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A fine friday afternoon. The sun is warm, the wind is cool, and the adventure, you can taste it in the air. Or is that beer? Yes, that's beer. Two men are rolling a casket down the road at an appreciable rate, oddly forest bound with the beer keg.

Walden is with Felix, coming from the other direction on the road in good spirits, perhaps having spent time in the local farmlands. The sight of two men rolling a keg along the road causes him to stop and stare in confusion. "What in the world? You don't see that every day," he considers.

Felix is indeed walking along with Walden, the Deer probably taking the time to explore a bit more of the farmlands himself. "I have absolutly no idea...Some festival going on?" He would muse softly as he watches, arms going to cross before his chest for a few moments.

Rainer sits up out of a patch of tall grass, fists balled and teeth clenched as he stretches arms high over his head. Breathing deep of the crisp autumn air that rolls over the fields then, he finds himself smacking and licking his lips, greeted by a curiously appetizing scent. It isn't long before he's on his feet and emerging onto the road, wandering aimlessly onto the road and into the path of the two gentlemen with their rolling cask, still in a just-awoken daze and rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Woah woah woah!" calls out one of the two, but Rainer's presence is too abrupt to actually bring the barrel to a stop, and it bumps right into the poor being, threatening to topple him as the heavy casket makes a brave attempt to roll over the obstruction.

Walden shrugs at Felix, but when he sees a figure walking into their path and getting potentially into trouble, he pats Felix's arm and says, "Hey, let's go check it out. Maybe they could use a hand!" With a wink, he starts jogging down the path to meet up with the "trio" and the beer barrel, though he's likely out of range to do anything to actually help yet. "Whoa, watch it, man!" he calls.

Felix is quick to return the shrug, moving to job off after Walden after a moment causing his various equipment to clank gently against the armor he wears when out of town "Oy, what's going on over here, anyways!" He chimes up as he approaches nearer the barrel and those about it, a little more curious about the cask itself than anything.

Rainer hits the ground with a startled yelp and then a whole lot of oofing and owing as the cask steamrolls his torso and only finally comes to a halt when it collides with his jaw. Still, somehow, the wolf seems not too badly off, as he's able to plant his paws onto the barrel almost immediately after and roll it back enough that he's able to lift his head and groan, "Why do these things keep happening to me?..."

The two beings, a puma and a warthog, are swift to assist, rolling the barrel back off Rainer and slowly tipping it up onto its short end. "Sorry about that, guv," says the pig with a foreign sounding accent, "Decidedly unsporting like, running a gent over without so much a warning."

No clan seals are visible on the duo.

Walden catches up to the scene, panting just a little from a bit of quick jogging. "Is everything okay?" the armadillo asks just in time to see things working out without his aid. "Oh, Rainer? I... can't say that's much of a surprise, seeing you under a beer barrel." He chuckles and looks at the two unknown fellows curiously. "That is beer, right? Sure smells like it. What's the occasion?" he wonders. He keeps glancing at their clothes, perhaps starting to notice the lack of something that's usually visible at a glance.

Felix takes a moment to eye the puma and warthog before moving to help Rainer up from the ground, if they needed assistance that is having been bulldozed. "Hey there, you okay then?" He would ask of Rainer before looking back to the two pushers once again "Some sort of festival outside of town I would assume?"

Rainer grumbles up at the dillo, "Just because I enjoy the occasional drink~" At last he climbs to his feet with Felix's aid, slowly but steadily, once the offending cask has been hefted off of him. He takes turns rubbing his chin and stomach, fighting down cringes, until at last he straightens back to his full height. "No harm done, except to my pride." the wolf offers amicably, bearing a sheepish grin at the other four.

The puma gestures at the forest, "We must move swiftly, to appease the forest spirits." Forest spirits? "The offering must reach them before sunset, to say nothing of the ceremony. We don't want them getting riled up."

Walden shoots a quick glance at Felix and Rainer in confusion. Then, he asks the puma, "Ceremony? Forest spirits? Uh... what forest spirits exactly?" he asks. This certainly sounds unusual to him.

"Appease the spirits? That sounds a bit strange, anything we could do to help, maybe?" Felix suggests, glancing from Rainer to Walden as if asking their opinion and thoughts on the matter.

