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A large imposing badger geared in red armor, Kilsa Ironsoul, wait for warriors to respond to her summmon. She is currently talking with a few soldiers clearing for her expedition and signing various scrolls.

Rogna approaches Kilsa, adjusting his cape as he walks. His hand is on his sword hilt, his other hand makes a wave to the badger. "Hello there!" he says as he reaches her. He smiles and looks to her armor. "Fine work as always Miss Kilsa."

Zevran enters the area in response to the summons. He looks around quickly before spotting the large badger standing near some soldiers. He makes his way over to the small group. "Lady Ironsoul, I have come to assist you in your expedition." He says as he stops in front of the badger.

There's a stocky-looking armadillo fellow who's rather quick to arrive, though not as quick as others. Walden's in some chainmail over a brown robe and has a pack of supplies on his back. He has an axe in its cover at his side, and he seems equal parts eager and nervous. "H-hello!" the armadillo stammers as he approaches. "You're all here for the same thing, right? Um, the expedition?"

The badger nods greeting Rogna, "Thank you, From what I hear the things that are lurking in the ruins may warrant the use of this armor. I'm glad to have you all at me side." She nods to Zevran and Walden as they approach. "If you have anything to gather now is the time. I want to leave before it turns night, In case there is shadows about.." She heft her travel pack on her back and smiles at Walden, "Yes you have come to the right place."

Ryusho would almost arrive too late it seems, Just at the last minute as he seems to have a ..bad tendency of doing it seems for things that are planned, though normally its because things keep him busy, this time its because he actually didn't find out until the last minute as he arrives, quickly giving a bit of a Salute, "I'm Here Lady Ironsoul, I only just found out about the expedition and I did not want to end up missing out on helping the house." he says though a bit hurriedly.

Rogna presents his small pack of supplies and gestures to his sword. "I believe I have everything I require for this mission. Shall we proceed?"

Walden rubs his hands together briskly and nods to the lady badger with a big smile. "I pretty much have my things, so don't worry about me," the armadillo says. "It looks like we have some sturdy-looking people here. I feel kinda good about that."

Zevran raps his knuckles on his battered plate armor and readjusts the medium-sized pack that is slung over his left shoulder. "I think I am prepared as well." He says with a smile, not bothering to gesture to the large sword on his back.

The badger looked at the Tengu and nodded, "We haven't left yet but now that your here lets get a move on." She motions for the rest of the group to follow as she begins walking out of the city walls. "Luckly the ruins aren't very far." She walked at a brisk pace but kept the chatter friendly, "While this isn't an offical mission from the Crown I expect you all to be on toes. A few merchants I've spoken to have said that their are shadows, This mission is simply to explore the ruins and take back anything of value if you find something let me know the crown may keep it but I will reward you personally from house Ironsoul's coffers." At the pace they are traveling they have already reached the outside of the east forest.

Rogna nods. "So you must expect us to find a threat, or we wouldn't be needed." he says as he walks through the at pace with the group.

Ryusho hums quietly as he follows the group, keeping up though he does adjust and check things, actually shifting a few crystals around when it comes to what he does, but being quiet for the moment

Walden follows along, though he practically jogs to keep up. He must not be used to moving quickly. "I hope we find some interesting stuff, then," the armadillo says while panting just a bit. "It ought to be pretty fun, right? I mean, aside from the life-threatening dangers."

Zevran keeps pace with the group, although he remains mostly silent. "Aye, nothing like a fight or two to get the blood pumping. Life isn't worth living without a little danger." He says cheerfully to the armadillo.

"Yes Sir Rogna, I expect danger but shadows so close and under our noses just doesn't seem as likely." She shrugs, "Though I can't say that there is no danger of shadows now that folk have been coming around to inspect the outside of the place." She picks up a hammer and keeps it over her shoulder. "I'm familar with Ryusho 's, Rogna's and Zevran's approaches to combat. What are you skills Sir....?" She looked to Walden curiously, "I apologize what was your name again?" She chuckled as they reached the Quarry. "It should be fun even with life-threatening dangers."

