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It's early in the afternoon, about lunchtime, various beings are already milling around the lunchtables, gathering up food and conversing among themselves. Guards and servants are milling about, guarding and restocking various bits of food, serving drinks, and generally providing for the guests, nobles and commoners alike... Seems Flora isn't sparing any expense.

The Lady herself is currently surrounded with several high-ranking nobles, enjoying a bite to eat, and explaining some things about the central mock-up.

Fenris does not, as a rule, hob nob with the nobility. Most of the time, the only way he makes it into these sorts of gatherings is as hired help. And so, Fenris is not here today. Instead, Bellamy Foxglove, semi-retired Guard Captain is here to represent his layabout nephew Angus Solacious, who could not bother to come on time, if he showed at all. "I am terribly sorry, Lord Blackback," he says gruffly to the finely dressed skunk accompanying him, "I honestly don't understand that boy's priorities." The skunk only nods magnanimously and looks around, trying to find the Highlady Longtail.

Ioph however, was there simply due to her own curiosity. She did not -usually- take part in any expensive parties but considering this was related to LongTech, it perked her interest. Ioph was currently chit-chatting with another freesword about alloys and tools, pretty boring to be honest, but she loved to hear something about a special metalworking technique or two. Meanwhile, she was looking around for the honey rolls someone told her about.

Flora isn't particularly hard to find, standing right next to the sizable mockup of the city-district, at least two meters across. Sure, there's a few extra guards around the Lady at all times, but for now, she seems to be content simply talking to what seems to be an older Strongheart and a young, rather twig-like Solacious...

The food seems to be splayed out in a rather ordered fashion, very befitting of Flora's usual style. Sweets on one table, cheeses or another, and savoury baked goods on yet another...

Fenris, or rather, Bellamy, nods his farewell to Lord Blackback and marches his way over to the tables in true Solacious fashion. A good soldier eats first, and socializes second. The sturdy, grizzled fox loads up his plate, browsing among the various offerings.

On the other hand, after socializing with the other freesword, the tall, slightly unsettling and bulky plant loaded her plate with mostly sweets. Seems someone wanted to try the desserts first. After loading her plate, she looked around, trying to find out if anyone was handing out expensive drinks.

Once again, Flora gestures her guests at the large mockup in the center of the camp, explaining one or two things about her design. The large dome in the middle is certainly the centerpiece, figuratively and literally, having been carefully sculpted, actually consisting of individual bricks...

Ioph is soon to encounter one of the servants carrying drinks, juices in this case. Other servants are offering various wines and beers, while yet others are carrying small refreshments around, mainly cheeses and meats.

Ssen skips towards the gatgering, dressed in her general adventuring clothes fearing no social wrongdoings in the eyes of nobles if it meant she got to meet her best friend! She picks out those she knows, only stopping her frantic glancing on two beings and a golem. Ioph gets a brief blink, Flora a nod and Bastet a smile. Once her objective is located the moth busies herself at not looking like an obsessive stalker by flagging a waiter down for some juice and B-lining for Ioph.

Bellamy meanders over, now that he has a plate full of food, to observe Flora's model. "Good Heavens," the fox says, looking over the plan, more to himself than anything, "She's planning a whole new township!"

Ioph was quick to grab a drink from a passing servant's tray, but not so quick to notice Ssen. Tilting her head a little, she finally recognized the moth. "Hey. You're uh.. Yeah. You are." She nodded a little bit. The plant, however, never had a chance to catch the moth's name.

"A city-district, not a town, no," the she-cat notes, as she gestures at a tower. "The wall starts there, yes, and then loops around," she notes, ears flicking as she corrects Bellamy, keeping an eye on the rest of the beings present. "And as far as Flora sees it... Think big, or go home, yes," the she-cat notes, smiling lightly a she carefully taps a few of the buildings around the central dome. "Shops, lodgings, workshops. Think of it as a hybrid of the Maritime district, the academy district, and the market-district, yes," she notes, before tapping the large dome, very carefully. "And in the center, the convention-hall, where we can host various fairs and events, even when the rain makes it impossible to host them outside, and the academy is already packed, or its halls too small for all the festivities, yes."

