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A fine spring evening. The sky is mostly clear with a few scattered clouds, and beings have gathered in the court. The court doesn't appear terribly unusual compared to many others, with the council of the people and the Good King presiding over the issues of the day. The familiar rodent scholar stands beside the king, reading off a scroll, "The next matter," he says officiously, "Is a land grant to a Gang Xi Siyu, a being of foreign birth that wishes to build on His Majesty's land."

Siyu takes a deep breath and steadies himself. He's going to be wearing his formal clothing, silks, well pressed, well cut. His long flowing hair is pulled back with a silver hair clasp. His face dotted with makeup. It's a council with the royal court. The 18 year old merchant, of foreign birth, and recent arrival, could not have imagined he'd be in this position. The short rodent nervous, but trying to hide it. Trying his best to. Still sweat does form upon his brow as he waits. He waits and...oh by the Creators, he's first? Damnit. He stands, slowly, calmly smoothing his clothing over his hips. Trying to recall what Sweetwater's protocals are. Does he move and supplicate himself in front of the king, does he wait to be called...ahh damn!

Mirana sits back in her chair. She'd be doing the preformance when the time came. She mostly listened to how things were presiding. Her usual topics didn't come up much, the state of the poor, the state of the soul gifted. The 'war' had been an interesting topic off and on, and she'd said her peace when it was her turn to do so. She'd left her young ones in the car of her house for the evening to be here. Her ears perk quickly at the name though! "Siyu?" She asks quietly, looking about for him!

Rogna casually makes his way to the Castle District. He adjusts his cape by casting it back behind him with one hand as he moves and ensures that he is presentable, before he strolls into attendance of the fine court proceedings. Taking a seat he listens carefully, this was an interesting topic.

Angus takes his seat, crossing his legs a bit as he watches the small rat walk up before the king. "hm?" He asks, turning to look at his sister for a bit as he chuckles. "Why so surprised?" He teases, before turning back to the proceedings at hand, leaning forward in his chair as he propes an elbow up on his knee.

Dio was never a person for courts or big imporant meetings, but this one was of interest for the lion in more ways than one. With his coat in the best possible fancy state he could manage, the heavily scarred lion files his way into the area and finds a comfortable spot to listen to the proceedings. Perhaps, if he could get the chance, he could propose something as well!

The Good King nods towards the figure, "Rise, my good being. Take your place." A gesture is made towards the stand made for just the occasion, "And tell me what you would do with my people's land? I am to understand that you are of Shralestan birth?"

Mirana stands up herself, brushing off her dress, looking over to SIyu, smiling a bit, whispering over to Angus, "No surprise dear brother, I knew he'd be doing this, I'm just happy to see him get this for himself." She says, tails twitching a bit. She bounces very slightly on her heels, excitement for the little doll she and Jessica played with boiling through, but a deep breath and a calming exhale, "You do good Siyu." she whispers as quietly as she can, looking over as Rogna joins them.

Siyu swallows, his mouth dry, he'll walk, stiffly, trying to keep his walk dignified. Back straight, though his hips sway, he can't help that. He takes the a posistion up at the podium, sweat forming more contiously now. Gloved hands firmly on the podium he bows formally to the Good King. His forhead, touching the podium. "My Good King, Lord and Master of all of Sweetwater. Yes inddeed, I am born of Shralesta. A merchant fresh arrived to your cities and your lands. And I will say the lands have been good to me, and I have been met with much sucess." he swallows again, glancing to see if there is water anywhere nearby. "The recent events of blockade, and the stifiling of trade and dockwork concern me greatly. I ask not for a grant of land, instead, simply, a writ of permission. Sweetwater has abundance of fields, mines, and forests. What it lacks, at the moment, is work for good honest men. I ask for permission, from your Grace, who owns all. To use the forests. To employ any without job, any with good hands who cannot feed his family. To harvest wood." he pauses again. "Wood for ships needs to cure and age. I know not what your Grace plans to do, or what the future will bring, I make no claim to either. However, the wood of Sweetwater is easily sold in any port that will take it. My request is permission to harvest wood from the bountiful forests. To employ those which this crises have left idle, and to stack and prepare valuable timber." He takes a half step back from the podium. "I will pay whatever fair cost you decide for your forests Good King, whatever tax of profits you wish. And I will offer the right of first sale of any and all timber gathered to Sweetwater. If the timber is needed you may use it, if not, then it will be cured and ready to ship where it is needed."