Rogna looks to the newcomer and listens as they walk. Hearing a companions fighting style will be beneficial for future fights. "Yes, what will you be doing in combat should it arise?"

Walden blinks a couple times. Now the armadillo's on the spot, and it's clear from his expression he's not used to this. "Ohh, um, I'm terribly sorry! I don't even really know anyone here, do I? I'm Walden," he says. "I guess I'd say I'm a bit of a handyman. Need to get something fixed, or need to get patched up, I've got the stuff for it. And I did my year of service already, so I can swing an axe alright." He clears his throat and mutters, "Thank goodness for soul gems though..."

Ryusho chuckles softly, "So we have two smiths, and a handyman.." he rumbles to himself, "Well we won't be dealign with broken gear for long at all if that happens.." he says with a grin, though he nods a bit at the comment about soul gems...

Zevran smirks as he hears Ryusho's comment. "Hrm, so that means only a few of us are heavily geared for combat right now? Fantastic, that means more fighting for me." He says with a smile. This might turn out to be a very good day for him.

The Badger tilts her head a bit at they approach the Ruin. "So your more of a supporter, Alright then here is the plan for you. When danger hits you have four very large and very strong fighters with you. Help who need help and keep our opponets off balance, from what I've been through most shadows attack the largest creature first so you'll have better time to prepare than we will, use that to your advantage." She looked at the Ruins before her, A cave with an open maw covered in different carvings of various folk fighting with each other. The most horrifying part is the entrance is shaped like a bat skull with its fangs being the only entry way. "How did folk miss something like this for so long.....?" She looking around for a moment, "There was supposed to be a guard here.... Is everyone ready to enter?" She slides her hammer from her back and holds the weapon out. "I am."

Ryusho blinks slowly, "lovely..they attack the largest folk first, huh?" He says with a roll of his eyes, "Well, That means Im going to get pummled today." he says with a partial sigh, "Oh well, not like I am un-used to stuff like that." he says shaking himself off as he gets himself ready, preparing his weapons as well, "I am ready as well, Lady Ironsoul, and I will do my best." he says bowing his head a bit.

Rogna laughs and nods. "I believe I will be seeing my fair share of fighting." he says as he draws both of his swords. "I am ready to proceed." he says as he eyes their surroundings thouroughly.

Walden takes a deep breath to steady himself, and he nods a couple times. "Okay, I understand. Don't worry, I'm sorta the opposite of reckless! W-wait, no, I mean, I'm brave and all, I just... I'm... We'll all be fine!" He stares at the bat-skull maw and gulps hard. "We'll be fine."

Zevran cracks his knuckles as he looks towards the entrance. "I am ready too. This should be fun." Zevran states, drawing the large sword from its place on his back and adjusting his pack so that it will not hamper his movement during combat.

The group enters the ruins and is greated with strong smell of rotted meat. Nothing around would seem to give off the smell but as the group looks at the crumbling pillars and various broken statues they notice that there is a path that is parted in two different way. One to the east and one to the west. Kilsa shakes her head, "This place doesn't smell right, So which way do we all want to take first left, She motions to the more illuminated pathway that is lined with glowing letters of devine math of a red color, "Or right?" A darker path that has only a few letters glowing in a sickly green light. "We are going to check both either way but I'm open to suggestions."

Rogna looks to the right and smiles. "Shall we head this way?" he gestures with his sword and looks to the others for confirmation.

Ryusho hums softly as he looks around, "Well, It looks to me that both ways have their own merits, such as one being iluminated more then the other, but also their own problems as how they look, is quite intimidating in their own ways...I for one, think either way might be a problem, but if one could determine the direction the...'scent' might be stronger from, if it is not from this room,t hen it is possible that we could know what way has had....recent problems...

Zevran looks towards the dimly lit path. "Well, I may not be a seasoned raider of ruins, but the path on the right looks much more ominous. Let's go that way!" Zevran exclaims.

Walden rummages through his pack and pulls out a medical kit to keep handy. Once it's secure, he looks around at each direction. "Um... they're both scary. I, um... I really like making left turns when I'm wandering, but I doubt I have nearly the experience of you folks yet. Mr. Hippopotamus might have a nice idea though; what if the, uh, fewer symbols means less danger? I mean not that I'm trying to suggest we avoid danger. I just mean... we probably have consensus..." His ears droop slightly, but he grips his axe in hand protectively.