Bellamy strokes his thick mustaches and looks over the plan thoughtfully. "A very ambitious project," he says, echoing the sentiments of many, "But do you think it might be a bit TOO ambitious? Who is paying for all of this construction? Who will maintain it? Is this all on a royal levy, Highlady? Because I do not know that the people of Firmament can support such an undertaking."

Ssen cocks her head, lifting her mask a smidge to sip her juice before she places her glass atop her head. She does this so her hands are free so she can sign up at the plant in hopes that she understands. She signs her name one letter at a time, [My name is Ssen, that is if you speak in hands.] She reaches up to take her hlass from the top of her head so as to not tempt fate as she awaits a response

The plant did in fact know a bit of sign language. Smirking for a second, she replied, "S-sen, right? If I understood that correctly. Sorry, I'm a little rusty with sign language." Ioph took a sip of her juice before adding, "Ah, well. It is good to properly meet you, I'm Ioph."

"Each of the houses is pitching in, as is the crown. It is a small district. Small enough to be possible, large enough to facilitate some growth, yes. And if the first event is a success, growth is likely, yes," the cat notes, her tails twitching behind her, as she taps the wall. "Mister Foxglove should know, Flora doesn't bet, no. Flora runs the numbers first. It's expensive, but with each of the houses commiting funds to the project, it is perfectly doable. A small tax on those who use the buildings to take care of upkeep, as isn't unusual in the rest of the city, yes. And of course, with the added room for commerce, the city can grow further," she concludes after a while, shrugging lightly, before gesturing at the wall of her mock-up. "The wall is first, yes... It should be mostly complete within a month, meaning construction inside can begin. The most important buildings first, of course."

Bellamy considers Flora. "No," he says, "I suppose you don't gamble much." The grizzled old captain samples some of the food from his plate and walks slowly around the model until he stands near the large, bovine being. "How did she convince you to join in on this little venture?" he asks.

Ssen puts the glass down on the ground this time, keeping half an eye on Flora, knowing that her favorite metal four legged robot would follow her. [Iof? Ioph? Ioth?] she hazards a few guesses before continuing the conversation [I like your flowers, Miss, they are very nice,.] The moth chitters under her mask [Do you know what this is about? Ssen wasn't listening]

"Not me in particular. Certainly convinced the Markgraf, though," the large, aging bull offers, a small shake of his head. "Makes sense, though. Improved farming-, mining- and smithing-techniques don't just happen. So why wait until someone presents them to you? Bring them over," the bull offers with a small shrug. "I'm sure there's better ways of making wine, too, which is more relevant to my own trade," he adds with a small shrug, as he sips his own wine.

"This scrawny little fellow here's more interested in other things," he offers, as he slaps the rather young, lanky-looking solacious in the group on the back. Certainly not military potential, that one.

"Flora admits a certain... Fondness for the Markgraf, yes. A being with the same social preferences as Flora, yes."

Ioph spells out, "I-o-p-h. Kinda like 'f' there, yeah. And.. thanks, I don't get that compliment very often, you know? Also, your coat is pretty cool." The plant eventually looked over towards Flora, trying to figure out what they were talking about at all, considering she wasn't paying too much attention. "Not at all." She replied, facing the moth once again. "It seems to be something related to expansion, but I'm not entirely sure, I wasn't listening either."

Bellamy raises an eyebrow at Flora's statement. "And what preferences would those be, Highlady?" he asks, before looking down at the scrawny fox. "Don't I know you, young man?" he asks, stroking his grey mustache.

