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In the freeswords, a poster stands out with an only Goat sitting next to it, "Will anyone help me? Oh freeswords I have little to pay but I promise that I will be eternally greatful," The old Goat weakly tries to get another freeswords attention only be shrugs off. "Please its for my poor boy..."

Bite slithers into the freeswords guild. Hearing the pleas of a goat, she hisses and approaches them, hearing something about pay, but missing something about how much. "Oh? I can help you ssweetie, whats wrong with your son?" she asks, looking the goat over.

Fefneir wanders into the guild, perking one of those overly large ears in the goats direction to ask the problem. Though Bite beats him to the bunch so he just moves up beside her to listen to the problem in detail.

The older Goat cries softly, "Its my son miss, He was a soulless like yourself. Tough as nail and just about as smart as one. He decided to take on a flock of those nasty shadow creature that attacked a caravan I was leading. His soulgem got knocked off during the fight and he got possessed. We didn't stand a chance in moments he slaughted my wife and his brothers and sisters. I only lived because I was knocked out by a spell my daughter casted a little too close." His eyes are shining with fresh tears, "I just want someone to release my son from the hell of being possessed by those Creator Damned creatures."

Bite nods sympathetically. "Where did this attack happen sssweetie?" she hisses, prying the details out so she can go do this, and collect whatever pay the man was speakinig of. "Out by the farm?" she queries, trying to think of where flocking creatures would assault a caravan.

Fefneir listens to the goat for a bit and nods, "We'll try to help the best we can." Then going quiet again so Bite can pry the old goat for the info to get at least the general location.

"No, Miss. It was done by in the east forest just north of the cabin. He is still out there. Everyday I go down there to check, He normally stands there just groaning in pain and crying. I don't know what the shadows have done to him but the last time I got close..." He holds up a hand and only one finger remains. "Before possession my son was a almost peer-less fighter, the shadow possession only made him even stronger, my other seven children who were all decent mages and fighters couldn't contain him. The only things that might make a difference is that he doesn't seem more than a brute in battle instead of a keen swords man..." He nods tearfully at both Bite and Fefneir, "I would be so greatful if you could just k-k-ki... release him and put all of my family to rest."

Bite nods and bows, taking off out the door and waving to the goat. "I'll take care of it sir, you wait here." she hisses, smiling. She picks up a soul gem off her own tab, one of a priest, and pockets it for the journey.

Fefneir moves to go after Bite, can't let the snake go alone, who would he pick on. Securing his own gem a bit more beneath his armor, flexing his wings out a bit as he follows her out.

The Eastbank forest is deviod of the normal creatures as a thin black mist rolls from it. The sound of crying can be heard echoing throughout the forest, a foreboding feeling of being watched fills the area. After few steps inside many skrith seem to be cowering in the tree watching Bite and Fefneir but none seem to want to drop low enough to be touched by the mist. A few steps further and a cabin can be seen, someone is laying down in front of it. A broken sword sticking out of its back.

Bite grabs her knife and starts to prep for battle, her current soul gem offering her wonderful insight into stealth and avoidance. She leaves the path, trying to use the mist to her advantage and approaches as silently as possible.

Fefneir draws the sword from his waist, trailing a bit farther back from bite, he wasn't as stealthy as she was but he was good for backup. His other hand brushing a pouch of medical powder as the draw closer. Least he's good at keeping his mouth shut when need be.

The corspe is a female goat, parts of the female are ripped off. The soft sounds of clapping can be heard from the porch of the cabin. "I killed them.... YES I KILLED THEM....It was horrible...IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!" The voices are coming from further ahead of the corpse, a shadow like being can be seen staring at his hands. "Why...Why did you make me....AUUUUUUGHHH" The figure screams and stops talking just starting at his hands in total silence.

Bite silently snickers, and starts to lace her blade with a poison. She moves onto the porch swiftly and lunges at his back, aiming for his spine.

Fefneir doesn't even ask questions forming a seal before him to form sharp shards of ice in the misty air to send them hurling toward the figure as well. Might as well get the jump on it.

The blade sinks in nice and the figure screams. "ARRRRGGG!!" The ice shard embed themselves within his chest. "Noo." With a sicking sound a shadowy mist rips the forces the dagger out and ejects the ice shards. "No." With a quick flick of his arm the horrorible creature takes a vicious swipe at Bite and growls. "More BoDies tO tAkE!!!" The creature squeal gleefully.

Bite is grazed by the swipe and steps back, away from the target into the mist as quickly as she can manage. She focuses on the figure and attempts to light them ablaze using an ignition provided by her chakra.

Fefneir steps back calling forth flaming bats to send rushing toward the figure. If not ice then fire, might work better, we'll find out.

The goat hops off the pourch and dodges the magical fire only to step out in to the full light to reveal that his body is covered in a grotese black shadow that seems to be pulsing on it own accord. "dIe!" The shadow fire a barrage of black ichor in the general direction of Fefneir while swiping at Bite with vicious tentacles. Unable to see the others it growls louder and the mists begins to slowly fade as it draws closer and closer to the possessed Goat.