Angus nods a bit, watching the proceedings with a smirk. "Knew he could due it." He mutters to himself, scritching at his chin a bit as he watches. "He was actually talking about this a week ago." He turns his gaze to watch Dio, giving him a small smirk as he waves.

Dio finds himself a lovely chair and attempts to get himself comfortable, occasionally fidgiting around as time goes on. Peeking over the crowd, he returns the wave to Angus and smiles before listening to the rat speak his proposition. "Oh?" He says under his breath, rubbing his chin. Certainly an interesting case, and most fitting for a merchant. The lion crosses his legs and shifts his eyes to the King himself, waiting to hear his reponse.

The mouse speaks and Rogna listens, watching the court for signs of approval or dissaproval. This was quite a thing to ask. Working conditions and resource renewal, there are so many questions he must bottle inside for the moment, merely offering a glance of recognition to those he knows.

The Good King looks towards his scholar, Mione. Mione nods back and speaks clearly for the benefit of everyone in the room, King and Council included, "The lumber quality of the kingdom as a whole is considered acceptable. The eastern forest is considered exceptional, but risky to harvest due to native fauna. There are several tree farms in protectionable distance of Firmament itself."

The Good King seems to muse on this, then taps twice on the wooden podium he sits behind, "Tell me, why should I entrust this task to you? I know you not, and you are not native to my people. Who will speak on your character, and who will speak on your competency? You understand I cannot entrust the land of our people to just anyone."

Mirana looks out to the Good King, "My sire. Lady Mirana Solacious, if I may speak." She calls out, "Gang Xi Siyu, has, while in my eyes, and as far as my ears could reach, done much good for the kingdom already. He has assisted in the work done at Mossy Stone. He has helped in the construction of an alter to give praise to the spirits that have blessed us of late with their presence and capabilities in fighting with the Old Ones. I can speak that he is a businessman of both great understanding, shrewdness, but also with a messure of generocity. With what voice I have with my house, I would vouch that such a venture by Gang Xi Siyu, whom I've come to know prefers just Siyu, is very unlikely to fail, and stands great chance at bringing even greater prosparity to My Lords great land, even in these troubled times."

Siyu listens, the eastern forest, he's trapsed that area well, "I know of the Eastern Forest. The freeswords are more then capable of handling any such fauna that exist. I would hire as many as needed to maintain the security of the workers I would employ." he's quick to offer. Old growth wood. Good masts, good hulls, that's gold. The second part of the request catches him off guard. His ears flat, and he almost panics, "Ahem, My Good King, ahem, as was signed by my petition, the good lord Angus Solacious, of house Solacious does offer his respect of me..." he sets his teeth though. He'd ask Angus to get him in the door, not to speak for him. His ears turn as he hears Mirana's voice though, his whole body turns, she is here! A crimson appears upon his cheaks, spreading up to his ears, and he bows most formally to her. Letting her words speak for him.

Angus nods to Mira, his ears perk as he hears his name. And he stands up with a smile. "He is correct my lord, I did sign his petition. And I can vouch for him, he has assisted the freeswords many a time." He gives a nod, his speech not as well put together as Mira's but he hoped that he had gotten his meaning across as he sits back down to watch the rest of the proceedings.

A voice rises from the crowd, "I saw him working at the brothel on the east side of town. The mistress of the house favors him highly as well." This draws noises of both amusement and concern in the crowd, and more than a few whispered jokes of low maturity. The Good King brings his gavel down sharply, marshalling order. "How a being finds amusement is of little concern to me, if it is within the law of the land and causes no harm. You have several well known beings pledging their name on your behalf. I know of them, and the houses they represent. If they find you worthy of this task, then I will grant it. Does the council have objection?"

The current head of the council, a female ferret in sharp dress rises from her seat, "Just one. The city and its people should profit first from this endeavor. We demand fourty percent of all sales in the form of tax, to be used as the council sees fit towards the betterment of the city whos resources will be used protecting and facilitating this enterprise."

