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The city is in high spirits, and for good reason. The siege is broken, and a decisive attack on the shadow nest, the second discovered, has had an immediate reduction in the number of shades daring to assault merchants and the innocent outside city walls. The castle is lit up, banners are hung, but the air in the council room is serious as any day as Gifted are guided inside.

Kilsa enters the castle with a small steps not sure what to make of all the serious faces but makes sure to keep mouth shut. She looks around for familar faces to easy her tension, her normally optomistic mood feels a bit dampered by the overwhelming seriousness.

Wulf bounces just in front of some hands ushering her into the Council Room. Once inside she looks around for a seat to plop into till the meeting starts, stayin quiet so that she doesn't bother anyone.

Zevran slowly walks into the castle, the sharp contrast between the revelrie outside and the seriousness inside keeping him silent. He notices Kilsa and gives her a wave, but remains quiet. Noticing Wulf, he moves to take a seat next to her.

Ryusho slightly rubs his eyes just as he enters as he wakes himself up so he will be aware and good to be here, as he looks around once he was ushered in, though he would move to sit beside Kilsa as her retainer, unless of course he was requested to sit elsewhere, the dragon luckly more awake then he was the other day, so hopefully he can actually form sentences properly

The King is in attendance, which is near a first since his injury. He's had better days, but he's dressed for the part, and his sword is strapped to his back, as it has been for many Good Kings and Queens through the years. He is seated at the center of the council, as its primary member, above any other who may rise to take a seat in its august body.

Kilsa waves back at Zevran then focuses on the issue at hand waiting on someone to explain the seriouness. She looks at the good king a little proudly. Feeling excited that he is well enough to be moving around and even if he isn't he is still keeping his peoples confidence.

Wulf offers a wave at Kilsa as well since Zevran seems to know her at least then turns to view the Good King, her tail wagging happily at the sight of his recovery so far.

Zevran looks up towards the Good King, smiling a bit at the leader's apparent recovery, or at least partial recovery. "You have any idea why we're here?" He asks Wulf quietly, hoping not to draw much attention as he continues to look at the Good King.

Wulf shakes her head in denial. whispering very, very quietly. "No idea... but wait, and listen."

Ryusho would also be smiling to see the Good King was at least able to be up and about enough to be here, considering the fact that the last time he had seen the king critical condition when he had gotten his injuries, and then when he was told to finally leave once the king was indeed stable since the king kind of had him in a deathgrip that whole time.....

The head of the council, currently a female Blackback, a skunk of course, strikes a gavel, "The council now convenes. I have been asked by the Good King to see the opening and closing ceremonies, and it is my pleasure to do so," she explains, looking out over the gathered crowd, "While there is some usual business to attend to, most of you are here for the Good King's direct statement, which we will arrive at shortly."

Kilsa nods and smiled at the speaking Blackback, She looked at Ryusho and gives him a pleasant smiled before whispering, "I'm excited to see what the kind has to say."

Zevran remains silent after hearing Wulf's answer. He listens to the Blackback's statement, a bit disappointed that he would have to sit through the meeting before hearing the Good King's statement. He was the type that would rather be fighting something than sitting in a meeting. Still, he does his best to hide his disappointment and waits to see what will happen next.

Ryusho shifts and nods to kilsa, "I am interested too, excited even, though I am glad I am awake enough to be able to focus at this time..yesterday was a wreck." he wispers back to her as he shifts his position slightly

Wulf puts her hands up to her temples and begins to rub at them... meetings, soooo boring, she needs to be doing more than just listening, but remains quiet.

The council meeting progresses fairly normally at first, with people airing their greivances, and being judged by the council members and the King as need be. The only matter of interest comes up with one being steps up, "When are we taking back Mossy Stone?" Which brings up some murmuring in the crowd.

Zevran slouches into his seat as the meeting progresses, an expression of boredom on his face. The mention of Mossy Stone apparently gets his attention, though, as he sits straight up and looks towards the council to wait for their answer.

Kilsa pales at the menton of mossy stone, Robert being one of her idols she doesn't know how such and operation would even go. "I wonder how such a plan would be excuted." She questions quietly to herself. Looking at Ryusho and the rest of the folk gathered. "What would the losses be?" She asked to her retainer for input.