The pig nods his head gravely, "It's a grave matter, gents. The spirits will rise up and devastate the countryside if we don't do it right." They tip the barrel back onto its long end and resume pushing it towards the forest, "Tally ho!" he calls and both get to pushing it, building that momentum back up.

Walden looks to Felix again and blinks a couple times, trying to comprehend this. "Grave matter? Wait..." He picks up his pace to keep up with the puma and the warthog. "If this is so important, m-maybe we can lend a hand?" he asks, glancing at the others. "Or I can. Or whatever. I mean, you can't just tell us something like that and not expect me to be concerned!"

"I've not really heard of some sort of grave matter like this before, let us assist you though, I'm sure we'll be able to lend a hand with setting up, or the like!" Felix remarks in turn, moving as quick as he's able to keep up with the others "Aye! We would be responsible if something went wrong now!"

The two are not prevented from coming along, babysitting the barrel as it rolls up into the forest path, "Of course you haven't," says the puma, "It's a little bit of a unspoken secret. Not an outright one, of course, just..." he shrugs.

The warthog shakes his head, "You make it sound so very shady. We just don't speak of it. We don't ask you what you discussed at noon mass, do we? Fair is fair."

Walden smiles at Felix, glad that his friend is coming with. He nods his thanks, and then he says to the warthog and puma, "I didn't mean to suggest there was anything shady about it. But that being said... all are welcome at noon mass; kindness is something to be offered to all. But aside from even my desire to lend a helping hand, there's the desire to learn. I won't ask you to speak of that which you would prefer not to, but I would like to ask if we- or I, if needed- might be allowed to, um, to stay. See for ourselves, participate if such is called for. Or not."

"I think both of us would like to help, apparenty." Felix remarks softly towards the two rolling the barrel as he stays as close as he can to the group "And if it's a troublesome ceramony, the more the merrier and able hands to help!" He adds, apparently trying to help as he can before giving another nod to Walden, along with a smile of his own.

"All are welcome," agrees the puma, "If you wish to ask forgiveness of the spirits for your wildly uncaring ways. I am sure they will extend their kindness on this day of all days! We bring their favorite drink and will dance their sacred dance," he says with an excited tone in his voice. The barrel is pushed up along until a subtle path allows them to take a left, going up off the trail, becoming harder to shove the barrel over roots and bushes, to a small clearing.

Walden grins excitedly and pats Felix on the back. "Sounds like we've got an interesting evening ahead of us. Thank you, then, sirs. I'm looking forward to this. I believe it's a good thing to understand and respect others' points of view. And... maybe we'll really learn something important."

"Indeed it is, I didn't even know this ceramony took place, it will do well for us to learn." Felix remarks with a swift nod as he continues following. If the others needed it, he might even help push the cask of beer a bit in tough spots.

The barrel is pushed to the center, and hoisted up onto its end. The puma produces an ornate wooden box, waves over it twice. The warthog bows to the puma properly, waits a few seconds, then flips the box open. A spigot. He holds the spigot aloft, "Hear us, powerful and capricious spirits of the land. We bring offering to you, and good song to please you so you will grant us good crop and spare us your dreadful wrath for the year ahead."

Walden crosses his arms casually as he observes all of this. There's a soft smile on his face, and he nods slowly, remaining quiet for the time being out of respect. He sneaks a little glance at Felix though, keeping that smile.

The Deer remains quiet for the time being once the group has assembled in its proper location, not wanting to inturupt the ceremony as it takes place. Felix nods slightly as Walden glances towards him somewhat thoughtfully, woderning how the ritual may play out.

The pig moves over to Walden first, "We bring two mortals to pray at your feet. Absolve them of their crimes and welcome them to your bosom," He moves to tap Wallen on the forehead with the spigot, then to repeat with Felix, "As the divine liquid washes away our mortal limitations, our sins will be cleansed."

Walden blinks reflexively at the tap to his hard scaly forehead. He does certainly look a little nervous about this, but he takes in a deep breath and nods, rubbing his hands together briskly. He shifts his weight from side to side, unsure of what he's going to be doing, though he's trying hard not to speak out of turn and interrupt!

"Uhm.." Felix murmurs as quietly as he can as the spigot is tapped to his forehead, trying to restrain speaking up in curiosity about what this blessing is suppose to do, besides allowing them to pass their mortal limitations! He manages to keep (Mostly) quiet though, and continues watching and in part, participating.

