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Things have been quiet today in Firmament. Probably because of the return of the oppressive heat. But out in Saint's Square, there is a bit of a gathering in front of the shrine to the Elemental Dragon Sacred Family. Looks like someone might be dedicating themselves to a new way of life!

Bellamy Foxglove, known kitsune and something of a scholar on the sacred families stands to one side, watching with interest.

Natska makes her way down the street arm in arm with Cassidy, coming from the Academy district. She tilts her head as she notices the crowd, then gives Cassidy a small nudge.

Bazalt walks by and then stops and stares and then treads a bit closer. He grins and rests his left hand on his wrist as he watches. well this looks.. interesting.

Passing through Saints' Square, Reginald comes across the gathered crowd. Having an unoccupied mind, not withstanding the lynx's obvious discomfort in the heat, his interest it piqued by such an event. He had yet to see a being dedicate themselves to one of the sacred families in person, so takes the option to find some shade and watch what unfolds.

Cassidy holds a parasol above her head as she walks with Natska, keeping them both somewhat sheltered from the heat and sun. "Mmm... What's all this, do you think?" She asks the jaguar, giving her arm a little squeeze. "This is quite the crowd... I didn't hear about anything going on today."

Bellamy looks over his shoulder at the sound of Cassidy's voice. "It's a dedication ceremony," he says, "Rather more ceremony than most, but not unheard of. The dragons tend to like their initiation to be more public. I have seen two or three of these."

The sturdy, older fox nods toward a small stage that has been erected over the dedication seal. "Any of you folks know much about the Elemental Dragons?" he asks generally, as the preparations below continue.

"Mmhm, so it is..." Natska replies. Her ear flicks and for a moment she lingers on memories of the crucible, of blistering heat and potent magic, and then she shrugs at Bellamy. "A few things, yes."

"Mhm," Cassidy agrees, laying her head against Natska's shoulder. "Well. I don't mind stopping to watch for a bit, if you want to?" she asks, glancing up at the jaguar. "A very flashy initiation."

Bazalt Hrrms and then nods before spotting the fox and heads over. He spies regi and waves. "Actually no.. never seen it before" he sighs and pants sightly-black fur and heat... still not as bad as being soaking wet..but not by much. "Soo.. what happens?" he asks curiously

Reginald , returning a wave and smile to Bazalt, turns to Bellamy. "Heard nothing but the rumours that get passed round, myself. Will be interesting to see what happens with my own eyes."

"There is no real need for any great ceremony," Bellamy lectures, "The appropriate mathemagic is, of course, already in place. With the proper application of lunar dust and the right bloodline, the transformation is very nearly automatic. The need for Lunar dust to power the transformation is a large part of why the sacred families have lain dormant for so long."

On the small stage, a number of beings are gathering. They wear simple robes and seem to come from all different families and clans. Six of them array themselves in a semicircle on the far side of the seal that makes up the Elemental Dragon shrine.

Bazalt Nods slowly and moves over by REginald, to get out of the sun of course. "huh.. Lunar too?" he nds slowly "If nothing else this'll be entertaining." HE smiles and rubs his head, still panting softly.

Natska nods her head at Bellamy. "Mmhm. But as with any 'family', tradition is easy to invent, and it helps people feel close to one another if there is sone sort of... recognition." She smiles. "It is not for everyone, but some enjoy it."

"Do we actually know what really happens in this ceremony?" The lynx inquires cautiously, not wishing to detract too much from what must no likely be a joyous occasion. Being mathemagically challenged, this feline has always had a intrinsic distrust of that which beings do not fully comprehend. "I mean, to the being who undergoes the ceremony?" He gives the wolf beside him a friendly nudge in greeting, before looking back at the others.

"They become an Elemental Dragon, of course," Bellamy says, puffing through his mustache, "Something about waking their latent blood. One would think we would know more about the process, but it seems that it uses magic rather different from our ordinary stuff. Even more complex than this new three dimensional math they are doing. It is all quite interesting." While the fox speaks, it seems that preparations are nearing completion. The six beings on the stage have covered their faces with heavy cowls and a young bull, possibly a Strongheart is led onto the stage wearing a white, cotton robe. Honestly, if he did not look so nervous, he would probably be the most comfortable person up there.

