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The scene is on of celebration as many folk gather around a wooden stage in the center of the lovely saints Squares, A few small stands around the area offer treats and confections for those gather as a team of BlackBack skunks of the CleverFolk clan stand on stage with a covered object in between them. Guards of the Heavy clan from both the Church of the Creators and the Good kings own guard keep a vigilant eye on every. "Good Evening everyone, I am Marie Blackback and I welcome you to this event hosted by the wonderful Church of the creators. In just a moment we will show you a soul gem of both amazing power and skill that has recently be unlocked to us by the efforts of our own Blackbacks and the Machine Priest of the Creator's Church."

Arimia wanders through the square, not entirely sure what is going on. She'd never seen this sort of celebration before, but she seems to be enjoying herself anyway, looking about with wide eyes. And perhaps wandering hands as she swipes a treat from one of the stands when the guards and proprietor aren't looking and makes her way to the stage. She idly snacks on the treat as she listens to Marie, eyes curiously looking over the covered... Thing on the stage.

Petey approaches the gathering of beings, moving around legs as he strives to get closer to the action without resorting to shoving or being otherwise impolite, "What're they showing up there?" he asks no one in specific as he goes.

Marie smiles as she paces the Stage speaking to the crowd in a upbeat tone. "Now everyone knows of our lovely machine priest who toil endlessly with working the power gifts that our lovely Creators bestowed upon us." She guests to a shy looking Fennec woman with graying fur that ways to the crowd sheepishly. "With their help we have deciphier the secrets of a gem that is capable of bestowed a power not unlike the creators themselves! While we can only hope to grab small bits of the power our Creators have, this is large step in emulating them." She smiles and pull the covering off of the Object revealing a mesh of parts that resemble creator tech, "This is a Golem shaped purily by the hands of one of our own." Another figure walks on the stage, A male Lynx bearing the Clever Folk seal on his shoulder, "This is Gerrad, The tester of our newest soul gem that we have affectionately dubbed the Golem Crafter Gem. I will now open the poduim for questions to Gerrad Myself or our lovely volunteer Machine priest."

Arimia furrows her brow slightly at the revelation, banded tail flicking as her eyes take in the sight of the golem. She continues to snack on her swiped treat, then calls out, "Besides bein' made from what looks like Creator gear, how is it any different form an elemental?" She does her best to speak up loudly enough to be heard, though picking her out of the crowd may be difficult, due to her size.

Petey pops through the crowd, almost staggering as he ends up a bit too close to the stage. He rights himself and dusts himself off as he looks around, "Power of the Creators?" he asks, "Someone's off their rocker if they think we can do that."

Marie points at the Racoon, "Good question dear. While the elemental require great levels of skill in Math and training to successful create and maintain a such a creature.." She pause for dramatic effect, "The Golem only require the nesscary parts and a few etching of simplistic math to run and maintain, They are far more durable than most elementals. But the best feature is that our metallic friend here is customizable." She smiles at the Lynx moves his hands in a few quick gestures and golem responds by shifting its arms from an axe to a hammer then from a hammer to a sword. "An elemental is the being you summon and little more even with the highest level of skill!" She smiles as the Lynx continues to amaze the crowd.

Arimia flicks her ears, watching the golem move on the stage. She doesn't immediately respond, taking another bite of the treat she had taken instead. She continues to stay silent, giving others a chance to question, though her eyes remain locked on the golem with a slight gleam visible in them.

Petey rubs behind his head, a bit perplexed by the look of it, but his attention is captured at least, "Well let's see it do something great then," he shouts up at the stage.

Marie nods to the eager crowd as many of the others except the Lynx clear the stage, "We have prepared a demonstrations for you to enjoy." Several large elements are summoned to the stage echo of them begin to surround the golem as the Blackback summoners give it the order to attack the Lynx who is now sitting on the ground in a lotus position. "Watch carefully." The first elemental fires a torrent of pressurizeed water at the Lynx that the golem intercepts with a shield on his arm before charging the elemental and slicing it in halp. Another elemental takes the opportunity to leap at Gerrad only to be peirced by a rod extending from the golem that fills the poor elemental with fire math causing it to sizzle away into nothingness. The final elemental seeing its comrades taken out by the golem attempts to charge the creature only to smashed into a puddle by a large hammer the golem then move to the lynx while looking around with its eyeless mockery of a head for more potental threats. "As you see the golem can fight indepently of its creator long as they are fully functional. Gerrad made no guesture in the course of this fought and even has his eyes shut." She smiled looking at the expression on the crowds face.

