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Valente is up on the little stage, softly strumming a new tune, but it sounds idle, as if he were considering what song to do next. There's a mild crowd of others. People seeking out the soulless, and the Soulless themselves, waiting to get work or relaxing between jobs. It's a fine afternoon, cooler inside away from the direct sun.

Bite slithers into the Inn wearing a fairly concealing cloak, finding it easier to hide her prize in the unhindering easy giving garment. She flicks her tongue out and inspects the crowd, waving to the rabbit on stage as she finds a seat, and orders a drink and some food to quench her needs.

Stepping in the front door of the inn, a well worn Thylacine in light leather armor glances around the room, a cold look on her face until she realizes that she is with other Soulless. Features relaxing somewhat, she stalks over to the bar, giving a brief wave to the rabbit and tossing a coin to their hat, offering them a wink as she finds herself a stool.

Kilsa walks into the in smiling widely, Her large hands playing lightly over her newest hammer. She notice the Hare and the Snake and waves to the snake. "Hey Bite! How are you doing?" She is in a positively jovial mood.

Valente receives money. His mood is already improving, though it was reasonably sunny to begin with. "Ah, some of my better customers arrive. I should get to work then perhaps." He nods towards Monique, strums across the strings and starts off a soft tune, "Since there's a craze for treasure of late, I'm sure you'll like this one."

Ordering herself something a little stronger than the usual fare, Monique turns on her stool, watching and listening to the rabbit ply his trade.

Bite perks up mid swallow, looking over to Kilsa with a smile, inviting her to the table and then turning her attention to Valente. This rabbit sure knows alot about treasure, and that just makes him more likeable. She starts setting out a few crowns to tip him as she watches him intently, taking a few drinks and scooping some food into her mouth as she does.

Kilsa smiles and withdraws a bag with fifty crowns in it. "Thank you for the lovely song on the beach. Next time tell us when monsters are a part of the story." She giggles and sits with bite. "Look at this baby." She takes her double badger headed hammer and show it off. "Took alot of work but I'm loving the enchantments placed on it. Its alsot the heaviest thing I've forged." She beams proudly.

Valente inclines his head at Kilsa, "You should always assume, but I sang the song as it was passed on," he assures, though he accepts the tip, then begins to play proper, "Once was a prospector who's name's now unknown. Her lust for the silver ensured she'd not be coming home. She ventured to the Silverveins with a backpack and a pick, they say that she died on top of her wish."

Nodding her head slowly, Monique seems quite taken with the tune and not the words, her features softening as the notes roll out. Reaching blindly for her drink, she takes a long pull on the spirit, sighing.

Bite feels her greed welling up inside as she listens to the rabbits tune, silver can go for a gracious amount of crowns, and she wouldn't mind seeing what she had in the backpack either. She stretches and looks at the hammer, admiring it's work. "I should really ask for you to make me something sometime." she hisses, thinking of what sort of armor or weaponry she could possibly carry that wouldn't get in the way. She adds three crowns to the pile she has started for the rabbit.

"She ventured the caves and fought being and beast, Of all worries, the rigors of claiming the least. She laid down her stake and kept all away, allowing her to quarry all the night and day," sings on Val as he plays the strings lightly, "There were others who came, drawn by her bounty, but she fought like a bone dragon, forcing them to flee, they came running back into town with a tale. Few others would get the mind for her claim to scale."

Draining her glass, ordering a second drink, Monique seems quite spellbound by the tune, barely even registering the words. None the less, the fact that she would likely be needing to go back out, for this job, makes her check her coin to see if she can afford to skip this 'adventure'. Coming up low on coins, she sighs and tries to tune into the lyrics more.

"She stopped coming down from her fortress of stone. She claimed that all she wanted was to be left alone. Her treasure piled high in her dusty caves, she spent not one more coin until she put in her grave," he sings on, "A loud laugh came echoing down, it sent a shiver all through the town. When the brave being went up to see what had occurred, all he found was a body in need of deter. Her treasure was gone, her corpse remained, to this day what exactly had happened remains unexplained. They say that her stash remains up in the peaks, but only the brave would ever dare seek."

Olan has an ale. This is the kind of ale that isn't watered down and doesn't have weevils in it. Killing cackles may not be glamorous, but it is nicer than stealing for a living. He's pretty sure. Olan mutters. "And the songs don't even have boobs in them."