Bazalt nods slowly "Hrrm..interesting." HE smiles to Regi and looks u at teh.. stage. "so what exactly happens?...I guess i'm about to find out...why am i-"he trails off and frowns, shifting from one foot the othe other slightly. "Does this.. happen often?"

Natska gives Bazalt a small shake of her head. "It requires a lot of dust. It is rare for an individual to be able to find or buy enough by themselves, unless they are sponsored by a family, a -very- rich group, or are themselves rich. Many of the Freeswords do it, though. They have the income and can use the edge in their work."

Reginald nods, appreciative of the answer given by Bellamy, despite his reply doing little to ease any uncertainties in the lynx. However, he makes a concerted effort to push any feelings of a sinister atmosphere to one side, as he settles in to observe the occasion.

"The magic is even baffling to the creators, in some ways," Cassidy says as she shifts in place. "The don't think our... Ability to change forms like that should be possible. It's a fascinating thing."

The young bull in the white robe walks nervously across the stage to stand in the center of the circle of intricate maths carved into the stone of the square. One of the robed and cowled figures steps forward. "Behold! The initiate!" he bellows over the chatter and buzz of the square, calling the attention of those who might have been otherwise occupied, "Who comes to claim the blood of the Dragons?" he calls, and the others echo, "Who Comes?" The young bull swallows hard, but puffs up his chest. "I am Tarvek Strongheart!" he answers, his voice cracking a bit at the end.

Bellamy smiles and shakes his head a little. "Poor boy," he mutters, "The pomp and circumstance is probably more frightening than the actual change."

"I would be nervous, too, if a bunch of people decided to show up for this. My phoenix initiation was far more quiet and without fanfare," Cassidy says, adjusting her grip on the parasol, leaning forward to peek out from under the canopy. "Just the way I like it. I was in, done, and back home in no time."

Bazalt blinks and nods slowly. "Hrrmmm the change..." he sighs and frowns. "What.. about this-would it be possible for me a shadow?" he muses out loud and then blinks "err... I was.. just thinking out loud!" HE coughs and frowns, his tail curling around his leg.

Natska smiles at that and gives Cassidy a little hug, then nods at Bazalt. "Once the Family is unlocked, its use becomes instinctual. Despite being able to study it to my heart's content, I'm still not sure what maths let me do what I do. It just happens when I want it to." She snickers.

Reginald , upon noticing the nervousness of the young bull initiate, poses a question to the group. "You mentioned that not all dedication ceremonies are as public as this. Is there a reason why the Dragon ceremony is different - a special requirement to carry out this change, or something along those lines?" Then, seeing the shadow wolf's shyness show its face, the lynx gives him another nudge and a reassuring smile.

Bellamy considers all of the questions while the bull on stage is walked through a lengthy ceremony, describing the great dragons of the Arrival. "Anyone my perform the ritual," he says to Bazalt, then looks to Reginald, "You think that THIS is part of the ritual?" he chuckles, "No, no, this is just something that a group of Dragons choose to do. I will tell you when the actual ritual begins. Most dedicants to any Sacred Family choose to perform the ritual alone and quietly. My own Sacred family seal is within the academy. No one even noticed when I dedicated myself. I have a friend who performed the dragon dedication in the middle of the night so that no one would see him."

"It certainly is a mystery, huh?" Cassidy says, looking up at Natska again with a little grin as she hugs back. "We can do it, but we don't know -how- we do it. I've got all those kitsune tails, too, and I don't really know where they come from, or why I can do the things I can do. I just can."

Natska nods her head. "Mmhm. And the Pheonix family always has watchers in attendance, but that is for safety, not a part of the ritual. It is a... dangerous area." She smiles. "The important part of the ritual is that," she points at the large emblem in the ground, the seal. "Dust is inlaid in the seal to activate it, and the magics do the rest."

Bazalt Gulps and Glances to Reginald, gulping. "Ah.. i.. see" He nods slowly and shifts a bit more. "j-just how many sacred familes are there?" He glances and nods to natska. "ahh"

At the wolf's response, Reginald can't help but raise his arm and place it around Bazalt, in an attempt to offer him some confidence. If you knew the lynx, this would no doubt seem like quite a forward and unusual act for him, yet he showed no signs of uncomfort this time. Hugging the shadow a little, he picks up on where the conversation had left off. "You mention that the seal is an integral part of the event - what did beings do before they were created?"

