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A soft rumble leaves Flora's muzzle as she seats herself in her chair within the library, her tail flicking lightly. Various beings are maneuvering through the library, reading the books from the stacks and recording those they wish to take with them on a sheet of paper by their respective bookcases.

The quart-tailed feline herself is at the far end of the library, between her private bookcases, and a security-attache is currently on its way to the front door to escort her visitor in...

The decidedly less rumbly, more regularly tailed wolfess makes her way through the manor - aparrently having memorized the route from her last visit. The wolfess knocks politely at the doorframe before making her way in. "Flora, you asked for me?" She asks tiredly, rubbing her forehead gently.

When at the door, Selena was momentarily scanned by a being with a sacred doctor, before being allowed into the mansion proper. The walk is short enough, and soon, Flora turns around in her chair, ears flicking lightly as she watches Selena's approach. "Flora has been amassing some funds for a few expansions... One of them should be a furnace of sorts... Yet... We do not have a lot of room," the she-cat rumbles, gesturing at a set of sketches of the building, one of them the basement. "Flora would like to place it here... These walls are thick enough to keep the heat from reaching the factory floor, and to stand an explosion or two, if things go wrong. That was an... Interesting experiment."

"And we could dig towards it to create a chimney... There is just one issue, yes," she mumbles, gesturing towards the sketches, waiting for Selena to come to the conclusion herself.

Selena raises an eyebrow as she's scanned, though really - it wasn't unexpected given recent developments. "Flora, you are aware that it was poisoning, not an epidemic of disease?" she asks the cat somewhat bemusedly. "I thought I'd made that abundantly clear with the councillor responsible for contacting the press." She notes, rubbing at her eyes for another brief moment. "So, you want a smaller-than-average furnace that isn't going to explode yet again." She asserts.

"And I'm going to guess you want me to avoid using too much magic in the design. Which is a shame, I know a nice trick involving fire and air magic for such a thing..." She notes.

"It'd make things easier if you'd be so kind as to give me the dimensions of the area or let me see it for myself. It gives me an idea of how much space I have to work with."

"Flora is aware. But it makes the beings on the factory-floor a little more comfortable, and a few of our employees volunteered to do it during their breaks," the she-cat rumbles softly, her tails flicking lightly.

"We didn't have exploding furnaces... Flora will have none of that. Flora had some beings make a similar chamber elsewhere, and then set some explosions off, yes," she murrs with a faint grin, her tails flicking lightly.

"Didn't Flora say that friend Selena is the go-to being for any magic we require at LongTech Industries? Our... Magical subcontractor, if you will?"

"Non-magical solutions are... Not an option, unfortunately. We do not have the means or the funds to do this non-magically, in any case."

"As for the sizes of the room... Flora can have an estimate made, yes. Considering it is adjacent to the factory-floor, showing the room itself would be a thing Flora would like to avoid... However," she rumbles as she flips through her stack, only to pull out a picture of the room, with Flora standing in the center... "Will this do for size-indications?"

Selena clicks her tongue quietly. "Well, exploding furnaces are not a good idea if you want your employees to live. And I did say avoid using too much magic. the design I mentioned before required constant attention from magicians to operate sustainably." she explains, looking over the picture before taking it. "it's not as accurate as I'd like, but I suppose I can give instructions for scaling up whatever I come up with. On the upside, if you don't need to keep the surroundings cool I won't have to work around that."

"The main problem is making sure the result is something you can sustain within reasonable input, after all. I don't want to go and make something you'd need to supply with lunar to operate for several reasons."

"Flora would prefer something that can be supplied with energy through simpler means, yes," the she-cat rumbles silently, before nodding lightly. "There are... A few things required, as well. First of all, Flora will want a place where we can add a thermometer for readout... It would benefit us greatly to know how hot the furnace is, after all... Having a rune to supply more or less power... Would be another," the she-cat continues. "Airflow, etcetera... We have mages on our payroll that could take over, although something that we can give settings it will stay close to would be ideal... Flora is not sure how much of that is possible, but yes... That is what we'd like to have," the she-cat rumbles softly, ears flicking lightly.

"As for keeping the surroundings cool... The area needs to be workable for beings, at the very least."

Selena nods back to the cat simply, closing her eyes and sighing. "You're in luck. I was researching the magic some airships use about two years back; a lot of the design components in their magic can be applied elsewhere. I didn't get what I was hoping to out of it, but I proved 3-dimensional magic in the end anyway." She notes.

"I can tell you right now that if you want it to be operable by beings, then cooling it shouldn't be too difficult providing you aren't looking for something hotter than a blacksmith's furnace." The wolfess looks back to Flora at that, raising an eyebrow in obvious demand for an answer. "If not, then things are significantly easier. As for a place for a thermometer... getting an actual reading from inside a furnace could be difficult if you want it to melt metal in the first place. I suppose you could compare an external one's reading to the actual temperature inside - say, when processing iron ore - though."

"Flora has... Thermometers that are not publically available. They are... Far harder to make, considering their materials and production. They will work for the temperatures we would like to work with."

Soon enough, she's leaning back, her ears flicking. "We will need to melt various metals, preferably capable of producing iron, gold, silver, preferably able to make small quantities of steel... Not per se at the same time, although if possible..." she rumbles with a small smirk, before she shakes her head.

Selena nods back to the cat. "I'm not too surprised by that, though I am curious what you've put in them... I suppose that can wait though; I know how tight-lipped you are about your research." She chuckles with a slight hint of regret.

"Melting metal shouldn't be a problem. If you're producing steel... Well, how are you planning to make it? I know that some areas produce it with some very specific smelting, and others fold iron to make it. Frankly both methods are time-consuming and I'd recommend a second furnace specifically for the smelting method just to make sure it stays clean... But I digress. It should be do-able, but I hope the magicians you have on retainer are very good at what they do. They wouldn't cause an explosion, but producing that much heat is no small task in the location you've given - are you absolutely certain there's no chance of putting the furnace outside of the main building?"

"The furnace could be placed within an external building... However, that means there are more supply-routes to handle around the house, and we need to work with these metals while they're warm, in such a way that we can still transfer them on to the factory floor in that state, preferably... It is not... Vital, but it means a higher quality product, in the end," she rumbles, her tails swaying lightly, and her ears still aflick. "Flora willl... Contemplate some things. We may be able to expand the room, but, preferably not.

Selena nods back to the cat, sighing quietly. "There's a good reason most smiths have their furnaces partially outdoors and their work areas next to them." she notes. "There are problems that can be worked around, but in some ways the insistance on keeping everything indoors is making some things a lot more complicated than they really need to be."

A nod, a small smile. "Flora does not have the luxury of moving the production-area. As such, we will need to contemplate... For now, that will be all, yes... As for friend Selena's pay, Flora would like to have an estimate of the costs involved, before any decissions are made, of course."

Selena nods back to the cat, making her way out. "I'll let you know what the design is likely to cost when I have an estimate, Flora. It shouldn't be too difficult to come up with, given a little time. It shouldn't take longer than a week unless something goes horribly wrong." With one more wave, she then moves out.

Of course, Selena's security-attache moves along with the wolfess until she has left the premises of the building, leaving the cat to her paperwork... So much paperwork. So many designs.