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A rather...intricate looking fox enters the inn, his fur a pitch black. He wears an simple white kimono with an ornate tabard of red and gold. The most defining feature is the five tails he sports! "Hmm..." He looks around the empty inn and seems rather disappointed. "Wonder where everybody is."

There's a soft thump as Mishka sits up, bumping her head under the table she'd take a nap under. "Oof." Well, there's at least one person there, certainly. Scooting out from under the table she pushes herself to her feet and brushes off the dust from her brown dress.

Siyu is a silk clad rodent, and he's just sipping his beer and enjoying the evning. Not causing any major problems or any sort of issues. Just sitting and giggling.

Johnny enters the Inn in company of a rat who appears to have false limbs no matter now hard he tries to hide it with fur, the clanking coming from his dirty companion only slightly louder than the laugh he gives to Johnnys unspecified joke. "Ye good one." he offers before he and Johnny pass by the strange fox, Johnny giving him a look before sitting down and ensuring his hair is slicked back to acceptable standards.

Angus slowly opens the doors into the Inn, blinking slowly as he eyes the rat with the false limbs, curiousity getting the better of hi mas he cocks his head, before he shakes it and walks over to one of the tables, ordering himself a drink as he turns to eye the Kitsune in the room, flicking his ears a bit as he watches them curiously.

Tsukiyomi's tail flipped back and forth, the little loli entering the inn with a short little sigh. "Nani...." she blinks a bit, taking note of the fox in front of her. The short little Samurai taking a step back to observe for a quick second before joining with everyone else in lobby.

The kitsune watches everyone enter for a moment and then smiles wide, ordering a simple beer from the bartender before he takes several cone hats out from his pack and settles it in the inn. "Oh hey, everybody!" He announces, loud, and rather awkwardly in the inn. "Do you want to play a simple game? I'll give a prize to the winner!" He offers with a grin, pointing to his stack of hats.

Mishka looks a touch confused, still letting her mind wake up. "Game? Well, sure! I'll play a game, as long as I don't have to hit no one." She gives a goofy smile and pulls out a chair near the kitsune, sitting down. "What's the game?"

Siyu blinks a tiny bit as he looks up from his beer at the sudden annoucnment, a slight flush to his cheeks, a little drunk, and he tilts his head some, "A...a game? What sort of game?" the short rodent iwll ask, giving a glance around and seeing all the various people that have entered.

Johnny looks up from his table to the kitsune and gives a simple "What game?" as he glances them over, ordering some of those fancy creator steaks for him and his friend.

Angus turns his gaze to the kitsune, cocking his head to the side. "Games are always fun I supposed, depends on how many players you need for this game." He offers him a smile as he picks up his galss and takes a drink.

Tsukiyomi wags her tail quite happily "Oooh! A game! A game!" she jumped a bit, her hands clapping together "I want to play a game~!" she circles the larges 'sune, wide-eyed "What Kiiiind of game?"

"Mmh. First, I would have all of you stand in a line for me! Side by side please!" The kitsune winks, his smile still broad as he waves his stack of hats. "I'll put one of these hats on each of you and then they'll glow a certain color, either red or green. Step forward if you think yours is red, and step back if you think it's green! Though...I'll give you enough information to know and not just think. There'll be at least one red and one green hat!" He giggles, and then he scoots about depositing a hat on everyone."No telling anyone else what their hat is or how to go...or I'll just disqualify you and forfeit the prize."

Mishka lines up, still looking rather confused, as she looks at the hats on the others. "That sounds... Fairly simple, I think, yes! And no telling! Got it!" She folds her hands behind her back, standing at attention as she waits.

Siyu manages to walk over towards the small group, he blinks a bit at Tsu, her size drew his attention, shorter then he is and he giggles a small bit, "hello little one." he says with a light tease, the silk of the kimono also drew his attention as well as the sword, huge as it is. An interesting small clan folk. Or so the rodent assumes! How wrong he is will have to be figured out. He gives a little oh, and he stands in the line. He looks up and down the line, his big ears flicking, seeing how each of us are arranged...in the row at least. "uh, do we just guess now?" he asks as he sips his beer, he looks about ready to step forward if they're supposed to guess now.

Johnny lets out a curious look, hats aren't his style but he takes a step backwards and looks around to see what the others can do. He can only guess as to the color of his hat, not like hes some smart type who could fancy math his way out of it, and hes not one for thinking too hard about small stuff.

Angus blinks a little as his hat is dropped on his head, causing his ears to droop down just a bit as he shrugs his shoulders and takes a step backwards as he thought his hat was green? Would fit what he has seen so far, so the fox just shrugs and smiles. "Any hints you can give us?"

Tsukiyomi looked up curiously, frowning when she was unable to see her hat "Hrm..." she thinks for a bit, tapping her finger to her temple before she stepped forward! her hand coming to her cheek and her other fingering the hilt of her sword.

Almost immediately after Angus and Tsukiyomi answer, air magic activates in the cone had and give the two a solid boop on the head with a blast of air magic. Enough to hurt a little but not injure people. "The rest of you?" He grins.