With all due reverence, the spigot is jammed into the barrel, then tapped twice with an amusingly small, but ornate, hammer, "Let the fluid flow, like your blessings and forgiveness," speaks the puma, who reaches down and gives a twist, letting the first bit of the barrel flow out onto the forest floor. An offering perhaps? While this goes on, the pig sets out two tall mugs at the top of the barrel.

Walden licks his lips and breathes in the inevitably aromatic scent that would be coming from the barrel by now. "Two," he whispers to Felix. "Not four? Interesting..." He twitches a little. Part of him is excited about beer. The other is desperately seeking to find meaning in all of this.

"Maybe it's just for them, since we're mostly watching" Felix murmurs to Walden as he leans back towards the Armbadillo. He watches carefully though, pondering if maybe he's wrong and their intent is for them to drink of the beer.

"We didn't expect visitors," explains the pig, "So we only have two properly anointed chalices. Since you two are guests, why don't you have first?" he invites, "Go on, it's good stuff. We brought it with us from far overland. Quite a journey."

Walden looks back and forth between Felix and the other two, and he swallows hard, nervously. "O-oh, us? I... Okay, that's... that's fine! Thank you. I hope it isn't too much of a bother! Um... I suppose I... how rude of me. I should say first, hello, my name is Walden!" He cautiously takes one of the two mugs, glances at the two other men as if making sure he's doing it alright. He then pours the beer into his "anointed chalice", swirls the drink about as he breathes in the aroma, and takes a sip.

"I'd imagine so, especially carrying such a cask the whole way with you." Felix offers with a smile towards their two hosts, nodding almost as if in approval of their long journey before he steps up to the cask. "And I am Felix." The deer adds in turn. He's not much of a drinker, but he sure isn't going to be inpolite as he takes it graciously and fills it as well. Seeing Walden taking a sip of his he quickly does the same, although without smelling it first.

Not local, for sure. It has a heavy flavor that smacks one across the snout and demands attention. But it's not a bad flavor, just powerful and heady. Truly a drink fit for paganism. "Don't be shy. Drink deep. We have to wash away all the filth we've built up during the year," explains the puma, "Drink like a river and don't hold back."

The warthog points at himself, "I am high druid Frudrick. And he is my apprentice, Sapling Timone. We are pleased to meet you."

Walden's ears twitch slightly. He considers the taste, then he nods in approval. "Pleasure to meet you two as well. Thank you for the hospitality," he says with a grin. "I know I've done a few things I'm not proud of, but I do my best to be a good person. So... this is for Mom. Sorry for being a pain the last year," the armadillo then says with a grin, lifts his mug, and drinks much more!

Felix nods slowely as he glances down at the mug he had filled, thinking for a moment "It's a good idea, I suppose." He murmurs, in regards to what has been said so far before he smiles and chimes up a bit like Walden after a moment "I've made plenty of mistakes too, plenty of people I had the chance to help but haven't." He adds before downing the drink, himself.

The two seem pleased, and move up to take their turns. They raise their mugs high to the air, then down them without coming up for air, just greedy gulps of alcohol to set their heads spinning, one would imagine. "Drink as much as you please, until you can't fit any more," assures the puma, "And think on how we can do better in the coming year."

Walden just laughs to himself a little at seeing the way the other two drink. He leans over and whispers to Felix, "I like to savor the taste, myself, but I understand where they're coming from." He grins, and as the mugs are offered again, he fills up and partakes. "I've got lots of ideas! Being more charitable, doing things for the kids of the city, maybe seeing where I can get in some good volunteer work. Maybe help someone build a house," he says with a grin, and he drinks down more, enjoying the taste in a manner he's not really used to but seems to be enjoying well enough!

"As long as there's plenty for everyone!" Felix remarks somewhat loudly to the druid's statement of drinking as much as possible, he doesn't seem to consider that too much though as he takes another mug full of the brew and drinks it down. With Walden leaning in and whispering though he laughs softly "I think it's pretty good either way you know!" He adds before patting Walden with his free hand "I think there's much to do in that department, my friend, there's so much that can be done to better the city and all the land around it."