"I'm not sure," Cassidy says, shrugging. "We don't make them. As far as I know, we don't understand enough as a collective populace to be -able- to make them. So I imagine prior to finding them, we just didn't have any awakened forms."

"How many?" Bellamy asks, "Hard to say. The Sacred Families were the first beings to arrive on Promise. They had certain special powers that made them well suited to making a beginning for the rest of us in a harsh climate." He nods toward the dragon shrine and the ongoing ceremony. "The dragons are strong, and resistant to the elements. The ones we have today are hearty and can withstand fire and poison and even the ocean's depths, though the stories told of our great ancestral dragons say that they could do much more. They could dive deeper, fly higher and wielded power to change the very landscape. I know of ten Sacred Families, but who knows? We may yet discover others." He looks toward the stage where the robed figures are leading the bull back to the center of the great sigil of the elemental dragons. "Ah!" he says, "Here we are. This is the real ritual here." He looks at Reginald and shrugs. "They were always here. The sacred families made them when they arrived. There are seals like this one scattered all over Promise. We could not use them before the ruin of Raquestia, but they have always been here. Now, watch."

On the little stage, the bull youth has been left to stand alone in the center of the large seal and is holding a little pouch. He reaches out and carefully upends it, pouring a glittering powder of lunar dust into the deep grooves of the seal. Somehow, the dust spreads, filling every nook and cranny of the etching with pale light. Most of the square has stopped to watch at this point.

Bazalt Blinsk at Reginald but..seems to lean into it? HE takes a deep breath and nods. "I.. see... so it's possible there are some you dont know about?" HE nods again and watches the stage. he takes anotehr deep breath and smiles abit. His Tail moving and Wraping aroud the lynx's leg instead of his. However HE dont seem of realized it has done so. "That's... wow..." HE says, watching the youth closely now.

Natska makes a quiet noise and nods in agreement with Bellamy. "I have ideas, and things I've heard. Our Creators made us different from all the other Beings on the myriad Creator worlds - they are likely the only ones who know how that works."

"There are some we don't know about, certainly! We just discovered ... At least one new one last year, didn't we?" Cassidy asks, looking towards Natska. "The winged horse, and the siren. Those ones are newer additions to our little family of families, I believe. So who knows when we might uncover more. Or where."

Reginald offers up no further questions as he quietly watches the spectacle unfold. Yet, despite the remarkable nature of the event, the lynx's thoughts seem to be more focussed on the being beside him. When he feels Bazalt lean back against his hug, a contented grin graces his face. As the initiate empties the lunar dust into the seal, the feline feels the wolf's tail wrap round his leg, but, this time, does not draw attention to it. Instead, he just remains where he is, enjoying the company of Bazalt.

The other beings on the stage step back and give the bull all the space they can give, and it soon becomes apparent why. The young bovine standing on the seal reaches up as if to stretch his back, and stretches, and stretches, and stretches! His spine seems to grow and grow, as does the rest of him. His arms and legs and shoulders swell with power as his neck elongates and heavy, plate-like, golden scales erupt from his skin. The newly changed dragon lets out a roar as his own horns twist and change into thick, branching antlers. As the light fades, a serpentine, golden dragon has replaced the bull. The gathered crowd erupts in a cheer and the dazed young dragon blinks and stares around. One of the robed figures produces a large sheet and passes it to the youth, since the change has ruined his cotton garment.

Bazalt Blinks "I.. oh.. wow.." He blinks. "that's amazing.." HE seems quite taken aback by it and this causes him to lean against Regi in full. "wow.." He stammers again That's-" he moves to rest his ehad on teh cats shoulder before he blinks and looks at him. "Oh Sorry! I.. Ah.. I.. didnt. Mean.. I" He gulps and blinks tail curling tighter on the mans leg. The one on the stage now forgotten as he stares at the cat.

Natska watches quietly, leaning in against Cassidy's side. She smiles as she hears Bazalt, but apparently has no comments to add at the moment.