Mirana smiles a bit, she was able to help her cute little Siyu, but now comes the business negotiations. She wasn't much of a businesswoman herself, so she sits back down, though the remarks about Jessica do not go unnoticed. This wasn't the time or place, she'd talk to Jessica herself when she gets the chance, or that new boyfriend of hers she was courting. She reaches over to grab Angus' hand and squeeze it.

Rogna raises an eyebrow as the word brothel comes up. He is vouched for by two important nobles and enjoys lewd activities. No one seems to be asking the important questions. He looks ready to stand and make a question but holds as he waits for a response to the council.

Siyu stands up straight at the sudden call out, a brothel? He bites his cheeks, he tastes iron. He's in court, what's more he's in front of the king. Humility, acquiescence, those are the tools a merchant uses to survie. The court can think of him what it likes. He does glance quickly, his glasses flashing, to see who said it. A face and costume to remember, fore he never forgets...but other then that, when the Good King gives his statment he bows once more. His forhead touching the podium once more, "You are wise and just, may good health and many children follow you all your days..." he offers in blessing. Of course there is an objection. Damnit what is it? Fourty percent! He practically sweatdrops, though he agreed to any tax! "Fourty percent is only fair...upon the profits of my venture. After paying the good citizens whom lack for work, paying them to have bread for their families and honest labor from their hands..." he offers in mild correction.

Oh! Business talk. However, he wasn't sure what should go to who and how fair such a distribution might be. To better help with the whole endeavor, the lion reaches into his pocket and pulls out a soul gem. Taking out his necklace, he switches them about to something better for commerce and other business relations.

Angus perks his ears up as his hand is grabbed, turning to look at his sister as his hand is squeezed. He cocks his head to the side, curious before he turns back to watch. He himself had never been a merchant, his claws tapping against his knee as he bounces it. Ignoring the whispers about the brothel going on.

The ferret levels a steady gaze on the smaller mouse, "Are you implying you cannot make this work?" she challenges quite directly, "Surely you planned to make more than a 40% margin on the wood, doubly so if you feel confident enough to tame the eastern forests to do it. You have the word of several esteemed houses backing your merchantry skills, this should be no challenge."

Siyu has hid is soul pendant of course. He's felt more and more nervous about that thing lately, even the chain it rests upon cannot be seen from the silk around his throat. "I have no doubt about the quality of work. The issue of course, is sustainability and workers. I offer a chance for any man with idle hands to earn coin. That was the whole point in offering this. If he chops wood, or not. I mean to try and make sure those workers whom this crisis have left adrift to find honest work. I will hire skilled forsters to guide them, to make sure they will not hurt themselves, as this is not their trade. I will hire freeswords, to guard them from the hostile creatures within this prime forest. I will stack the wood, and dry it...which should Sweetwater need...need to rapidly make ships, it will be avaialable, it will be ready, and it will be offered. At a rate I am sure you will find most appeasing, as it will not be for profit. I offer this not as a means to gain myself wealth, but I offer it to help the citizens, to help the city and to help the land. This place is now my home. I offer my coin freely to try and ensure that good is done. That men and women can be proud, and that you may have the resources you need. It WILL work to that extent. Profit, if it happens, is somthing I would find a bonus. It would be a bonus. I would consider this to have "worked" as you so put it, if any man with strong hands can come home with food for his family and say all is well. If suddenly, timber is needed, and I can fill all demand. That is what will make this project a sucess. I demand no coin, no support, no land from the Crown, and no support from any house. I do this on my own. As a foreign born merchant, alone here in Sweetwater. As a helping hand those who find themselves in crisis. I do this on my own, in hopes that I can help the city that has taken me in."

Mirana couldn't help much at this point, thinking long and hard before, standing up again, "The ships that the Solacious House maintains for the Lightbringer unit of the Sweetwater Militia have been in need of refitting. Should Siyu be able to offer a reasonable price for the parts, I'd like to place a bid for 200,000 board feet of ship worthy hardwood for their refit. My house is growing, my family getting bigger, before long I must concider building onto our home or way from it, depending on what is said by our elders, I'll need, personally, another 400,000 board feet of wood to put toward the construction of a house, or toward expanding the House Solacious." She says.