Ryusho looks to Kilsa after a bit, "I have no idea..." he says quietly, "...It would depend on how it would go...but.." he shifts a bit as he then rubs his head, "...I'm not a mass tactitian...who would understand the losses on a larger potential least at this time I'm not..."

Wulf does the classic fidgeting that one does when impatiant or the like, her leg constanly switching sides on which it rests and one of her footpaws tapping at all times as she looks around, until Mossy Stone is mentioned, her head snapping to look at the podium.

The Good King rises from his seat at the question, composing himself before he begins to speak, "The shadows are driven from the streets of Mossy Stone, but in their wake, another horror awaits, preventing my loyal people from returning to their homes. This is a matter I wished to speak of in my address, but since it has been brought up, I will begin it now, and all will be explained.


Zevran notices Wulf's fidgeting, assuming that she is bored as well. When the King stands to speak, Zevran leans forward a bit in his seat. His attention is focused solely on the Good King.

Wulf looks even more towards the good king, sitting foreward in her seat just as Zevran is, curious as to what the good King has in store for the summoned 'gifted' as they put it.

Ryusho shifts as he turns his gaze back towards the Good King, actually quite currious as he slightly shifts and leans forward just a bit as he listens closely to make sure he doens't miss something....

Kilsa is on the the edge of her seat. She waits for the good kind to spill the beans on what is causing problems in Mossy stone. "I didn't know there was something else keeping us out. I figured it was only shadows." She whispers to Ryusho.

"We owe a debt, as a whole, to the hard work of many of our people. Our gifted, who took the fight to the shadow at every step, keeping them well away from Firmament, and exploring the nature of our enemy, but also who have discovered a new menace, and, perhaps, a new ally. I do not ask you to extend trust blindly, good beings. Only to remember the First Text. Everything has a purpose, it is the challenge to discover the true place of a thing," speaks the Good King, gesturing broadly across the crowd.

Zevran is sitting on the edge of his seat now, listening in rapt attention to the Good King. The mention of finding the true place of a thing reminds him of something told to him by Mione, but he only takes a moment to ponder it before continuing to listen.

Wulf headtilts, her ears twitching towards the Good King as he speaks, rather confused as to what he is speaking about. Though the best way to find out and not interupt the Good King is to stay Silent, although her mind races back towards her dreams...

Ryusho quirks his brow slightly as he glances to Kilsa, "..a new ally?" he wispers back though "...a new menace?" is the next thing, as he is confused a bit by this, as he had no knoledge there was something else to worry about as well...

Kilsa looks at Ryusho, "Why do I feel dread..." She looked at the good King and was hoping that he wouldn't propose the insane thoughts goinf through her head or worse is a shadow in disguse. She shakes her head removing such childish thoughts.

A door to the side opens, and in strides two skunks, a male and female, the female bearing a seal of the house Blackback. With them is a female plant, with roses about her neck and petals along her legs, making it easy to guess her breed. She bares no clan seal, or house seal, but does have familiar black eyes.

Zevran looks towards the entering group, the sound of the opening door drawing his attention from the King, who seemed to have stopped speaking. He seemed a bit confused, unsure what the reason for bringing the rose in is. "What do you think that's about?" He whispers to Wulf.

Kilsa looks a little worried, "What..." She grits her teeth and clenches her hands, "Ryu. Please hold my hand under the table and keep me from doing anything stupid." She growls out quietly, Slowly understanding what she is seeing. "I hope I am wrong."

Wulf eyes the black eyed Rose being escorted in as she whispers back at him. "I dunno, but it looks like she is soulless... I don't see a gem on her though so... why isn't she going, well you know." Her eyes don't leave the rose for a second, eyeing those depthless eyes."

Ryusho shifts he begins to adjust his position and slowly takes Kilsa's hand, as he wispers back, "Just...make sure that I don't do something stupid either..." he mumbles softly as he glances to Kilsa, something seems..odd here to him...

"This person," he gestures at the rose as they stop before his elevated stand, "Has pleaded for asylum, sanctuary, from the shadows she once called kin. She has petitioned to join us, as a peer, and to throw aside the mantle of war in the doing. She asks much of us, and tests our convictions. Will we strike at her, as our emotions demand, or rise to the teachings of the Creators?"

