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Lady Ironsoul sits on a pew outside the orphange in full armor signing a few papers carried by a heavy folk bear messenger of the crown, "Yes Yes. And right here?" She takes a few fliers from the bear and sends him on his way. She looks out to see if anyone answered her fliers regarding the criminal.

Bite slithers up to her good friend and smiles. "Hey there sssweetie I heard you need help?" she hisses and flashes her dagger and a smile, then preps for a random hug if it is incoming.

Mazurek is one of the first to arrive. This time around he has chosen to walk instead of fly. He's in his usual attire of just shorts. No armor, no weapons. He's known for being an unarmed combatant by now.

That big armadillo fellow Walden wanders in toward the orphanage. Wanders might even be an accurate word; he looks almost like he's lost. But seeing the familiar sight of the orphanage, his expression brightens, and he jogs on over to the assembling group with a grin. "L-Lady Kilsa! I heard- I'm here about- Well, I just figured, um... I might be able to help. With the wanted person? I mean, that is, if it's okay. I don't really want to impose," he stammers nervously, looking from person to person. He's in his chain mail and has his supply pack with his medical kit tucked under his arm.

Kilsa nodded to the snake with a very serious gaze before moving like lightening and hugging her tightly, "I'm glad to have you aboard, Bite!!!" She turned to Mazurek, "Sir Mazurek." She gave him a curt nod and a friendly smiled and hugged the bare chested lizard still a little daunted by his sheer size considering how tall she is herself. She looked to Walden and reached out to give him a findly handshake careful not to hurt the timid creature. "I'm glad to have you all, I know your used to me being more of a explorer of ruins and mines but this criminal is one that irks me to the core and I would sooner see her dealt with myself. We are hunting Gilda Venus, A Growing folk of extreme magical talent, I've been getting reports of her setting up an operation in shanty town. She is wanted for murder, gross misuse of divine math, kidnapping, thieft, and oddly enough one single count of defacing the castle when she was a child." She looked over the Dossier of the criminal. "She is a large Venus Flytrap with bright blue eyes and normally dressed in red and gold robes." She fininshed.

Bite giggles upon recieving the hug and looks to the others in the group. "We'll take care of him sssweeetie, that is quite the record of crime, they must be dangerous to have kept away from the guard so long. Where can we find them?" she hisses curiously.

The large, ten foot Iguana-dragon settled to his knees to reduce the height difference before wrapping his arms around Kilsa to return the hug, holding her a little longer than necessary. He doesn't rise to his feet again quite yet, turning his attention to Bite to remark, "Female, not male." He then addresses Walden, "Are you sure you're up for this, friend? You look ready to faint right out of your plates."

Walden is all too happy to shake Kilsa's hand. He gives a firm grip himself; Kilsa's the rare sort of person he doesn't feel like he has to worry about hurting. And that's to say nothing of Mazurek, of course. "So all around sort of a bad pumpkin," the big shelled farmboy says. "N-no, I mean y-yes, of course I'm to it! I've gotta.... this is important, so that's why I'm here," he says, standing up straight and tall. "I'm not afraid to get into a fight if needed. I'm built tough, you know. But don't worry, I'll focus on what I'm best at."

Kilsa smiled widely, "You can find her in shanty town, I paid through the nose to have danny give me the heads up on anyone matching her Discription. I got a message from him a day ago telling me that he found her operation in a hovel only three miles from his shop. Apperently he is pretty upset that user of boring math is trying to take 'his district.'" Kilsa smiled, "I might not like that garden weed danny much but as far as shanty town goes he is the best." She looked at everyone, "I want you to be prepared for what might happen, Gilda is a master of Earth math but has been known to use water math as well. Get ready for a fight as if you were facing a dozen mages." She pulled out a her hammer and turned, "Lets go to shanty town for a little talk with Miss Venus." She begin walking to the Firmament gates.

Bite giggles, her current understanding of earth and water slightly better from a little side venture. She hugs Kilsa on the move and follows closely. She checks that har knife is sharp and smirks, prepping an explosives spell to let off harmlessly overehead on the way.

The Iguana-dragon can't help but look quite amused at the Armadillo while he tries to not stumble over his own words. He reaches out and rubs the other male's head, caressing slowly, "Just calm yourself as best you can and you won't stumble over your sentences, friend. Let it all come naturally." When it comes time for the group to move out he drops to all fours and proceeds to follow along, "Earth and water maths? I think I need to study up on all of that." He peers up at the explosions that the snake sets off, adding some of his own in the form of a few blasts of lightning via breath-weapon. Pretty lights here.