Luck rose from the crowd, calling out in a loud yet refined voice "what of those who already work the land, what of those who live off of the forest, are they to be trod upon by this kingdom again?" she asked "or would you force them to work under one who was nor even born here, they speak of wanting to help our situation but to me all i hear is a way to further damage our poor" her voice shaking with passion.

Rogna feels the topic is on course, and stands and looks to the King to speak, offering a verbal "Good King, if I may pose a question?". He then stands idly, waiting his response.

The ferret femme nods towards lady Mirana, "It seems your business is already picking up." But then there are many other voices raising.

The Good King strikes his gavel for order in two sharp raps, "The court recognizes Rogna Good."

Angus perks his ears up as Mira orders a lot of lumber, causing him to blink a little in shock. "....That's a lot of wood." He mutters, before he hears someone else stand up and pose a counter to Siyu's plans, making him blink once more.

Siyu hears Mirana speak again, he turns to her, calculating the ammount of lumber he needs already. He'll swallow hard, suddenly it appears as if he's caught in the middle of some sort of nobility struggle. He swallows hard and bows his head to her. He can't enter contract yet, the permission hasn't been given. The second cry, of workers of..." he turns his head to see, to find and...the panda ant is a unique creature here. He spots...Luck? For a moment shock appears on his face.

Rogna offers a nod of respect before he speaks, saying "I've heard you mention the needy multiple times now, and of hiring the idle and poor. While this is not wrong, I trust that they will be treated kindly and fairly? I do not believe it is in the best interests of anyone to pay for unsatisfactory treatment. This also seems to be a good chance to pose the question of renewal, I'm sure you are aware the fauna and forests do not come into being on a whim, and that it takes time. Will you be working at a sustainable pace?"

Mirana looks to Luck, frowning, then over to Rogna. He was posing some good questions. She sits back down, awaiting the answers to the questions made already before posing any responce she might have. It was not right to speak out of turn, and right now, all ears to Rogna, as they should be. She reaches for Angus' hand again though.

Luck stood, offering a small nod to siyu before looking to the king, also awating his answers posed by Rogna. Even as she stood though sweat could be seen on her brow as she felt eyes start to lay upon her.

The Good King turns his gaze towards Siyu, "And your answer? Rogna's questions are worthy of reply." Ah the benefits of being related to the King, first name basis.

Siyu givesa glance to Rogna and he bows his head respectfully to the Good. He holds up his gloved hands and he removes the silk glove from each of them. He showes his calloused and scarred hands, "I am a merchant, but I am a blacksmith by trade. I know how much work goes into a day, how much strain upon a body a full days work will do." he draws another breath. "I'll offer a wage..." he hesitates, "Above what the dockworkers would make. A dockworker, a sailor, a fisherman, I understand they would know nothing of forestry and how to chop a tree. I understand that. Part of my proposal was to offer more wage to any forester and lumberjack that would isgn on upon my venture. To enusre the safty and education of the workers in my employ." to the second part his brows knit. "The forest is it not. The freeswords regularly patrol it, there are dangers there. I've fought there myself. Have no doubts I have. We'll attempt to pacify the region. And those skilled lumberjacks...well I shall listen to them. I shall not strip the forest for profit." he glances to the ferret. "As I said before, profit is not my main goal." He ignores all of Lucks statment however. Responding to any question about him being from Sharlasta would hurt him.

Rogna nods. "Dangerous but not unneeded. It is their home too. This is a considerate wage, and I believe I am satisfied, thank you for your time." he says before he takes his seat.

The ferret seems to take some unseen signal as being allowed to speak, interjecting in smoothly as Rogna finishes, "You insist, loudly and frequently, that you do this selflessly. Very well. The council will accept taxes on the profit of the sales only, but the tax will be one hundred percent. While you are undergoing this mission of altruism, the city will provide lodging and hospitality, as is proper, but you will not profit on our misfortunes." It seems clear no love is lost on the ferret, gazing at Siyu with a challenge in her eyes.

Luck bit her lip drawing blood, not wanting to say what was on her mind. So instead she quietly slipped on her hood and walked into the crowd, dissapearing within moments.