The two seem to have another part of the ceremony to perform. They touch hands and begin a strange dance, moving at the tips of toes as they circle and throw one another about. It looks ridiculous. Maybe it's why they drink readily during the process. While they twirl and cavort, they sing praises to strangely named dieties, thanking them for bountiful harvests and begging their forgiveness all at once.

Walden laughs quietly, watching the two men dance and sing in such a peculiar manner. "I... I wouldn't even know where to start with... um... I'm an awful dancer," he tells Felix with a grin. "Yeah... Bountiful harvests. Yeah, please, for my family." He tries to at least hum along with the song, bobbing his head as he cautiously wobbles his weight from side to side in something -barely- resembling a dance. Maybe. If you have a good imagination.

The song of loud drunken revelry draws the attention of another soul wandering the area. Lady Ironsoul approaches the site where two foreign beings, a warthog and a puma, both male, without clan seals, are jovially dancing around a barrel of beer with a spigot and two mugs placed atop. They sing praises to gods not heard of before by any good Sweetwater citizen.

Felix is a rather bad dancer, so he doesn't really try too much in that department, less he end up falling flat on his face, or on another person! He sure doesn't know who they're singing to, either, but like Walden, he hums slightly "As am I, Walden, so let's leave that part to them I say."

Kilsa looked at the warthog and puma, "Hello?" She asked a little unsure most of her dealing with apostates have been less than friendly. She carred a small bit of ore in her hand and a pick axe. is slung over her shoulder. She notices Felix and Walden dancing and shrugs, "What... Did I walk into?"

Walden smirks at Felix and says, "Then we can be terrible together!" the armadillo exclaims and grabs at Felix's hands, trying to get the deer to dance with him. That's right about when he hears a familiar voice and catches sight of a familiar lady badger. "Uhhhhh."

The two come to a halt at the sound of a new voice, looking over and frowning a bit, "You're interrupting a proper ritual," speaks the warthog, "Unless you mean to partake of our new year offerings, we were here first. Rule of the land and all." he insists in his foreign accent before pouring a fresh mug of the beer and drinking deep. The puma takes his turn right after, slurring out something, lost in the intoxication he is already falling deep into.

"Awwk!" Felix remakrs as Walden grabs at his hands, as if him dancing might be the end of the world as he knew it, kinda. "Oh come on now, I'm sure those two are enough!" He protests mildly as he hears a new voice chime in, glancing back over his shoulder for a moment yields a response "Oh! Hey, I have no idea!"

Kilsa looks serious for a moment and then drops her ore and pick axe, "If by partake you mean enjoy drinking with my friends and shaking my large rump around a barrel of ale. Then I'm in." She begins to remove her normal armor down to a blue tunic with black slacks. "What do I have to do, My good Apostate?" She asked in a friendly manner.

Walden breathes a sigh of relief as Kilsa breaks the tension. He grins, grabs Felix's hands tightly again, and says, "Drink for forgiveness for past transgressions! Drink for bettering yourself in the coming year! Dance and pray for a bountiful harvest, give thanks for the land and for good fortune!" He seems to be getting into this alright, and he... kinda dances. Kinda. He's trying, but it's a very wobbly sort of dance. Then again, he has beer in him.

The pig nods his head, "As he explained, that is the basic of it. We give our thanks to the spirits of the land and forest for their kind forbearance for our trespasses over the year past and the year to come, and consider how we may improve ourselves while washing away the burden of our sins in these libation."

"Aye, it's the basics, a good time as any to get any transgressions off your mind!" Felix remarks as Walden again takes his hands, looks like there's no way he's going to get out of this. He sways some too, any more might be grounds for falling over and hurting someone, mostly himself most likely. Seems like the Deer has had plenty to drink, too.

Kilsa nods her head, "Then I have created many transgression and wish to better myself always. So I will need many drinks to repay Promise for the ore I have used in my life." She chuckles and placed an arm around Walden, "My friend you should have told me about your Apostate life sooner, I would have supported you regardless." She chuckled as she moved to take a drink for herself. "To the future!" She shouted before downing her first drink.

Walden scrunches his face at Kilsa and grins. "Kilsa, I'm a medic, a would-be social worker, and a scholar. That's all. I'd rather learn about other people before judging them with labels. So, it's not what you say, but rather a life of learning and curiosity. And besides, we share the same cause, the same desires for living a good life, for having bountiful crops and all... I'm a farm boy, you know! Also, beer!" Walden teasingly tugs at Felix's arm as if to pull his friend in close so he can hug both him and Kilsa.

