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Outside of the large Ironsoul manor in the yard as the announcement is made and flyers are posted out. There is a large group of folk from every clan is gathered guards of the house are currently sitting at the many wooded tables unlike the other folk these guards are all wearing gems of the Monk soul. There are various meats and veggies ofter to the many folk gathered at the door with Kilsa sitting on the steps dressed in a plain brown tunic. "Alright Little ones. Let me tell you the story of the Greatest Swordsman I ever met." Her story goes on as more people gather while the invite allows nobles status seems to mean little to the badger as she moves on from the children to chatting with an apostate feline with a single tooth who is trying to eat a particularly stubborn piece of meat.

Angus smiles as he walks towards the party rather curious as to what spurred on this occasion. He wore no weapons like the invitation asked and was even wearing his noble soul for once as he eyed the guards curiously, picking up a few pieces of meat that were offered.

David hesitantly enters the yard and looks around with wide curious eyes, he takes a seat at a table and munches on some fish to calm his nerves

Mirana walks up toward the Ironsoul Manor for the first time really. She looks around at the marvel that it is and wonders idly a moment why Kilsa didn't use it more. She looks at the food, the drink, the children, the guards, and even to her brother as he walks in and just... goes.. for.. the food. She sighs and shrugs. Rubbing her belly a moment, she'd like to grab some of the good food herself, but it would be more proper to announce herself first. She didn't want to be in anything too fancy, so she decided the battle dress would be a good option. "Hello My Lady, it is good to see you." She says before she turns slightly to sit at a table and partake of the plater upon it. "Story time right now?" She asks after she has had a bite of the meats there.

The badge looks at Mirana and smiles, "Lady Mirana Solacious. What wonderful to have you grace with your presence, I'm glad a few nobles decided to grace us with their wonderful presence." Kilsa seems to be far more regal than normal as she smiles and begins looking over the food, "I've decided to spend my vacation money I saved up on these folk, I didn't want the only image of my glorious City as a bunch of bigots that would kill their own people. I am a commoner and I know that I have a little more faith in the nobles but if the blackback are found guilty...So help me Creators." She says with a coldness in her eyes.

Angus walks up next to his sister and smiles, giving Kilsa a low bow. "Hello there lady Ironsoul, what a lovely party you have here." He says as he stands back up and looks around at all the other guests, but when the blackbacks are brought up and their possible crime he frowns. "If they truely are the onese behind it Kilsa, then I will gladly help you with whatever your thinking...." His frown deepens for a second before it's replaced with a smile once more. "But enough of that for now, it is a party after all isn't it?"

Munchmunchmunch... David eats his fish and blushes as he listens to the nearby conversation, "Yeah... Terrible incident..." he adds quietly, not wanting to interrupt the nobles it seems, he hasn't heard much more than rumors anyway

Mirana listens to Kilsa, Angus and David, but reserves her on opinion, "It was.... an atrosity to say the least, but.. if we are to make an acqurate ruling then we shouldn't be discussing it like they are already guilty." She says, taking a sip of water. She notices David's reserved attatude and gets up to walk over to him, "David... come over here and address Lady Ironsoul properly." She says in a very light hearted manor. "But I do agree My Lady, it is nice to be able to do such things, and prove that not all nobles are so stuck up thier own noses they can't do for others, and I'd gladly be at any event you hold, more so if it gets to help the less fortunate." She says, meaning more good then she probably sounds like.

The badger looks at David and smiles, "Addressing me properly would take to long, I am a female of many titles." She chuckles, "Please call me Kilsa, Lady Ironsoul is stuff so if you need to add a title call me Blacksmith." She smiles and Nods to Mirana, "I apologize knowing that many who died didn't deserve it but It just feels me with so much anger. Please everone join me inside I wish to sit with you all while more folk are getting fed out here.

