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The Freeswords' Guild were founded around 390 AH. There were no gifted back then, and they served as a more standard mercenary service exchange. They stood out from the rest by offering for sale services for all walks of life. Needed a tailor, they had the contact. Blacksmith, guard, assassin, chef or dog walker, they took and offered all manner of job.

The Freeswords' Guild, as a result, met with success, and spread across Promise to most major cities. They are the go to people when you need to hire someone in a hurry.

The Gifted

With the coming of the Gifted(Previously known as the soulless), the guild's focus changed. With the support of the Blackbacks, they became the primary outlet of soul gems, and with them, they became the primary place to interact with and hire the Gifted. Though Firmament's guild has the widest variety of soul gems, all Freeswords' guilds have the basics to offer any aspiring Gifted and jobs that could use their variety of talents.

Relation in Countries


The Good King is quite pleased with the presence of the Freeswords', possibly in part due to their involvement with the Blackback noble family. Their strength, with his support, has helped Sweetwater become more powerful in turn. It was Gifted involvement that turned back the shadow incursion, and battles against the Old One Cult. The advancement of the Gifted, and relatedly, the Freeswords' is one of the monarch's high priorities.


Cliffside sees the Freeswords' as any other company. They receive little support or outright attack in the city. They do face competition. The Elite Mercenaries, Royal Order of Soldiers, and Esteemed Company of Travelers offer similar services and are often trying to undermine and undersell the Freeswords'.


Like Cliffside, Shralesta has little governmental involvement in the business. The Esteemed Company of Travelers does have a branch in the capital city, however, and acts as a thorn in their side as well as preventing a monopoly on offered services.