Shaking her head Kilsa laughs, "I know I chose the right group to come with me!" She smiled and looked at Walden, "You don't have anything to fear friend, You've got four of the best warriors protecting you and most of thier armor is made by the two best crafters in the city." She looked to the right and started to walk, "Alright Majority rules on the right side." The moment stepped into the light of the right side a rumbling occured in the main room and a statue rose out of the floor shaped like a rabbit on his knees screaming in pain. Kilsa looked at the statues, "Wow..... Forboding..." She continued down the path anyway motioning for the rest of the group to follow her.

Ryusho blinks a bit as he watches the statue rise up, and thinsk a moment, though as he slowly moves to follows, he checks his crystals again, and wonders if he might swap a few to be safe...

Ryusho does indeed swap a few he feels some might be of more help while they are here then others....

Rogna looks back to the statue and then to Kilsa. "You don't feel the need to inspect the statue of the rabbit?" he queries after looking at it. It seems like an odd thing to do considering it just appeared when they took this path.

Walden lets out a loud gasp in surprise as the statue appears. His free hand goes to his mouth, and he takes a deep breath to steel his nerves. "W-what if it's a trap?" he asks, giving the statue a wide berth as he tries to keep up.

Zevran spares a glance toward the rabbit statue before following Kilsa. "Judging from that statue, we should probably be prepared." He says as he tightens his grip on his sword. "Don't worry, it's nothing we can't handle." He reassures Walden.

Not missing a beat turned back and shook her head, "Not yet, it appeared when I stepped here, I think it is.... Hmmmm." She does stop and think for a moment. "Could someone step on the other path and see if something springs up?" She couldn't figure out why she was in such a rush to go down the green tunnel. "Funny I'm usually more careful than this, I guess the excitement got to me." She waits paientently to see what happens. A nagging urge in the back of her mind tells her to continue down the green path.

Ryusho shifts, "I will do it Ma'am,"

Ryusho of course would begin to move over towards the path, looking down at the ground, and glances back at kilsa, before he steps forward onto the path.....

Walden looks like he's about to speak up, maybe... but his shyness comes out a bit rather prominently, and he watches Ryusho head to the other way. "Is it safe to let him do that alone?" he worries.

Zevran opened his mouth eagerly to volunteer, but was beaten by Ryusho. He closed his mouth and it formed into a slight frown. "I suppose we'll find out." He replies to Walden as he watches Ryusho make his way to the path.

The moment Ryusho steps on the red path a beam of light strikes him between the eyes, harmlessly touching him as a new rumble is heard and a second status raises out of the ground it is shaped like Ryusho sitting on top of a throne made of skulls. A low moaning is heard from left tunnel. Kilsa looks nervous and moves back into the main room with the group, "I think this trip might have worse things than shadows involved."

Rogna laughs and looks to the group. "Shall we?" he asks and readies into a fighting stance, waiting for a direct confirmation of the path to be chosen so he can carefully progress down the hallway of choice.

Ryusho stands there..quietly, as he stare at it, " least the statue is wearing modest clothes...." he says first, "....a somewhat accurate...repesentationt hough ...even though I don't ever want a throne like that..." he says after a moment, the dragon of his mind saying 'i would love a throne though' in a way through that statement...

Walden trembles very nervously and clutches onto his axe tightly. "That's... that's just wrong. That sort of thing shouldn't be able to happen," claims the armadillo. "Um... What do we do?"

Zevran takes a few steps towards the red path as he hears the moaning "It's an interesting artistic choice, that's for sure." He gestures to the statue's throne as he tightens the grip on his sword and drops into a combat stance.

Looks far more serious than before, "Noises to the left and wierd statue, I think we should go that way." She pointed to the left this time but her mind seems to be restless about going down the green path. "How about we pick a path with the obvious threat?" She looked over the statue and sighed, "This place is creepier by the moment I would have peferred shadows." She began to walk down the red path every step she desired to take the green path. "Lets go and be ready for anything."