Zevran seems rather surprised, if the look on his face was any indication. "She was possessed by the shadows, then? But...I thought the possession was permanent." He whispers to Wulf, his eyes still fixed upon the rose.

Kilsa growls but keeps her teaching to heart. Her hand raises in a questioning guesture, waiting to see if the king will aknowledge her.

Wulf doesn't know herself, in a moment of ponderance she calls out, no use in dleaying the inevitable. "Give us proof first, so that we may judge for ourselves if she is truly free of the influence of the shadow!"

"What proof," asks the king, "Can one give for one's intentions? There is no proof, but two citizens have stepped forward to speak on her behalf." He gestures, and the two skunks step forward. "If you would, we will begin with Lady Ironsoul. The council recognizes." All this said, the king settles back into his seat, the spotlight on the skunks instead.

Wulf blushes as she realizes that she just left the protocol to be followed in meetings, oh well, what can one expect from a more or less commoner? Wulf sinks back into her chair and crosses her arms as she looks down at the ground.

Kilsa stands up, "As you know the Church is all about good will and such. I would like to know what do we know about her. What has made her choose to defect? Is she even fully defected? What can we do to ensure our safety and lastly what do the shadows want besides our annilation?" She asks rapidly before looking at the creature, "Do you have a name miss?" She looked at the shadow with a soft smile and tries her hardest to keep an open mind.

The female skunk, the one bearing the Blackback seal, speaks, "Hello everyone. It's been quite a week for most of us. I'm Jessica, Blackback, of course." She gestures back towards the rose, "She is Jeremy, a dear friend. She lost her original body defending us from the Cliffside invaders, and rescued Clyde," A gesture towards the male skunk, "From the sea without prompting. She is a good person, even if she was born differently than us."

Wulf blinks at the name, isn't that a guys name? Shaking her head she reaches up and rubs at her temples with a quiet sigh.

Zevran listens silently to the exchange, unwilling to raise his hand to offer any questions. His gaze is still focused on Jeremy, and he finds himself wondering how exactly the rose was able to defect from the shadows.

Kilsa looks at Jeremy, "I'm glad she was their to help, Is Jeremy capabal of answering questions for the meeting? I'm interested on knowing the thoughts of creatures I've been fighting if peace is possible as good folk we aren't allowed to turn it down with a good mind." She speaks formal but is still fighting with her confusing and slight bit of fear.

Jessica reaches back, taking Jeremy's hand and guiding her forward. She looks a bit hesitant, eyeing all the people that look at her, many with unfriendly expressions. "I am not used to speaking, especially on matters of feelings. I am new to many of them. I could not say when I changed my mind entirely, but my mission was first to capture her, but..." she pauses, looking down towards her feet, "She captured me instead. I do not wish to leave her, or Clyde, or even Timothy."

Ryusho shifts his position a bit as he looks from one to another then rubs his head slightly trying to figure out an opinion if he even has he hums softly, scratching his head curriously...

Kilsa nods, "I respect that." She says matter of factly, "Can I ask what are your kind intentions for us?" she smiles softly, "I doubt its to send us gifts and keep the day from being so bright. More importantly do you have a leader? That will be my final question I don't want to overwhelm you Jeremy and I am sure everyone else is curious."

Jeremy shakes her head, "I have no leader anymore. He was dissapted and has not yet reformed, and when he does, he will have no kindness for me. I follow the direction of my friends, my family." She looks to Jessica, then, Clyde, "We can't speak as well as I once did my shadow kin, but we are family all the same. I will do what I can to help them."

Wulf raises her hand, having the presence of mind to do this before speaking wiht her eyes looking back up to Jeremy's black eyes.

Zevran continues to listen as Jeremy answers questions, although he is still unsure whether or not the rose can be trusted. When she mentions that she still considers shadows to be her kin, his suspicion increases. He turns to look at Wulf as she raises her hand, curious as to what the Husky will ask.

Kilsa nods and waits for Wulfs question. "Hmmm." She says in her seat calmly. "This is an interesting development."

Jessica points towards Wulf, "Yes, miss? What is your question?" she asks, looking curiously.

