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There is chaos around the freeswords as many folk are gearing up to face the challenges that will be coming their way as the mission drops for all avalible freewords to gear up an make aid the town. There is a scout in the center of the chaos, "Alright the first group please step up to me. You'll have the most important role. We need you to set the ground work, we will be traveling faster than any airship. Come to me when your ready."

Ictus checks and double checks his gear before he nods to the scout, "Ictus Solacious, reporting for duty." he looks a little tense from the suituation as he hasn't been in a skirmish for quite a while

Ixitixl steps up next to Ictus, his priestly vestments freshly laundered and plate armor polished to a shine. It's be an inspiring sight, if the little lizard inside the hulking metal suit didn't look so nervous. "Ixi...Ixitixl Freeland, report... um, reporting."

The scout nods, "This is going to be the most risky process we are going to be aided by the black backs. We will be dropping freeswords into different areas of the town, I'm not going to tell you how to do your jobs, when you land do what you do best. Medical specialist report to the wounded, fighting report to your enemies throats, most of all protect the town and show them that sweetwater will not be pushed to the side. Please come with me to the back, we have our first ship ready." He steps outside and there is a large dragon looking at the group with a strange cart on her back. "Get in and lets do this." She flexes her hample arms

Ictus nods to the scout and hmms, "Will do." he heads towards the dragon with a quirk of his brow, "Interesting..." as he climbs up onto the cart, he looks down at her, "I hope you've done this before." he chuckles grimly

Ixitixl follows alongside the noble vulpine, though he hesitates to board the cart, eyeballing it and the dragoness prepped to pull it warily. "A-are you sure you'll be, um, alright to... to do this?" He jolts upright and quickly waves both hands back and forth in front of himself, hastening to add, "Not that... not that I, um... I mean, no disrepect to your abilities, of course, I'm just... um... I'm just..." He lapses into silence briefly, then hangs his head as he slinks aboard, finding something sturdy-looking to hold onto. "...heavy."

The dragons smiles, "Nope I've never done this but the worse that can happen is you all fall. I'll still land safety and maybe catch one of you." The group around them look nervous but still climb aboard. "Alright everyone hold on to the. I'm May and I'm going to try to get you there fast. Let go!" Beneath the dragon math tattooed in her skin starts to activate before she is launched hundreds of fee in the air in a few seconds. "EVERYONE LETSS GO!" She lets out a scream before the math sends her rocking to the west at unreal speeds the entire crew inside of the area being tossed around like ragdoll before she starts to slow to normal speed and the thud before she starts yelling , "Alright we are over the drop site.... Happy falls..." She twists her body dropping the cart to the ground as wind math slow there decent.

Ictus blinks at the dragon as she says that and shakes his head mumbling something about worse ways to die, he grabs a hold of something sturdy just before the dragon launches herself into the air. He grunts at the g-forces and shakes his head with a chuckle, "Interesting..." as he watches their approach he nods to the dragon as they are 'dropped' and servays the scene as much as he can before they land

That is not the reassurance Ixitixl was looking for. That is not the reassurance Ixitixl was looking for at all. All the iguana can do is swallow with an audible gulp as they prepare to launch, and do his utmost to brace himself. What happens after the math activates is a bit of a blur to him, but by the time their transport slows to a more natural speed his throat is quite sore, so he assumes it involved a fair deal of screaming. "Happy... wh-what?" Tilt, plummet, yelp!

Just moments before they hit the ground a blast of wind math stops the dencent cold before droping to the ground safely. A scan of the skys shows that the math power dragon has already headed back, There are serveral groups doing different things, some mages are preparting longs lines of math, while some medics are working on different brews. There are various warriors with dangerious looking weapons. Each of these groups looks like they could use some help, each of them are preparin for the horror to come..

Ictus looks over at the screamers and yelpers at the drop, "I do hope you can help ladies." he says in his best commanding voice, in an attempt to inspire and encourage. he looks at the groups and looks to the others, "I'm headed for the fights, those coming can follow me!" he grips his weapons grimly as he marches towards the fighters

Ixitixl takes a moment to swallow his heart once the cart has settled. His legs are shaking when he takes his first steps down onto solid ground, making the plates of his armor rattle as they knock together. He keeps his head low, attempting to conceal his shame as Ictus gives them the tough love treatment, but in the end he does suck it up and stand as tall as he falls in behind the fox, sword and shield at the ready. "I, um, I'm sure we'll all be better for the... for the benefit of your ex-experience, Lord Solacious."

The group of freeswords bore holds in his back with their glares, "You must be oh so tough, Hope you don't catch an axe in the head. If you don't watch yourself it might be the back of the head." Someone grumbles loudly in the group before they all go to their disignated points. The fighters look to him with a smile, A large polar bear with an eye path greet him, "By my sword-sister dirty undergarmets a real life solacious. Hey are you hear to help or is there something else that bring noblitiy here?"

Ictus rolls his eyes with the other freeswords behind his back and looks to Ixi with a chuckle, "I'll let that pass since we're on the field of battle." before he looks to polar bear and chuckles at the phrase, "I'm here to help, I should hope not to be the only Solacious on the battle field today." he sighs a bit at that but then shakes his head as he readies his weapons, "So, how far away are they?"