Ryusho hums softly, "..Lady Kilsa...For your safety should I be leading the way, being your retainer and all.." he says as he begins to walk a bit quickly to catch up to her, even though he doesnt like this oen bit..he would rather potentially deal with issues first, though being a growing cast member, he wuold be able to deal with recovering from injury more easily as well..

Rogna eyes Kilsa curiously. He suspects dark magics are afoot. "Kilsa I believe now would be a good time to cleanse the group, we must not be hasty." he says as he clutches his dark knight soul gem. His own character tells him not to be afraid, and the dark knight soul gem just bolsters his confidence. His stance does not waver as he looks around and approaches the red path, giving the statue behind them a glance to be sure it will not leap off its throne.

Walden scratches nervously at his arm through the sleeve of his robe. "W-what do you mean by 'cleanse' the group?" he asks, tagging along quickly. "Are you two okay?" he asks then, gesturing at Kilsa and Ryusho. He seems to have no idea what's happening.

Zevran strides after the others, not wanting to fall behind and be left out of any possible fights. He remains calm as he enters the red path, confident in his own abilities to deal with whatever he might face. Still, he remains alert to any potential threats that might reveal themselves.

"Yes, Sir Rogna, I believe that might before the best." She begans muttering a few blessing as the ruins light up around her and she grunts as the ruins spark and sends a power bolt of magical feed back to her. "ARG!!" She drops down to one knee. "Crap...I can't cast a blessing." The moment Zevran steps in the tunnel a wall made of the same glowing lettering seals them inside leaving a single path further down into the ruin.

Ryusho shifts and palces a hand on her as he winces a bit, "..Are you alright?" He says shifting as he looks her over quickly, trying to make sure she is alright, "...You look'dam Kilsa, Please, Let me go ahead of you, and the group, since my heritage will allow me to deal with potential problems more easily, when it comes to this place, as it seems to be rather..trapped or something..."

Rogna watches the effect that a blessing has caused on Kilsa, stepping over to her and helping her up. "My appologies Miss Kilsa, it was not my intention to cause you harm." he says as he contemplates, then tests the starts of performing dark magic, watching for any reaction.

Walden freezes up and cringes as he realize his way back is blocked. "Ohhh... This looks bad! We're going to have to keep going through here, aren't we? Umm, I'll, uh, keep you guys safe, right? So we'll be okay." He clears his throat and looks over Kilsa with concern.

Zevran seems nonchalant as the walls close behind him. "Well, it seems we are going the right way. Or at least the way these ruins want us to." Zevran notes. He seems slightly concerned as he sees the ruins react to Kilsa's blessing. "We'll be fine." He attempts to reassure Walden again, but his fingers reach up to his Dual Soul Pendant, slowly rubbing the two gems as though to reassure himself.

Kilsa nods to Ryusho, "You lead, Ronga will back you up and Zevran will stick close to Walden to keep the rear guarded I will take middle to ensure I can get to anyone who gets hurt." As Ronga begins casting a his spell the runes glow from red to a sickening purple, "Kilsa looks a little nervous but the runes don't give off any hostile energy, they seem to be aiding in his magic shifting to become inscriptions of stronger Dark magic. A chuckle can be heard even deeper in ruins. "Lets head out." The ruins lead to an open room that is filled with skulls of various creatures and folk on the top of the mountain of skulls a purple and black Tegu wearing the same gear as Ryusho leaps from the top down to the group. The creature smiles and beckons Ryusho to him by curling his fingering with a sinister smile. The creature is weilding a blade made from what seems to be pure blackness given form.

Ryusho would slowly quirk his brow, "Well.....Hello there." he says after a moment, as he glances slowly up and down, ".....I don't think I look that good in, sure, that works well, but not so sure about the purple.." he says after a moment, though looking up and down, ...half investigating and in one way almost trying to look 'it' over to see how...accurate it is to the real deal...

Walden clutches onto a gem from his pack and squeezes it in his hand as though seeking comfort from it. "Thanks," he says to Zevran, seemingly relieved by this simple reassurance. "I hope my magic doesn't make anything nasty happen. Well, I don't have much. It probably wouldn't react to Earth-" And that's when he sees the figure in the open room. "...Oh..."

