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The ocean kicks up waves with a great ferocity as a lumbering, whirling figure walks along the bottom, barely visible amongst the blue. A sharp looking fin of spikes breaks the surface as it moves, the sounds growing louder. Bite slithers out to the beach, a couple of sailors who have donated their time follow her to meet the strange occurence.

Kilsa walks out into the beach, her body looking more like it fromer self, The badger is dressed in a set of shinning red hued armor. A smiles grace her lips as she walks up to the sailors that have gather, spotting Bite immediately in the crowd. "What's going on and whats that in the water?" The badgers asked curiously.

Mirana is thankful that she wore her work outfit this morning, only having to duck into a quiet corner to switch gems as she ran out to find out what the noises were about. Walking out onto the beach she quickly looks around, spooting Bite, whom she was talking to earlier, and her lady Kilsa. She walks up to join the two, with a curtsey, "My Lady Ironsoul, I heard something amiss, know you what is going on?"

Ariella steps out onto the beach, the last to arrive, having been driven more by a sense of morbid curiousity than one of urgency. She pads softly up behind the group, her arms crossed in front of her to protect from the cold breeze blowing off the water to ruffle her short fur. "Hey there, people." she murmurs, a bit distractedly, staring off into the waves. "How are we all this fine day?" she asks, going for a different tack in regards to greeting.

As a shining red eye emerges from the waves, followed by broad shoulders as wide as three heavy folk lined up side by side, Bite winces and begins to look into her bag. "I don't like this thing." she hisses as she looks, prepping a spell all the same. The sailors look at it and back up, standing just before the soulless lasses in an attempt to look more rugged than they really are. "Uh don't worry..." one of them says as he pulls out a rope, and the other a dagger. "I'm sure it's... nothing to be worried about." The beasts hard metal body drips sea-water as it's metal teeth grind in place. Another bellow is let loose as it lumbers forward, a paralyzing sound of terror.

Kilsa looks at Mirana, "Not yet. I heard something too and saw that Bite was gather with these sailors and something down that way seems to be coming closer..." She smiles at the little sailors, "I'm not worried... I'm a little excited." She withdraws her hammer and grins wildly, "Time to see if all that bed rest has paid off." She waits to see what the strange screature will do next.

Mirana takes a step back away from the sea, staff now held in a more defencive position, "Worried.. why ever would.. would we be worried?" she asks, eyes wide and looking up at the creature. She mutters a few things, reaching into a belt pouch to prepare a spell herself. She looks over and notices Ariella, her ears tilting back, but no time to get worked up about her now.

Ariella groans loudly, visibly wincing at the bellow and shooting a look towards Mirana. "Noisy so and so, isn't it?" the lioness says, reaching up behind her and drawing a pair of daggers from the hidden holster. "Yeah, this'll go well..." she murmurs, sighing heavily and taking the tiniest of steps backwards. "Think it wants to be friends?"

The creatures movement speeds up as it drains of water, a gaping hole where what was presumably a second eye emptying out slowly. As it emerges Bite throws her prepared explosion at the creature, knocking it backwards but causing it no structural harm. This seems to trigger some form of defense, as the creature lets out a metallic wail and begins to tremble and shake, the light in it's eye dimming as a space on it's chest begins to glow slightly. The sailors act swifly, one of them attempting to bind it's legs with rope, the other attempting to pry it open with their knife to no avail.

Kilsa registers what the sailors are doing and dashes to the creature as the explosion knocks it backwards Kilsa leaps at it with her hammer swinging with all her might and hoping to knock the thing off balance. "FOR PROMISE!" She scream with as much valor and rage she can muster the blow is hard enough to cause the creature to ring, the sound causes a feeling of comradire to flow through everyone around.

Mirana finishes her muttering and jabs her staff into the ground as Kilsa charges forward. Sand swirls around her, tightening and clinging loosely to her from. As she finishes that spell she turns to Ariella, "I don't think it wants to be friends!" and turns back to the beast muttering again, waving hand around slowly while staying poised to duck or roll if where she is standing should suddenly become less desireable place to be.

