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The mange square is beyond busy with activity, as a large crowd is gathered around the entrance to the Park Square, murmering and shuffling about as a handfull of guard wave them off. "Go on, get on out with you lot! This isn't a free showing damn it, keep moving!" A slim graceful clan ferret cries out from atop a box, his guard uniform nice and shiny as he grumbles and tries to keep the crowd moving.

Beyond the ferret, the sound of hollaring can be heard as a female's voice seems to ring out through the air. "THE SHADOWS DID IT! I KNOW THEY DID DAMM'IT! I SAYS I SAWS THEM WITH ME OWN EYES!"

Thelergramor makes his way to mange square, his golem Rhomlyn walking alongside him. Wearing his red hooded gambeson, a golem grasper on his right arm and his usual plague mask, the wolf is in basilisk form. Keeps his eyes from being directly on anyone, doesn't want to start slowing anyone to a crawl unnecesarily. Doesn't ask what's going on; even as he approaches the ferret.

"I'd heard there had been murders in the past," Lucasiel ponders to herself as she slowly approaches the scene. "I wonder if this has any connection. I thought that was solved." She shrugs and glances around, adjusting the weight of the axe on her shoulder. "Ahoy up there!" She calls out towards the ferret. "What's the situation?"

Sinead steps out of one of the shadier establishments just off the square, wearing a faint scowl. Her nose twitches a couple of times as she ponders, and then she sighs, resettles her grip on her bag, and strides towards the commotion with a brisk pace. The shouting woman gets a glare, and then Sinead's attention settles on the other ferret as she waits.

Angus walks briskly, a scowl on his muzzle as he puts a hand on top of Mister's head as the golem sits on his shoulders. A Solacious being murdered was nothing to scoff at, the fox prepared to defend himself as he walks up upon the seen and looks to the ferret in his uniform, before speaking. "What is going on here, why am I hearing about a Solacious being murdered."

"You deaf you weirdo? I said keep moving!" The Ferret scowling at Thelergramor's slow approach, before turning and blinking at Lucasiel. "Gah! Damn it all I said keep moving---" The Ferret's voice falling short when he notices Angus and purses his lips before clearing his throat. "Well uh... We're investigating the murder of a solacious lad sir, and we're trying to disperse the crowd." His gaze flicking amongst the freeswords as he motions to the group. "... They with you?"

The screaming from inside the park continues, as the woman's voice continues to hollar about shadows... Clearly making a few people nervous, and causing one fellow slinking through the crowd to make his own rather hasty exit as the crowd seems to trying to absorb her rantings. The thick brush and overgrown weeds preventing any good line of sight to the scene, leaving the ferret and one of his fellows as the only folks barring entrance to the scene!

Thelergramor chuckles at the ferret. Wondering just who he thinks he is, trying to tell Thel what to do. "I'm in the militia. So, I'll be staying. Do you really want them all leaving when one of them could have been the killer?" Notices the one who seems to be taking the ferrets advice. Yup. Commands his golem to stop him from leaving. "Rhomlyn, stop that one." Then nods at Angus and Lucasiel.

Lucasiel, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the guard any longer as she unabashedly approaches the scene, trying to survey it for herself. A thoughtful hum escapes from her as she tries to take a peek at the body.

Sinead spends just a moment adjusting her ascot - and making sure it hides her pendant - then approaches the scene, giving it a critical look-over. "I'm a physician," she informs the other ferret, tersely, "Are you sure he's dead and you're not just standing around while he bleeds out? Has the body been examined yet? What happened? A full report will need to be filed, tell me while I look," she says, beckoning for the ferret to follow her as she approaches the body.

Angus gives the guard a nod as he looks over the situation. "Yes they are with me." He states calmly as he smiles to the Ferret. "Now, shall we see what the situation is?" He asks as he frowns at Thele and what he is doing. "Thele, be careful about who you grab. If we don't do this right the crowd is going to panic and everything will be lost. Everyone keep calm." He states his last comment loud enough for everyone to hear as he waits for the Ferret to lead him.

Thelergramor's golem has little to stop it as it begins to move through the crowd, people parting like a sea for it as the person whom was exiting lets out a yelp and tries to book it! UNfortunatly for him though, he's not quite fast enough as he's grabbed by the golem and dragged back. "Let me go! I didn't do anything!" A shadow in a young looking male Collie's body exclaims as he looks between the group.

Lucasial finds herself blocked by the second guard, whom prevents her entrance before a nod from the ferret has him step to the side to let her pass inside. "Let me make this clear though, this is -our- crime scene, and not a tourist spot. If you get unrully, we'll either throw you out or into the stocks." The Ferret glaring at Thelergramor as he says this, before sighing and looking to Sinead. "Yeah, he's dead. I don't know anybody who can live without half of their head, either way head inside and the captain will talk more to you lot if you want... And what exactly do you think you're gonna do with that fella eh?" The Ferret pointing to Thelergramor's captive as he growls lowly.