Rogna eyes the blade and watches the figure carefully. "I assume you've taken his form by chance." he says and shakes his head. Surely this creature is weak, needing the power of others to survive.

Zevran glances towards the other 'Ryusho' as he enters the room behind everyone, guarding the rear. "I should've tried to smash that statue when I had the chance." He says, referring to the statue in the entrance as he readies himself for any hostile action the doppelganger might take.

The odd reflection of Ryusho feel to one knee reaching out to the real Ryusho, "We could have been so much more powerful....." He cracked and shatter as the moutain of bones disappeared and the whole group feels a lurch as they are all in the center room again. The statue of Ryusho is missing and in it place is giant purple stone glowing brightly and pointing to the north wall revealing an outline of Ryusho stabbing the shadow dead with the group around him in various agressive stances. The bunny statue is still there and the green path is still open as Kilsa is staring at it with an unblinking gaze.

Rogna sheaths a sword and grabs Kilsa by the shoulder. "Miss Kilsa are you quite alright?" he says as he inspects her, following her eyes. "You need to get ahold of yourself."

Walden pants heavily, not used to such exertion apparently. Poor guy. "I can't believe we did that though," the armadillo says. "I thought we were all going to die! You guys... you're amazing."

Zevran blinks as he finds himself in the center room again. "That was...odd. That didn't seem like any shadow I've ever seen." Zevran states before noticing the outline on the wall. "That wasn't there before." He notes, peering at the image of himself. "It seems we have only one path left. Shall we see where it takes us? I'm sure a rabbit will be much easier to deal with than what we just faced." He asks the group, his gaze drawn to the statue of the rabbit.

Ryusho shifts as he almost spins the blade in one hand, the axe in the other, before he then moves both to one hand, promtly moving to clean them of the blood and gunk upon them, and checking for damage of his weapons before he puts them away for the moment, "...We could of been so much more powerful, But darkness, bones, and the like, is not my thing..." he says simply, "Besides, I like my life as it is now..." he says to himself, talking in a way looking to the picture and staring for a moment, "..asnd that makes me know that if I ever become a shadow posessed, or a shadow myself..that by the creator...... You guys are going to -hate- me..." he says simply, "...considering the fact that I saw he was not regenerating his wounds like I do, anywhere near as quickly, shows that as a shadow I would be..quite horrible to deal with." he says though just talking as he looks to t he throne, then the wall again, just with the wondering thought for a moment, "...Powerful is something I would like...But definately...Not in that way." he then says to himself...he would rather be powerfull, through a good means, rather then through evil, and darkness...and much more then actually working along with the shadow...

The Large female shakes her head, "I'm fine I just need to clear my head." She smiled at Rogna, "Are you ready?" She gave the hippo a warm smile before looking at group, "I think we are half way done with this ruin, I'm still wondering if that is what happened to the guard who was supposed to be guarding the entrance?" She looked at the group and nodded, "Don't become a shadow Ryusho or whatever that thing was..." She chuckled but her eyes never left the green pathway. "Is everyone healthy enough to continue?"

Walden clears his throat and looks over his medical kits to make sure they're fully intact. "Okay, I didn't lose anything. I... oh, what's this?" he wonders, finding a gem. "Oh goodie, I could use this." He smiles cheerfully and starts sizing up the others. "Unless I'm mistaken, everyone looks fine, thankfully. We'll have to be careful here with this other path. That rabbit makes me super nervous."

Zevran searches for something to clean off the blade of his sword, but sighs when he does not find anything. "I am ready to continue. After all, what is the worst that could happen?" Zevran asks rhetorically, his gaze shifting from the rabbit statue to the path. He takes a few steps toward it, but waits to see what the rest of the group will do.

Rogna doesn't let go of the shoulder, instead relying on his soul gem to peer out into the green hallway. He shakes his head and focuses on his priest soul gem, locking eyes with Kilsa. They are out of that confounded hallway, lets see what happens. He covers her eyes with his hand and begins chanting something.

