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A dapper looking fox has set up shop on a portable stage. In front of him on an ornate pedestal is a glass box is a book. He's tapping it with a long stick as he talks excitedly about it, "Just think of what wonders lurk within!" he calls to the largely apathetic dock crowd, "And the riddle to opening it lies with you. 'Within the breast of those who call sea home, likes the key to this knowledge forgotten', he quotes, circling the pedestal, "Surely someone would like to step forward and solve this riddle."

Hearing the vulpine, Monique is attracted to the 'show', keeping her mouth shut for now and just hovering around in the crowd, trying to avoid showing interest, which is likely failing because she both IS showing interest and is poor at hiding such things.

Bite slithers up to the salesman to see what all the commotion at the dock is, looking at it curiously. "And what makes you so certain it contains anything of value? Where did you get it?" Bite barrels the questions into him immediately. "And can you demonstrate such an act yourself or are you just guessing?"

Kilsa looks up from a daze while roaming around the docks, noticing the Fox, she moves closer to see what all the fuss is about. She thinks over his riddle for a moment. "hmmm Within the breast of those who call the sea home." Is a little confused up cannot come up with anything beside throwing book in the sea.

Glancing curiously at the commotion near stage, Tine turns his head towards the stage in a sharp, jerking movement. He remains impassive otherwise, remaining near the edge of the crowd.

He lifts his shoulders, "If I could open this wondrous vessel." He slaps it with the stick, making a solid 'tink', not sounding hollowed out at all, "I would already be enjoying its treasures. But, as you can see, it does not open." He looks towards Monique, gesturing her closer, "You there, the lady with the pretty smile, Surely you have an idea?"

Eyes widening a little, Monique shakes her head, "'m not a sailor." she replies, gesturing to the mark on her leather armor and her weapons.

Kilsa raises an eyebrow and smiles, "Hey! Hey!" She waves over the crowd and shouts, "Maybe it takes a member of the Water Folk to open the box?" She moves through the crowd slowly and stands closer in case she is right. "I mean those folk are the closest to the sea, right?" She looks a little unsure.

Bite knows she is no sailor, but is still curious about what this book could possibly contain information wise. Of course letting a salesman know about her wealth, and her interest would be a bad thing. "May we attempt to open it before we accept your word as true?" she hisses, inspecting the book again. "It certainly doesn't look very valuable."

"Quite possible," agrees the salesfox, gesturing at his pin of the Graceful Folk, "Which rules me out." He looks towards Bite then, "If you want a chance, you can have it," He bows backwards, gesturing at the glass case, "I've tried the most direct approaches. It looks like glass, but doesn't act like it at all."

Monique turns to spot Kilsa and Bite, giving a wave to the pair and padding over to join them in their examination of the object, "Have you tried smashing it open?" she asks honestly.

Kilsa smiles, "I'm sure he has. Violence is often the most direct way." Kilsa looks to bite, "I have another ideal, My mage friend could you cast a water spell on the box if just opening it doesn't work?" She smiles loving the ideal of a tough riddle. "I want to see if we can puzzle this out."

Bite waves back as she thinks hard. She examines the entirety of the book, looking for any clues that might aid in unlocking its secrets. She thinks for a second and blinks, and then casts a water spell for aid in underwater breathing.

The cast glows a soft blue at the spell, sparkling just faintly before it starts to fade away. "Well, that was interesting. I think you may be onto something," he agrees, bobbing his head excitedly, "Come come, put your heads together and we can all benefit."

Monique chuckles, "I know this trick, I can do with ice... I could try that?" she offers, peeking at the glass-looking box with a critical eye.

Bite breathes onto the book and then attempts to pry its cover open, because of course the riddle might be refering to something that comes from the lungs. She continues fiddling with it in an attempt to open the book.

Kilsa smirks and realizes that she is kinda useless with only a few faint earth spells. "Maybe a small bit of water on the book before casting the spell might do it." She shrugs realizing that the forgotten knowledge is probably going to be something either only a mage or a water folk will understand.

The blue glow shifts to a more bright cyan like hue, returning more sparkly than before. The case rattles in place lightly before calming down, the glow starting to ebb off. "That's new," speaks the fox, "By the Creators, it's like we're dancing on the edge of it."