Siyu swallows, but it is a dry swallow, "I thank of you course, your Grace Good..." he says to the royal. He bows his head. Of course that's givern an oppertunity for the ferret to recoup. Damnit it all. "100 hundred percent. You would have me risk all fortune, for nothing." he says to the ferret. His stomach flutters, it churns. What should he do. Another dry swallow. His intesne blue eyes glance to the king, the Good King. "I will agree to it if the Good King agrees. I...I will offer the risk to myself, and my coin. If he thinks it is fair. For I know he is fair and just. If it is could I object." he rests his hands upon the podium, he feels ruin close around him. Damn this idea, damn his nature. For the good of all? What was he thinking. He should have focused on his own good.

Angus shakes his head. "That woman is trying to bleed him dry." He murmurs to himself, he looks around before placing a hand on Mira's shoulder. "Try and see if you can help him?" He asks, before standing up to head out into the crowd himself, having to fill out a few reports he had been neglecting for awhile.

The Good King slaps the gavel against the opposing meaty hand, producing a low thump as the finely polished wood finds a temporary home. "I will not have a foreigner risking livelihood for my people's sake while I watch on. The treasury will cover construction and the first month of wages for those laboring at the camp. The Freeswords you will have to entreaty on your own. Case is closed. Mione, draw up the paperwork and who is next?"

Mirana stands and was about to speak, but, her time is cut short. She will have to make due with the Good King's decision, which seems a fair one from all she knew of him. She looks about though, and comes up with something else, "My Lord, if I may, I have something to bring to the court. Ishara seems to lay claim to the waters just out of canon's short of our own boarders. Have you had time to reflect both on their demands of taxing us for all sea travel, and on their threats to continue firing upon ships that attempt to come to or from our docks?" She asks.

Siyu blinks a bit...the good king made no mention of the profits, the last offer was 40 percent...done and done! He bows again upon the podium, "You are most generous and kind, blessings upon you." he mummers, construction and wages, and a 40 percent tax. He can live with that. Once the platitudes are done he rapidly moves, away away, before anyone can corner him or ask anything akward. He will, however, make his way towards the Solacious wing. His eyes glance to Mirana. It's court, it's formal, it's offical. He puts his gloves back on, and he bows, dipping low, almost a curtsey, "My Lady..." he annunciates, and the will set on a free seat next to her. Letting her speak as he tries not to pass out from the adrenaline rush...but his head does bump a bit limply against the wall.

"Entirely outrageous," speaks the Good King without hesitation. "We will not surrender a single crown to outlaws or invading soldiers, whichever they choose themselves to be known as. If our forces were not engaged with a shadow's nest in the far north, we would have already engaged them. Our allies in Shralesta have sent word that they stand at our side. We feel they are grandstanding. They will tire and leave once they feel their message, however misguided, has been made."

Rogna looks to Mirana as she asks her question, then to the King. This was a matter of discussion worthy of sticking around for. He looks to the mouse, Siyu, and wonders what will come. Perhaps a revisit would be in order, he had just agreed to little to no profit from his venture. He smiles as he hears the King speak, proudly announcing that they will not buckle to lowly pirates without missing a moment of time.

Mirana smiles abit and nods, "The wood that Gang Xi Siyu's new venture may bring it will help should we need to engage them, refitting older ships will save both time and crown, My Lord, you are both wise and quick of wit. Long live Good King Good!" She gives as a final statement to her own questions. She sits back, reaching now for Siyu's hand to squeeze it, a whispered, "Good job, but next time, don't back down to the court, you know what is far."

Siyu feels a hand grab his, and the small rough hand, gloved now, squeezes back. Still fluttery, triying to gain back some sense after the adrenline of addressing the king and court. "Thank you" he offers. A little spaced, swallowing again, just holding the hand back.

There are some murmurs of approval at the king's resolution even as Mione looks to see who is next to call forward. The court must proceed. The next case seems to be a custody issue, with a small boy of a being called forward with two larger adults looking quite irate with one another flanking. This promises to be a trying session.

The grey and gold clad hippo settles in to hear what is sure to be an interesting topic. The two parents look quite mad, and the child is small, who is in the right, one can only wonder.

Siyu keeps his hand in Mirana's, but suddenly, a child? A child is involved, somthing tugs on him, and his panic from the audiance goes away. A child is involved, and his eyes refocus, he leans forward, and takes a glance at the parents. They do look angry, why would they? He focuses attention now.