Angus nods as he gives the otter a curious look. "Why hello there, didn't think I would meet someone new today." He tilts his head and smiles at the otter, before he turns back to Kilsa and nods. "If you wish Kilsa."

munchcoughspluttercough, David almost chokes on the last bit of fish at Mirana, "I umm... I'm sorry mi'lady Mirana... I've never been good at social gatherings..." he blinks at Kilsa and nods as he gets up to bow, "As you wish... Uhm, Kilsa." he nods and smiles politely as he looks around, "I er, um... Oh, I'm David Matthews. Growing Clan." as he moves to follow the group inside he nods and smiles at Angus, "We met briefly mi'lord."

Mirana walks along, "Yes Kilsa, of course." She says, not wanting to upset Kilsa. "And that would be lovely." She says, kinda sad that she would miss out on the spread out here. "And it is very upsetting, but we can't let that cloud our judgement, Kilsa, we have to be impartial, lest we mistakenly judge the wrong party guilty." she says as she walks along, trying to sneek one more piece of jerky before they go in. "And what did I say about titles myself David, call me Mira or Mirana, unless you want to spend the day serving me like someone who would need to put a title in front of my name." Really she felt about the same as Kilsa did.

The Badger opens the doors and there is whole familes gather the entire entry way has a large number of tables place together, there are apostates, soldiers, vagrants, orphans, brothel worker, a few of the royal guard, and other chatting away with each other with ale, wine and various foods. No one seems to be doing anything other than having a good time, as kilsa claps to the group and shout over the din of noise. "Alright everyone welcome two others to the group. As proof that I'm not the only noble who has a good time I've brought some of the Solacious clan." The crowd cheers as a the badger continues speaking, "Who knows I might be able to drag a hippo out here one day but..... whew that would be a lot of royal to lift all by my dainty self." Kilsa flutters her eyes teasing as the room gives another rawr of laughter, "Now be nice to everyone here they are all my Personal friend. Sir Angus, lady Mirana and Sir David, Still getting to know the otter but the others are fair game." Kilsa walks up to the bench and takes a seat as some folk scoot over an allow her friends to join her.

Angus is rather suprised by how crowded it is inside the manor, but when they are introduced he gives a bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you all." He comments, raising his voice to be heard over the talking before he takes a seat next to Kilsa.

David blinks at all the commotion and shakes his head as he steadies his nerves, he smiles as he bows to the room when Angus does and chuckles a little at the shout. He sits next to Kilsa silently as he looks around the room in wonder

Mirana walks in with Kilsa and the rest, and as she is introduced, she curtseys, "Thank you all! And thank you Blacksmith Kilsa for inviting me and the rest here to your home. It is a great day when we can have so many from our fair city, no, our fair country. It is an honor to be here, and yes, the Solacious house, or some members there of do know how to enjoy ourselves! And help the people we were ment to serve for in the frist place!" She says and then goes to take a seat near Kilsa, seeing how Angus has taken a seat on one side of her and David the other. She smiles at the delicous looking food, and then over to Kilsa again, "Thank you Kilsa." She says more privately.

The group looks at the wordy fox and talks amoung each other before a midget Corgi climbs on the table. "Are all you foxes all wordy like that? By the Creators someone stick a sandwich in her mouth." There are light chuckles at her expensive but the mood of the place is upbeat while each of her friends are pestered by friendly folk. Angus has a bear female in really tight clothing next to him, "Hey, how is it living up in the Solacious manor, I hear all you do is march around an talk about how great you all are." The bear asks while David has an older Apostate male smiling at him. "Hey Sonny, I don't think I know you from my trip to town, what do ya do around here?" Mirana on the other hand is giving a large sandwich by the midget.

Angus eyes the bears tight clothing with curiosity before he sticks out his tongue. "Are you kidding, if I paraded around all day like that not only would my feet hurt but I would have a swelled ego as well." He jokes, laughing as he shakes his head and peers at his sister as she receives a sandwich.