Ariella groans at the noise, pressing a hand against the side of her head. "I guess not. I think I hate this," the lioness says, shaking her head before dashing forwards to stand near the monster, standing in front of it and waving for attention. "Hey, ugly! Chase the kitty," Ariella yells, bending over a little and poking her tongue out. Probably meaning nothing to the monster, but old habits do die hard, even when giving a sea monster a target.

The beast's target seems locked, and everyone standing in front of the beast is treated to an unpleasant heat. From the mechanical monster's center comes a beam of red light, which sweeps out in front of it in an arc. As it makes contact with flesh, fur, and scales it presents an burning searing sensation, the skin charring under it's presence. The sand grows hot where it made contact with it, but almost as soon as it started the beam stops, the monster's side emitting a clanking, grinding sound before it shoots off a few sparks. It's eye flickers back on before it wails again, snapping the rope as it registers Kilsa's assault. It flails and pushes aside the sailors, and a badger as it lurches forward to grasp the feline. Bite continues to dig through her bag as she collapses in pain, having taken a full swipe of the beam across her stomach, cogs and gears falling to the ground as she seems to look for something specific.

The badger hits the ground and rolls in the sand to put out the flames that ignited most of her armors and some of her fur. "Ow Ow OWWW!" She quickly climbs to her feet, "Everyone who isn't a math user keep its attention away from the math users!" Kilsa roar over the beach and notes the direction that Ariella move it and decides to flank from the other side she continues to attempt to harrass the creature with hard strikes to keep it attetion divided between herself and Ariella. "Bite, Mirana! We are counting on you!"

Mirana leaps backward without letting her attention to her spell be distracted, landing on her shoulder and rolling with it, the tip of her staff lighting aflame, at the end of her roll she swings her staff sending the fire arcing toward the creature. Her left paw grazed by the beast, she rebalances and gremices, leaning on her staff for balance. She runs as quickly as her burnt paw lets her, over to Bite, while yelling back, "Yes My Lady! Understood." she kneels down to Bite, pulling out of her pouch some herbs, chanting as she rubs the herbs on the snake girl's stomach, "These will take effect soon Miss Bite, let me take care of it." while she continues to calculate pulling the full force from the herbs that she can. While she works over this math, she looks up to Ariella, hoping the lioness to be alright.

Ariella rolls to the side, gritting her teeth in concentration, having been ready more for a grabbing motion than a line of fiery death. Luckily, the lioness's readiness to dogdge serves it's job, the laser only catching the end of one of her tails, making her yell in pain, staggering to try and get to her feet, panting and wincing. She almost misses the huge hand coming towards, so concerned is the feline for the fate of her appendage that she can only throw herself backwards at the last moment.

The creature readjusts and snatches up the lioness, slowly applying pressure with it's grip. Bite finally finds what shes looking for, a oddly shaped object that resembles the creatures only shining eye. "Put this in!" she hisses and holds it up, yanking away from the healing and slitherinig forward slowly. The creature is engulfed in flames, heating up it's hide and granting it's grasp an uncomfortable burning heat. The creature offers a shove with one of it's legs to remove the badgering Kilsa.

Kilsa looks at the leg darting at it and places her hammer infront of herself. The force sends her back hard and with a nice sliding roll. Her armor creaks and groans, She uses her hammer to pick herself up and smiles, "I miss this." Kilsa begins to glow, "Now....Let the light of the creators bless you." She picks up her hammer and tosses it with all her might aiming for the creatures face. The weapons is glowing softly as it travels through the air.

Mirana looks up and sees Ariella be taken into the creature's grasp. She yips out and screams her name, looking about a moment. She sees Bite pull out the orb and start slithering up toward the front line, put this in.... the eye! She runs with as much force as she can muster, taking the orb from Bite, mutter and gesturing with her free hand as she runs, staff forgotten for a moment in the sands. She holds the strange orb tightly, spins once, then lobs the thing up toward the monster's face, using all the force her arms and air math can muster, continuing to chant and gesture to let the winds she attempts to control to guide the object into that vaccent hole.