"Ah," says the King, sounding less than pleased to see them, "You grace our court once again."

The female and male pipe up in unison to blame the other for being there, loudly casting insults and doubt as hard as they can. The child between them shrinks, looking scared and worried.

"She never pays the agreed upon amount." "He doesn't let me visit as often as I want." "She never gets him to his mathemagic lessons on time. "He keeps his house freezing and never burns a lick of wood or coal to warm it even in the dead of winter."

Mirana looks on and cannot stand what she sees before her now. She lets go of Siyu's hand. It may not be proper, it may not be right, but there was a child down there, and he needed help. "Excuse me, pardon, I'm very sorry." she says as she makes her way down to the court floor, "I must excuse myself Good King, gentle beings of the court, but I will not suffer to see a child between their parents in such a way! Such disputes need to be resolved, and much honor to the parents of any child of Promise, but I'll not endure to see one such as this poor boy put in such a way." She says. If her outburst gets her thrown out, so be it, she would never permit such a thing to befall the youth of the land if she had some way to prevent it.

Siyu winces a bit at the conversation, he feels a sudden protective urge well up in him, he's in court, he's in front of the king, but he stands, "Look at your child..." he demands. "Look at him shrink. Be parents, introduce yourself to the court, introduce your child to the king. Let him know that things are all right rather then dragging him into this place to be scared and frightened." he turns crimson, Mirana has it well it hand. The Solacious house has it well in hand. He hops that Mirana's words are listened over his, he sits down quickly, burning in cheeks and and ears, squirming. Mirana probably knows best in this case, he goes silent.

Rogna looks between the two, and then between the two outbursts and cannot help but feel this is too much commotion to come into a case on. One should hope things settle down. Perhaps the two had an affinity for the cold, perhaps the magic lessons weren't close enough, but surely this can be discussed properly.

A frustrated king sighs out, "Would that I could spare all the court this dispute. Roger, Peta. I knew your parents, may their souls rest in peace. They would all be ashamed to see you being berated by strangers as you treat your child in this fashion. It is clear to me that your energy is focused on one another, not him, and he will not receive the care he needs while you two remain at odds." Slap goes the gaven even as the two look ready to launch into a rebuttal. "Lady Solacious, I am told you have good word with a quality orphanage? Will you escort the boy there? Inform them the treasury will cover his upkeep as a ward of the state." Harsh, but quite final.

* gavel

Mirana feels her own heart sink a messure. She nods to the King however, "Post haste My Lord this very moment if I may be excused." She says, kneeling herself down to the boy, "Mathmagic lessons huh? Well, I'm not a bad math mage myself, why don't you show me what you know while we walk?" She asks him. Without turning away, she steps back twice, curtsies to the King, then, to the court, finally to all those around, "And thank you My Lord, Good beings of the court." she says. She felt a bit distraught that the child would have to go without his parents, even if for a moment, but, she could tend to him herself a bit. At this point she turns and ushers the boy out, "If a shop is open, why don't we stop and I'll buy you a Berry Scone on the way too?" She offers.

Siyu stands suddenly, to the orphange! Well that's somthing differnt. He's given his money and his time to that place, he knows it's good but...he objecte. He raised hisvoice in court. He moves slowly a light swish to try and get to Mirana and the boy. He expressed his concern, only fair that he helps alleviate some of the tension. Of what must be a near heartbreaking scenario. The 3 foot 10 rodent bows his head. To the boy and to Mirana. "May I go with you?" he asks.

The boy looks more than a little confused when being led away from his parents, but offers no resistance, looking more shell shocked than ready to put up a fight. Unlike his parents, who begin to loudly protest, even as the gavel comes down repeatedly.

"Enough!" bellows the King, patience worn through. "Guards, let them cool off in the dungeons, together. They can come out when they're ready to act in a matter befitting the creators' work."

The hippo looks to the two departing, and to the parents once more. He shakes his head, hoping they can get themselves together for the sake of their child, this was indeed no way to behave. He feels his stomach rumble and stands, politely departing after the two and the child as he pulls free his crown. He will have to buy them all scones.