The two druids watch the trio a moment before they lean in close to one another, speaking a moment, "We have an opportunity!" exclaims the feline drunkenly, "We haven't had the members for a proper trifecta of sacrifice in almost a decade! The spirits will be so pleased if you will perform the sritual f'us." He wobbles in place, almost ready to pass out even as he finishes his cup.

Felix awks again as he's pulled into a hug-thing with Walden and Kilsa, not much he can do about it again though! "It's all about thinking about the bad things and making them better I think, regardless!" He remarks loudy, not really hearing what the druids are saying to one another.

Kilsa chuckles, "No offense ment, Walden!" She smiled, "I would have guessed that atleast one of my friends might be interested in this kinda life." She smiled and downed another mug. "Now I must do the dance of my folk." She joked grabbing Walden and doing a poor rendition of a waltz just barely missing the dillo's feet with her own massive feet.

Walden laughs a little at his friends, and he stumbles about in an approximation of a waltz (he never really learned this stuff!) while saying to Kilsa, "I just like to be open-minded." Usually. Unless the term sacrifice is brought up. He blinks and peers over at the warthog and the puma. "Whoa, haha, friends. Unless you're talking about breads, fruits, and vegetables as an offering, you might wanna calm down with that one!" he says, trying to maintain a grin. Though it's a bit forced at this point.

With the cat slumping against the barrel, his friend takes over. Seemingly immune to the effects of his booze, the warthog explains, "We require three, who are not initiated in our ways, to perform this ritual, but it almost ensures a bountiful year of blessing."

"I don't think any of us will probably be spilling our blood, if that's what you mean." Felix remarks, his attention turning back towards the druids for a few moments, an ear twitching "And I dunno even then."

Kilsa gasps and stops the walts, "Do this involve our death?" She glare at the warthog knowing that even with her little bit of alcohol she could probably reach her pickaxe and embedded it in his face. "I'm hoping that we won't be, Felix because this won't be good for them, a badger with alcohol in her veins and math at her finger tips can cause alot of problems." She growls the last part out.

Walden pats Felix and Kilsa reassuringly, and he clears his throat and says to the warthog, "Before tempers start flaring, maybe it would be best if we discussed what exactly this ritual entails. This is reasonable, wouldn't you say?" He manages to keep a pleasant demeanor, though his voice cracks just a little. He's nervous deep down, that's for sure.

The warthog looks perplexed a moment before he bursts into a belly laugh, "Androch forbid! Your blood only soothes already raging fury, and they are pleased with us, for we dance and sing in their honor," he explains, "No, this is a sacrifice of comfort and humility. To put it simply." he twirls his fingers, "You dance in a circle after the sun sets, with the moon high in the sky," pause, "What's left of the moon. It has become more dangerous of late to perform."

"I'd imagine so, deadly in almost any situation." Felix returns to Kilsa while keeping his eyes upon the two druids, frowning a bit "So none of us are to be sacrificed, and if it's just more dancing..." He remarks, glancing back to the other two for a moment "What do you two think?" It's almost a miracle he can put rational thoughts together with how much he's had!

Kilsa looked at Felix, "I don't know I'll dance if nothing fishy happens." She secretly began considering what to do if things went south. "I don't like that a dance is called scarifice but how about we do it." She looked at the Warthog, "So what do we need to do?" She asked.

Walden chuckles quietly and again pats his friends reassuringly. He's doing quite a bit of that. "Chances are it's based on an older tradition no longer performed in quite the same way. It becomes more of... more symbolic, like... symbols. Like it represents something," he says with a grin. Ahh, the armadillo isn't quite as eloquent today, it seems. "I wish I could have seen the moon before that thing happened. So- so yes, as long as it is safe for my friends- and myself- then I am interested."

"I am afraid," says the Warthog, "That you are too young, and cursed, to know the moon in her former glory." The panther says something sad, and slurred, lost in his inebriated state. "Good then! Stay, drink, be merry, and when the sun goes down, we continue."

"I doubt it could be anything really bad." Felix remarks softly towards Kilsa, in regards to her fishy comment "But, why not I guess, probably a once in a lifetime chance." The deer remarks with a shrug as he casually goes to get a mug again and take another drink or two while he waits.