Ssen blinks down at the crop of orange fuzz sticking out of the collar of her jacket, leaning down to touch her chin against it. With a happy sound she follows on, shifting around the happenings to make her presence known to Flora.

"Mister Lord Tuor prefers a more... direct converasation, yes. Issues instead of social convention, yes. Focus on what actually matters," the cat notes, her ears flicking lightly.

"The Markgraf is certainly not one for the courts. There's a reason he typically sends us to deal with the courts, besides concerns of his health, of course," the bull explains, shrugging lightly.

The lanky Solacious mumbles a bit, although nothing especially audible comes from his muzzle...

"Indeed," Bellamy says, "Well, one must admire a man who is willing to speak his mind. Like that Snowmark fellow." The fox looks around and seems a bit disappointed not to see Sven Snowmark. "Shame he's not here. Boy brings life to the party." He turns a disapproving frown on the scrawny, young fox. "Speak up boy," he orders, "Don't you go muttering to your elders."

Angus once more adjusts the cravat at his collar, trying to get it to fit right without choking him as he slips into the crowd. For once his attire was that of his station, bright colors with gold embroidery on what could pass as a fancy military uniform. He smiles politely to a few beings as he passes by them, mostly here for show as he tries to avoid conversation for now.

Ssen skips up to the display, near where Flora was standing, making something if a display of inspecting it thoughtfully. Sure was...a..thingie. The moth clearly had no idea what she was doing, this does not stop her from trying to look like she wasn't here for the wrong reasons. [Buildings? that's nice, it will be nice for there to be more homes in the city]

"Maybe... Maybe once or twice at the academy, sir," the scrawny fox mutters, looking altogether far too uncomfortable with the confrontation.

"Mister Shawn Solacious here is more of a scholar than a fighter, yes. He's taken a personal interest in Flora's project, yes, she notes, as she watches Angus approach. "Ah! Yes. Friend Angus. Flora has some things to discuss. Do grab some food though, yes," she offers with a smile on her lips, a flick of her ears, as she gestures at the large maquette.

The Strongheart seems to take that advice to heart, filling another plate with food, before returning. "Y'can say what you want about the Lady, but she's got a good chef on her payroll," the bull offers with a faint smile.

"Yes. The food is nice, yes... Flora recommends against the egg salad, though. It's not very good, no."

"Hm, yes," Bellamy says, "The Sacred Family lecture series. I remember." The fox samples a little block of cheese from his plate and inclines his head to Angus. "I did not think you would come, Angus," the grizzled captain says, "You look very nearly presentable."

After eating her sweets, Ioph loaded her plate up with tiny portions of seafood and other vegetables. The plant slowly had her interest perked up by the small crowd near the mock-up. Perhaps it was finally time to see what this was all about. Heading closer, the armored creature decided to inspect the mock-up, listening to the conversations of the military figures and nobles nearby. It wasn't that hard to notice Ioph walking closer at all, even if she tried to, especially considering her size, her face, her armor... Well, the plant was in the middle of something when she decided to get a free lunch after all.

Angus slips between two beings chatting on his way to the gathering, giving Selena and Bellamy a nod. "Well I almost didn't make it due to having priorities." He answers, almost a jab at the old fox as he keeps his features blank, his ears flicking. As he's told to pick up some food he does oblidge just a little out of politeness, picking up a small platter of assorted meats and cheeses that he picks through slowly. "So if I may ask, why such a lavish party?" He asks mildly curious before his gaze drifts to shawn. "Ah, good evening cousin. How goes your studies?"

Ssen takes her chance while Flora is discussing her someone else seemingly important to close the gap between her and Bastet. Easing up to the Golem to look at it. She doesn't touch, she doesn't make any motions to upset Flora, she just happily gazes at the shiny catbot

"Ah, priorities, of course," Bellamy says, "You will just have to forgive an old man with nothing better to do than keep tabs on current affairs." He samples a bit more from his plate and leans over the model of Flora's proposed festival center or whatever it was she was calling it. "So, it is going to be some sort of indoor tournament ground?" he asks.

