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Sunday, afternoon, the wind is brisk, even in the warm city of Firmament. No matter, the castle is always a pleasant temperature, likely with the help of expensive maths. Those attending the council are welcomed to have a seat, while the council members take their seat. Highest of them, not technically a member, the King, sits highest, ruler of the domain, and the council proceedings.

Rainer defies the busybody ushers and finds a spot on the wall to lean against, back of the room and nearest to the exit. Not just so he can beat the rush to leave at the end, so he can slip right out without causing much disturbance if he gets too close to being bored to death. Secretly, though, he's hoping for more disturbances like the previous session.

Silverlynx is not one of the regulars to this type of meeting and she looks at the place and sighs. "Why do i get myself into this stuff." She murmurs faintly and settles down in a chair, or pew which ever is there to use.

The seats are fairly comfortable, seating those who choose to attend for the several hour function that usually occurs by the day, though had paused while the king was injured. He looks in good spirits today though. With a slap of his gavel, quiet is summoned, "This meeting is called to order. There have been new developments that demand immediate attention. I have not had the chance to issue proper summons, so those present will simply have to suffice."

Rainer shifts his shoulders and lifts his head, he was all set for a sneaky little nap but... what's this? Getting straight to the juicy part today? His ears perk right up, evidenced by two little tents forming in the hood of his cloak, as he sets his eyes upon the hippo monarch.

Silverlynx leans back in her spot. News, wonderful, more stuff she can't quite understand for this place. THough the warrior is in 'normal' clothing, how ever risky it might be.

"Our 'guest', Jeremy, has acclimated reasonably thus far to her surroundings," speaks the king, "And word of her has already spread. We have others like her, who wish to defect for sake of peace, rather than continue their war." He flips his hands palm side up, "It has never been a policy of ours to turn away citizens, especially those fleeing from unreasonable leaders of other lands, but as you are all aware, these are interesting circumstances."

Rainer chuffs. "Interesting indeed." murmured softly to himself, letting his arms unfold and drop down to his sides for a moment, just to lift and cross them again shortly after, adjusting his shoulders against the wall.

Silverlynx nods slowly. "So how can we know it's not a trap?" she questions a bit. "I know I'm the downer but.. eh.. it's too .. easy.. to .. messy. To believe they are completely honest." the Lynx says with a calm voice.

The king looks towards the voiced concern. A crier looks in the same direction, looks confused a moment, then announces, "The council recognizes the unknown female of the heavy folk clan!"

The kind nods towards her, "Quite. However, we do the words of the Creators injustice if we turn away refugees for want of security, to shy away out of cowardice the chance for peace."

Silverlynx hmms a bit as she shakes her head. "It's not cowardice to not fully trust the shadow Refugees. I think there is a chance this could be a trap. Supposedly they are the Creators children.. they were made by the creators to remove us.. What is to say they are not using the refugees as a method to infiltrate your nation?"

Rainer keeps his head down and his mouth shut. Valid concerns, and since he just so happens to agree with the completely, he's not going to start barking out objections.

"Truth, it could be, or, more likely, some of our new citizens will be truly seeking peace, while some welcome this moment to advance on us. When then is the higher goal, to bar the wicked, or to shelter the good?" asks the king, slapping the arm of his chair with a meaty hand.

Silverlynx shakes her head and sits back down, not answering the question as it goes entirely the wrong way she was thinking.

The king raises a brow as the supplicant sits so abruptly, "Might the court have your name?" he queries.

Silverlynx stands up and says shortly. "Silverlynx." She comments and sits back down. She had nothing more to add.

It can be guessed with fair certainty that this name is being jotted down in the records of the session. "It is not," speaks the king, "Without obvious danger that we proceed. I am a being willing to face danger, but I do not ask this of all my people. It is with this in mind that I have a proposal, to safeguard our borders, while allowing those seeking peace to find it."

As the attention in the room was once again drawn towards the king not many people noticed as a grey fox in a cloak slipped into the room. Angus sighed as he was late once again to something important. not seeing many seats left open he decides to stand next to Rainer. "So what did I miss?"

"Silverlynx, eh." Rainer repeats, lifting a hand to give his fuzzless chin a few thoughtful scritches, the corners of his lips tugged up in a grin. He lifts up on his toetips for a brief stretch as the fox settles in next to him, grrruuunting and finally relaxing back again. "Oh, just a promise that we should expect to see all kinds of Shadows roamin' the streets in the days to come, heh."

Angus gives Rainer a startled look. "Say what?" Clearly he missed something intresting.

"Barring veto of the council, I propose that those of shadow lineage, as children of the Creator, should have opportunity to live a productive life with others of the same," A gesture is made at the room as a whole, all children of the Creators, "For sake of security, any shadow citizen must, for the first year of citizenry, have a sponsor, who will help them to acclimate, and be our eyes upon them all at once. They will serve their year of militia service six months after acceptance, and once complete, no further discrimination shall be afforded them." A faint pause, "Ah, all shadows must have a physical form at all times. We can't have the citizenship floating about." A nervous sort of laugh rises from the image. Clearly, feelings are mixed at best.

Rainer gestures at the King, as the ongoing explanation spells out the answer to Angus' question... more or less. "If you've ever wanted your very own pet Shadow, I guess this is your chance."

Angus flashes him a quick smile. "I would but then sounds like to much work really."

A hand goes up immediately, followed by the rest of a wealthy looking individual, "What of the 'malaise', your majesty. If we permit shadows to immigrate in great numbers, don't we invite the poor health and well being of the city?"

"Mm, I hadn't thought of that." Rainer murmurs with a nod towards the rich folk now standing amidst the seated masses.

Angus nods and turns to Rainer once again. "Still it would be a little intresting to see friendly shadows for once."

"I am assured," speaks the king, "That the effect of the 'malaise', is proportional to the number of shadows, and the number of others. The numbers that approach us are less than a hundred. Placed alongside the population of the city, there isn't enough of them to cause discomfort on my people."

Rainer puts up his hands in a shrug, then folds his arms behind his head, propping himself up off the wall. "You know this stupid job is going to end up falling to us, though. Who better than the ... gifted or whatever we're calling ourselves now... to babysit the shadows."

Angus yawns slightly and trys not to laugh. "Would you rather be fighting them instead?"

"Council," says the Good King, "Deliberate on this subject, but we are not voting today. The Blackbacks are still conducting vital, related, research, and I would not have us settle the affair until then. In the meanwhile, shadows seeking entry will be allowed to stay at the gate inn, outside the city."

"Yes, actually." the wolf grunts, pursing his lips in a thin line. Rainer gives his head a shake, "It'd be simpler if they were all good or all bad. At least then, either way, it'd be clear cut. Hm." He considers the King's announcement a while, giving his head a bit of a shake in the end and directing his gaze to the floor.

Angus sighs. "If you haven't noticed Rainer nothing seems to be simple anymore." Looking back at the king he shakes his head once again. "Even if it was that simple I don't think you would get that clear cut that your looking for."

The tension of the room starts to decrease as the matter is closed for the time, and other, less controversial, matters come up. He stole my chicken, she didn't pay for her food, and when are we getting that new park on the northeast side?

Rainer touches a hand to his forehead as the discussion descends rapidly into trivial matters. "...Whatever." And with that he pushes away from the wall, draws his hood up around his face, and makes for the exit. "Why don't you go ask Sally if she thinks it's a good idea to post a couple of us to the Gate Inn. Just in case."