Wulf puts her hand down and tosses out the question she'd been itching to ask. "All right, this leader of yers... that wouldn't happen to have been the huge shadow me an the grup i was with managed to slay was it? And come to think of it... weren't you all there?"

Jeremy looks confused, which prompts Jessica to speak, "Yes, miss, we were. I believe I saw you, but we were in a little hurry at the time, so pardon us for not staying around." A white smile.

Jeremy blinks, with realization, "Oh, yes, he was battling, I felt it, then he was gone. We passed him, with..." he frowns, looking uncertain.

Ryusho shifts hi sposition slightly, "Ahh...So it was you three that ran past us when..we had been fighting.." he says quietly..thinking a bit, as he then glances to Kilsa, and the others, rumbling in thought....

Kilsa raises and eyebrow, "Are you telling me we killed the leader of all shadows or just a general?" She looks amazed, "Pardon my surpises but I have a hard time believing that we stuck any heavy blow of that magnitued." She feels slightly empowered and pats Ryusho on the arm in excitement hoping for good news.

Zevran seems a bit more interested as Jeremy mentions that the shadow they killed was some sort of leader. He begins to wonder if the rose meant that the large shadow they fought was a leader of the shadows as a whole, or of only that single nest.

Jeremy shakes her head, "I can't say. He was my leader, and felt very powerful compared to any other shadow I ever felt. I could not say there is no stronger, but if there was, they would probably only speak to him, not to a small presence as myself."

Wulf nods quietly "Alll right... thank you... actually one more thing, I don't know if you can answer this but those of us who had fought during the raid are getting almost nightmarish dreams, do you have any idea as to why?"

Jeremy pauses a moment, gazing off into space a moment as the king raises, "My clever citizens, you do not permit me to lead this day at all. Mione has words concerning the night terrors that have afflicted some of us, myself included. Before I bring him in, are there any other questions for Jeremy?"

Kilsa smiles at Wulf, "I've been sleeping less than I normally do to avoid them." She admitted sheepishly. "My king I have one last question, Jeremy.... What do you think of us personally. We've been your enemy for a very long time, I want to know your take on us after getting to know us."

Zevran looks over towards the King as he replies. He seems rather interested in hearing what Mione might have to say, and appears a bit disappointed when Kilsa has another question.

Kilsa smiles at Wulf, "I've been sleeping less than I normally do to avoid them." She admitted sheepishly. "My king I have one last question, Jeremy.... What do you think of us personally. We've been your enemy for a very long time, I want to know your take on us after getting to know us."

Jeremy shakes his head, "I am sorry, but that is not entirely true. I have only known what it is to live for less than... a month. I share the memory of my people, and they do not hate you, but believe it is their duty to destroy you. The Creators said this was our purpose, and we would be rewarded for acting well." Chaos. No less than half a dozen beings spring to their feet instantly, shouting vile blasphemies at Jeremy, decrying the shadow and their words.

Ryusho stands up and promtly, th ough he turns he -roars- "QUIET" he suddenly blurts towards those who had begun to protest, "This is a DSICUSSION, NOt a Protest, Or a Asault now SIT Down and SHUT UP." he says after a moment, "...Thats what -they- Were told, Just like we were told it was -OUR- duty to destroy -them- Ever hear of the term Manipulation you simpletons!" ..ouch

Wulf was just about to do the same thing, but being much less big her protest would likely be less noticed, her ears go flat however and she covers them. "Ow...."

Kilsa looks stunned and shaken, "No more questions from me." She says just barely enough to be heard after the out burst before sitting in her chair. "Creators and shadows...." She whispers sadly, "hmmmm."

Zevran grips the edge of his chair, his knuckles turning a bit white as he tried to restrain himself from shouting at the crowd before Ryusho beat him to it. He didn't even flinch from the roar, although there was a slight ringing in his ears afterwards. He looks towards the King to how the meeting would progress. The news that the Shadows believed their purpose to be Creator-given troubled him.

Bang bang, goes the gavel of the head of council as she gives stern looks at the crowd, "May I remind you that you are here at the sole discretion of the Good King, who graciously shares the council with you? Our guest has done nothing wrong in sharing what he has, and even if he has, that is for us to decide. There will be order in this council room or you will be escorted out." One last slap for good measure. The king waves one of the servants of the room over and speaks to them quietly, gesturing at Ryusho briefly.

