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Hello, curious reader. I, Sir Reginald the Clever, proudly write this for you, who seeks the mysteries of our past and can see how they shape our present. Long ago, when we were servants of the Creators, we were tasked with the conquering and taming of strange and exotic worlds. Some were terribly hot, others deathly cold. Still others already had life, wonderful and dangerous, just like our beloved Promise has. Our Creators were not foolish. Some of us were blessed most deeply. Just as we were given hands and voice, other gifts were bestowed on the chosen, allowing them to overcome these challenges.

These blessings were not meant to persist. There was no room amongst the Creators for great dragons or mind reading foxes. When their tasks were complete, these divinely blessed ones were rewarded with great families, and they were fruitful. Their blessing spread thin over many children, and children's children. By now, many of us have lingering traces of many of these most extreme of us. Of course, curious reader, if you were to look outside your window, you will note an extreme lack of dragons. While we have some small, muddied, bit of our great ancestors, this portion is too small to manifest, normally.

But here comes the exception. Through careful application of divine math, aided with the magic quickening properties of shards of our beloved Raquestia, the lunar fragments, otherwise known as lunars, we can stir these smoldering blessing into a full fire. Where once, a beaver born, then, something greater. It may confuse some to think that we can carry the blood of those from other species, but it is been seen to happen. The sacred gifts know no true family lines. It is theorized that the rituals that bring them forward are calling on our shared ancestry, and not the target's true lineage. We, as a people, the united people of Promise, claim these gifts as our heritage.

Once a gift is brought forward, it may be used freely, allowing a citizen to be as their divine shape, or their birth shape. I am told the transformation can be tiring, so most develop a favorite and only change as need shows itself. It is possible for a being to submit to multiple such ceremonies, unlocking more gifts, if they have enough lunars to quicken the sorceries. Unfortunately, one cannot be a dragon and a gryphon at once, and the being must choose which aspect of their awakened potential they wish manifest at any given moment, transforming themselves between them freely once they are stirred. This, too, is tiring and takes great energy to accomplish. Still, there is little arguing in the majesty of a being fortunate enough to have more than one sacred family glowing from within.

OOC Note: Changing dedications requires ten minutes of peace and quiet. It cannot be done while threatened, in combat, or most stressful situations.

There are more divine forms than we are aware of, but the First Text does document a few for us. I have already mentioned the dragon. A great and strong reptilian being that can exhale the elements. They could weather any element in kind, ignoring the deepest chills and hottest infernos. Planets where the entire surface was razed by constant lightning would be a playground to these titans of elemental power. Their primary liability was their size. It is written in the First Text, 'Let they be large, to absorb the full fury of the elements, and store it deep within their body, like a sacred vessel, to be absorbed and digested and fuel this machine.'

Griffons are combinations of feline and hunting raptor. They have the power of flight, and are quite fierce with their natural weapons. Their beak is strong enough to snap metal in half, and their claws wicked enough to puncture rock when their ire is roused. As the First Text reads on them, 'They will be our defenders. Reigning from the sky, no enemy will hide from their sharp gazes and sharper beaks.' They served as front line warriors on especially hostile worlds, where the native animals were quite vicious and dangerous to the average being. Being able to fly swift and strong for hours at a time also made them useful for carrying messages and scouting the land, unlike many bird born today, who can only keep to the air for minutes before exhaustion takes them.

There are many other sacred families, lurking in our shared history. I have heard myths of the many tailed foxes that could peel apart minds with a stare. Stories abound of the sirens, consorts of the Creators, who could sing raw emotion into being, influencing a being with their enchanting voices. I could write of these for some time, but I do not favor trafficking in unfounded rumor. I do feel certain that there are other heritages waiting to be uncovered, and will expand my writing as they are proven.