Walden seems very interested in this. He seems more alert and attentive suddenly. "Water and Earth? My favorite kinds," he says, laughing quietly. He shoots a curious glance and a smile at Bite, amused by her use of magic. "That's so neat," he says with a little chuckle. "Heh. I just... I mess with a bit of Earth..." He can't help but stare at Mazurek in sheer awe, though he does his best to keep up. Sometimes he has to jog a little.

Mazurek notes their newer companion is having issues keeping up and goes so far as to offer him a ride on his back during the trip...

The badger shakes her head at the noisy duo, "I swear....." She exits the gates with a nod from the guards not really paying much attention to the minor noble. A little further and they reach the outskirts of Shanty town, the first site to great them is a dead Apostate rat in the street. "I swear this place needs to be cleaned up." Kilsa remarked a child goat walked up to the body and checked his pockets before groaning at the lack of crown and kicking the rodent. "Keep your eyes out for hovel with a yellow rotted door. Danny says that is the place she is using as a hideout." Kilsa said as all around the group folk watched each of the groups movements. Hatred burning in thier eyes.

Bite does exactly that, looking around for any doors that stand out as such. She preps a little fire magic and looks confident as she does so, trying to deter any muggings.

Walden didn't look terribly comfortable with the idea of flying. "I... I'll stay on the ground sir, but thank you," he says with a little chuckle. As they come to Shanty Town, Walden's jovial mood takes a turn for the worse. He goes eerily quiet, staring at the dead body, then the attempted looting. He does manage to say, "I... I wish I could help," to Kilsa. He starts peeking around, not wanting to miss this door.

The dragon is by no means worried over the fact that the group is leaving something of a message to everything around stating 'we are coming,' considering the fact that three of the group are well-established warriors of some sort. The hatred in the onlookers' eyes is noted, but his focus is on searching for the hovel in question. It should stand out quite well amidst all the browns and such, plus they were given specific directions anyway. Quite belatedly to the Armadillo he finally remarks, "I'm not flying, friend. It would be foolish to do so when I could miss our target. The offer is still open if you wish it. Just be careful of the scales. I've been told they can chafe if you're not prepared." Iguana scales are sandpaper-like one way yet smooth the other.

The yellow door doesn't take them long to find. The hovel is strange and looks....well nice for a change. The entire building is covered in dozens of different plants and small trees, A large tree on the roof shakes and sends down water for the rest of the plants. It seems almost as if a little slice of paradise just grew outta shanty town. The plants glow with a warm hue and beckon anyone to touch them, the draw seems the strongest on Mazurek.

Bite hisses "Get back!" as she lets loose her prepped fire spell on the plants.

Mazurek had not eaten in a few hours, but that would be normal for him. After reaching their destination he finds himself quite...mesmerized by the sight of so many plants amidst the dripping artificial shower. He takes a deep breath to take in the scents and he rumbles softly before beginning to approach one. He doesn't reach for it with a hand but rather the thing that is closest to it given his current orientation: his muzzle. He's intending to at least sniff, if not taste, the plant. The shout doesn't seem to have gotten through to his bewitched mind.

Walden hops back quickly, not being one to argue with a hissing serpent with pyrotechnics. But when he sees Mazurek NOT stepping back, he lets out a gasp of horror. "Mazurek, NO!" he shouts, leaping after the really big fella, aiming a nasty knuckle-assisted punch his way!

The large plant on top lashes out like a furious octopus, the vines are thick as Bites armor and wrap around Mazurek quickly yet extremely gently. One of the vines intercepts Walden and wraps around his arm before lifting him up and flinging him to ground before joining the rest of the vines in capturing Mazurek. Kilsa attempt to smash the plant with her hammer only to recieve the same treatment as Walden and end up being face first in the dirt. A flower opens up into a deep maw and the vines begin to drag him to the roof while still singing the beautiful song to him, attempting to keep his mind in a daze.

Bite tenses up and then preps her magic, a special spell that Kilsa crafted for her. She preps the detonation of flames and lets it wash over the mass of plants.

Mazurek's eyes are mostly closed while he is being grasped by the plant. He doesn't even register the fact that the others are trying to help him at all, and even his wings become quite useless once the tendrils have wrapped around him tightly. He looks upward as he is being lifted and he ends up smiling rather stupidly at it. Despite it being obvious to the others that he is in danger, his mind does not see it as such. Instead he sees a beautiful flower opening and he twitches and cranes his neck toward it to eagerly attempt to at least smell it. Would he even be aware of the sudden warmth from below? His shorts aren't fireproof and if the heat is high enough he's probably going to be losing them.