Thelergramor shrugs. "I saw him leaving. Decided to keep him here." The basilisk, having given his answer, looks to his captive. "I'll have Rhomlyn let you go when I'm done here. Probably. That depends on what we find. And on Angus." Then heads inside, if Lucasiel and Angus do.

Lucasiel has no comment or regard to the guards and their words, wandering closer to the body all the same. Her attention turns towards Sinead briefly, ears flicking under her helmet. "Have you heard any news?" She asks. She recognized her fellow spyguard, but doesn't give any hints of it away. She figured the question's point would get across on its own.

Sinead falls into step behind Lucasiel and Angus as they approach the body, and she meets Lucasiel's gaze for a moment before shaking her head. The physician ferret stops and stands there then, hands on her hips, staring at the body. "Mmmm... yes, I suppose it would be hard to survive in that condition..." She frowns, nose twitching, and continues to stare. [Relax], she thinks over at the collie, reaching out in the shared speech of the shadows while she appears to be occupied gawking. [Did you see any of what happened?]

Angus flicks his ears as he steps up next to the body, turning to the ferret that had lead them here. ".....Do you know who it is yet?" He asks before he turns back to the fox, debating if he wants to check to see which of his family had been slain now.

Adolphus trundles in, the royal hippo is a bit late, but he's slow. It takes a good ammount of time to move his bulk around and he finally shows up, dressed well. He's only just heard about a murdered noble and he doesn't seem happy about it. So far the big guy isn't going to throw his weight around, just assess the situation.

The Ferret shakes his head and returns to his post, as the group is left inside the over grown park, where weeds and dense shrubbery were already a hazard enough! The dead noble in question is laying face down, clad in a white shirt and his uniform pants... Seeming to insinuate to those whom were associated with such things, that his military jacket was stolen off of his body. The left side of his face, is almost perfectly gone! No signs of flesh or bone, as it looks like whatever did the damage must have had burned it all off, while chopping at the same time strangely.

"Maximillion Solacious, the second. Main branch of the Solacious blood line." A higher pitched female voice chimes in, a small clan female mouse steps out into view from around one of the bushes. Her captain's uniform on properly, and a repeating crossbow on her back as she clears her throat. "Guard Captain Lunaxia. I take it many of you have questions?"

Thelergramor squints at the corpse, and, as a master of medicine <yeah right> can easily determine that his face is missing. "Hmm. His face is gone." Walks closer to the corpse. "Uh, would anyone be pissed if I searched his pockets? Might have something informative in them. Y'know, like blackmail stuff." Crouches, prods at the body. Just to be thorough. Waits for permission to do as he suggested. That is, rifle through his pockets/pants and such.

[I saw nothing! I was walking by when this beast aprehended me, I demand to be let go!] The Collie struggling around in the golem's grasp as he huffs.

Lucasiel plants a gauntleted hand on her hip and peers the body over. He might've been missing half his head, but how? She kneels down and leans closer, trying to see what kind of separation it might have been.

[You were drawing attention to yourself,] Sinead chides, [so do better than that or I'll let the crazy wolf keep you.] The ferret blinks and gives her head a little shake, then crouches down next to Lucasiel, looking as well - were the places where the skull was sheered jagged? Smooth? While she glances it over - mostly for show - she glances towards where the woman had been shouting from earlier. "Want me to go question her?"

Angus just whistles a little bit, before he sighs and squints at the body. "....Well, never thought Maximillion would go out this way....Always thought the damn hard blood was going to go out in a blaze of glory on the field." His tail flicks a little in agitation, the only hint of any anger that the fox was hiding as he looks them over before turning his gaze to Lunaxia. "What was he doing in the park in full uniform?"

Adolphus rumbles, his deep bass voice entirely too loud. "Not a lot of blood for the loss of a face. Wasn't done with anything I would call average." he looks over the blood splatter, trying to find where the noble was struck, and where the other half of his face might have flown off from.

"No you may not rifle through a dead noble's pockets... We've already done that, and we found nothing." Lunaxia calls out to Thelergramor, before looking to Sinead as she raises an eyebrow before waving to a black cat in the corner whom leads a rather discheveled rabit girl out and over. The girl is barely composed it looks like, tear stains in her fur along with dirt and sticks. "I-I already told you a-all! It were a shadow that went and killed Maxi-poo! Why arnt you out arresting them?!" Her composure falling more it seems as she notices the captured Collie and promptly lets out an ear piercing scream before hiding behind the black cat. "HIM! T-That's one of them! D-Don't let the monster near me!"