Despite the birth of a dragon before him, no doubt a once in a lifetime sight, the lynx seems to be zoned out of the event. Instead, his thoughts are dominated by the presence of the wolf next to him, and how it makes him feel relaxed, comfortable, and, above all, happy. He is only awoken from this state when Bazalt raises his head off his shoulder. The lynx is afforded only but a moment to take in the transformation that had just happened, before he meets the shadow's gaze. At this, he just looks caringly into his eyes. For once, this usually confident feline is unsure of how to continue.

Cassidy scoots a little closer to Natska as the rain comes, making sure the parasol is situated properly to shield them both as she watches the on-going scene. She didn't have much to add, either, by this point!

The festive mood of the event is only a little dampened by the sudden onset of rain. Beings who were casual observers scramble for shelter while the group with the new dragon gather around to congratulate him.

Bellamy produces a black umbrella to shield himself from the rain. A gentleman and an officer and ever prepared. "The only reason I might avoid this sort of spectacle is that it does not always take," he says, "You have to have it in your blood. A being does not dedicate themselves to a Sacred Family for advantage or for gain, but because it hums in their blood."

Bazalt Glances to the fox. "d-dosnt take?...W.what do you.. mean?" HE then looks back at REginald and gulps- "I..s..sorry.. I..wasnt Reall-" He notices teh Rain and suddenly pulls himself closer to teh cat. "Why does it awlays have to-oh..oh Sorry.. Again..G.gaH!" he Stammers as his tail squeezes tighter on the CAts leg, the wolf looking from the fox to the cat utterly embarressed and . nervous?

Natska looks over at Bellamy, her hat and her wife's parasol keeping her dry. She nods. "That is how it was for me, yes. It felt... right."

"I dunno. From everything I've heard and seen, anyone can do it if they have the dust," Cassidy says, ears flicking. "I bet you I could walk up and do it right now. Or go out and become a gryphon. I don't -care- to for myriad reasons, but I could. I imagine anyone could! I haven't seen a failure yet. That said, there are some things that feel more right than others, I think. Phoenix, for instance."

"Precisely," Bellamy says, "It calls to those with the sacred family in their blood. I could not imagine going to the Kraken shrine simply because it seems like a convenient way to learn to swim! And the cost is significant, of course. I can only imagine what the seals' original uses were, since they cannot have had access to our lunar dust." The sturdy fox nods to the other beings around. "The whole thing is quite interesting, isn't it? I don't suppose you have any other questions I might answer?"

Reginald , his fur starting to flatten down from the rain, was, as of yet, unaware of the downpour. Looking into Bazalt's eyes, he truly was uncertain of what to do next. From what the canine says, and from the embarrassed look on his face, one would have thought that their advances were unwelcome, so should withdraw. Yet, despite this, the shadow was pulling himself closer to the lynx, and his tail seemed unwilling to ever part. What should Reginald do? ...

Pausing for a moment, he peers lovingly into Bazalt. Thoughts of how the wolf made him feel suddenly filled his mind. Taking a deep breath, the lynx leans forward, bringing his mouth closer to Bazalts. His movements are calm and slow, with no hint of any forceful nature - the other being would only meet his kiss if he so chose to, and could easily turn away and leave if that was what he wanted. And with this, what happens next is down to the shy shadow wolf ...

Bazalt Blinks At the CAt as he.. wait.. that rokarion did that to Zuri.. and they were together... Like cassidy and...natska were... He Blinks-no clue waht to do, he needed time to think to.. decide but.. ther wasnt time he just gulps and.. albeit in a timid manner, returns the Kiss to the lynx-Was.. this.. love?.. or. something else?

Cassidy flashes a little smile at the other two before grinning up at Natska and nodding. "Want to head home soon, Natska? Or shall we continue our stroll through the city and enjoy the rain? Maybe go visit the shipyards? The sound of rain on the waters is a lovely thing."

"If I may, Ladies Solacious," Bellamy says gruffly, "I shall take my leave with you. It seems that our other friends here are more interested in each other than in any field of my own expertise." The stout fox's stoic face softens in a bit of a smile at the kissing pair and starts to make his way from the square, thoughts of dragons set aside for now.