Kilsa nods and grabs her own bit of drink, "Will we dance here?" She asked the warthog, her smile warm as she considered her surrounds and wondered if she should cast fire math at the barrels if they decide to attack. "I also wish I could have seen the moon how it was before this nastiness occured." She noted.

Walden chuckles quietly, patiently waiting his turn after Felix for a drink. Shame there's only two "anointed chalices" today! "Oh no, not cursed. Blessed," he insists. "It's because of that supposed curse that my friends and I are able to protect people from the shadows. I wouldn't give that up for anything... and that hardly sounds like a curse," he says with a smile to the warthog.

The pig raises his brows, "I disagree. Every achievement you make is at the back of your ancestors. What have you learned that is not their whisper in your ear? Your work will forever be marred, stained with the sin of its gaining. Your very birth pains shattered the moon above. The nature spirits know what is right from wrong, no matter how convenient it may be."

"Then if the nature spirits know what is wrong, us, what good would us completing your sacrifice ritual be?" Felix asks quietly, frowning slightly as he passes the mug off to someone else for the time being "And what we do may be far different than what our ancestors may have done, too."

Kilsa sighed, "We maybe products of the destruction of the moon but our existance isn't something we had a choice in. Yes we benefit from those that have passed but would you rather we just rolled over and die?" She chuckled humorlessly, "I would rather be known as a harbringer of better times to come rather than be treated like a blight." She got herself another drink to calm her rising anger.

Walden is all too happy to take his turn sampling more of the delightful brew as Felix passes it on. "W-well, what you said though," he says to the warthog, "is kinda condric- condric- condric-" He winces, starting to go into broken record mode, so he takes down a big gulp of beer. "Contradictory-" he finally says, a bit more slowly, "because we were born AFTER the moon broke. I mean, you just said that before, too. And while sure, I got my farming and my ability to throw a good punch from my Mom, and I had a gem guide me along the path to being a medic when I served in the militia, but don't we all learn things from other people? We soul-gem users just need more of a boost to start with, but we'll go on to take what we've learned and study new things, put our knowledge to use in wonderful new ways, just like anyone else could."

"Birthing pains occur before things are born, that is the natural order. And we enjoy many things that are wrong, that is why we are here, to beg forgiveness for the wrongness of our lives, and to at least be aware of them. It is not right to tread the exact paths of our fathers. It is not right to swap a life's training with the ease that another changes trousers. But so it is, and so we ask forgiveness, and try not to forget these things, to not accept them as 'normal', for they are not," he explains, "Nature knows, and in time, we will return to normalcy. Perhaps when other unbalances are put to rest," so speaks the druidic pig.

Felix merely sighs for a moment and glances back to the others "I doubt any of us are truly following the exact path of our parents, but, I guess if it's all about forgiveness and all." He seems to calm down slightly, frown turning into more of a neutral expression than anything before he shakes his head slightly.

Kilsa shrugs, "My Mother was a priest and my father was a blacksmith, I decided to do both but I am many things more than just a copy of what my soul gems are." She downs another drink when she gets the chance. "I am Kilsa, I am my own unique choices and life experiences. The moon nor nothing else will change that. I have laughed loved and fought because of my own choices and not a soulgem puppeting me."

"Ooooooh," goes Walden, thinking he understands what High Druid Frudrick is saying. "I can't argue with the fact that it isn't natural. But I'll gladly bear that burden if it gives us the chance to set things right again." The armadillo smiles again. That didn't take long. "I'm glad to be here today. I always welcome the opportunity to think."

"That is all well and good, but I never claimed you were a puppet, or not a person. Just that your life has an inherent wrongness in it. A being born without sight has been dealt a wrongness as well, even if they go on to master their other senses, to become a master of hearing and scent and excel in life, they have a wrongness, and should, perhaps, be celebrated for their struggle, but the wrongness should never be casually forgotten," he says, slapping the top of the barrel before getting himself a fresh mug. Glug. "So drink up, my fine cursed friend, tonight is a night to think on our wrongs and the future ahead."

Another mild sigh from Felix manifests before he simply shrugs, waiting for another chance at one of those mugs again "As Walden says, it's about making things right I suppose." He murmurs, eyes closing for a few moments as he merely waits still.