David chuckles at the response to Mirana and blinks at the older male as he smiles friendily, "Oh, I just arrived here recently and I'm a journeyman. I'm currently working at an apothecary, I'm just learning though." he looks over at Angus and chuckles a bit as he seems to loosen up some

Mirana smiles and laughs at herself as well, and when she gets the sandwich, does exactly what was requested, she takes a fairly large and unladylike bite out of it, and smiles again. No need to be the proper noble here it seems

Mirana smiles and laughs at herself as well, and when she gets the sandwich, does exactly what was requested, she takes a fairly large and unladylike bite out of it, and smiles again. No need to be the proper noble here it seems! She chews on the bite for a while before swallowing it and looking over to Angus and David. To the Corgi she gives a small bow, "Thank you! This is very good, but maybe you should have just shoved it into my muzzle to begin with!" She jokes back, and ear clicks at David's comments, she will have to note to talk to him later about medicines, but for now, "What do you think my friend? Think I should play a tune or two, or just let Kilsa's party be Kilsa's party?" She asks.

The bear nods, "I've also heard that you kill females of the night such of myself." She says sadly, "I mean I don't think its true but I get the feeling that Nobles aren't think of us as less than dirt but y'know... Gotta make a living." The older feline apostate near David chuckles a bit, "Ah good work, Can't say I respect anything more than those that can do more than kill senselessly." He give a pat on David back and looks at him in deep respect. The Corgi shakes his head and chuckles, "I don't need ya to play music this is about bonding, like those fellers that came with you. Just bond." The corgi says with a smile and his noise pointed upward.

Angus looks at the bear in shock, also giving her a slightly hurt look. "Kill you, thats absurd. The only creatures who have ever met their end on my blades were monsters, cruel heartless monsters." His look of shock soon turns into a slight smile. "Now correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see anything that would qualify as a monster here....no far from it." Giving her a slight bow he sticks out his tongue. "All I see is a rather attractive Bear, who is much more then dirt, and is somehow managing to put up with the ramblings of a noble."

David hmms? and nodnods to the feline, "Oh yes, of course. I once tended to an injured Squirkik... But I wasn't able to save it in the end." he looks sad at that, but then smiles at the respect he's given, "I like helping people, I know other clans can't heal like I can... But I always try to at least make them feel better."

Mirana smiles to the corgi again, "Well, then, how do you do, I don't think I've got your name yet?" She says, and goes on, "I work with Kilsa, she is teaching me to smith as well as she does, though I think I've a long road to get that good. What do you do when you aren't attending one of her parties?" She asks. Normally she wouldn't but into others conversations, but she can't help it this time, she leans over to Angus and whispers to him a moment before continuing with her own converstation. "And, what news have you heard of late?" She asks, hoping that this companion would forgive her inability to make good small talk compaired to speeches.

The Bear perks up and blushes, "Ah yah can't sweet talk me then I wouldn't get paid." She gives him a gentle swat on the rear and blush. "Oh my I didnt' mean to, well I did but just don't hang me for it." The blushing bear stands up and excuses her self a moment later a bull male sits near Angus, "A little too hard on herself that on. I don't think I've gotten to see a Solacious up close. Looks like any other fox. So can you fight? I love a good war story and you folk are pretty much war history in flesh." THe bull asks as the old man give another pat on David's back, "Squirkik are good pets if you get a baby one but when ya live out in shanty town they are mostly food. My Pa let me have on as a pet but when food got thin my pa cook em. I miss little squeaky." The feline looks a little sad himself. The corgi is chuckling at Mirana, "Well when I'm not drinking I typically deliever letters and pass messages." The corgi shakes his head, "I've heard that lady Ironsoul is going to be working on building a few more durable housing in Shanty town. I'm supposed to deliver the letters for the wood and metal shipments. Also heard that there is trouble with bone dragons out in the drytongue. Kindcraft is been noted as having more activity in the mines. Thats all I know for now."