Bite lashes her dagger out at the tentacles as she backs up and prepares an ambush, fleeting into the treeline as the mist is absorbed.

Fefneir dives to the side to try and avoid the ichor thats shot in his general direction, quickly speaking a chant to begin encasing him in a layer of stone for protection.

The ichor covered goat screams at the lashes as it is constantly dodged and begins to draw in even more mist as the sun sets. "GrrRRrrRRR!!!" It growls as a sickening smile covers its faces and the tentacles sprout many tiny redish eyes. "I SeEeEe YoOoOo BoOoTH!!" The creature turn its attention to Fefneir. "YoU FiRsT!" It speeds toward Fefneir while a few tentacles morph into razor sharp blades of hardend Ichor.

Bite shakes her head and calls on her secondary soul, prepping an explosion. She has little regard for harming Fefneir with his new armor coating, intending to causes it directly between them.

Fefneir is probly thinking along the same lines of Bite, suddenly summoning several flaming bats to fly at the tendriles as he tries to move out of the way, hopefuly the bats and the explosion enough to direct them away. He may have a layer of stone skin over him but doesn't mean the razor sharp tendrils won't make mince meat out of it.

The Shadow Possessed Goat smiles and uses his shadow tentacles to grasp Fefneir and raise him up and begins slicing him up and down his arms and legs almost playfully, "CUuuuuT YoOoOU NIcE aNd SLoW!" The creature grunts from the force of both the bats and the explosion. It stops its and turns to Bite, The ichor getting smaller from all the damage inflicted upon it, with a hateful roar it tosses Fefneir viciously at Bite. A tentacles moves slowly over to the dead goat female and draws the broke sword to the creature, it runs at them with terrifying speed.

Bite swiftly exerts as much force as she can to catch Fefneir, shoving them back at the creature and leaping over top of them, attempting to land a crippling blow (wounded target).

Fefneir doesn't so much feel all of the pain, the stone skin might have protected some of it but the rest is most likly adrenaline, oh he'll feel like shit after it wears off but for a short amount of time staying alive is a hell of a lot more important than giving into some cuts. ......and he seriously becomes a ping pong ball, and the only thing he can think of to do on short notice is move the sword out infront aiming low on the creature and useing the wing to adjust the trajectory a bit.

The creature hits the ground from the staggering blow to the head, "Urrr..." It tries to stand but can only muster and arkward stumble before collasping from the truama. It looks to Bite and Fefneir hatefully and continues to attempt to stand before stumbling to one knee and using its sword too keep it from falling flat on its face. Its tentacles retract into its body as it attempts to recover from the wound. A closer look reveals that part of it's skull seems to be caved in and one horn is missing.

Fefneir moves to strike down at the creature while he's still tring to recover, not like the evil bastard would give us anytime to recover given the choice. Of course if he can at least keep the things attention forward its not so much about weather he hits or not as gives Bite the time to get him from behing. He's not bad with a sword but he's no master at it either.

Roaring in pain from Fefneir's strike the creature reaches raises a claw covered in shadow to strike down Fefneir before groaning from the poisonous backstab from Bite. The shadow fades as the creature gives a sputtering cough and falls flat on Fefneir, the living shadow that possessed the goat have vanished.

Fefneir doesn't remain under the creature, shoving it off and moving know just incase it springs up again. Glancing toward Bite, "Lets not do this again anytime soon eh?"

Bite looks at the creatures remains and tilts her head, inspecting the body. "Is it dead?" she asks, looking it over and preparing to drive her dagger into it's spine again.

Fefneir looks over to Bite and shrugs a bit, "I'm not sure.... should we fry it just to make sure?"

The creature doesn't move but a pendant with a family crest is hanging loosely off its belt. The shadows are gone and not even the slightest bit of magical energy is coming from the creature. The creatures that previously took to the trees are nervously coming back to the ground and scurrying off to parts unknown.

Bite watches it and then takes the family crest, and sword before approaching the other body to see if they have anything worth retriving for the old man. "Let's get these back to him." she hisses, looking at the trinket and weaponry.

Fefneir nods a bit, "yeah, kinda of feel sorry for the old goat, whole family....just gone." Keeping his sword out though just incase, his other hand having moved to use some medical powder on the cuts while Bite was looking over the corpses.

The trips is quiet as the creatures are avoiding the pair and anything that even remotely reeks of shadow. After an hour of travel they arrive to the Freeswords where the old goat is standing, he runs to the pair with nervously look. "Did him?" He asks nervously looking over the damaging to the pairs clothing. "He didn't suffer, right?"

Fefneir looks a little worse for wear clothing wise but healed up the cuts on the way back to not overly worry the goat. Nodding in agreement with Bite's statement, really can't think of what to say to the old man.

The goat nods and begins to weep before handing both Bite and Fefneir thier reward. "Thank you again.... You've helped put my family to rest." He sighs heavily and begins a slow walk away from the pair.