"... Question -kindly- or I'll pull the witness away. As for what he was doing in here in uniform? Well, according to Bindi here, he likes to visit her while feeling

'important'. Take from that what you will." Lunaxia sighing as she waves her hand. The Shadow himself winces and seems to look around. "I didn't do anything! I was walking from the market, and am innocent! You cannot punish me for leaving a bad situation!" His gaze turning to Sinead with almost panic in those eyes. [You must believe me! I took things down to sell at the market, I am not a killer and do not wish to be treated as one just because I was in the area!]

Thelergramor sighs, stands from the body. Seems that he'll have to be nice to the witness. Strives to be. To the rabbit: "Alright, so you were boning him. Fine. Whatever. It's fun, I get it. Now when this supposed shadow attacked, was it in his body?" Gestures to the collie. "If it weren't, he's probably innocent." The basilisk shrugs, puts his hands in his pockets. Well, one of them. The right arm is in a golem grasper; doesn't quite fit.

Lucasiel stands back up and frowns. She couldn't quite place the type of dismembering. "Something like this would take a fair bit of strength," she says, furrowing her brows. "I'm not sure the one of there would be capable of it," she says. "Seems more like heavy clan type work, to me."

Sinead's nose twitches a moment, and then she stands back up, pulls a cloth from the pocket of her vest, and wipes her hands off as she turns to look at the rabbit. "... Bindi?" she asks, fixing her with an impassive stare. "What happened? Tell us exactly, please. In as much detail as you can remember."

Lucasiel stands back up, a frown on her face. "The flesh seems sort of charred. Fire was involved here, I'd say, but... It's a very precise fire. I don't think some chap with a bit of a fireball could've caused this. Possibly some sort of creator technology, or one of those fire-based weapons."

Angus flicks his ears as he hears Adolphus, turning to give the Royal a nod before he stands up and takes a deep breath. "Bindi?" He asks, looking at the rabbit in a little confusion before it dawns on him, and he gives them a smile as he hangs back to let others talk to her.

Adolphus sniffs loudly as he pulls out a linen hankerchief from his breast pocket and squats down. His pants straining and groaning as he picks up, a neatly sliced piece of ear. He looks at it. "Appears to match. Slicked cleanly off like the rest of the face. Charred. Safe to say whatever it was was fire based." He ughs, "at least the math is a clue."

"Oh good, you found a bit. Well, that clears up the main question I suppose." Lunaxia comments with a slight sigh, Bindi looking out over the black cat's shoulder as she nods slightly. "Y-yes, maybe I... I don't know! W-We were embraced, and h-he was talking so sweet to me b-but..." The Rabbit wincing and whimping gently before contuing. "H-He froze, and pushed me away and I thought he was snapping at me but, he had this dark light sticking out of his head, and behind him was this guy that looked like he was made of shadows! He just stuck something through M-Maxi-poo's head,and then took a giant bite of everything else! It all smelled l-like smoke when he fell... T-Then he said it w-wasn't my time!"

The Collie sighs at this and looks around. "She clearly did not see someone like myself, as I was in the -market- before walking through here to get mugged and dragged. Now, will someone -kindly- let me go? It's obvious this girl is just crazed from what she saw." Bindi appears to take offense at that as she jabs a finger at him once more before raising her voice. "I was at Mossy Stone you l-lieing monster! You're all black a-and evil! Y-You just kill and take people t-to take over their b-bodies!"

Thelergramor rubs at his mask, then sighs again. "Look, I'll have the golem release you as soon as Angus ok's it. I trust his judgement. Because mine is shitty, so, if you'll -kindly- shut up, maybe try to have fun or something..." The basilisk shrugs, throws the collie a potato. Always has at least one. "Can't leave his body while he's wearing one of them shadow gems. I think." The basilisk is clearly not knowledgable on Shadows. Then, looks back at Bindi. But, doesn't know what to say.

Lucasiel glances over towards Bindi and her run-down of what had happened. "Made of shadows? Then we can probably rule out anyone with a shadow pendant. Shadows cannot jump bodies at will, once they have a pendant, miss. So unless the 'shadows' you saw were some kind of magic... In which case it could be anyone."

Sinead nods once, thoughtfully. "If they could use a fire whip, or a fire sword done the same way, then magic can't be ruled out." Sinead pauses, then looks over at Lunaxia. "Did you find his jacket?"