Walden picks himself up off the ground, grumbling irritably. "What the heck was that?" he asks fairly rhetorically, brushing himself off. And then, he sees Mazurek getting dragged along as well as the flames whooshing into action. "W-what? No! Wake up, dang it!" He lacks ranged weaponry, and he's not the best jumper... so he does the only thing he can think of. He grabs a Dulling Potion and hurls it at Mazurek. "PRIVATE LUNCH, GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!" he yells furiously. Sort of furiously. He's shaking in fear, and he looks to Bite and Kilsa for guidance.

The plant catches on fire for a moment before a sick crunch is heard of the last victim and the plant squirts water in all directions putting itself out. The plant fires a large group of needle thin thorns at Bite in relatiation, Kilsa jumps the way with her hand over her face to take the brunt of the damaging and only gets a few stabs for her trouble. "You ok?" She asked as she blocked a second wave, "That stings alot!" She grunted as the plant dragged Mazureks head closer to the gaping and dripping flower. "Mazurek!!" She yell between waves of needles. The plants seemed to have ignored Walden for moment.

Bite hisses and squirms back, her mind calculating how to keep her in the back and out of harms way. She nods and begins prepping an explosion, planning to tear the tree asunder by force. She appreciates her badger friend more because this is her chance, it's trying to feed.

The explosions below definitely cause the dragon's shorts to begin smoking due to just how much flames are produced. They aren't nearly as resistant to elemental magics as he is and they're likely to be going first. Maz doesn't even notice anything going on below him, and he even begins to pull against the restraints with the sole intent of drawing himself closer to the pod. He is sniffing and even salivating, trying his darndest to get a whiff of that wonderful scent.

Walden looks around quickly, trying to think of something, anything he can do to help. He looks at his fists with their metal-plated knuckles, then glares at the disgusting plant thing. He stomps a foot down and shouts, "Release him! You can't have him!" and charges to pound at the nearest, hopefully most vulnerable looking piece of the plant thing he can find.

The armadillo hits a plusing red tree which cause the plant to screech and vomit up a dry corpse of a small tiger girl. The plant grumble a bit and the flower turn to Walden and breaths out a black could of spores in his direction that stings his eyes and block his vision. The vines around Mazurek begin to grow thorns and attempt to peirce his hide with little success before lifting him over the flower with a bit of a struggle and attempts to swallowing him whole as it starts to wilt from all the abuse its suffered. Kilsa is grunting looking like a cactus from all the pins in her arms. "Biiiiitee..... Any time you want to set this creature on fire....? I'm kinda feeling a little tired from blood loss." She complained as a plan mananged to score a few hits to her face. "Creator cursed creature!!"

Bite hurries and throws off another spell of flames, doing her best make it a very hot one that won't be doused with a mere shake. "I'm trying sssweetie it's a tough one." she says as she throws it off to the creature.

The dragon's body is extra tough, both from having a dragon's armorlike body as well as very tough flesh brought on by a lot of punishment from battle. The thorns don't do much more than pierce through some of his scaled exterior but not his toughened interior. Something about his current situation is beginning to break the spell on the dragon, who has at least ceased his struggling. Blinking slowly he finally seems to come out of whatever daze he had been in, for his eyes soon widen and he lets out a yelp, "Wh-..?! Huh?" He then proceeds to flail about, finally aware at least that he is snared and needs to get free. Yet...his gaze returns to the flower and he sniffs a little more. Some thorns actually pierce his flesh while he is tugging and he begins to bleed from all the puncture wounds. Being of the Growing clan, it wouldn't take long for them to heal if the thorns left them for a brief spell.

Walden stumbles back away from the plant as he gets a blast of spores in his eyes. "Aaagh, golly that stings!" he exclaims. Being useless with his eyes all blinded with tears, he swipes at a bottle of eyedrops at his utility belt, being the handy Journeyman that he is, and quickly applies them, blinking hard a few times. "Darn! That wasted so much time! Lady Kilsa, that red pulsing tree I punched! I don't think it'll like your hammer!" he exclaims, getting his treatment kit ready having grown concerned about their leader's health.

The Plant shrieks at the next explosion catch it in its face, Kilsa saw her opportunity and pulled a smaller hammer from her back and flung with with all her might smashing the bush and causing the plant to drop Mazurek and fire a huge salvo of needles at her with enough force to punch holes in her armor. "ARG!!" The badger lands her on her back from the force as the plant leaps off the room and lands on her chest and attempts sends a few vines into her armors holes. The plant is looking far worse for the wear as it fails around keeping the group from its current target.

