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Selena is sitting down on the bed in Arimia's room, having moved the raccoon up from the inn after she fell asleep on Selena. The wolfess gives the raccoon a soft kiss on the cheek, picking up some stone from her bag and idly working away at the rock while waiting for her friend to wake up.

A loud knock hits the door. "Selena, Are you in there?" Kilsa knocks again waiting on the wolf or the raccoon to answer the door. "I need to speak with you."

Selena flinches slightly as she hears the knock, pacing over to the door and answering it. "Hey Kilsa. Could you keep it down, please? Ari's asleep." She replies evenly, an ear flicking back slightly as she ushers the Badger in. "... Well, I can't say I wasn't expecting you to want to have your chat."

Nodding the badger smiles, "I'm sorry I'll keep it down." She speak quietly and quickly, "I've been thinking that I need to talk to you and I wanted to talk to you soon as possible." She says while walking close to the wolf and giving her a gentle hug.

Selena returns the hug a little tentatively. "I know you've been wanting to talk to me. What exactly is it, though?" She asks with a sigh.

Kilsa nods, "I've want to talk about what happened with that sleeze ball you tried to flay alive." She continue to pat her friend on the shoulder, "What happened there?" She asked in a soft tone.

Selena shakes her head. "He blocked up the river, made people worry, hurt my friends, set a fire in the forest, cheated people of their money, almost had Bite killed and almost made me hurt my friends" She replies, trying to keep her voice down and partially succeeding.

"I understand that but I want you to talk about how you lost your cool. Your the calmest defender I have and I trust you to keep your head on straight when the pragmatic Arimia or my own emotional self get out of line." She smiles and hugs the wolf, "I know why you were angry and upset but even if you almost killed us with your math you have to prepare yourself against such things, I need to do the same and I would like us both to work together to prevent that from happening again." Kilsa kissed the top of the wolf head, "Even if it was a fake has you done that to the real merchant what would make the Defenders any better than common killers?"

Selena nods, her earsturned back slightly. "I know what I did was out of line. Killing him would've achieved nothing, but it would've made me feel a lot better about the mess, knowing he wouldn't be able to do it again." She sighs, and shakes her head. "I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I'd hurt you. I did what I did because I wanted to feel better about being forced to betray myself and you."

"I know trust me. I want to kill him, I want to break his face over and over until the day the creators return. Rage is in a badgers blood but I am not a raging bone dragon and neither are you. We kill to protect but attacking a prone target isn't what we do." She patted the wolf back, "You are powerful but with that level of power you must always be in control. The dugong is a powerful speaker but he abuses it, we don't want to be like him. At all.

Selena sighs quietly. "And you think I didn't recognise that afterwards? And what about when he shows up again? Are you implying I should act like he hasn't done anything?" The wolfess replies a little bitterly. "He's had his chances. We don't want to be like him, I don't want to be like him. But he's going to keep on doin this until he's dead and if I have to do that, I will." She affirms. "And if it makes you feel any better he'll be standing the next time I see him."

"Oh no no no no..." Kilsa chuckles, "No. I expect you to cover him in a mountain of dirt and rubble and beat him within an inch of his life but we want him alive. Though I would push the Good King to have him excuted." She smiled and nuzzled the wolf tighter, "I don't want you to have blood on your hand if you can avoid it, your a good folk and one of my close friends. I don't want that tainted by skirth poop such as that merchant."

Selena smirks slightly. "I make no guarantees." She replies flatly, "But rest assured I'm not going to give him any time the next time I see him" the wolfess growls, looking a little awkward about the amount of time the badger's hug had dragged on for. "I appreciate your words, Kilsa."

Kilsa nods, "IF you strike him down. I won't lose any sleep and more folk will probably have more coin but I want you to do it in the just way and not as a vengeful wolf." Kilsa finally releases the hug and gives Selena a kiss on the forehead. "Remember we all depend on you as the voice of reason, You are the next ranking member and one of the ties that bind everyone else into a successful unit other wise we might as well be a band of bandits with a banner." She winked.

Selena Sighs quietly. "So what, explain why I'm going to kill him and then bury him? That'd go down well." She scoofs beside herself. "I don't want to kill him out of any sense of vengeance, but I don't think there'd be time to explain why it'd just. What happened yesterday was just more proof of that."

The bader nods, "Not explain it but don't do it in cold blood. The Creators made you much much better than that, That merchant is the type to do so. We've been attacked twice to protect his crooked investments. I would suggest breaking his legs honestly." She look at her hands, "And arms....And ribs..." Kilsa sighed. "I know what happened and I know why you did it but don't want you to attack him when he is hapless, I'll even go as far as to say and do not mention this outside of this room. When he is attacking us....Kill him. When is he is hapless....Cripple him."

Selena nods. "Understood." She replies with a sigh.

Kilsa nods, "I am not reprimanding you, nor is this some official dressing down. This is simply a talk between a concerned friend to another." She says before look around, "I want you to be the best you that you can be and I will not damage that, I will not let the Ironsoul Defenders damage that and I will especially not let you damage that even if I have to smack you with another shield."

Selena murmers somesthing to herself, rubbing the side of her head at mention of the shield. "No kidding. you hit HARD with that thing." She chuckles quietly. "And thank you for that, Kilsa."

A flex of her arms reveals solid muscles, "If you forge as much as I did you would be able to swing shield like a book." She chuckles, "I'll leave you to Arimia. If you have anything on your mind please come to me." She says with a serious experssion.

Selena nods to the badger, her tail flicking from side to side slowly. "Of course I will." She replies after a brief pause. "Stay safe, Kilsa."

The badger give a final nod, "You too and keep that pink raccoon on the straight and narrow." She says before leaving the room. "Oh and keep up the good work!" She says as the door closes behind her.