As Adolphus presents the ear Angus is....caught off guard, his hand moving up to his mouth as he starts to gag and he steps back. ".....Please put that down Adolphus he comments, looking a little green as he takes a deep breath and tries to get himself under control again

Adolphus gives a gentle sigh to Bindi, "Dear Lady, please regain your composure...I know this is a difficult manner, but the murder of a fine being of noble standing must be taken with a little grace." he folds the ear in the hankerchief and sets it on the body so it can be handled together. "Dark magic can of course do a trick of light as well. He was an army officer and this was done with magic, we shouldn't rule out Cliffside. I doubt that the good man was carrying anything important, but a known Solacious in uniform might have been an espionage target." he reaches his clean hand over and pats a big meaty fist on Angus' shoulder.

"Y-Yeah! Made of shadows, like this ugly blob of a being! It was... It was just terrible..." Bindi whimpering slightly as she just leans against the back of the black cat whom clears his throat. "I found her after that. Was doing a quick patrol in, and she was with the body crying and freaking out. Aparantly I had -just- missed him."

"Jacket? No. Seems whomever killed him, wanted that damnable jacket as well it seems... Which, if it was just a uniform top, shouldn't be able to hold anything of value. So unless they had the desire to impersonate a solacious which would be hard enough if they were not a Kitsune, then well... You see the complications with that line of thought yes? The part that concerns me, is that they blatantly made it out to blame Shadows... As if they wanted people to think them monsters again." Before Lunaxia can continue Bindi yells once more. "They are monsters! All of th-them! F-First they kill my parents, and now Maxi! I kn-know what I saw, and it was Shadows!" The Collie himself is just lowly growling as he crosses his arms and mutters to himself. "If it was a vagrant shadow, it'd have killed you as well stupid girl."

Thelergramor shrugs, yawns, looks over at the corpse again. "Right, impersonating a noble. Pretty useful, occasionally. So, I'm starting to doubt the shadow thing. Don't see any reason for them to be involved. As for the magic... I've used dark magic before. But never burned away skin with it. So, wasn't that." The basilisk isn't exactly making progress here. Walks over to Angus. Whispers to him. Then turns back to the corpse.

Lucasiel closes her eyes and rolls her shoulders. "Took his jacket... Used fire... And covered in shadows? I think it could indeed be a kitsune," she says, before shaking her head. "We know they change make themselves look like other beings... They can also create some pretty neat illusions. Like, say, making themselves look all covered in shadows. I'm no kitsune myself, but I don't think that'd be outside the realm of possibility." She turns towards Angus, then, and nods. "Keep an eye on your manor. Inform your family and the military."

Sinead gives her head a small shake. "Let him go. Such a mess..." Sinead turns then and begins pacing through the park, just in case she missed anything. "I don't know what else to say."

Angus wipes at his mouth and takes a deep breath, nodding to Lucasiel as he stands up and walks over to the arguging as he raises his voice. "Enough all ready, speculations will not help, and blaming the shadows for everything will not bring back Maximillion Bindi." He snaps as his anger starts to show, clenching his hands a bit as he takes a deep breath. "Everyone needs to just calm down."

Adolphus gives a gentle incline of his bald pate towards Angus, "I think you all have this well in hand. If you need anything though Lord Angus, don't hesitate to call" the big hippo taking a step back.

Sadly, Sinead doesn't seem to find anything during her last check around, though Lunaxia is soon passing by her to give her a pat on the shoulder. "Alright then. A murderor, with intent to use a stolen coat to somehow do something to get something... Right then. I don't like cliff hangers myself, but we're stuck waiting until he strikes it seems... I'd imagine they're not going to wait long. The main question is just their goals for the moment... Carlson is it? Please escort miss Bindi out." The Tomcat nodding as he moves to lead the Rabbit out of the park while the captain turns to the group. "If possible, I'd like for you all to be available should this being strike again... And unlike the last time I had to play hit and run with two sick cerial killers, we're going to nab them quickly. I'll see you all paid for your consultation today, and pray you are ready for when we find them."

Thelergramor nods and all that general fidgety stuff. "Yeah, sure, I'll be available. Probably." The basilisk coughs within his mask. Glances back at Angus, seems he wasn't answered. Takes his own initiative. "I'll go with the escort. Don't need her ending up dead too. Only witness." A shrug, before he commands his golem to release the shadow. And hopes one of these guards is smart enough to not just let him go...

Lucasiel nods slowly towards Lunaxia. "Yes. I will be around, and most certainly informed on the situation." She taps a plated finger to the rim of her helm and starts wandering off towards the barracks. She had a report of her own to make, it seemed!

Sinead waits for Lunaxia and Angus to catch up, nodding her head. "Lord Solacious. I will help however I can with this unpleasant business." She pats down her vest, then nods her head. "I will be around."

Angus gives Adolphus a nod, flicks his ears as he turns to smile at Lunaxia. "I appreciate keeping me in the loop, lets hope we don't have as many murders as last time." He states, before turning to Sinead to give them a solum nod as well. "I appreciate it, thank you."

Adolphus nods his head and turns to go, heading off.