. ~He is right in that regard, they will not be on the front... And when the fighting is over, they then, will be the ones to recieve care for the victory, and will be stronger than before.~ The spirit seems to almost sigh as his waters clear some and he looks to Fenris. ~My -excuse-? Besides that you have not sought out all other options before consorting with crazed women, is that you do not truly know what you ask for.~

Angus turns on Fenris and jabs a finger at him, remaing calm even as his smile turns sharp. "I am aware of that, this is no political game this is an all out war that we are hard pressed to survive. Make no mistake, no matter what choice we make, or what roads we follow there will be blood on our hands before this is over. I'm willing to live with that, but are you?" Turning back to Ser'ther he frowns once more. "Stronger only with time, even with victory it will take time for their numbers to swell. Time we can use to prepare ourselves."

"Then tell me, Ser'Ther," Fenris says, "Tell me what I am asking for. And believe me. I have no intent to crucify myself here. I fully intend to walk out the other side, better for having walked the path." He does not answer Angus.

Kalt reaches up to grab Angus' ear lightly as she gives a gentle tug on his ear. "Nuff of that Angus, keep yer focus on wot fenris asked help for, not on this 'war'." The Vixen releasing his ear quickly as she goes to squeeze his hand to help calm him.

~A necklace. A single, ornate necklace that belonged to my most beloved follower... The one whom I took such care to, that I extended her life to that witch's protest, even though all I did was legal. She wants to punish me for caring for one, and intends to use those that I'd care for to that end, meaning all of your people. She wants to slander me, to shame me, and cast me out. There is your answer then, this is the last prized possession from a race made extinct by her actions.

Angus was so focused on the conversation that when his ear is pulled he actually yelps in surprise, nearly jumping before he gives Kalt a look. But he respects her wishes, just squeezing her hand a bit as he leans on her while going silent.

Fenris looks levelly at Ser'Ther. "Everyone I ever loved is dead, Spirit," he says, "Taken from me in a single night. Will you take my sole memento of my family and the life I had in return for your necklace. I am sure it is a poor trade for you, but it is what I have."

~I will if you continue to stubbornly refuse to use all your resources because of some philosophy that not everyone should pay for their safety and future! You summon me to ask for help that I agree to, then ask for my only momento of a person who I -Loved- so that it can be given to her killer!~ The spirit huffs almost as it swirls around in the air as if thinking. ~I do not want your memories, they are your own and would mean -nothing- to me. I want you to see why, from my views, being asked to give all you have from one you love is foolish when the asker has other options they do not explore.~

Kalt remains silent now, gently leaning in to Angus as she gives him a gentle squeeze and whispers to his ear.

Angus sighs but gives Kalt a nod, gently wrapping an arm around her waist as he leans against her. As the conversation goes on his ears fold back, but he holds his tongue as he was asked, squeezing Kalt's hand.

"I did not offer you my memories, Spirit," Fenris says, his voice gentle, "I offered you an old guitar. And not even a really great one. And I have only asked for a necklace. I would be grateful if you would trust me with a memory as well. I would be glad of your story and the story of tge one you love."

The spirit falls silent as it stares down at fenris, it's words slow and purposful with each moment. ~Find your 'Creators' Fenris. This incident is greater then just you, as you admitted. You will see if the others will be willing to pay the price for survival that life demands... If they do not want to, or if you are refused, I will entertain parting with my treasure. Aside from that, I will offer you -one- other option if you so vehemotly decry the need to speak with your makers... There is a cavern near the base of my island, accessable only by swimming through the water. It begins the trials to reach my treasure, and if you are clever enough and -worthy- of it, then you can reach it there... But you will be warned, if you take that option, I will turn my back upon you... This world, will have my aid no matter what, but I will -never- stand by you again.~

The spirit pauses for a moment then, before it shakes it's head. ~And the story will not matter to you. It is simple, the story of a woman that touched the heart of what they could not comprehend fully, and it reaching out to her... She lived long, but died in the war that followed when -they- could not understand I did -NOTHING- wrong.~

Fenris bows his head in acquiescence. "Your request is a fair one, Ser'Ther," he says, "And do not assume that your story would not matter to me. The simple stories are the most important ones. I promise, I will never steal your treasure."

~Steal it, or convince me to part with it. Either way it will be gone from my possession... You have your task though, and if they refuse you, then yes I will -consider- it, and then I will tell you the story behind it. As for right now, I have things I must think upon. So unless you have other requests...?~ The spirit appearing ready to dart into the bowel as it just floats there.

"Only a picnic, Ser'Ther," which you are welcome to. I thank you for your patience and your wisdom." The tiger is still sitting where he started, surrounded by good food.

~I... Am not hungry. Thank you however.~ The spirit aparantly had forgotten the picnic was a thing, as he instead began to shrink more and more. ~I will leave you all for now, enjoy your food~ Before finally with a little pop, he disapeers completely. Kalt finally sighs as she seems to breath for the first time since the arguments with the spirit began. "Well... That didn't go completely bad eh?"

Angus gives a silent nod, waiting until Ser'ther is gone before he turns on Fenris with a look of fury in his eyes, his voice raised nearly to a shout. "What in the name of the Creators were you thinking? Are you TRYING to get yourself killed, or WORSE?"

Fenris smiles brightly and bites into a sandwich. "Not bad at all!" he says, "I mean, if he had been willing to give up rhe necklace it would have made things easier, but this way may yet work out. I may be able to convince the other she does not need it." The tiger takes Angus' shouting with a calm smile and a mouthful of food. "Why?" he asks, swallowing, "I was thinking that he had something I need and that he might be convinced to help me. Did the Spirit offer to hurt anyone?"

Kalt slowly reaches down and picks up a sammich, the vixen was hungry and food was offered so she was quick to take a huge bite, speaking as she chews. "... M'thinkin' ya didn't tell Angus 'bout her Fenris... An' that may be wot he's mad 'bout." The Vixen just chewing her sammich now, letting the boys fight... After all, vixens love a good sammich.

Angus narrows his gaze. "That is exactly what I am talking about." He snaps, jabbing a finger at Fenris. "You think that putting yourself in the line of fire saves everyone, that only you would get hurt? Well I've got some news for you. A heros burial is still a burial, same damn dirt the regulars get. People still mourn, and I'll tell you. That will kill faster then the Craige."

"Angus," Fenris says around a mouthful of Sandwich, "I fully intend to live to a ripe old age for a tree. Honestly, Cassidy was in more danger than ever I was! Probably got me in more trouble too." The tiger seems completely unfazed by his friend's anger. "I expect that I will be getting your grandchildren in and out of trouble. Can you forgive me?"

Angus tries to speak, but Fenris' comment caught him off guard, the wind coming out of his sails quickly as he gives Fenris a rather hard look. "A friend once told me that You're family is made of those that care for you, it does not matter if they are family in blood. Or in Spirit, remember that next time you're trying something like this." At the he just huffs, standing up and taking Kalt by the hand as he turns to head off.