Kilsa doesn't say a thing but takes a drink and passes it around, She thinks to herself and looks a little lost in thought even as the alcohol passes through her body she remembers her fathers words. 'Don't lets them see you cry or question yourself. Your the daughter of a blacksmith act like it.' She smiled and patted Felix and Walden on the back, "Doesn't that mean we get more drinks for needed to attone for being born?" She says in a effort to lighten her mood.

Walden grins at the warthog fellow and nods. "Ha ha! I understand what you mean now," he says to him. "Yeah... I can promise, this is indeed something I'm not likely to forget for the rest of my life. Yeah. Thinking on our wrongs... and the future ahead," he murmurs quietly. His gaze lingers on Kilsa for a moment, and then shifts over to Felix. He blinks a couple times. "...Really?" he then asks his mug of beer. "Maybe it's the brew..."

He strikes the barrel with a soft thud, "We drink until it's empty." he says with a tusked grin. The puma, silent for a time, suddenly chimes in, throwing up a hand and cheering loudly before he slumps over the ground, possibly asleep. "Poor sapling. He has no stomach for the good stuff."

"Suppose so! I'll probably regret this in the morning huh." Felix murmurs as he eyes the keg, trying to determine just how much might be left in there "Well he's had a lot, too!' He adds in regards to the druid passing out already "And I think so Walden, guess it's a good time to reflect on how to do things better in the future too." A grin shows as he goes to get just a bit more.

Kilsa smiles, "I love a good drink, My only regret is that my little otter isn't here to partake with me." She looked at her two friend, "Not offense though your both cute but I got eyes for only one dashing male at a time." She speaks trying not to slur as she takes another swig of her drink. She begins giggling as she drink at a faster rate than before.

Walden chuckles merrily, letting Kilsa make the most use of that mug, instead sharing one with Felix. "Aw, you won't have to, Felix. We'll get some food, and some water, and that'll help eeeeverything settle down nice 'n good," he says with a silly grin, looking his deer friend right in the eyes. And so then he says to Kilsa, "Awww, I wish he was here too Kilsa. An' no worries, I'm over it." Huh?

The warthog holds up a hand, "No food, not until we're done. It is part of our sacrifice, in apology to the nature spirits," he explains, "It is a challenge to ourselves." He slaps his belly, "I have had much practice, and barely feel the sweet lullaby of the beer. Which is great, I can enjoy its taste!" Another mug down.

Kilsa look at Walden for a second, "Over what?" She asked a little confused at the Armadillo, "I love this brew." She said with a happy grin, "You have to tell me the recipe one day, It so smooth and doesn't burn like the Cliff brew my father gave to me." She held a mug up at the Warthog. "Gooooood Stuff."

Walden blinks a few times at Kilsa. Uh oh. "Over... uhhhh... breaking those plates in the Inn that one day," he fibs with a grin, and he clings an arm around Felix's waist, not thinking too much about what he's doing. "S'alright, I think we're dragoning it pretty fast."

Kilsa looked at Walden with a little more curoisty, "Are you hiding something? I never saw you break a plate." She chuckles and patted his head, "I would certainlly remember that and I would have forged a metal plate to replace it for you." She idly speaks and downs another mug sa the area seems to tilt before her eyes.

"Plates...What? You don't dragon things..." Felix remarks casually as he glances from the keg to the others again, one hand going to scratch his chin some, almost not noticing Walden's movement to put an arm around him? "A metal plate would be handy, good for throwing at things...."

The boar laughs at the increasingly drunk speech being traded around. "I am uncertain, guv, if you Sweetwater folk grow the kind of grain we use. It takes special harmony with the nature spirits of Promise, instead of relying on the staple provided by the Creators to brew."

Felix probably unwisely goes to take another mug of the beer from the keg, his walking getting a bit...Unsteady almost, even if it doesn't show too well in his demeanor, it's surely having an effect upon him!

Walden blinks several times quickly. "Dragoning. Draping. Dropping? The... brew. Um." Poor Walden. He's holding up as well as he can. "Ohhh, no, Kidsla. Kilsa. Darn it. No I broke some plates and stuff in the Inn like, a long time ago. It has absolutely nothing to do with any of this though. I don't think I was even talking about that." No, of course he wasn't. The armadillo grins at the boar, just sorta standing in place in a droopy posture. "I like that. I want to learn to brew like that."

