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Arm in arm with her dearest, Cassidy leads the way towards the barracks and, in particular, a rather large portion of the training grounds that had been set aside for the pair. Devoid of other beings, and instead hosting several target dummies and figures set up and spread out. "I hope you don't mind something a little... Different today, love." She lets her arms drop for a moment, smoothing down the elegant black and red dress she was wearing over her white rosette-spotted black fur. Seems she had done it after all!

Certainly intruiged, but not wanting to spoil the surprise earlier, Natska looks around curiously. She gives her love's arm a small squeeze before Cass moves away, and smiles happily as her tail swishes back and forth, intruiged. "I am still dazed by just how stunning you look, dearest," she says. "But... this is the training grounds?" she asks, head tilting a little.

Cassidy grins a little, tail swaying behind her. "I'm glad you like it! I like it, too... I might have to stay like this for a while. It's... Quite exotic, certainly! And not very hard to maintain at all!" She drums her fingers on her grimoire for a moment before nodding. "And yes. Training grounds. It's something we had mentioned before, but... Well! We spoke of your ice magic possibly being a wonderful combination with my fire magic! And someday we may end up having to fight something a bit more dangerous than disorganized bandits. I figured... It would be good if we got in some practice and had a strategy in advance, you know? That way we won't get caught in a bad situation we're not prepared for."

Natska perks her ears, then grins and laughs. "Oh! Well, that certainly sounds reasonable. And doable." Her tail flicks, and the jaguar takes a moment to adjust her pendant. "Mmmm... I still haven't gone through my collection of spells, either, love. I've been too busy catching back up with things here; you'll have to help me with that at some point."

Cassidy laughs quietly at that and leans against Natska, sliding an arm around her to give her a little hug. "I can gladly help you with that sometime, yes! Even if we don't get much -actual- practice in, we can theorize and plot it! And it'll give us a good idea of where to start experimenting with spells, I think."

With a soft murr, Natska puts her arms around Cass and returns the quick hug. "Excellent. Well, then, where should we start theorizing and coordination, dearest?"

Cassidy closes her eyes, running a scenario through in her head before pointing at the targets in the back. "Let's say we're fighting a group. The enemy happens to have magicians or archers in the back, and close quarters fighters up front. Presuming our allies can deal with the close combat fighters, and if not, we both know we're good at swordplay, we should focus down the ones in the back. For our own safety, and that of our allies. They -may- likely be trying to do the same. I don't think either of us has really had much experience going head to head against other magicians in actual combat, have we? So. What do you propose we do in such a situation?"

Natska ponders that, her ears perked. "Mmmph," she says after a moment. "I have to admit I have not had to deal with that sort of a situation. Usually it is some feral animals trying to catch me, or a small group of bandits or Lost or something" Natska crosses one arm across her chest, then taps at her chin as she ponders, ears perked. "My first instinct would be to hammer on them. Maybe drop a painful storm of falling ice, to distract them and maybe get a couple, and then follow it with the waves of fire."

Cassidy folds her arms and mulls over the words, nodding. "I see! For the purpose of this exercise, imagine that we are fighting trained, military combatants, yes. Like we said, it's not something we have experience with fighting. And of all the things we could be caught unaware by, a trained fighting force shouldn't be one of them. That's dangerous, needless to say. A sudden storm could do the trick, but I was thinking... Maybe our first step should be to try to impair their line of sight so they cannot return fire against us." She taps at her chin for a moment. "Perhaps... Could you conjure up fog around them? Thick enough that they couldn't see through. If you could do that, then we could then follow up with a bit of offensive magic."

Natska thinks about that for a few moments, her ear flicking as she runs over her mental inventory of prepared math. "Certainly! I don't have anything ready to go on a moment's notice, but a little fog shouldn't be hard at all." The jaguar nods slowly. "I could even do a good, heavy blizzard. With wind and snow, it would be hard to see. It would also be hard to see in, though."

Cassidy considers that for a moment before nodding. "You could! Though also keep in mind how much energy you're expending. We may have to be able to keep pressure up for a considerable amount of time. In s uch cases, we must strive to be as effective as possible while also being as efficient as possible, you know? If we go all out on the first things we see, we could end up in trouble later!" She shrugs, and flicks her ears. "So, do what is also easiest on you! And can be done quickly. Remember, it's meant to be a... Preliminary sort of thing. We shut down their ability to retalliate, then we can take them out. Now then. What if we have to contend with the close combatants? How would you propose we deal with a small group closing in on us? Especially if we're not in a position to gain some distance."

"Mmph. Point. I would be sorely tempted to hammer whatever first threat I found with as heavy a blow as I could land, until they were no longer a threat, and keep going until I was worn out. Which works just fine for the sort of limited patrols we take, but wouldn't do at all in a prolonged battle." Natska thinks, tapping at her chin. "Well. I would say that the best respone to being charged would be to make it harder to reach us. I deal with that one all the time; slow the people pursuing you, and use some air math to move away faster than they can catch you."