Ryusho shifts slightly, as he stands there but slowly would begin to sit down, glaring at some of those who had jumped up in 'assault' of the others as he takes a deep breath, then sighs, shaking his head a bit and calms down, as he turns his head to look towards the good king again as he relaxes...with a bit of a cringe, well he has done his stupid act for the leas the guesses thats what he did

Well, that did a good job of scaring Jeremy to silence. Her friends escort her away, out of sight, as the Good King rises, "I believe we've enough of that subject for now. It is my decision that the one known as Jeremy will be given citizenship, to be held up to our laws and be held responsible for our way of life. They will serve their one year of military service, starting within six months time, and must attend Noonday mass daily until then, to assist in their acclimation to the city. They will be held to the same standards as any other. As the Creators have demanded, a fair chance will be given."

Kilsa looks somberly, "The shadows think they are ordered... to kill us." She whispers to no one in particular. "Why... Have we done something or is there a mixed message?" Her mind reels from the revelation of the shadows purpose. "HAve we done something wrong..."

Zevran watches silently as Jeremy is taken away by her friends. Perhaps now the Good King would provide some insight into the nightmares he and the others had been having. He looks eagerly towards the Good King.

Wulf nods silently as they three move off. Wulf whispers at Zevren quietly "Well, most people deserve a shot I suppose."

With proper fanfare, Mione is next to stand the stage. Unlike the last group, he looks quite calm and composed, quite used to appearances at the council at his majesty's command through the years. "Good afternoon, gentle people of Sweetwater. May I congratulate you all, especially those of you who were partially responsible, for our many victories we celebrate this day. My faith in the strength and ability of the people of this great nation has, again, been rewarded."

Kilsa is staring off into space still trying to fix things within her mind, "Why....what could it have been?" She looked almost like she was watching some scene of horror as she continued to whispered to herself. "We are the faithful and loved...right?"

Zevran turns his head to look towards Wulf as he whispers back, "Maybe. But only one shot. If that rose turns on us, I have no qualms taking her down." After his reply, he turns his attention to Minoe as he waits for the scholar to get to the point.

Wulf agrees wholeheartedly with Zevran, but doesn't verbally acknowledge him as Mione steps in, eager to listen to his words.

Ryusho sits there quietly as he then glances to kilsa then around... back to Nione as he shifts slightly, wondering but trying to listen as he squeezes Kilsa's hand lightly to help her maybe regain some attention...

"It has been my project, on behalf of the kingdom," speaks on Mione, "To unlock the further potential of the Gifted. We have assembled many parts. I see some who helped gather them in the audience now. The last part remained a mystery, until last night. One other shadow has approached us, though I am afraid to report that the other has no interest in joining our fair city, but simply to barter." He draws out a strange device made of Creator Steel, glinting in the light brilliantly, "The last piece." His other hand unslings a rifle that looks quite much like a creator artifact, and he slips the part into place, the whole thing humming softly a moment.

Zevran watches as Mione assembles the device, looking upon it with interest. He scoots forward, sitting at the edge of his seat as though eager to volunteer for anything if need be. "So it's complete, then." He whispers to Wulf.

Wulf nods at Zevran and leans over just a bit. "It appears so... and so soon as well, I thought it would have taken longer."

As the gun stops humming, a strange prickling sensation is felt. In those who have had dreams, the sensation runs up into their head, and ahhh, the pressure just flows away like a weight off the shoulders. "It was discovered," speaks Mione, "That this device bridges the awareness of the expanded gifted with the..." he pauses a moment, "I have yet to discern a good title for it, but the shared awareness of the shadow. It is an impersonal connection. Uncontrolled, it manifested as nightmarish visions without purpose or sense, but focused properly," he hefts the rifle like artifact, "I believe it can open the way to the next level of ability."

Ryusho could not help but -siiiigh- after a bit as he almost slumps forward for a second then shakes his head, that lack of oppressive weight feels -wonderfully-....

Wulf raises her hand "How about you call it the Ascencion Device? Just a thought.


Kilsa snaps out of her though on Ryusho squeeze and growls softly before recognizing him. "T-Thanks." She looks unnerved but focuses and looked at the weapon, "How do you plan to focus its power, Sir Mione." She feels so much better, "ahhhh..."

