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August 475 SA


After a rousing time dispatching wild beasts and shadow demond, what's a soulless to do but come on down to the beach. It's still summer, and the water's fine. Stripped down to some trunks, Valente the hare ambles down to the water side, brushing the sand with a foot before he begins sloshing on into the warm sea water.
Kilsa smiles and removes her robes, dress in a simple cloth chest binder and a small cloth bikini dyed pink. She looks around blushing a bit to be out of her normal clothing. She doesn't notice the Hair before thundering to the water, her face flush and ready to hide her massive bulk inside of the water as quickly as possible.
Bite is already in the water, gliding effortlessly through. She sees someone enter the water and giggles a little, deciding what to do before she rushes them, pushing past their legs. She is startled as she stands by the badger, and pushes back a little, leaning against Valente's back.
Valente is in a bad place at a bad time. The rushing form of a badger has the water surging up against him, making him wobble a bit in place. As he starts to come back around, another presence nudges against his back, and down he goes, dunked into the water with a small splash.
Bite keeps her balance quite well as she effortlessly keeps upright. She blinks and waves to Kilsa, then begins looking for evidence of what she may have come into contact with. She helps Valente up, giving a curious look to the hare who thought he belonged submerged in water.
Kilsa notices the other two and blushes widely, "Oh... its you two." She smiles warmly at the rabbit and Snake. "You ok?" She notices that she is still mostly uncovered in the water and sits till her head is the only thing that could be seen. "Hmm." She blushes under her fur embarressed that her two friends can see her like that. "Decided to take a swim too?"
Valente breaks surface, spitting out water like a fountain and snorting out a half laugh, "My large friend," he says, pulling himself back to his feet with Bite's assistance, "You are certainly hard to miss anywhere you go. Do you know how to swim?" he asks, "Mother insisted I learn the basics. Good fun."
Bite nods to Kilsa and smiles at the two of them. "I can help you learn I suppose." she says with another giggle as she rubs the hares back in a half hearted appology for knocking them down. "So you two came here to swim?" she thinks, deciding on if she should reveal her reason for coming.
Kilsa is a little flustered at the question, "Yes I can. My father made it clear that if a daughter of a blacksmith couldn't swim in full leather armor then she might as well knit and stay home." She blushes more at being called hard to miss. "I can swim well I just look like a whale. I got nothing on the water clan but I won't down with anything lighter than full plate." She keeps more of her body hidden from the pair. "I just didn't expect to have other people see me like this." She admits nervously.
Valente looks over himself a moment, "Well I'm not even in leather, but we're out here for leisure, not training, I think." He splashes some water towards Kilsa in mild waves before swirling in place, a spin that has him faceing Bite, "Oh dear, I'm surrounded by visions of exotic sirens, captured at sea." he says in good humor.
Stretched out on a reed mat on the sand, Eric watches the swimmers' antics with a bit of amusement. Could always join in the fun a bit later, but for now, he was content to sit and watch from the shoreline.
Kilsa smirks and lightens up a little at being splashed. "A siren." She chuckles and raises single hand to splash Valente with a large wave of water. "Oh woe is thee, Mr. Hare. Thine siren is really taken with you? Shall you appease her with a song without your lovely instruments?" She teases splashing him again as he turns to face bite.
Bite squrims, a little flustered at Valente's comment but regains her composure to retort "Prey has fallen upon amonst my domain, what shall I do?" before giving him a smile. "You flatter me sssweetheart." she says and shakes her hea before flicking water at him then Kilsa with her tail and moving a little deeper into the water. "So you two can swim? Would you like to come with me?" she asks and eyes them carefully.
Valente tilts his head, "I'm afraid you two lovely creatures have an advantage over me. I can tread, but little more," he confesses, "I swim at the edge, and enjoy the feel of it, but the ocean's secrets will remain just that for me." He splashes a little water on the scales of Bites to little real effect, "But I would be delighted to watch you two. Perhaps a race?"
Kilsa smiles, "Either way." She shrugs trying to shake off her fear, she stands up and reveals her large form. "I'm game." She flexes her hand a bit before splashing them both with a huge wave. "A water folk versus a heavy folk in a swim." She chuckles at the sheer odds against her.
Bite blinks and tries not to laugh at the situation. "Alright. Where to?" she hisses and picks out a starting spot for her and Kilsa to use before stretching and getting rather limber. She looks over the badger and tries to gauge how much the muscles and bulk can move in the water.