Arimia idly drums the clawed fingertips of one hand against her thigh as she watches the motions of the golems and elementals on the stage. After a moment she calls out, "Well that's all well an' good, but hows it handle a more organized threat? Like a few beings working together to bring it down?" She makes her way closer to the stage, passing the rest of her treat to a beggar on the way, a rather large amount of it remaining. "I mean, elementals can be strong an' all, but they don't cooperate much when taking somethin' on."

Petey tilts his head one way and the other, "Well that is a bit impressive, aye. It's like a mechanical person! Does it have a soul?" he asks, honestly curious of the strange thing, "I'd feel guilty having it fight for me."

Marie look at the Raccoon with a smile. "We have yet to do a field test of large numbers of creatures but before the production line is out we will be happy to do many more tests on combat awareness." She turns to the otter in the crowd. "Well I'm glad that you asked, We've studded the math carefully and what we can draw from our understanding that that it doesn't have a soul such as you or any other folk would have but it maps the soul and the mind of its user. Enough focus placed into this creature will allow it to make decisions based on its wielders mindset, If your smart it becomes smarter, if your battle savy it might take priority targets instead of just rushing the first thing that moves." Gerrad walks to the edge of the stage and nods to Petey, "I'm far from a master tactician but I've been in enough scraps to say that this Golem is very handy just a few days into wearing this soul gem I felt the inspiration to build this using a combination of donated parts and cookware. It keeps me feeling safe just being around it." He chuckled. "I certainly would feel safe even if I was walking into the Kindcraft mines." A collective shiver goes through a few members of the crowd.

Arimia flicks her eras and stares up at the golem, remaining silent as she listens to the words of those on the stage. She lets out a soft "Hmm," with her oddly banded tail flicking behind her then asks, "An' when are you going to be making these new souls available? An' where can I get one?"

Petey twitches his whiskers then, up and down, "That's a grand thing. I imagine it's quite a challenge to put one together, but worth the effort for those minded." He reaches up and takes off his hat, bowing towards the stage, "The Blackbacks have done it again."

The aged fennec finally speak up from the side of the stage, "We will be selling them later in the day, supplies are limited but more are currently being made. Please do look into buying them because a bit of the crown spent will go to the church so we can better serve the folks of promise in these dark time." The graying female coughs a little before continuing. "I hope to see many of you with your own personnal protectors," She gives a toothy smile, "You wouldn't want an old folk like me to have to patch." The elderly vixen gives a wink that causes a few in the crowd to chuckle. She begins to cough even more serverly before a large armored badger comes from behind the stage and lead her away, Marie takes the moment to speak in her stead, "Thank you. We are here for you and would love to get you set up with a Golem as soon as you are able, any more questions for the two of us?" She offers.

Arimia lets out another soft "Hmm," as she stares up at the stage. She doesn't offer any more questions, simply turning and starting to make her way back out of the Square, before the crowd starts to leave as well and she gets trampled, perhaps. Along the way she stops and swipes another treat, a ripe fruit. Old habits being hard to break and all that.

Petey considers over this a moment, rubbing at his chin, but all that comes to mind are things he can find out when it's up for sale. He just tips his hat once more in a kind fashion, eyes the machine curiously a few more moments, and joins the gently dispersing crowd.

The stage is being taken down as the Lynx moves up close to the Skunk, "Do you think it will be enough?" He whispers to the skunk as the crowd departs. "I don't know if we will ever be ready but we will keep pushing till we." She says softly gazing at the back of many folk. "Long as sweetwater has your house to keep us progessing not a single threat will over take us." She nods and turns to walk away, "I hope your right, Gerrad." She says at the lynx and the golem help with the closing up.