Monique's axe is in her paw and drawing back before she thinks, "Let the bard finish." she snarls low, none too pleased to have the tune so interrupted.

Bite smirks and listens to Valente, stretching a bit more and finishing her meal, preparing to hand him the crowns. "This sounds like something worth looking into." she hisses and runs through her mind what she could do with an intake of silver. She could possibly, with some luck, find some additional funds and riches to use for her benefit... or hoard, theres nothing wrong with hoarding your riches. She gives Kilsa a glance then prepares to stand up.

Valente makes a soft placating gesture before wrapping up the piece, "She had left enough money for a decent tomb, for her body there was more than enough room. They say she left a hint for her next of kin, but she had no relations when she was put in. The caves remain as they were when she dug out, but they say her spirit hovers about. A curse upon any who come to steal her find, of the unnamed miner with silver on her mind."

Settling back down on her stool, dropping her hatchet back onto her belt, Monique grumbles softly about disrespectful folk as she tries to put the whole tale together and see where that can possibly lead to her purse growing heavier.

Olan lifts his hands. "Hey, hey, I didn't say he should stop! No need to get hasty, I'm just here." He lifts his eyebrows, turning towards Valente. "A curse? Like a curse curse?"

Bite grins widely and stnads up, headinig over to the rabbit and dropping 30 crowns at his feet, with a little note that mentions more on payoff. She returns to her seat and orders two drinks and two meals, an extra for herself and one for Kilsa. She's going to have to check up on the mines to be sure, but that shouldn't be too much trouble.

Valente lifts his shoulders, "You'd have to go find out," he admits, "That's how the song goes. The curse could be a cave filled with hungry beasts or left over traps. Or maybe her spirit really is haunting the place. I haven't been there myself," he admits, then flashes a smile as tips come in, "Best of luck in the hunting though. Let me see some of those silver bars if you get some."

Rising, downing her drink, Monique pads over and drops a hundred crowns in the musician's hat, "Thank you. Even if just for a moment, your music is the highlight of coming back here." she says, smiling genuinely. "If I find some silver up there, maybe I will have to hire you to play for a night." she adds, giving the bunny a warmer smile and a wink.

Kilsa smiles at the Hare and looks to Bite as she orders food and drink for them. "I bet your thinking about tackling the mines? I would be disappointed if your wern't. Care to tackle it together. I sure as hell could use the crowns." She waits for her meal to arrive and flicks another coin to the Bard.

Bite nods to Kilsa, seeing no reason not to bring her along. She's been helpful on multiple occassions and shes a good friend, why not? "Sure sssweetie, we'll split what we find up. Of course if someone gets a nasty curse I expect a blessing." she giggles and takes on her food quickly, swallowing what she can whole before chewing up the rest.

Valente reaches to pluck up his hat and get the crowns into more secure pouches, seeming happy to be so well received. Once it's all squared away, he rises to his feet and stretches his legs, "The real question would be where she hid it that no one tripped over it already," he points out, then whistles his way up to the bar, about to spend a few of those coins most likely.

Olan grunts. "Unless the ghosts kill everyone who finds it!"

Kilsa smiles back at the snake that she has grown fond with. "I can bless you well enough. I'm not fully train in the full spectrum of blessing but I can wave off some minor curse...........I think." She picks apart her food in thought. "There is a lot of space in a mine and little light I think we can get lucky with a little light and alot of explosions." S

Nodding, turning her attention to Bite and Kilsa, Monique pads over to the pair, "Thinking of taking this one on?" she asks, "If you are, we would be best working together, no sense wasting our time wandering about on our own."

Bite looks to Monique and smiles briefly, her thoughts turning to their first mission. She isn't very subtle, but she'd be an asset... assuming she doesn't do anything rash. She refines her smile and nods after a few seconds contemplation. "Of course, your company would be wonderful sssweetheart." she hisses and looks to Kilsa for confirmation as she finishes her meal.

Valente orders a large fruity looking thing with a frothy top and a little umbrella. Completely decedent and silly, and proceeds to enjoy it. Thick enough to require a dainty little spoon to start in on it. "Best of luck. Don't die."

Kilsa gives the girl a quick once over and smiles warmly, "Long as you don't lure us into a trap or do anything rash enough to get us injured, I don't mind." She whispers something into Bite ear then finishes her drink.

Olan tips his drink up, muttering a little. "Probably full of giant spiders too."