Monique tries to let loose just a little of her own 'little trick'. Aiming mostly for the sky, she lets only the barest edge of her 'spell' touch the casing. Small ice fragments ping against it, the rest flying high into the sky only to add to the moisture content of the day.

Bite hisses and casts the spell again, a stronger version this time before trying to force her breath into the book's casing. She finishes off by blowing on it and awaits results, her focus completely on opening this book.

Kilsa grumbles and notices that the colors change.She is still curious regardless if the reward is in her favor or not. "I'm thinking the colors have something to do with the type of magic used on it. I wonder.... Where did you find this book." She inquires to the fox.

Moving slowly closer towards the stage, Tine focuses on actions surrounding the case. His feather ruffle slightly as he halts, only a few meters away from the stage.

The case rattles and sparkles brightly, but doesn't proceed. Something... is missing. "There must be another step," says the fox with a frown, "Maybe water?" He pulls out a flask and splashes it on it, and the color darkens to deep navy blue, but does little more, hm.

Monique is at a loss, her normal approach to things of late has been to hit them and keep hitting them until they aren't a problem any more, "I am stumped..." she says, voicing her feelings.

Kilsa growls, "I've got a radical suggestion, bite? Give a drop of blood. Monique and bite then hit it will all the magic you can while I pour a little bit of water on it. Anyone game?" She smiles and opens a flask of water attached to her belt.

Bite thinks hard to herself and giggles. She takes both Kilsa's suggestion, and begins to provide a guiding wind, attempting to provide an ocean breeze. It's not too far a stretch. Now blood... thats an interesting solution. She looks to Kilsa curiously, wondering where she intends to get said blood.

Tine moves closer and says softly "I hope you have thought this through. The book was probably sealed for a reason. Nevertheless I find myself curious..." He moves his hand in a series of movements and mutters something under his breath. His hand flickers slight before blood begins pooling in his cupped palm. "Will this do?" He asks.

The fox looks a bit surprised as blood is produced, "Well, I suppose, we should try it all at once?" he says, "Water, blood, spell, breath?" he ventures, not entirely sure, but hey, throw enough things at it!

Tilting her head, Monique tries again, letting loose with her weak little cantrip, a few shards of ice striking the casing while most fly off into the sky.

Kilsa explains her reasons before handing Bite a small needle from her armor. "Blood of a Water folk, A water spell to go with the riddle and breath is just bites good ideal. Ice is another form of water Monique will hopefully supply." She smiles and stands back allowing her friends to make an attempt.

Bite takes the needle and pricks herself on the finger, applying it to the cover before reworking all of her previous spells. She hisses as she applies the spell again and breathes onto the book, bringing in the ocean air and blowing on it at the same time.

Upending his hand on the casing, Tine focuses, blood spilling from his palm. He shuts his fist after a few seconds and the flow of blood slows.Tine says "Some more blood. Now let's see what happens." as the blood spatters down onto the casing.

It's quite a mess really, but then the fox splashes water across the top of it. The case begins to shake quite violently then, hopping right off the pedastal. It strikes a cobble stone and shatters to dust, leaving the book laying on a small pile of the debris. The fox is after it in an instant, "It's free!" he gasps in delight.

Exclaiming, Monique is left murmuring softly under her breath, a mantra or a prayer, it's unsure which, but the excitable girl seems to calm down after the flurry of activity.

Kilsa smiles happily at the pleased fox. "I see he is happy but what about your reward?" She asks both Monique and Bite, "Don't let him get head of himself and not reward your hard work." She watches walk to the fox and leans over him. "So whats in the book?"

Bite edges in on the salesman and inspects the book. "After shedding my blood for it, I believe i'm entitled to see the contents, wouldn't you agree sssweetheart? You've been a wonderful barker." she hisses and smiles sweetly at the fox, watching him hold the book.

Tine frowns slightly but he cannot supress his exitement. He flexes his clawed hands and his feathers stand on end amking him appear slightly larger. Glancing at Bite he murmurs "I spilt my blood also. I wish to see this also." He says turning to the fox.

He looks between the three of them, "Ah, yes, of course. I wouldn't dream of denying you," And losing limbs to what are clearly potentially dangerous people. He moves back up onto the stage and sets the book on the now cleared pedestal, opening it in view of the others. A frown, "What language is this?" he says with growing displeasure.