Bite hisses and panics, lashing out in the blink of an eye with a cutting winds. The spell dices at a couple of vines, and then the snake lunges into the flailing mass with dagger drawn to protect Kilsa from penetration.

Mazurek had started to be devoured by the plant, but that changes with a suddenness that shocks the dragon as he is tossed to the ground. He shrieks, his voice cutting off when he hits the ground hard, his wings only having started to spread. Dazed, the dragon begins to rise to his feet at the same time he looks toward the massive thing. It's thicker than he is but matches his height. He misses the fact that Bite has gone inside the mass of tendrils to protect their friend. Without even thinking about it he takes as deep a breath as he can muster and sends a torrent of flame, pure, cleansing dragonfire, over the plant that had tried to consume him only moments before.

Walden is glad he got his field medicine ready! He rushes over to Kilsa and kneels down beside her. "This'll sting a little! But it ought to stop the bleeding!" he says to her now that Bite's given him a fantastic opening to pour an unusually iridescent-looking healing concoction over her visible wounds. "C'mon, we need you on your feet!" he declares with a mad grin. Oh, how he loves his potions.

The plant howls drying up more from the strain of trying to get another meal to replace its former contents. The slash go through the plant easily it tries to fire needles at bite but only success in expelling harmless water in her direction. The plant screams from the flames hurting it once again, without its water protection from a host the creature quickly starts to die as kilsa struggle under it so that she doesn't get set ablaze while being whipped. Walden rushed in to help the badger and recieved numerous flaming vine to the back of his head for his troubles. The plant is unable to do more as it vines flake off and finally the mass tumbles over to the side with a nasty crunch and breaks apart. As the plant expired a single Venus flytrap folk of the growing clan walks out from behind the hovel, "Good show. You bunch of morons managed to kill Cynthia." She smiled showing a row of sharp green teeth, "Did it ever occur to you folk to just knock?" She rolled her blue eyes as a small male wolf child stepped out from behind her with a rose growing out of the top of his head. "Really... I don't just come to your home and smash your things." She grumble snapping her fingers and causing the large flower to break into dirt. "It took a week to grow Cynthia that big..." she mourned.

Bite tilts her head and smiles. "Only a week? That's incredible sssweetie, you're quite the accomplished earth magic user." she hisses, her spells becoming quite ready to use as she buys time, the more the better.

The dragon's flames continue to flow in a massive torrent until his single breath finally becomes expended. By that time their initial opponent has been destroyed. Checking on the condition of his companions he turns toward the newest arrival to see that it is their quarry. He opens his mouth and raises a finger to say something, but what he is about to say is lost to a mere squeak. He forgot what he wanted to say and he brings that hand up to his head, having a slight headache. Instead he mutters, "She..smelled so wonderful."

Walden may have accomplished his immediate goal, but now he's groaning in discomfort. He grabs a salve from his kit, rubbing it against the back of his armor-like scalp. "You... you're horrible," he calls out to Venus the Venus as he treats himself. "We merely came near your house and- and- and that THING tried to eat my friend! And by golly, that's... That's really upsetting!" he declares, making his feelings known.

The Venus flytrap claps, "I'm a master. I've been doing this longer than most folk have learn how to walk." She bragged, "So your are the fatty's goon squad?" She looked at the badger on the ground and chuckled, "Two lizards and a rat with a shell. Wow... that nobility isn't doing much for you." She smiled at Mazurek, "Oooh a fan? Well, I could always make you another one like I am doing with this nice little orphan I found wandering outside the crapsack fatty passes off as an orphange." Kilsa growled, "I'm not horrible, I'm the beautiful Master Hearth mage known as Gilda Venus. What really horrible is you? Really... What where the Creators thinking making a think like you, I guess they couldn't decided what was uglier a rat or a turtle so they put both together." She smiled and stroked the flower on the wolf's head.

Bite giggles at her insults and quick as a flash produces another cutting winds, aimed squarely at the flowers stem. Unless she can react faster than the wind she probably just lost an experiment.

Mazurek shakes his head a little, his wings flapping once before he tucks them back where they belong, "Make me another one? I am not certain I am wanting to know just what it is you mean." He steps toward the plant, intending to poke a finger at her chest if he gets that close, "That thing played with my instincts. It knew I would be attracted to its scent and ...and..." He blushes hard then, trailing off due to not being able to continue.

Walden looks rather perplexed at these peculiar insults being hurled his way. He wanders closer to Mazurek, a little concerned that he might be injured. But still, he responds to Venus, "That doesn't even make sense. Rats and turtles can't, y'know, have a kid together," says poor Walden. "A-and I'm not ugly. I'm different!"