Valente splashes his way back. Without sudden waves, he moves well enough, bringing no further shame on his clan as he hops up onto the shore and gives himself a like shake, sending water everywhich way from his thick pelt.
Kilsa smirks and moves to the starting spot. "Lets see what the water clan can do?" She sretches and slaps her face with both her hands. "I'm excited." Kilsa gets into a competitive mood and bares her teeth. "Ready?" She gets ready to leave the snake in the dust.
Bite nods and counts to three before coiling up and dpushing off the shore to quickly achieve max speed. She effortlessly glides through the water, deciding to move to a rock off in the distance.
Valente tilts his head at Bite's sudden darting, chuckling softly, "Not even to pretend," he sing songs as he moves along. He is starting to become dry in the warm rays of the sun.
Kilsa slams against the water like a stone but once in the water her strength keeps her charging forward in large bursts of forward force. Not nearly as fast as Bite's intial start but her strenght is helping her keep up. Nothing about her swimming is graceful but she moves like a woman possesed, her hands pulling water like its reaching for gold.
Bite smirks at how much effort she hears behind her, and tries to take a guess at how long they could plausibly keep going with what is likely a strain to their body. She continues with minimal applied effort, already halfway to the rock.
Valente settles on the soft sand and stretches out before sprawling out on his back, toes wriggling in the air, "Poor thing, being played with like that." he mutters, then looks around, ah! He bounds to his feet and dashes off towards his things.
Kilsa growls and surges forward even harder but notices that she is only barely closing the gap. Her mind focus on winning she smashed the water but doesn't seem to have a single chance at beating the snake but that doesn't stop her from trying. Her muscles burn from the action but she isn't the least bit tired, her body looks like a stripped whale fighting the water.
Bite slows down just at the rock, climbing up onto it after first waiting for Kilsa to make her way here fully. She stretches and lays on the rock, sighing contently at the feeling. "You did really good sssweetie." she hisses to console the loser. She offers to help them up onto the rock and waves that the people on the beach.
Valente retrieves his guitar and sits with it across his lap. Some mild tuning and twanging before he starts to play an folk ocean song, "There once was a being who pushed out to sea, I wished him good luck, and the last thing he said to me, Boy I'll be back soon, don't you worry bout me, I've lived all my life, just me and the sea."
Kilsa sits on the rock with Bite when she finally catches up. "You do your folk justice, I spent years swimming in armor and even my own father isn't faster than me. You make it look easy." She enjoyes the tune and reaches out a hand to hug Bite in a tight grip. "For putting this priestess in her place next time we're in the tavern I'll buy you around of ale." She laughs as he arms still burn from all the effort. "That was fun!"
Bite smiles at both the singing and the compliment. "You're pretty fast in the water sssweetie for someone of your size. Do you think you could beat me without armor? She tilts her head, not issuing a challenge but genuinely wondering. Upon being offered the hug Bite eagerly accepts, shaking her head. I don't need a drink, but I won't stop you from doing what makes you happy. It was wonderful." she says and looks down at the water.
"The sky grew dark, the very next day. The storm shook the city and out to the bay. The light of the tower, shone for all to see, but it didn't reach his ship, far out in the sea," sings on Valente, eyes gazing out into the ocean's depths as he plays his somber little tune.
Kilsa chuckles and points to her chest binding and panties. "Any less armor and I might get kicked off the beach. The better question is if you could beat me WITH armor." She chuckles enough louder enjoying the evening. "I swin like a turtle, You water folk swim like an art form." She smiles and lets the heat do it work on her fur." She sighs and hums to the somber tune of the Hare. "He's good.." She comments.
Bite nods in agreement, listening to Valente to eliminate her previous comment. She didn't really think much of the dress, being modestly covered herself, but she is right going nude on the beach would be a foolish choice. The challenge sticks in her mind and she thinks it over, deciding she could not do so in heavy armor, but might be able to in something light... assuming it actually fit her form. "I might be able to, it depends on the armor." she hisses, realizing she has never worn it and would be at a huge disadvantage just from lack of familiarity.
"When the sea had calm, and the skies become clear, the people of the city gathered and cheered. The ship was returning, sailing smoothly to rest, but the being who had left, had passed his last test." his fingers play over the strings, teasing soft tones for a moment as if in mourning for the passed, but he then continued, "I own the ship now, the sky looks mighty grim. I'll not back away, I'll be as brave as him. For the sea is my home, forever it will be. There's nothing at all, but me and the sea."