Cassidy flashes a warm grin and nods. "Yes, that is strategic thinking! Remember, I'll be at your side the whole time! With the two of us putting our focus to something, they would be hard pressed to reach us, I think. I could probably create walls of fire to cover our retreat, as well! Or just outright put them on fire, once you have slowed them down. It'd be very efficient to do so. Now... Imagine if we walk into an ambush. How would you think we should proceed?"

Natska grins, at that, her ears perked. "MMmmm. First priority would be getting out of the bad position, I imagine," she starts, raising her eyebrows at Cassidy. "Probably something to cover a fall back, or to at least provide us some protection while we group?"

Cassidy giggles softly and shrugs. "Well. In a manner of speaking... Yes. It really depends on the ambush, though. In some cases, we may need to stay and hold our ground. In which case... We'll need to find a way to deal up close assault with a spread, most likely. So if you have anything that that can be deployed -quickly-, which would be the key... That should be what we use, yes! And depending on what it is that you have, we can find a way to make our talents work together on that."

Natska makes a small noise, her ears tipping back. "Mmmmm. None of my water maths are particularly -fast-. It's doable, but it's not as eager as fire." She grins. "I've done the spray of ice enough times that I can run through that one fairly quickly, though. And," she pauses, tapping her pendant, "when I am using my Witching gem, I am good enough with fire to still pull off a few fast maths with that element."

Cassidy hums in thought for a moment before smiling. "Well. You're good at wind magic, too, aren't you? We could probably combine efforts to throw our ambushers off their feet without too much preparation, you know! We don't need a specific spell to perform wonderful things! Just application of the math itself. Air is quick to control, and powerful on its own. If we were both working together on that, I'm sure not many would be able to keep footed against us! That would buy us time to move out, yes. Or at least to knock them over to follow up with a more dangerous spell."

Natska giggles, then nods her head. "Yes. A quick gust of wind is easy enough to do. I am not sure how effective it would be, but it would be simple!"

Cassidy chuckles quietly and nods. "You'd be surprised! I think... I think it was before I met you, but there were riots in the streets, once! There was a protestor group, peaceful at first. But then there was someone hired to sit in the city-crowd to purposefully stir up trouble. And when things got ugly, I managed to create a wind gust big enough to knock the whole crowd over! So it's -definitely- possible! Especially so if the two of us were to do it together. It'd certainly throw people around."

Natska quietly whistles at that, then grins. "I've seen you do some pretty incredible things at the spur of the moment, love. And goodness, your years in the army really show when we get to things like this. I am happy you'll be at my side to help keep me from being caught out."

Cassidy shrugs a little and looks down at herself. "Well. When you're a noble, you start out as an officer. And I started young, and was hardly in any kind of position to actually be -leading- something, you know? So they taught me how -to- lead. I'm not really built for front line fighting. But I'm good at strategy! I know how to utilize a team's individual strengths to achieve great things! And I'm very glad to have you at my side, too, let me tell you! It'll be nice to have someone competent and skilled watching my back! And besides, there are... Other reasons for it, too," she says with a little smile. "When we're together on the battlefield, we can watch and support one another better than if we don't get separated. I would imagine you don't want to see me hurt! And I certainly don't want to see -you- hurt. But by sticking together and playing on each other's strengths and weaknesses, we can work together to prevent any misfortunate from befalling the other."

Natska steps up next to Cassidy and reaches over, putting a hand on her love's shoudler. She smiles, and gives her a little squeeze. "Yes. You can bet that I will never doubt you, and will gladly count on you at my side if we're in the thick of things. And that I would worry about you if something happened and we were separated in the field, but I would still trust you to come through it to find me again, just as I would make sure I survived to find you."

Cassidy giggles again and leans against Natska, hugging her around the waist again. "I imagine for most of our assignments not much will change, because we're both pretty strong on our own! But in the event we ever end up against a -competent- fighting force... Well. Then we'll have to make sure to play it safe and use team work. If we're back to back, we can cover everything, after all!" She says with a grin. "And we've got ideas, now. In the future, we can start with actual -application- once we've started making up your own spell tome!"

Natska smiles wider and wraps her arms around her love, giving her a squeeze. Then she nods. "Yes! We can. Some application, some practice, and we will go from being two strong and talented ladies to an unstoppable team!" She gives Cass a small nuzzle. "And now what, dearest?"

Cassidy turns her eyes up to the sky and stifles a little yawn. "Hm... An unstoppable team indeed... As for what next... Well. We could go back to the manor and have a dinner, if you'd like? Or if you'd rather go to the Freesword's, we could do that too! Depends on how public you're feeling tonight!"

Natska considers that for a moment, then offers Cassidy her arm. "I do kind of feel like showing off, dearest... you are absolutely dazzling today." She leans in to give Cass a kiss on the cheek. "But if you want to keep it quiet and stay home I am fine with that as well."

Cassidy flashes a grin and loops her arm in Natska's, grinning. "Well! Public is fine with me tonight, dear! Wherever we go, though, needs to have food. I'm hungry!" She gives the jaguar a little squeeze before flicking her tail. "So lead on! Wherever you wish to take me tonight!"