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Many beings have heard of the vast power and complexity of creator spells, but few beings have the luck to lay eyes upon the illusive artifacts. Creator spells can range from equations much like those of Battlefield purification or cutting winds to vastly more complicated spells such as urging one crop to grow in an area while hampering others, spiraling into untold heights.

While many beings had attempted to decipher and reproduce creator spells in past, Selena of the Graceful Clan produced a working three-dimensional kevinscope in the spring of 477 based on a spell she had found, presenting it to the church in order to further her research which culminated in a paper on Reproducing creator spells through multidimensional Kevinscoping - and then a wave of interest on research into the subject of advanced magic.

While met with initial skepticism, she developed a method for reproducing workable kevinscopes from creator spells, though outside of rare special cases, they still require lunar to activate.

For commonplace magic, see Magic.


Creator spells share many things in common: -They extend beyond the scope of typical spells -Their effects are more nuanced than those of typical spells -They often require lunar to activate.

Prior to the spring of 477, kevinscopes produced from creator spells varied wildly from being to being when analyzed, which was determined to be a result from the spells requiring a third dimension to represent them - which brought about the notion that Creator runes and spells possess multiple layers of equations beneath the first, though this has yet to be conclusively proven due to the scarcity of creator spells and their inherent value.

True measures of complexity in creator spells are, as such, not easily measured or described in the same way as a 'normal' spell. However, their size in three-dimensional space and the complexity of three-dimensional regressions and calculus can be cited in similar ways to the progression of complexity in being-crafted spells, and reproducing one - let alone one that works - is a significant feat in its own right.

Dedication Points

Perhaps the best known type of creator spell are those used to bring forth a being's Sacred Family. Very little is known about their inner workings let alone how they function beyond lunar dust being used to provide the energy necessary to activate them.

Other examples

Creator spells that aren't Dedication points are fairly rare and less well known.

In some instances, Creators trapped magic itself within their steel and other materials, holding a spell until it was made to be cast. In others, the spell would be inscribed upon a plate of creator steel to be activated by lunar dust.