Mishka bites her lip and thinks about it for a moment. "Uhm. Hm!" She takes a step forward, assuming her hat to be red. "I think I know! Maybe!" She's mostly just guessing based on her observation.

Siyu looks at the first two that have gotten it wrong, his ears twitch as he tries to figure and he stops his foot moving forward...and then takes a step back. he second guesses himself and thinks green.

Angus yelps a little in surprise, not really expecting to be thunked as he sighs. "Right, guess I was wrong then. So do I stand here or do I get to choose again?" He asks a bit as he crosses his arms.

Johnny grins as he guesses he got it right, his tail flicking as he snickers at Angus and Tsukiyomi.

Tsukiyomi growls a bit, crossing her arms over her flat chest and sniffing a bit, flicking her tail in annoyance "Darn." she shifted, ignoring Johnny as she scratched her temple

Mmh, not the brightest fox in the bunch, are we?" The kitsune narrows his eyes at Angus. "There were two answers, and you picked the wrong one. The other one is surely going to be right." Then the fox giggles and scoots up again, pasting a piece of paper on everybody's hat with something written on it. "Game 2! Now each of you have to try to force the others into doing whatever is written on their hat. The ones who got it right have it a bit easier! The last person to avoid the action on their hat gets my prize..." He then takes out a jewelled box from his sleeve.

Tsukiyomi pulls her hat off, and handing it back to the Kitsune "Perhaps later, ne~? I've some sleep to catch up on~!" she wags her tail, ears drooping a bit as she yawns "G-night~!"

Mishka rubs her chin in thought, turning her attention towards Angus, she narrows her eyes. "Sorry for this, friend!" She brings up her fists, dropping into a fighting stance as if she were about to start a bar fight right then and there. She doesn't swing, though, waiting to see his reaction.

Siyu keeps watching people, and what's written pn their hats, he gives a little giggle, and finishes his beer, chugging it down with a gulp he sets it on the bar and orders another one, "Anyone else wnat a drink? Heee, this seems like a fun game to play?" he points around. Blinking a bit at Mishka, "Ack! Stop! what are you doing!" the rodent gulps.

Johnny elooks to Mishka and shakes his head, going rather stoic. He moves between Angus and Mishka and then, makes his best attempt to grab Angus's musket. "Gonna hurt."

Angus goes a little wide eyed as his musket is grabbed at, and Mishka gets into a fighting stance, just what the hell was on his hat! Not wanting to hurt anyone he stumbles back when he is grabbed at, flailing his arms a bit in the air while shouting. "Hey, what in the name of the creators!"

Mishka starts to make a lunge at Angus, giving him plenty of time to react. Of course, she doesn't really have it in her to hurt someone, so worst case scenario she's going to just try to end up pulling Angus into a bear hug.

Siyu is about ready to try and get in the way of Mishka as she attacks angus annnnnd....oh...a bear hug. His ears flatten, "Well, then..." he giggles a bit and picks up his beer, "I guess that's fine then..." he grins at poor Angus, looking at Johnny since he's not currently being grappled by Mishka, "Wnat a beer?" he calls out to the other rat.

Johnny shakes his head at how obvious people are. He whips out his pistol and aims it at Angus. "Hand over your knuckles. Let's go."

Angus takes another step back as Mishka still comes at him, still unable to understand why and what was on his card as he is...hugged, and a gun is drawn on him? "Eh....sure, on one condition...buy me a drink first." He answers, flashing a smile at Johnny as he tries to wriggle out of Mishka's embrace.

Mishka spins Angus around in the hug til she's between him and Johnny. "I would love a drink, Siyu! Games are always better with alcohol!" She releases the fox, then, and grins at him. "I can show you some neat party tricks with alcohol, too. Got any fire on you?"

Siyu srugs a bit at Johnny, "Just...don't go actually firing that pistol around, this is just a game actually." he chitters and sits at the bar, drinking his own beer and flicking his tail, "m...um sure...sure Mishka, do you drink cider, or do you like beer. Or that clear stuff that makes my lungs burn, ahem..."

Johnny looks to Angus and shakes his head. "Nah." he says finally before aiming at Mishka. "I think this is a lot easier, not your head on the line."

Angus continues to squirm as he is trapped in the hug, opening his mouth before closing it again. "Could someone give me a drink at least? And seriously, what is on my card that makes people wnat to hug me and take things?" He asks as he starts to smile, trying hard not to laugh at how crazy this is.

All of a sudden, water magic activates on Mishka's hat. Causing one of the bartender's drinks to just splash her in the face. "Ooooo. Too bad." The kitsune reaches out to take Mishka's hat off, showing her the "Hug Someone" written on it. "Still, it's only your first fail. You can rejoin if you want!" He pastes a new piece on the hat and leaves it up to Mishka if she rejoins.