Humming lightly and swaying to the melody Kilsa can't help but thinking of how such a tale came to be. "I think I might have to hire him sometime. A real treat for the childern at the church, might even make a few of our dusty hymns sounds more beautiful." She smiles at the thought of his talent in her church.
Bite almost snickers at the thought of what she thinks would be almost cruel. Making an accomplished musician do hymns? That seems demeaning. She looks over Kilsa and watches her sway. "I bet he has a tale i'd like to hear." she says as her eyes light up and she starts to swim back to shore swiftly.
Valente's tune continues softly as he repeats the last words gently, "There's nothing left, but me and the sea."
Jumping off the rock with a thunderous splash kilsa simples walks up the beach to join her reptilian friend and the hare with his sweet music. "A tale would be nice..." She says to noone in particular as she gets out of the water and shakes her fur off away from her friends, she looks at Bite envious of the quick drying scales. Soon as she gets close to the pair she stretches out in the sand on her back.
Bite looks excitedly at Valente and asks hurriedly "Do you know any tales of sunken treasure?". She doesn't even try to hide her greed, worked up and excited to find a potential knowledge source to make her diving easier. "I bet that would be a wonderful tale to hear." she adds, trying to entice the guitarist. She looks to Kilsa and spots a bit if envy, stretching and posing a little to rub it in with a giggle.
Valente raises a furry brow, "I've heard more than a few songs about them," he agrees, "But most are just fancy tales told by bored sailors between ports. Still, most have a good beat, seeing as they're sung all day sometimes." he offers, "I get the impression you're hoping for more than a catchy tune."
Kilsa grumbles at the showoff, "She wants crowns if you got something that will lead her there she is all in...and I would follow." She chuckled, "Well of course if its in water then she is on her own." Kilsa thinks hard for a moment. "If you don't have a story about crowns and treasure, tell me a little about your adventures Val." She rolls to her side and looks at the bard. "Your to invloved to be a totally pure Hare." She winks at him.
Bite smirks and looks at the the rabbit, eager to hear about her requests, but just as interested in his own story. "Yes i'll admit i'm looking for profit, but i'd like to hear that story too, you probably have some exotic tales to tell." she hisses and coils on the beach, getting prepared to hear either or of their requests.
Valente waves a hand, "I've done nothing worth singing, yet. Give me time. As for treasures in the waves..." He strums, and begins to tickle the strings lightly, "Sailor named Sally, captain of the Swiftshot, carried trade goods from Sweewater to Cliffside's docks. She was brave and wise and never let her men down, until the day she beheld the jewel of the heart."
"Oooooh." She looks at Bite, "I think he said the word to your own heart." She smirked and idly drew in the sand a crude drawing of a jewel with crowns around it.
Bite seems entranced by the singing, listening to every word. "That sounds exciting." she hisses as she flicks sand at Kilsa with her tail tip and giggles. She makes a mental note to locate maps..
Softly playing along as people listen on the way past, Val continues, "Was a bright day, the skies quite clear. Her eyes were cast far, but her troubles draw near. 'What a pretty lady, how are you in my sea. What fortune is this that brings you close to me,' She span in surprise, and before her own eyes, a male being of enchanting beauty had given surprise."
Kilsa chuckles as she is flicked with a little bit of sand. "Romace." She says dramatically before drawing a rose on the sand and a snake about to eat it. "Doesn't sound like your kinda, Treasure." She winked at Bite.
Bite lets out an audible "Urgh..." in dissapointment, but nods in appreciation of the tale. It's catchy and beautiful, even if it didn't contain what she was seeking it's still a lovely song. She smiles and looks over at Kilsa, thinking of ways she can get back at the badger. Of course, that has to wait till the end of this lovely song she decides, getting comfortable and listening happily to the song.
Val gives Bite a light smile, but does not pause the tale, "Sally's men strode forward with swords. 'Just say the word, and throw it overboard.' But she was captivated, her heart lost to it. She drew it along to to the captain's cabin."
Kilsa smiles and listens intently. He fingers idly digging groves into the sand, chuckling at the ideal of thrown a breautiful folk overboard. "Lucky Captain." She became lost in the tale.
Bite watches the guitarist and prepares a few crowns, quite enjoying the tale. She shifts and listens, quite curious about this womans fate.