Kilsa hugs the little dillo, "Here I thought you were going to tell me that you wanted to adopt a kid or confess some sins." She gave him a little nuzzles and lingered for a few mintues before letting go. "You know you can tell me anything I'll keep it a sheeecret." She slured and downed another mug of ale. "The spirits must really like to keep their servant happy!" She smiled at the Warthog.

"The spirits are named that for a reason," says the boar, "We honor them through it. And look, the sun sets," he gestures at the darkening sky, "The shadows rise, but we will not fear for our petty lives, and continue to dance in the spirits' honor, aye?"

"I think I remember you breaking stuff." Felix states matter of factly towards Walden as he peers at the Armadillo, a smile showing freely upon his face "It was for a good cause, I think." He adds, tone turning more quizzical for a brief moment before turning his attention towards the boar again "Aye, I think so?"

Walden isn't little! But compared to Kilsa, lots of people must seem to be. He hugs Kilsa tightly and laughs, turning kinda red from the attention. "Ha ha, ha, no I can't. I mean can, cause it's just that I think it would be fun to help out at the owlf...f...orphanage. That's all, clearly!" he fibs. His gaze shifts over toward Felix, and he can't help but stare. He rubs his eyes and wobbles a little where he stands. "...Yeah. Pretty good one," he says quietly, ears twitching. "...Oh, what? Oh, dancing! That's soooo hard right now!"

Kilsa looks at Walden, "Hmmm. Then Walden Laaady Iishshoul needs you to confess at the local churrrrsh becaaauch your hiding shmothing." She smiled and moved around on wobbly feet, "So who waaanihs to daance with meeeh!" She looks hammered but still appears to just be starting to get to her limit.

He claps his hand, "Yes, it is time for all three of you to dance. Direct your faces to the moon," he gestures to the pale white streak across the sky, "And sing your praises to her with your voice and body, and she will bless us all."

"Dancing...May be beyond us." Felix states, wobbeling some himself as he moves about some "Can try." He adds with a glance of his own towards Walden, taking note of the Armadillo's stare before smiling and waving some in his minor-stuppor "So...We just need to do that then?" He asks of no-one in particular.

Walden shudders at Kilsa's suggestion. "N-nooo, that really wouldn't be fair to anyone," he claims, clears his throat, and breathes in deeply, gazing up at the sky. "Nooo, Felix, I can dance. I... I don't... I know know about singing! What do I siiiing?" the drunken dillo complains as he gazes upwards.

Kilsa doesn't wasting a second before shaking her rump and doing a modified version of a church hymn she learned about praising Promise as a gift and attempting to change to words but failing badly. She giggles and looks at the ruined moon, "Even shattishered your one shexy moon!" She said and giggled like a lost child in a confection shop. "WEEE" She grabed waldend and smiled at him, "Shiing Wally Shiiing!" She smiled and dance wildly letting the alcohol take her.

The pig makes no movement to correct their, dare he say it, lunatic motions. It's all apparently good enough to please the druid. He refills his mug, grunts, tips the barrel, "Only one mug left," he grunts in report, drinking down the second to last.

Without a dancing partner for the time being, Felix moves in towards the keg almost as if he wanted the last one...Or, stumble and nearly smack into the thing! "Miiind if I?" The Deer muses, "For the moon goddesses and all." He tacks on, grinning a bit more as he looks back to Walden and Kilsa for a moment, enjoying the sight!

Walden's dancing is, as expected, a drunken sort of wobble, but it's somewhat animated, at least! He's definitely more of a mellow drunk than Kilsa; all this action seems to be confusing the poor armadillo! He sings along, sort of, but it's hardly comprehensible! He can't help but look over toward Felix though, occasionally staring.

Kilsa chuckles and does an elaborate spin that would look better on a graceful folk before falling on her butt and laughing. "Wooooo.... Ok Ok Shexy moods, thish badger is having fuuuun." She gets back up and eyes Felix, "Care to dhance?" She asked in a bit of a stupor.

The dancing proceeds until the whee hours, until exertion and intoxication drags everyone to the ground. Dizzy but glowing, everyone relaxes. The boar kicks his apprentice in the ribs lightly, "UP, up! We have to get back." Some grumbling comes from the puma, but they get the barrel up on shoulder, much lighter without the beer inside, and they trundle off back towards the city.