"Miss High Lady Solacious didn't inform friend Angus?" the she-cat asks with a brow-raise, tails flicking behind her. "She didn't mention Friend Angus has a job for Flora's project?" the cat continues, rolling her shoulder lightly as she leans back. "Sweetwater is going to expand, and the new district will be the site of a month-long fair, yes. Magic, technology, everything, yes," she offers.

Soon enough, she nods lightly to Bellamy. "Something along those lines, yes. Not suitable for tournaments, because the structure has to support itself, but similar in size, yes," she offers.

Ssen and Ioph get a short glance, although Flora doesn't do much about either just yet, beyond giving the two a small nod and a smile.

Angus picks a few pieces of meat off his plate. "Yes, nothing better to do." He answers before popping it in his mouth. Flora catches him off guard, a look of confusion forming over his features. "I had a vague talk with her about some new changes around Firmament but nothing about a new district, what was she supposed to inform me about?" He asks curiously as he picks up another piece of cheese.

Ssen is a rather odd sight, squating infront of a golem, habds around her knees, staring at it as if it were a pleasant painting. She only takes her eyes from Bastet to glance at Flora every now and then. She gets a bit nervous about her admittedly creepy actions so decideds to call it a day. She blows Bastet a kiss, scoots over to Flora, Gives her a little bow and scoots off to her own devices

Bellamy casts a sidelong glance at the moth and her strange actions, but decides to just let it go. The older fox grins at Angus. "Hadn't you heard?" he asks, a bit of glee in his voice, "You have been volunteered to run the security for the Highlady's event. I assumed that you knew?" There had been memos, after all. Fenris had delivered them. On to Angus's nightmare of a desk.

Ioph stepped a little closer to the mock-up, closer to Ssen before the moth left in a hurry, giving a short nod back to Lady Longtail. After inspecting the mock-up carefully, she rose an eyebrow and tilted her head, whispering. "Hmm... I wonder how long it would take for all of this to be built, but.. I'm honestly more worried about the security and integrity of this.. Project.." The plant did not really direct these words at anyone, if anything, she may have directed that towards Ssen, had the moth not left in a hurry.

Angus freezes for a moment right as he was about to swallow another piece of meat, which devolves into a coughing fit for a few seconds before he finally gets his voice again. "I'm sorry what? It almost sounded like you said I've been volunteered to head the security of an entire district." He comments, a bit to wide eyed for someone who's dealt with worse before.

Flora nods lightly at Bellamy, her tails twitching behind her. "Firmament, or rather, Sweetwater is working together to expand Firmament, yes. A new district, perfect for fairs, passers-by, and so on, yes," she notes, as she gestures Angus at the maquette. "Flora will be providing assistance from LongTech's security-corps, yes. And for the most part, the security regards this building, although the district as a whole should be safe, yes," the cat notes, smiling towards Angus as she grabs another bite of her food, raising a brow at Ioph for a moment.

Bellamy's smile relaxes back into his usual stoicness and he strokes his mustache. "I am sure that our Lord Solacious is up to the task," he says gruffly, "With such a prestigious military background, I doubt this will provide much of a challenge."

"What? The engineering officer I used to report to always said told me that one can never be too careful." The plant added in another whisper, replying Lady Longtail's expression, backing up a little bit. Ioph's eyes had a slightly unsettling feeling to their gaze. She looked slightly worried, if anything.

Angus regains his composure as it seems he's finally stopped coughing, a bit of a sigh escaping him. "Yes, no challenge at all." He quips back at Bellamy as he fetches himself something to drink, possibly the strongest drink they had in the room before returning to the conversation at hand. "Even without Longtech's security I'm sure the place will be easily capable of defending if the need arised."