Looking up, her nerves apparently calmed, Monique asks, "It's not legible?" she seems intrigued, what other purpose to writing other than making something to be read?

Bite looks over the illegible text and smiles. "Well if it's useless to you then maybe I can buy it off of you for two hundred crowns sssweetie?" she hisses, looking over the book. "I'm sure it would look nice on a bookshelf taking up space." she giggles, secretly trying to interperate anything she can from the book.

Frowning slightly Tine says "It could be a further enchantment rendering it illegible. I have heard of such a spells. Or of course it could be a dialect that none of us know." He sighs and mutters unhappily.

He raises shaggy brows, "Two hundred? I think the university might offer more than that." A quick glance across the three, "Tell you what. You helped me get it open, we could split it. Half for me, for acquiring the book, half to split amongst you, for getting it open. It's a fair deal," he proposes with a flash of white teeth. "They'll figure out whatever's in there. They're filled with scholars, what they do."

Shrugging and nodding, Monique figures some money for doing next to nothing is always good, "Sure." she says, nodding to the fox happily.

Kilsa smiles, "You never told us where you found the book." She says sweetly, "I love a good treasure trove." She reaches down and pats the fox, "Might be more books." She moves so close that there muzzles are only inches apart. "Sooo please tell."

Bite looks between them all and winces, knowing she's getting a raw deal on this. "Fine." she hisses and slithers to Kilsa. "You were really helpful with this task sssweetheart." she says to her and then smiles brightly at the salesman. "Oh yes where did you get this book?"

Tine considers the deal then says "I think little of this deal although that depends on how hard this book was to get. After all without our help it would be worthless to you. And where did you hear or find out about that riddle?" His feather are slightly puffed up slightly as he watches the fox.

Eep! The fox bounces back half a step, "My lifebond would take exception, madame, please." He makes a hat tip motion, "As for where, that's my business, but there's no more books there, or I would have sold them already, but I was certain that if I just asked, the good people of Firmament would figure it out, this one that is. Marvelous city, is it not?" he asks jovially, "Let's not tarry. Your reward awaits our successful sale."

Blinking at the badger's show, Monique makes to walk with the fox, "Any future expeditions?" she asks, "I am still doing a bit of training with this new soul crystal, but I can swing a sword and pull my weight." she adds conversationally.

Bite tilts her head and nods to the fox, respecting their guardedness as a sign that they're onto something and she'll have to pay them a visit sometime. "So how much do you estmate you'll get?"

Tine sighs and says "That is a very good question. For an illegible book how many crowns could we expect?" He moves to stand behind the fox, his feathers settling slowly. He seems somewhat unhappy.

And so the crowd moves towards the academy, "That is up to them, but I will try to talk them up. It's clearly no ordinary book, considering its origins," pause. he loops back, grabs up some of the 'glass' dust and puts it in a bag to hurry along with, "This will help convince them."

Nodding, Monique keeps to the fox's side, ambling amiably, truly, she is just glad to have some company and some time to explore the city some more.

Kilsa smiles at the ideal of trying to talk up the Kings people. "I'm hoping they pay out the nose. I've been away from the bar too long and I'm sure the kids could use a another party. Its been pretty boring at the church for them."

Bite has slyly collected what glass dust remained from the book using her tail before heading off with the group and pouching iti ini a spare money pouch. Magical glass could prove an interesting weapon or material for something in the future, she had better hang onto this. "I'm sure they'll pay well enough that we'll all get a decent amount sssweetheart.

Frowning Tine says "If they pay out the nose then I'd be worried that there's an assassin around the next corner who's been paid to kill us.But then I'm a bit paranoid." He moves to follow the fox, his feathers fully settled against his body.

At the mention of assassins and being attacked, Monique can't help but give a little giggle, the girl struggling with her inner excitement at the prospect, knowing now the tool it can be, the sword that cuts both ways.

The book is well received by the scholars, though a little dubious at first. It seems the language is identified when an expert on the matter is called in. 'Old Creator', she announces, 'No one uses this anymore.' Some hub bub rises, and the book is swiftly purchased.