The plant giggles at Mazurek's poke but to his fingers the plant feel like pure steel. Bite's cutting wind slices off the plant on top of the child who promptly crumbles into dirt. "Hmph... Some mage. You couldn't tell that I didn't really parade my victim in front of you." She snorts in a gross and looked at Mazurek, "Cynthia is what I would call a succubus lily, She mimics the scent of something pleasurable to the nearest creature and attempt to suck them dry keeping all her all big and strong. That little goat wench that she ate last had the nerve to tell me I wasn't pretty so I showed her the inside of a pretty plant. She looked at Walden long and hard, "Your still ugly. Different is one thing but ugly is just what you are but you seem kinda useful, would you like to tend to my gardens? I have a beatiful plant that grows some of the most potent healing herbs. I would let you tend to it if you promise to wear a bag on your face and join me out in the east forest." She smiled before looking at group. "If you got the guts maybe you can save your little friend or he will end up far worse than that dirt copy." She chuckled at the group her mouth drooling between her sharp teeth.

Bite giggles. "I just wanted to get rid of your distraction, petting a flower instead of talking to us isn't really hospitality." she hisses with a smirk. "I certainly don't think anyone here is in trouble sssweetie, it's all well at hand." she says with a nod and a flash of fangs.

Mazurek snorts, "Our small friend is not ugly. He is what he is and nothing will change that." He glares at the plant while his tail snakes back to openly caress one of Walden's flanks, "If anyone is going to tend plants it had best be offered to me. Cut the insults, as well. Everyone has their own beauty, even those that are ugly on the outside. In fact, you /are/ ugly in the same way that I am ugly and the other three are ugly." He narrows his eyes and pokes her a second time, "Get my meaning, mage?"

Walden twitches sharply in displeasure at the sight of the kid crumbling to dirt. Or at least, what he thought was a kid. "Who cares if I'm ugly?" he retorts. "What does that have to do with ANYTHING? Beauty is... like dirt, when you till the soil, and it... The plants grow, you know... Right? You know what I'm saying?" Probably not. "I won't tend any gardens of any murderers, beautiful or not." He's standing pretty close to Mazurek not seeming to mind that tail. Mazurek is, after all, a freaking dragon, and that's probably the safest place to be right now.

The plant growl her face twisted into pure hatred. "I AM beautiful. I am a creature of pure beauty." She growled and her magic started go a little haywire as her body turned into dirt but retained her form. "If you want this kid come to the east forest and I'll show you what it is to stare in the face of beauty. You have one day before I turn this kid into mulch for Cynthia II" She crumbled away just like the child and the hovel with the yellow door crumbled as well. Kilsa grumbled, "I really really hate her.." She looked at her group. "Lets head back and resupply, I'm going to need better armor than this if a vegatable can punch a hole through it."

Bite nods and hisses "I'd like you to refit me as well sssweetie, I think it will do a wonders." She helps the badger up and pulls a few needles out of her and prepares to head back.

Mazurek smiles while the plant loses her temper, "Nice." He turns his attention toward Kilsa then, "I'm needing some gear as well. Been trying without success to order some from anywhere." Finally he turns his gaze ib the 'dillo, settling to his knees and going so far as to try to pull him into a hug, "I think you're very handsome, Walden. Don't ever let anyone try to tell you otherwise." He puntuates his praise with a kiss right to the head.

Walden shudders. All of this is just so scary! But Mazurek's attention seems to calm him down. He hugs the big guy in turn and lets out a deep sigh. "No, I... That really doesn't bother me," he claims. "I just... I can't stand this woman. I thought we were just going to run into a bandit or something, but she's a total monster. I'm not used to feeling all fired up like this! I probably made a huge fool of myself," he mutters. "And thanks, Mazurek. That's awfully nice of you," he says with a smile. He nods to Bite and Kilsa and says, "Sorry I wasn't much help back there, but I guess I'm not really that good against... things like that. Still... I've got the stuff to patch everyone up when we get back."

Kilsa smiles at the armadillo, "You are a good folk Walden, If you ever get the notion my friend and I run small healing and rebuilding organization all about taking care of the little folk that need it. The golden scythe." She said proudly while limping toward everyone. "I've been trying to snag that overgrown weed for a while she is really to sick to let live but I had to put alive or dead on the flyer because that is what her bounty is for. I would much rather just toss her in a pit of bone dragons and call it a day but I want to see if I can save Micheal from her clutches but for now lets get home and get geared up. I fear a long day tomorrow." She looked a little better as Walden's potions started to kick in and she had less of a limp as they exited shanty town to prepare for round two against Gilda Venus.