Old One Cult

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What are they?

The Old Ones claim to be ancient beings of incredible power. Hailing, or so they insist, from a time even before the Creators were walking upright, they demand obedience from those who intrude on their domain.

More recently, the Old One cult has been implied to have strong ties to the Corrupt Court of spirits - if not being headed by a corrupt spirit itself - meaning that claim may have more credibility to it than initially thought.

Those who worship them seem to relish in the slow distortion of the sacred math that fashioned them, resulting in new limbs, melted flesh, jagged bits of rock, crystal, or metal protruding from eternally weeping flesh, and many other deformities. They have renounced the Creator Saints and preach to any that would listen that a new, glorious, future awaits the faithful.

Social Status

Known worshipers of the Old Ones are not taken to kindly by most. People of Shralesta are especially hostile to these 'foul blasphemers', and have made it legal to slay such priests on sight anywhere near their city.

Sweetwater is more tolerant. The First Text says that no being should be slain simply for their superstitions, and, for now, the Good King holds true to these words. This is not to say that the people of Sweetwater are not mobilizing against this new threat. Cultists who take active action against the country are outlaws like any other, and in good need of swift justice.

Cliffside has no official stance on the matter. Cultists will have to prove themselves in the city's relentless meritocracy and cut-throat backstabbing atmosphere to become more than a curiosity to the people there. They may very well fit right in.

Cultist Disposition

Are they all evil? If they were all anti social psychopaths, things would be much easier for all involved. Unfortunately, a good number of cultists are content to worship their unfathomable masters while still getting to work on time and preaching their faith during the day without actually harming anyone. Annoying perhaps, but most don't break any laws, just decency.