"Not just defense, Friend Angus. Security, too. Dealing with thieves, and so on, yes," she notes, as she pores over her design again. "If friend Angus has any suggestions about the layout that would make his job easier, there is still at least a month, maybe two, before the wall is completed, yes. But this is the design for now, yes... If there are other things friend Angus needs to know, though, do let Flora know. Floor-layout, things like that, yes."

Bellamy finishes his plate and snaps off a salute to Flora and the other nobles. "I wish you luck, Highlady," he says, "Thank you for the luncheon, I fear that I have a lecture to give and must beg your leave. Good day to you all." Fenris, behind the face of Bellamy, has enjoyed Angus's discomfort, but knows very well that his commanding officer will have him doing whatever jobs he does not want to do.

Angus looks over the small model and the blueprints, his glass already empty. "None what so ever while staring at a single blueprint in the middle of a party with creators know how many people are here to see what's going on." He states a bit to bluntly before standing back up straight, his gaze turning to Ioph for a moment as a brow raises. "Evening, miss?" He asks, praying to the creators that his experiences with plant beings let him know what gender he's talking to.

"It is merely a model, yes. To give people an idea... People like having an image, yes?" Flora notes with a smile, her tail flicking lightly. "Flora wasn't figuring right now, anyways, but Flora can have the actual blueprints of the building and the dimensions of the district around it sent to Friend Angus, yes," she notes, although soon enough, she does seem to move on, another noble apparently wanting her attention.

"Good evening." Calmly said the plant, looking down towards the grey fox. The armor certainly didn't help identifying her as a female. But along with the fact that her voice was feminine, Angus was surprisingly correct, plus the fact that the creature's face resembled some sort of creator-looking femininity. "Just a curious person worried about the security of this... Expansion, as it seems. But, considering what I've heard, it seems everything is covered well and the green lights are set."

The plant wasn't entirely sure if using the locals would understand the green light expression but.. That's what came to her mind at the time. But she did feel considerably safer about the nobles' decisions.

Angus flicks his ears a bit in amusment, giving a nod. "Ah I see, I'd say it's more of a yellow then a green as this is the first time I've heard of the situation." He lets it hang at that, looking down at the blueprints for another few moments. "I would like to have these sent to my office when you have the time yes Flora."

Ioph nodded, taking a deep breath and gently smirking. "Well, green or yellow, if anything happens and any of you need the extra hand, wrench or hammer, I'll be around. Either way, this was a fine party." She says, picking up a cheese appetizer from a passing servant's tray and eating it.

Angus snags one himself with a nod. "I shall keep that in mind ma'am, I apologize I haven't introduced myself yet." He answers her before taking off his hat to give her a proper bow. "I am Angus Solacious, captain of one of the fine Militia units of our fair Sweetwater, and I guess soon to be captain of the guard of this new district."

"Well it is a pleasure to meet you, Captain Solacious." Ioph bowed properly as well, adding, "As I've decided to name myself in these grounds, I'm Ioph. Otherwise, I'd simply have a creator-spoken designation." Inspecting the captain closer, she also stated, "You seem to have a lot of work ahead of you, although I have to admit that I wouldn't seem too thrilled about something like this if they told me on the spot either."

Angus nods as her name is given. "A pleasure Ioph." He answers, a bit of a frown forming on his features. "It's not exactly something I voluntered for, but I'll get by." He looks at his empty glass, ears flicking back and forth. "I will admit I miss the old days, instead of politics all I had to deal with where the edge of a blade and the blast of a musket."

"I understand." She looked around, stopping another servant who was apparently serving cider, picking up a glass from his tray and asking him for some of it. "Thank you." And so the servant trailed off. Turning her curious gaze back to the fox, she stated. "Nostalgia is something.. Quite interesting. I have to admit I miss the days when what I had to do was keep a couple of plugs from a transport ship's engines from busting out due to overload. That was something else." After a slow, deep breath, she continued, "That was a good time. But hey, offer is still up, I might be retired and on the last few years of my life but I still enjoy the things I was made for."