Ariella yells in shock with the grab, writhing in the grip on the monstrosity, trying desperately to slip out. She groans in pain, feeling her trunk constricted by the beast, panting and gripping her teeth with the warmth, trying to reassure herself that she's been in more discomfort before. "Guys!" The lioness calls out above the sounds of battle. "Before I die I want to say I really hate you all!"

The eye flys through the air, making contact with the socket but not going in fully. It is not dislodged by a heavy hammer blow, which knocks it's head to the side and causes the creature to drop the lioness as it fumbles it's hands at it's face. It's eye soon goes into place and the creature stops grinding, it's eyes both shining a fearsome stare at the group before it returns to the sea, slowly sinking beneath the waves. Bite sighs and says "I'm sorry sssweeties. This is my fault." she hisses as she slowly moves towards the injured with an intention of applying field medicines to their wounds. The two sailors remain unconcious on the sand.

Kilsa look at bite, "Whats your fault?" She asked curiously as she walks over to dig her hammer out of the sand. "I gotta work on my strength I am pretty sure I could have hit it so much harder." She grinned and flexed, "So whats this about it being your fault?" She asked again while pulling her hammer our of the sand.

Mirana limps back to pick up her staff and brush herself off a bit. Staff in her hand again she uses it to keep herself balanced while heading over to Ariella. She starts chanting, pulling out the same herbs she'd used on Bite and placing them against the burns on the Lioness's form. She takes out a flask of well water, using that as well to soothe Ariella, stopping a moment to speek, "Hate us all huh? Miss Ariella, if I might say, you do make a good diversion though," with a snicker, then looks toward Bite, "Yes, Lady Ironsoul has a good question, what is this about being your fault?"

Ariella lands heavily on the ground with a grunt of pain as the air is knocked from her. The lioness raises her head in time to see the monster sloping off into the distance. She nods in greeting to Mira as she comes over, wincing as the burns on her tail and waist are dealt with. "Yeah, buy me nice things until I love you," Ariella hints towards Mirana before lying back on the ground with a sigh, rubbing at her tender ribs and her eyes fixed on Bite. "I had been hearing rumours about you getting something shiny..."

The serpent nods and sighs. "I heard about a man who had collected and looted a lot of creator artifacts. He loaded it all onto a boat and sailed away so he could keep the secrets to himself. I tracked him down but he had passed on, I thought i'd collect some stuff and bring it back, but he spent his life turning the golem that guarded his house into that thing, so I took out it's eye before I went in. I didn't get to take anything, it was too tough for me but it must count itself as part of his belongings." she hisses and sighs once more. "I'm sorry you all got hurt." she adds before applying her medicines to Kilsa's wounds, since Mirana is taking care of Ariella.

Kilsa smiles and chuckles, "What are you apologizing for this is what we used to do this alot before you left. Even sunk a boat or two." She chuckled at Bite working on her wounds, "I needed something to hit anyway, if anything I should thank you, no body got hurt and we had a fantastic time." She laughs and pats the snake on the shoulder while talking about old adventures.

Mirana looks over Ariella a few times, "Humph! Buy you nice things? Next time we are at Freeswords, I'll pick up a drinking tab for you, by my count we were both at eight that night." And she laughs a bit. Ariella's wounds tended to, she limps over to Kilsa before starting on her own, "My Lady, I do greatly appologise for my laps in judgement during that fight, while ment to keep you safe and cause harm to our foe, most of my spells ended up harming us more then helping. I've got a lot to learn still." she says, a bit downcast. She sits back on the sands to tend to her burnt paw, "And by your leave My Lady, I'll be heading back to Freeswords after we're all tended to."

Ariella groans and climbs to her feet, wincing at her tender ribs, shaking her head in exasperation. "Really should have stayed at work instead of coming over here," the lioness mutters, moving over towards Kilsa and Mirana, idly wondering where she dropped her daggers, thinking it unlikely to find them amoungst the disturbed sand. "I'm headed to Freeswords too, albeit the inn." She turns her gaze towards Bite, raising an eyebrow. "First round's on you. New rule. The one who summons the monster buys me a beer, got it?" The lioness jokes, raising a pieced eyebrow and sticking her tongue out, seeming to be more cheerful by the moment.