Zevran seems to visibly relax as the weight is removed from his thoughts. He still sits eagerly on the edge of his seat. "And do you plan on testing it?" He asks, raising his hand as well although a bit late for his question.

"I would love to," speaks the scholarly mouse, "But, there are several concerns. First, if the device works almost right, the target could become quite instantly possessed, and, as we know, a possessed gifted can be quite a frightful thing. This is why I wanted many gifted here, just in case. For another, since there is no true assurance that this will not simply kill the person directed at, I wanted a wide audience to request a volunteer from, as even indirectly forcing any being to undergo it would be against my beliefs. As for a name, Ascension Device works delightfully, yes."

Wulf tailwags happily as her name suggestion is taken, feeling no small amount of pride. Looking at Zevran she nudges him. "So you wanna volunteer or should I?"

Kilsa raises hand, "I would willing help." she smiled widely, "I don't want anyone else to get hurt and I think worse come to worse you can all take me." She removes her armor under the robes, "I will remove these to make the process eaiser encase it goes wrong."

Ryusho shifts a bit, "..I would not reccomend that Kilsa.." he says softly, "as I remember what happened when you got temporarily controlled...and what happened to Rogna Durring that..." he says after a moment, ...Good point!

Zevran seems less eager after hearing about the side effects, but after glancing at the other gifted, he feels that he wouldn't want them to suffer them. He is quick to stand from his chair as soon as Kilsa volunteers. "Let me, instead. I've seen this device once before. And I don't know that Firmament could afford to lose a noble, Lady Ironsoul, especially not if you are running your orphanage." He offers. He believes he would have less to lose if he did happen to die than some of the others in the room.

Mione looks quite ill at east, "Madame, you are very brave, but you are the only member of your line. You have no children to carry your name if something should happen," he says fretfully, "It would seem such a shame to earn your line to lose it so swiftly." Biased? A little. He looks at Zevran as they rise, "Ah, yes, we have met before, have we not. If you will step forward. I don't think this will go poorly, but better safe than not, as the Creator saying goes."

Kilsa chuckles at Ryusho, "That would mean I'm the most experienced to face such a danger, Ryusho." Mione comments strike a little true, "I know and I will accept you decision." She looks a little upset but sits down and slide her armor into her robes with a soft click.

Wulf looks between people and sighs rubbing her temples quietly "Let's get ready then, eh?"

Zevran nods towards Mione, although he spares a glance back at Wulf. "If I become possessed because of this, do what you have to. I won't blame you." He says to the Husky before moving to stand in front of Mione. He takes a couple of deep breaths while trying to relax himself. "Right, I suppose I'm ready then." He says to the scholarly mouse.

Ryusho shifts slightly, "This beign said though...I suppose technically I am...another one who is avalible..." he says after a bit, "I am not a noble, though a Retainer and aid, I am not of a noble liniage or have earned the right to be called such." he says after a few long moments in thought ...but he still looks over to Zevran...

Wulf stands up and unshoulders her Musket, getting it ready should the need arise, though hopefully it shall not come to that creators willing. "All riht Zev... creators protect ya."

Up comes the rifle, "Creators protect," states Mione, pulling the trigger, and... gone. Everything. It's all black for everyone, until it's not. Your body seems to be gone, only perception remains, all too acute perception.

"They're doing what!" comes an alarmed male voice. A creator, with their strange lack of fur, dressed in an odd white suit, speaking to another, "But that wasn't the deal. How, why? Who authorized that?"

The floating perceptions that are you can feel the other presences of those who were sitting in the room close by. Their thoughts, when 'loud' enough can be heard, allowing speech, though the creators do not seem to hear it at all.

Zevran is almost overwhelmed by all the perceptions around him. "What is going on?" He thinks rather loudly. He is rather confused about what he is witnessing, although it seems to remind him a bit of his previous dream.

Ryusho's conciousness would simply say one thing "..What the f...What is this? I am not one who was shot at!"

Wulf blinks as something similar to the dream vision she and Zevran had is brought to mind. "Shh Ryusho, let the scene play out..."