Kilsa continues down the path without a second thought, "Lets go fight a screaming bunny or something." She chuckled lightly and walked on the path. "I bet this place is going to seal up or something too." She smirked.

Ryusho mrphs and quickly begins to move to catch up, and yes, like before, eh moves to get -ahead- of Kilsa, not unlike before..just for the sake of being the retainer to try to take anything that might come that way before it reaches her, wel at least thats how he feels it should be, to be a form of guardian or guard for her when she is around.

Walden blinks a few times. "Wait, don't let it seal up without me!" the armadillo calls out and hustles to keep up. "Oh, I hope this isn't something too terrible. Maybe it'll cut us a break and have something GOOD on the other side!"

Rogna frowns and keeps pace with the group. No good getting left behind. "Keep an eye on Miss Kilsa, she is being influenced."

Zevran follows after the group, once again bringing up the rear. He understood the necessity of a rear guard, but he still wished that he could have been at the front of the group. However, after hearing Rogna, he stayed at the back of the group and kept his eyes on Kilsa.

The badger doesn't make any noise as she moves at a faster pace. The room opens up to a beautiful pool a single rabbit is crying soundlessly on the inside. The rabbit is soaked in blood and begins to slowly walk to the group, as he approaches he looks at Kilsa and a closer glance reveals that he is missing his eyes and glowing slightly, "Oh Creators you poor thing." Kilsa says as the rabbit come closer she doens't notice that the pool is glowing and that the rabbit is walking on the surface without sinking. Kilsa begins to crying softly as the pitiful creature turns into a copy of her, She still sees the rabbit but everyone else sees a horrifically looking Kilsa still covered in blood but now armor and reaching a hand out to the real thing.

Ryusho would promtly move to try to step between Kilsa and the rather..messed up doppleganger, as he can't look quite directly at it without cringing or wanting to look away from it as he shifts, "Kilsa, Get -back-." he says as he can, though he pretty much works to actually try and -push- her back away as he can to get her to back away from it, though he doesn't draw a weapon immeditately, his -first- goal is to keep it away from Kilsa and himself between Kilsa and..-it-

Rogna draws is second sword and uses his first to make a hearty chop at the false Kilsa's outreached hand. He prepares to parry and tries to get better positioning for another strike.

Walden's eyes go wide again. There's just been so much today shocking the poor armadillo. "Oh nooo, what the heck IS that? L-Lady Kilsa, that thing's gonna kill you!" he shouts in a fit of panic. He brandishes his axe as he rushes over with Ryusho to help. "You, thing, get away!"

Zevran blinks as he sees the bloody doppelganger. He watches as the others rush to put themselves between the doppelganger and Kilsa. While he was always glad for a fight, something about this doppelganger seemed different than the last one. He moved forward quickly to also place himself between the doppelganger and Kilsa, his sword held pointed towards the doppelganger. He did not attack yet, waiting to see what the doppelganger would do.

Kilsa the creature looked at Ryusho with a smirk. "Pro......tect.....or?" It looks at the the stump that its hand has become and chuckles in a weird high pitched way that vibrates off the walls, with almost unnatural agility the creature flips over Ryusho and Rogna give her a quick stare, "I....offer....everything." The creature takes the form of a regal male badger still covered in blood and giving off a sickly green glow. "" The creature reaches out with it stump before quickly changing to his good hand. In a small moment of clarity Kilsa takes a step back before the creature forcibly takes her hand. The divine math littering the area screeches and kilsa screams as a torrent of magic covers her and she smiles at the group, "I feel peace..." The voice is not kilsa's as she raises her hammer and swings it at Rogna's face.

Ryusho shifts, "Kilsa!" Of course he begins to move promtly, to try to get between Kilsa, and Rogna, and ..he actually will be doing something quite different, as he does not draw his weapons...

Ryusho smacks Kisla across the face with one hand, "SNAP Out of.." he stops and if looks could kill, if someone attacks with a weapon or something more..ahem..lethal...well, they may as well be a pile of dust with the look he would give them........because Kilsa seems to be -not- in control of herself...