Angus definitely did not expect the swat from the bear, and he laughs. "I make no promises." he jokes before she walks away, and he nods in agreement when the bull sits beside him. "Ya I noticed, poor girl." he grumbles, tilting his head as he is scrutinized by the bull and he smiles. "Careful now, appearances aren't always that accurate and of course I can fight, I wouldn't be standing here breathing if I couldn't

Angus definitely did not expect the swat from the bear, and he laughs. "I make no promises." he jokes before she walks away, and he nods in agreement when the bull sits beside him. "Ya I noticed, poor girl." he grumbles, tilting his head as he is scrutinized by the bull and he smiles. "Careful now, appearances aren't always that accurate and of course I can fight, I wouldn't be standing here breathing if I couldn't." At the mention of stories he turns to face the bull directly and eyes him up. "Ironically your the second bull I've met, first one to not try and take my head off with a greataxe as well."

David hmms? and nods to the older feline, "Yeah, that's true." he blinks and gives a soft, comforting hug at the story, "I'm sorry, that must have been hard on you."

Mirana listens to the corgi and nods, "Yes, it is very good, I'll have to ask Kilsa later how I can help. Getting more study housing. Personally, I just go about doing what Kilsa directs me to do, while not training under her, mostly helping out at the farms." She looks about, finishing her sandwich, "And I think you greatly for talking with me.. I understand that I'm not the easiest one to talk to." She says blushing a bit, never really used to one on one conversation. "But, I must be off. I do thank you again though." She says as she rises and walks over to Kilsa, giving the badger a hug, "Thank you Forgemaster Kilsa, I'll see you back at the workshop for training later." She says before walking over to Angus and David, "I'll see you later brother, and David, sorry to interupt, but come by the inn sometime and get me, I'd like to learn from you about your medical abilities and maybe share some of my own?" She says, then departs with a friendly wave and slight curtsey to all in the room.

The Bull laughs hard and long before holding his gut, "Ha.. I can't fight, I'm scared of spiders and just about everything else. I'm a whimp but I do make wonderful food. I'm a cook as my profession. I work in the diseased pig. My name is Sara... don't make fun of it, I've gotten enough flack from my friends." The Bull say and smiles, "So tell me a story of your adventures." The old feline sighs and stands up while the Corgi watches Mirana go. Kilsa accepts the hug and waves Mirana off while conversing with her own set of random folks before they walk off. David is then faced by the badger, "Enjoying yourself David?"

Angus smiles at Sara, and even gives him a slight salute. "Nice to meet you Sara. I'm corporal Revel of the Lightbringers, but friends call me Angus." He chuckles offering the bull his hand. "And as for my stories...they can get rather gruesome....you aren't afraid of beetles as well are you?" He asked, wanting to tell him about one of his...less gruesome adventures.

David hmms? and waves goodbye to the old feline with a smile before he nods to Mira, "Of course! I'd like that." he smiles and then blinks at Kilsa, he nods and chuckles, "Oh yes, thank you mi-er miss Kilsa."

"Beetles?! Oh yes. As a cook I have an unheathly relationship with horrible insects trying to ruin my day. I don't mind gore since I'm a cook and I know alot of butchers." He blushes while the Badger is talking to David she smiles. "So David tell me what think about the firmament? I've been looking for more folk interested in helping all of the folks of promise."

Angus tried not to laugh at the squeamish bull. "Alright then...I know a good one, do you remember the stories about the bandits flying Cliffside banners, the ones that attacked those farms?" He asked, noticing Kilsa and david out of the corner of his eye as he smiled at the bull.

David thinks about that a bit and smiles at the badger, "It's a big place, I haven't seen everything yet. It's nothing like home though." he hmms? at that last and ponders before blinking in realization, "Oh, are you the leader of the Ironsoul Defenders? I heard about them... Could you tell me more?" he smiles as he seems genuinely interested

The bull smiles, "I heard about that from my sister. Were you thier?" THe bull asks cutely while eating his food with a big grin. Kilsa looked at David, "Heh. I'm a the founder of the ID, I've made them to protect promise but unlike a military organization fighting isn't our only strong point we are builders, we are farmers, we heal the sick and we take care of those than need us. Where the Lightbringers scorch the enemies away, we regrow the folk on that land so that little is lost and that more and grow from it. For every farm that is taken by a bandit we will build two more and place defenses inside of them."

