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Founded in 219 AH, Shralesta was first a testament to being's faith and persistance. Built at the sea side at on one of the hottest, driest, deserts that Promise has to offer, water was a constant concern. Overcoming these challenges and building up to a thriving metropolis is what helped shape the people of this jewel of the desert into what it is today.


  • Advanced mathemagic has gone a long way to ease the immediate worries of the people. Salt water is taken in from the sea through many pipes and channels lined with salt drawing earth magics. The salt is sold both locally and abroad, while the purified water is used by an eager populace.
  • Fishing is another heavy industry that employs a good number of beings daily, in the catching, preparing, and shipping of the sea's treasures.
  • Desert flowers have proven to yield a variety of rare dyes, and hardy desert shrubs and roots create unique spices.
  • Most incense created on Promise comes from Shralesta.


When most people think of Shralesta, religion is often the first thought. As well it should be. The city has massive towering statues of the Creator Saints, as well as lesser statues to gods that see no worship anywhere else. The churches of the city are also its governance, with the high priest of the largest playing the role of king or queen of the nation. The rules of the First Text are taken very strictly, not as advice, but as mandates for the beings of Promise to follow.

Unlike Noonday mass of most places, it is considered impolite for foreigners to attend them in most places. A special church for those who are visiting the city is placed near the waterside. It is considered a lowly church, though well appointed(Wouldn't want to give the wrong impression to guests), and new priests tend to be assigned to it.

Creator Heritage

The intense heat and low humidity of the city made it an ideal place for the preservation of sacred family ritual sheets. The religious nature of the people ensured that the great stone and metal works were kept unharmed over the years, even through war and natural disaster. When the moon shattered, more beings died than relics lost, and those who helped ensure this were regarded as heroes.

As a result, the city has many Creator artifacts and sacred family rituals in its grasp, held carefully and worshipped as the mighty tools of their Creators as they are.