Cassidy scowls a little as she's splashed. Not so much because she lost, but because she got water on her face! After taking a moment to dry off her face and pat down the strip of fabric, she nods and puts her hat back on. "Why not!" Looking to Siyu she nods. "Something... Clear, yes! That would be good." Back to Angus she grins. "So! Do you want to see the trick or not? If you've got any of those little flaming gizmos on you, that'd be perfect."

Mishka scowls a little as she's splashed. Not so much because she lost, but because she got water on her face! After taking a moment to dry off her face and pat down the strip of fabric, she nods and puts her hat back on. "Why not!" Looking to Siyu she nods. "Something... Clear, yes! That would be good." Back to Angus she grins. "So! Do you want to see the trick or not? If you've got any of those little flaming gizmos on you, that'd be perfect."

Siyu giggles a little bit as he pours the clear shot of the liquid and he'll gently slide it down the bar for Miskha to take, giggling again and sipping his own beer

Johnny lunges at Angus and attempts to disarm him. "Give it to me."

Angus sighs a little as he is realized, about to comment back to her before he notices a lot of movement out of the corner of his eye and Johnny lunges at him, leaving him to groan a bit as he takes a step back. "Alright, alright, alright!" He snaps as he reaches down to his belt and removes his metal knuckles to offer to Johnny. "Here!"

The moment Angus touches his knuckles, he gets another bartender's drink sloshed over him as the kitsune giggles to himself. "Second out for you." The bartender stares Johnny down. "That's two drinks you've spilled." Evidently understanding how the game goes. "You're paying for those two drinks." He stares at Siyu too. "Also, you, what's your name. Pay up your tab."

Mishka folds her arms, frowning as Angus hands over the weapon. Tsk. She does take her drink, though, nodding her thanks to Siyu and bringing it to her mouth.

Siyu flattens his ears at Johnny and he just takes off his hat, "No thank you, if we're going to get that rough I'm not going to...going to play anymore..." he says, chosing to step down.

Johnny eyes Siyu and grins. "Nothing wrong with a lil rough housin." he says and looks to Mishka, thinking. He whispers something to Angus, handing his weapons back. "So it's just me and her huh?" he asks the gameskeeper, completely ignoring their call for a tab.

"Mmh, I'll let the other kitsune play with the rat's life just cause all of you ganged up on him." He pastes a new sticker on Angus hat.

Mishka closes her eye after looking at the stickers and takes her seat again, leaning back while she sips at her drink. She's going to try her heavy clan approach to things, this time.

Siyu grunts to the bartender and pulls out a large collection of crowns, "Here, here, all the drinks, don't worry they're having fun." a few hundred crown coins roll across the bar, casually flinging gold about.

Siyu spends 1000 Crown for RP reasons.

Angus adjuts his hat as he huffs. "Well, this will be intresting at least." He looks to Johnny, eying him a little before he moves over and slides up next to Mishka at the bar. "I guess it's been fun so far, what do you think miss?"

Johnny follows Angus and steps behind Mishka, putting a hand on their shoulder. "Sorry to steal all the fun, c'mon now." he says before he begins to tickle Mishka in a fun manner. "No hard feelings, was all in good fun."

Mishka clenches her jaw, trying not to laugh. "Mmmhmm." She's going to give them as few chances as possible, bringing her glass back to her mouth again and folding her legs. Her eye remains closed, fully intent on weathering the storm, as it were.

Siyu just sits and drinks his beer

Johnny shakes his head. "So what was all that about a drink?" he says, evidently done joshing around. "Hey Angus, hear about the archers who were having a pretty great day at the practice course? You wouldn't think they were, they were all in the red." he says, cueing his assistant off on his own to look up from his finished creator steak and set down Johnnys, giving a thumbs up as he chewed.

"all in the red, what?" Angus asks as he turns to look at Johnny in confusion at the joke, shaking his head before he leans in and pokes Mishka in the side, sticking his tongue out at them with a smirk.

Mishka pokes back at Angus before reaching up to scratch her chin. "I'm not laughing, if that's your intent. Nope." She smiles softly and sets her drink down, empty, and folds her hands in her lap.

Johnny shakes his head. "Not quite thte intent but, I suppose it could work." he says. "Hey noble, why don't you get her another drink." he says to Angus encouragingly.

"Hmm, the game gets dull." The kitsune shakes his head lightly. "Let's just call it a long draw." Thankfully he has a few more jeweled boxes up his sleeve! Handing one to each of the three. There are six gems on each box, and six empty squares. "Mmh. You'll need to unlock your prizes though. A simple six letter word to guess...and each time you want to guess a letter or a word you push a gem." Johnny's box is labelled 'Performing', Mishka's box is labelled 'Equipment' and Angus' box is labelled "Air Magic". Prizes distributed, the kitsune collects back all the magic hats and takes his leave!

Mishka opens her eye at that, taking the box with a smile. "Thank you! This sounds quite lovely, yes!" She brings the box up to her face and peers intently at it, humming in thought.

Angus shrugs his shoulders as his hat is taken, holding up the box as he looks at the multitude of gems on it. "Air magic? Intresting."