Angus nods. "Almost lost my life in the first few minutes after getting there. Some foolish bandit decided to point a blunderbuss my way, managed to move out of the way before he fired. Couldn't hear anything out of my left ear for an hour after...but I definitly remember hearing the shot go screaming over my shoulder." With a shrug he starts rubbing his ear. "But of course I rewarded him for his efforts....with a dagger to the throat."

David nods to Kilsa and grins as he listens, "Sounds like something I could get behind! I admit, I don't much like fighting... But I'll do it to protect people and myself." he smiles at the prospect of helping people

"Oh My. Really?" The bull claps excitedly, "So is it true? Once you kill a folk it gets much easier?" THe bull blushes harder, "I mean I don't think I can ever take a life but my sister is bouncer and has killed a few folk with her bar fights and doesn't seem to worry about it." The bull says. Kilsa look down at david, "There is a little fighting that need to be done to protect those we care about but we have a team of members that will protect you and with your medical skills you would be valuable to the group."

Angus blinks and his shoulders stiffen as he turns to Sara, his smile gone. "...no, it doesn't get easier....it never does, anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar." With a sigh he shakes his head. "Apologizes, I didn't mean to offend your sister, but you have to understand the difference between what she does, and what I do is that I don't hold back, I can't afford to either they die or I die it's as simple as that.....It's easy to take a life, but it's harder to NOT take one."

David hmms? and nods at that, "I don't claim to be an expert, but I'm always happy to help others in need." he gives a warm smile at that

The bull looks down and nods, "I didn't mean to kill the moo. I just want to understand her better, she is strong, she does her job and my family is proud of her. Me I'm just a cook." He chuckles, "We'll no matter on a good day I bring home about sixty crowns." The bull loved very proud of himself. Kilsa looks at David and just give him a smiling nod. "I do have room but my Captain will have to interview you before you can be allowed in. Her name is Arimia but Selena can also give you an interview."

Angus shakes his head and pats him on the shoulder. "No no, it's my fault for killing the mood, and I can understand why you would like to understand your sister better, she sounds like a nice lady." His grin returns as the stiffness in his shoulders. "Hey now don't go putting yourself down, Cooks are a valuable asset to anyone. An army couldn't survive without it's brave souls that cook for them."

David nods at that and smiles, "Sure, I'll see one of them soon." he tilts his head in thought and hmms, "I thought you were the leader though... Couldn't you do it? Not that I don't mind." he chuckles

The bull nods and shakes his head, "Thank you." The bull stand up and smiles, "I'll go talk to my sister. If I see you again any meal I make is on the house." The bull leaves as the folk are getting full and tired some are openly resting on the carpeted floor. Kilsa is fnishing up her chat with David.

Angus chuckles and nods his head. "Careful now, I might just take you up on that offer." He smiles, watching the bull leave as he shakes his head and sigh. Leaning against the table he watches Kilsa and David chat for a little bit as the party starts to wind down.

David hmms as he looks around curiously from time to time as he chats with Kilsa, smiling and waving to others as they pass. He makes sure not to drift too far from th econversation though

Kilsa smiles at Dav, "It was a pleasure talking to you Sir David. I would like to speak with you more at length later. I must see my some of my more frail guest to safety." The badger smiles and passes David a small scroll of parchment. "Keep with this you and present it at my fortress so that you can come inside as my guest. Maybe I can give you a more indepth look at the ID." The badger smiles and leaves the chair as the gathering winds down and a few more relations between the many of sweeters residents were mended just a little more. Is this the start to greater things, few know in the country of unknowns.