Ixitixl peeks over his shoulder at the back-talkin' rabble, brows knitted, but turns his attention forward again and keeps his voice low as he murmurs, "Surely they real...realize we're, um, all on the same s-side." He offers the polar bear a partial bow in greeting, and on the way up has to bring a hand to cover his lips, the corners of his mouth peeking past his fingers, curled up in amusement at the ursine's colourful choice of words.

"They are about twenty hours walking but once they hit the trap I would say we have atleast a day to prepare. Those fools aren't going to have mercy on us and just pass. If you wanting to help, I ain't fool enough to refuse you. We need strong folk to swing hammers, this village ain't been in a proper fight in year and these weapons could use some reforging because they are wearker than the old pokin pole of me old man when he became older than dirt." THe bear smiles and takes them to one of the largest forgest in the small town, "This was a home but it was the only house that had fire math to keep it warm now it makes a fine forge." He gestures to the rusty blades, "Take any one of them and fix them up, I'll be right here doing the same. we should finish this set in about eight or so hours. You still ok with helping then grab a blade or a shield, each one should help save my friends and brothers."

Ictus hmms and nods as he follows the bear into the forge, he sets to work repairing the swords as best he can without his craft soul, "I saw a lot of torches... Do we know their numbers?" he eyes the weapons with a critical eye

"Oh, dear." Ixitixl surveys the selection of worn-down weaponry as he brings up the rear, already dabbing at his brow from the heat inside the building. "I, um, know a bit about upkeep, but reforging is a dif... a completely different matter." he confesses, selecting one of the rusted blades from the pile and finding a good place to work where he can watch the bear. "Well, I'll, um, follow your... your lead. As best I can."

"Numbers..... Well I'm not much for count that this village is considered pretty small we can't number more than about 460 people. Now on the other hand, that army coming our way is atleast four times the size of our little village. So I would guess around two tousand, most untrained but better at killing than my friends are. They have something we don't have, a very exprienced leader and a Griffon. I'm not afraid of dying but I am afraid of my whole family facing that so I want to do all I acn to help." Hours pass in silence as they finished forging most of the weapons and the bear look them over, "Much better. We still have about sixteen hours before they attack. We could use your help if you want to inspire the men or help on of the other groups?"

Ictus thinks on that and nods, "Who's in charge here? They may have been using an old trick of two torches per man... However, we should still treat them with the numbers we can see." he thinks on that and nods, "I can try to inspire them, not sure if I can though as I'm a bit rusty with that. I'll help elsewhere though."

Ixitixl has stripped off most of his armor long before they finish their work in the forge, and even still he looks like he's melting under the unrelenting heat and heavy labour. Appearing fit to pass out at any moment, he heaves a sigh of relief when the bear at last announces a break. "I... I could offer my, um, my services to your healers if, if you like." The overheating lizard's eyes roll up as he staggers back from his anvil, "I think if I don't keep... busy I might... I might pass out, heh... hehheh... I'm sorry..."

The pair leave and they are lead to the leader who is currently getting a head wounded tended to, "Hello, another pair of freeswords, I swear by the Creators I am so happy some of you could help on such short notice. I'm Henry Couldeyes." His eyes are indeed white as clouds as his strange pug face looks at the pair he couldn't be taller than a few feet at best. "I'm currently trying to make plan to take on this treat would you have any ideals Sir solacious? I've hear so much of your family that I would love to have you help me. Your friend look intimidating too, no offense ment but we will take any help we can get."

Ictus looks over the map and grins as ideas form in his mind, "Ok, here's what I suggest... I want that dragon to scout out the enemies forces, nothing else. To young to get killed on the field of battle right now, so he's going to come back if he gets injured." he points to the eastern building on the map, "I want five of your best archers to lead a unit of nine at the east, on buildings to maximize range. I also want two units of the same at the north and south. One unit to the west. twenty of your best mages to be with them, two per unit. The rest of the mages I want on the roof tops to flood the streets with water magic and then heat them up if/when the enemy breaches the frontlines. I want fourty beings, who are stealthy, to hide in the buildings to ambush those that are caught. fifteen of which I want to be the best of the pick. A sixty beings on the front line, thirty being the best. Twenty will be at the north, twenty at the south and twenty at the west. I want the rest to act like they are fleeing and carry two torches per being." he looks up with a grin, "While they round around the village, the will strike at the opposing force from behind, lighting the torche and planting them into the ground to confuse the enemy before they charge." he hmms and nods at that, "Any objections?"

Ixitixl performs his customary bow-of-respect to the pug, then stands quietly at parade rest. Until the comment is made about his appearance, prompting the lizard to go wide-eyed and turn a few shades darker in embarassment. "Oh, um. No of-offense at all, Mister Cloudeyes. At least -someone- th-thinks so." He cants his head with a smile and a polite chuckle, and thereafter lapses into silence again, leaving Ictus uninterrupted throughout his laying down of The Plan. He only occasionally glances over with raised brows, marvelling at how quickly the fox formulated his strategy. And he just keeps right on keepin' his mouth shut when the noble prompts for responses. This is waaaaaay out of his league.

The pug holds up his hand, "Lets not be to hastey I do like your plan but your only the first of three more shipments of soldier from the Freeswords I'm sure their skill will matter in the coming battle continue to help my village and once the arrive if you have no changes please let those that are capable lead my village to victory I am too old to fight directly but I do have a great amount of skill in powerful math." He smiles as the medic finishing badaging him up and the pair are ways off to help the village with only sixteen hours remaining of combat.