The green creature slips out of the Kilsa through her mouth in a sickingly long vomit. The goo reforms into a green rabbit again, it looks pitifully at her, "I....know your....soul." Kilsa stands up and coughs, "I know you do! Take them too your grave you disgusting thing!!" With a heave of her hammer she smashes the creature with her hammer, her eyes blazing with hatred as she repeatedly smashes the creature into the ground until only paste remains. "OUTTA MY HEAD! OUTTA MY HEAD!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGH!!!!" The glow of the room is gone and when the group arrives in the common area kilsa is still smashing the ground leaving small craters in the ground. "outta my head..." She gasps worn out and leaning on her hammer. The wall the north is missing and various armors and weapons lay about all of them glowing green and purple.

Ryusho slowly swaps a few gems out as he decides he wants to get an idea what is going on here with the weapons and all..and then he mrphs softly, "...Well, this is quite the..interesting collection...but I don't know of any way to get any of this safely, well, immediately..."

Walden looks a little curious about these bits of equipment, and he rummages in his pocket for a particular favorite gem which he holds tightly for a moment. "...Aaaah! Yeah, don't touch, don't touch!" he exclaims, backing away nervously.

Rogna looks the weaponry and armor over carefully. "These... need be seperated and stored for the safety of sweetwater." he says with a sigh, producing bags from within his small carrying sack. He places each into its own sack and ties the bundle together to be broken apart later and stowed as the Good King sees fit. One paticularly sharp sword he must carry, as he fears it will rip through the sack.

Zevran watches as the others inspect the weapons and as Rogna collects them. He was considering gathering a few for himself, even with the odd glow. However, Rogna beat him to it before he could muster up the nerve to grab a few of the oddly glowing weapons and armor.

Ryusho himself was doing a look but don't touch thing, even though he would get a -bit- close to some of them, "....I would love to study this stuff...some fo this is incredibly well forged from the look of it..and some of these look like they have used techniques I have not seen before...just from the way they are shaped, or the materials used..."

Walden's jaw drops at the sight of Rogna -picking these up-. He stares silently in a mix of horror and disappointment as if he's just waiting for something terrible to happen. The armadillo is shaking.

Kilsa looks at the group, an look at Rogna picking up the has kilsa on edge. "What are you doing?!" She yelled before leaning over still feeling woozy, "I will never let myself be possessed by shadows.... Not if its anything like that was." She looked at rogna while still leaning on her hammer. "Are you ok Rogna I mean touching this stuff can't be good for you?" She looked shakened but slowly got to her fee and walked over to the group. An aura of darkness envelope Rogna as he holds the sword it causes everyone else to feel a little weaking but it has no affect on Rogna himself.

Ryusho squirms a bit as he feels himself getting a, feeling as he looks to Rogna, "You know...Maybe I can get something so you don't have to hold that..or coudl put it in something, or something else.....besides..thats a lot of weight to carry, you need any help?"

Rogna nods to Kilsa then shakes his head. "There can't be any accidents or something terrible will happen. Let us begin the trek back to Firmament." he says with a grunt, slowly progressing to the door. "I feel fine, but I am going to need to rest when this is all over." he says as he treks onward.

Zevran shifts uncomfortably as he feels himself become slightly weaker. "The sooner we get out of here, the better." He says as he follows Rogna towards the door.

Walden finally breathes, and he gets his pack secured on his back properly, shaking his head. "I don't like this one bit. It's wrong to be taking cursed things back like this. Well... well, unless you can uncurse them. But I guess I just don't know about it yet." He follows along on the way out.

The trek back is slow everyone feeling drained, Kilsa constantly looking at the weapons and gear Rogna is carrying in fear. The group makes it back firmament walls and is force to wait outside the walls until a specialist is sent to carefully retrieve all the items. Kilsa smiles weakly at the group when the items are taken away, "This could have gone a lot worse if you all hadn't been with me. I shall reward you greatly, I thank you all for your help and your aid to the crown." She looked a little sickly before shuffling off to her orphange. "You are all a great asset to all the folk of Promise." She leaves the group as they are all allowed back inside, The group is given a few encouraging words from the wall guards.