Angus gives a nod, having freashened his cup when the servant passed by. "That would make you as one born off world no?" He asks before taking a drink. "Forgive me if I'm prying, but that seems to be the most likely assumption." Crossing his arms over his chest he holds his glass between three fingers. "How do you like our lands so far?"

"Indeed, yes. That doesn't mean I'm not without my tricks and gadgets though. Heh." The plant nodded, taking a drink of her cider. "Don't worry though, you're not prying. And I'm liking everything so far. A couple of things worry me a little bit. Seems someone's out for creator tech in general. Lady Longtail might know more details, she's onto whoever's doing that."

Angus gives a bit of a nod as she speaks, but the comment about people hunting for creator tech gets a raise of his brow. "Really now? Someone is looking to hunt down creator tech?" He asks, his confusion only slightly true as he looks upon her with a new light, idle chit chat turning into questioning. "I will have to speak with Lady Longtail at length about that, if I may ask are you staying at the Freeswords Inn?"

Ioph nods, "Indeed, I've only heard rumors though. And the fleshcrafters have disappeared, so something might be up. Lady Longtail along with me and some others will be investigating that soon." Taking another sip of the cider, she nodded, answering the fox. "Indeed I am, why?"

Angus shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly. "I like to know where I can easily contact perspective employees." He answers, taking another drink of his cup. "The fleshcrafter of all things? Do they know who may of stolen it?" He asks, already doing a mental rundown of the possible groups that could of done so.

"Lady longtail mentioned the Technologists." She simply states out. "Though. The fleshcrafter of all things, yes. If it really precedes the reputation it has, why wouldn't it be one of their targets. Yet, they do not have any idea what they're messing with." Added the plant. She had that weird, unsettling feeling to her eyes once again and her face, as it looked oddly a little more creator-ish as she finished her sentence with a little bit of hatred.

Angus pauses for but a moment as Ioph mentions the technologists, a few fractures starting to form on the glass as he grips it just a little to tightly in his hand. "Ah. Yes. Them." He answers, his voice carrying a little to much malice for a nonchalant comment, before he realizes his glass is no longer useful, flagging down a servant to obtain another before taking a drink, his ears flicking back in annoyance. "I would not be surprised if they knew nothing of what they stole."

The plant's gaze shifted to the glass for a moment as it fractured a little. Just before the fox flagged a servant, she added, "If things keep up like that and word goes to the church that these guys have a fleshcrafter, I fear that mister who deals with creator matters in these lands might call a creator sentinel to investigate. I've only heard stories about those though. Might be just a myth passed down from mouth to mouth, but I hear they're pretty ruthless."

Angus sighs a little, trying not to let his anger get the best of him. "I've never heard of these sentinels, but I assure you the technologists will receive a clear and quick punishment." He seemed a little to enthusiastic about that, his grip still tight on the glass almost to the point of fracturing it again!

"Hell, you have my hammer. The armadillo from the bakery did say the fleshcrafters were good people. At least Monty, that is. Hopefully the two owners are alright, if not, I'm going to be slightly scarce on mercy." The plant sighs, stretching her back a little bit. "After all I did promise that Armadillo that I'd take care of them."

Angus shakes his head once more, sighing. "There is no mercy to give for a cult that is willing to torture and murder just for their knowledge." He frowns, flicking his tail in frustration before he finishes his glass. "I apologize, this conversation has left me feeling a bit...heated, it was a pleasure to meet you Ioph and if you ever have need of me you can find me at the Solacious manor if I am not out and about." With that he gives her a bow, putting back on his hat before he starts to walk into the crowd.

"There definitely isn't, then. I'm sorry for.. Heating you up on that manner. But it has been a pleasure. You know where I'll be staying." She bows back, taking the last sip of her cider before laying the empty glass down on one of the tables, heading off towards the marketplace.