Valente nods slowly as he plays, singing along, "For three days and four nights, their captain remained. The noises that emerged was all that explained. The men grew worried, for their dear captain. She hadn't eaten or drunk, and fate seemed quite grim. 'Come out and rejoin us, we miss you Sally. Come out and and drink with us, it's just not worth it. You'll die if you stay in there, we don't want that. If you don't come out soon, we'll be forced to act.'"
"Oh... No..." She expects the worst from the Hare. She continues to listen intently not wanting to interrupt the bard but not liking the dark turn his story is taking.
Bite figured there would be some trouble in the tale, although had not expected it to present itself in this manner. She sways a little to keep herself contained, moementaraly looking to Kilsa as she speaks but then looking back to the rabbit. She knows tales of the sea can end pretty grimly, and half expects this to go sour as it ends.
Sour or not, the hare is in it to the end, "They broke down the door, and charged inside the dark. 'Sally, we're here, we can't see where you are,' She was gone, so was he, they were nowhere to be seen, only a great purple jewel was left with a yellowish gleam. They brought out the gem, and it shone in the light. Its lustre only reminded them of their sorrowful plight. They would rather their captain, than this lovely rock. They threw it overboard, as they offered at the start."
Kilsa smiles a little bit. "I wouldn't mind finding a stone like that but the price she paid doesn't make it worth it. Sounds more like a curse." She thinks over the tale and tries to see moral of the story in her own way. A smiles graces her face, "I think I still like it regardless of the morbidness."
Bite snaps to attention when she hears of the gem, and tilts her head trying to decide if or if not it's a tale worth paying attention to. "It's a lovely story." she hisses and slips a few crowns to Valente. "And it's an interesting one too. How many songs do you know?" she pries, curious about this rabbits repitour.
Valente holds up a finger a moment, "They still sing tales, of poor lost Sally. They say if you listen, you can still hear her sing. Her sounds of rapture, in the hands of her mate. Somewhere in the sea, the jewel still waits. Her soul has been captured, her love purified, encased in the brilliant purple sapphire."
Kilsa thinks on the development a bit, "A purple gem in the sea, that would be hard to find." She smiles, "I almost wouldn't want to disturb that. It seems so sad yet precious but alas the greed of folk." She sits up and looks at Bite with a knowning smile.
Bite tilts her head and ponders this, considering what to do. She said she would do it, she guesses. "I'll have to search long and hard until I find it." she says with a nod before stopping to consider how this could be duplicated. Would it be worth it? She doubts that it would be and considers giving up, a look crossing her face as she realizes it would cost lives to create.
Valente lifts his shoulders, "You can't call the sailors greedy," he says, finally finished with the song, "They tossed it back into the waves rather than take it into town and make a small fortune from it."
Kilsa looks at Bite and reads her look. "I wasn't talking about the sailors. I'm talking about what others would do with it, the sailors are the smarts ones. Could you think of what a folk would do with either the power itself or the gem? I'm honestly afriad." She says with a shiver. "What would it be like for an unwilling victim?" Kilsa's greed is overpowered by her fear.
Bite shakes her head and thinks it over. "I guess... I shouldn't... well... shame that its going to waste. Who says we have to duplicate it." she says, her look dissapearing for a smiling grin. She thinks over the information she was presented and thinks of where she can get maps. "And I guess I won't let someone of power get ahold of it then no will I?"
Valente shakes his head, "I doubt you could get any unwilling being to click so perfectly to create such a prize. Sally threw away her life for love. She was the most selfish person of the tale, abandoning her crew, her body, and her responsibilities to be forever with her love. As for duplicating it, that would be a question better asked to a divine mathematician than a tale singer." He rises up then, dusting himself off, "It's a good time for me to be off, ladies. It was a pleasure performing for you both."
Kilsa claps happily. "Thank you." She reaches into her bindings and gives him a few coins. "Its all I have at the moment." She stands up and gives him a very tight hugs. "I loved it."
Bite nods and smiles at the rabbit. "That was a wonderful tale and thank you for your company. I'm sorry for knocking you into the water." she giggles and prepares to wave him off. "I hope to enjoy your company again sometime soon." she hisses and watches the badger embrace them. A sly grin crosses her face and she makes a hissing whistle sound, attempting to tease them.
Valente enjoys hugs, but large badger priest warriors give powerful hugs. As soon as he has his breath back, he makes his way off on shaky feet, retrieving his clothes and fleeing the beach, lest he break more bones at play than he did battling monsters.