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The market is bustling with activity as goods are passed from vendor to customer. Piles of food line the streets, accompanied by a procession of weaponry and clothing. Small heaps of trinkets are spread about for those with wants, and every so often a dropped coin is lost among shuffling feet. It is a perfect day for shopping, the prices are low and supply is high.

Kilsa smiles and looks at the various wares for sale. "Ooooh look at that." She eyes a hammer and compares it to her own work. "Not bad. Good metal in that hammer but nothing on my work." She continues on loving the market even with her meger earns the tempation to spend is high. "I like I like!" She beams happily.

A walrus behind buckets of fish waves to Kilsa, encouraging her closer. At the same time an old short hog snorts his discontent and says "Come here young thing, sample my wares!" in a rather rasped voice. The two exchange competitive but friendly glances as the hog waves a cane about. Nearby a young cow seems to be silently watching her in hopes that she will inspect her flower stand.

Kilsa chuckles in a deep baritone and smiles to the young cow, her feminine side getting the better of her. "Hello! What sort of flower would you sell to make a beauty like me shine as beautiful as a graceful folk in a play?" She smiles known that a tall order for a woman as bruttish as herself but its still nice to day dream.

The cow broadly smiles upon getting the badgers attention and silently picks through her selection, carefully looking her over. She finally selects a lily and offers it to her, her tail swishing back and forth. "I think... this will work..." she says in a very timid manner, almost whispering her suggestion.

Kilsa chuckles and look at the small lily, "Oooh. Pretty. How should I wear it?" She take the lily gently, "I've never worn a flower before Care to help a big badger out?" She hands the flower back as gently as she took it before awaiting the bovines help. "I really like it."

As the cow steps around to help Kilsa with her potential purchase, a young grasshopper barrels into Kilsa out of nowhere. He falls flat on his rump and shakes his head out of disorientation. "I'm sorry miss." he says as he gets up and gains his composure. "I was distracted by your beauty." he adds, smiling rather charmingly at her. The cow speaks up very suddenly with "Hey! Umm..." before the grasshopper starts to run off through the crowds, a jingling sound following his every step.

Kilsa stands up not noticing that she was robbed until she reached for her coin purse. "YOU LITTLE SCUMBAG!!" She screams and rips through the crowd like a beast. Not avoiding anyone as she uses her girth to barrel through people, her eyes are full of bloodlust, "When I catch up to you, I'll break your legs and feed them too you. THIEF! SOMEBODY STOP THAT GRASSHOPPER!!!!" She bellows still moving at full speed.

The grasshopper manages to remain a great distance ahead of Kilsa, taking long leaping strides. He doesn't even look back to check if he's lost her, he knows she won't catch him among the crowd. As he reaches a seemingly residential area the crowds thin out leaving him in full view, almost out of sight as he enters a building and locks the door. Heading upstairs, he is certain he will not be caught now.

Kilsa notices the grasshopper ducking into a building and smiles, "I got you now!" She scream she approaches the door and doesn't bother checking if it lock or not. She takes her hammer off her back and smashes the door with all her might. "KNOCK KNOCK!" She screams her bloodlust getting higher and higher as she stop thinking of him as a thief more along the lines of prey.

There is a startled and sickly cry as the door comes down, and to her feet comes another grasshopper. She seems to be very frail, wobbling as she stands to confront the intruder. "What are you doing in my house?!" she yells as she shuffles towards the badger, weakly pushing at their chest.

Kilsa stops a moment before striking the woman and slams her hammer into the ground. "Where is the thief?" She growls out tower over the woman and trying to force her self not to strike the similar looking woman. "I earned my money! I fought for my money! WHERE IS HE?" She growls louder looking around for the thief.

Out of the back comes the grasshopper from before, stepping between the two of them and giving Kilsa a look before saying "You need to sit down, don't get too worked up okay?" as he guides her back to her seat, turning to greet Kilsa. As he turns the woman pushes back up, moving towards the badger again. "You need to leave, you have the wrong person, Roger is a good boy." she says before being ushered back to her seat by who is apparently Roger. "He's been working hard to keep me supported through my old age, how dare you call him a thief. Get out now!" she adds through the younger grasshoppers urges for her to calm down. He turns to Kilsa and bows. "She must be really hard up for money mother, it's not her fault. Remember we have to be good to one another, let us give her some money." he says and hands Kilsa all but 100 of her crowns.

Kilsa shakes her purse growling and hold her hand out for the rest of the money, "I will not give a coin to a thief but I will also not allow poor woman to watch her son decent into petty life of crime." She leans down to the older women. "Miss I am with the church, I wish to hire your son as a errand boy. His speed is very remarkable, would you mind if he worked for a living with a job that could lead to him living a good life?" She clasps the womans hands in her own. "I have a mother just like any other folk and she isn't the type to believe that I would smash down a good door to get my crown purse back. Here is 400 crowns for the door." She hands the money directly to the older woman. "I'm a smith and a priestess by trade but at my soul, I'm a friend to good folk and I want your son to be a good person or someone less friend than my might be at your door next time." She stand and whispers to the boy, "I know where you live and I have friends that could kill you without ever coming in your door. So get a job anywhere and if you steal from ANYONE again, I'll have your eaten by Rockspiders for days before light your still liqudating corpse on fire."

The old woman breaks down crying as her son hands the crowns back to Kilsa. "Don't worry mother, nothing she says is true but I can see this as a good chance to do some good. I'd be helping out the church! Come on mother, cheer up and i'll make you some soup." he says with an enthusiastic tone as he bows again to the badger. "I'm sorry that you have the wrong person, but I would be more than happy to work for you." he says, giving Kilsa a pleading look.

Kilsa growls down at the boy. "You know maybe I'm wrong... It might have been another grasshopper. Sorry folks but if I happen to find someone at my purse again I'll burn first and as questions later." She lets loose a small burst of magical fire in her hands. "Its amazing the range on a spell like this. You can even hit a black cackle at high as they could fly and they will be ashes before they hit the ground." She turns and leaves the house but not before leaving a few curative potions. "Take them for your mother. I might have given her a scare." She leaves and growls a bit before returning to the bovines flower shop. "Hey. Take this for the trouble and give free flowers to a girl or boy with a nice heart and a cute face." She drops thirty crowns and walks away.