"You know how it is. One penny pincher gets an idea, pitches it, and it's done. They don't care what we think," replies the other, sounding aggravated. The first punches a nearby desk hard enough to make his knuckles turn red.

"They don't deserve that!"

And it fades sharply to somewhere or when, possibly both, else. A world, hovering greatly above it. A creator star ship is there, gleaming and awe inspiring. From it streams black across the planet. Time feels funny, running too slow or fast, but the world is overwhelmed in what feels like an instant. A new pulse emerges from the ship, and the shadow is banished.

Kilsa looks at the Creator, "Wow." Kilsa smiled widely, "I'm so blessed to see such a things."

Zevran continues to watch the scene. "It's not like we can do anything to change it, though." His conciousness says, though in a quiet tone so as not to drown out the scene they are witnessing. "And what is that?" He queries upon witnessing the shadow.

Wulf shakes her head as she watches. "I have no idea... but it must be important."

This scene repeats itself. Another world, another wave of shadow, another purging, another world, another wave of shadow, another purging, another world... Over and over and over again, becoming more and more rapid until it becomes like the world is just flickering, though each flicker is a new world. Suddenly, it snaps, the Creator is there again, looking disheveled and tired, and old, very old. He is writing busily as the other Creator approaches, also looking much older, "Is it done?" the visitor asks.

"Yes. It's all I can do. I hope it's enough. Forgive me, my children." They nod at each other with grim determination and a sense of impotent rage.

Kilsa shakes her head, "What could you have done to need our forgiveness." She wonders aloud, "What could have possibly happened?"

Zevran seems confused at the scene before him. "I have a feeling we're about to find out." He replies.

Wulf nods at Zevran. "Yup, more'n likely."

Ryusho sits there for a moment, "....wait...maybe...something about how they were trying to cleanse the shadow..had afffected us? If thats what they were doing...?" he says after a bit, "Each planet was covered in shadow, then they did something..and it removed it...." he says after a bit trying to think

"You do not deserve to know," comes a loud and hostile voice. A face throws itself before the vision, dark and flowing with power, and the delicate focus is shattered. Perceptions sail through the cosmos, adrift. It feels like forever, or just a few heartbeats, but they are drawn back towards waiting bodies back on the world of Promise, to awaken in sweating forms in seats at the council. Everyone seems to be recovering from sleep, even those who were not gifted at all.

This includes Mione and Zevran, who had fallen over during the episode.

Kilsa feels shocked, "This is so confusing and frustrating." She growls, "Mione...?" She calls to the prone creature. "Are you both ok?"

Ryusho seems to asleep as well...poor draggie...err..someone wake him up when your ready.....he seems to be rather out of it...

Zevran awakens to find himself lying on the floor. "What was that about?" He mutters, moving to a sitting position before glancing at Mione. "Mione, are you okay?" He asks, reaching a hand over to try and shake the mouse's shoulder.

Wulf opens her eyes as the vision is shattered, looking rather miffed and commenting on the loud voice "Who is it that can say that we do not deserve to know the truth? My money is on the Shadow."

Mione's eyes flutter open on the shaking. He takes but a moment to realize he's on the ground before he gets up quickly, dusting himself off, and inspecting the gun, "That was not supposed to happen," he mutters, inspecting it carefully. "Could have been worse though..."

The king, now also roused, speaks, "I think my people have been subjected to enough excitement for one day. Refreshments have been made available in the courtyard, as part of the celebration of our successes. Please, enjoy yourselves. Council is dismissed." Aw, that was supposed to be the council head's job of the day. She looks only mildly put out.

Wulf shakes her head and shoulders her musket before stumbling away towards the Solacious Manor. "I need to rest more than anything... if anyone needs me ask for Wulf Tiernan at the Solacious Manor."

Zevran stands up from the ground, dusting himself off. "Rest sounds nice. It'll be good to finally get a good night's sleep." He agrees before making his own way to the Manor.

Kilsa looks completely lost, "I think I may need to forge my trobles away. This is such terrible news, If anyone wants my company I will be at the orphange." She frowns and turns around, "Thank you Mione for the experience to see the Creatprs."

Mione nods at Kilsa, "Quite welcome, Lady Ironsoul, though unintended. I am simply glad it came to no harm to anyone. I will continue to research the matter. Hopefully we will have a solution soon."