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There's a small merchant vessel in the docks, mostly in for a re-caulking, but the upper deck needs to be replaced in its entirety. So, Cirra's company got the job, and right now a handful of Beings are working on removing the old deck while three more operate a scaffold to apply sealing pitch to the hull. Cirra watches from her window in the smith's shop, preferring to keep as much work in house as possible. there's no call for nails at the moment, so she's taking a break to oversee.

An unfamiliar sight walks in. A male fox, definitely of a Solacious heritage, and well-decorated with medals and carrying a sword at his hip. His face, obscured by an ivory mask in a vulpine shape, he seems to be steadfast in his stride, moving straight for Cirra's location.

"Miss Stormborn? A moment of your time, please."

Cirra blinks, ducking down to grab her chalkboard, eyeing the masked figure curiously. It's very unusual for Beings to wear masks, as most of them have facial structures or body features that make them identifiable beyond what the mask obscures. She writes quickly [How may I help you?] she is rather pleased to have been recognized, though she's not sure she has ever introduced herself to this person, or how they knew she was the person by that name.

"I just need to ask you a few questions, miss. If you would follow me to the guard-post?" he offers, smiling lightly. "I am sure you understand," he adds, smiling lightly underneath that mask.

"We won't be long, although if you have urgent matters to attend to, I can try again at a later time."

Cirra nods, ducking her head and moving to follow him. [Not busy at the moment.] She wirtes, then erases and writes [Can you understand sign? Faster for me.] She signals to the foreman that she is headed to the guardhouse to answer questions, gives him that she should be back the next dayif not by the end of the evening. The bulky otter nods and gets back to work as Cirra makes to follow the Solacious man.

"You will find that I am fluent in many languages," the fox offers with a smile, as he guides Cirra through the city, and towards the nearest guard-post. A quick walk up the stairs, and she's ushered into a small office. Gone is the quiet silence of Sweetwater, and in comes the sound of a ruckus outside. And gone is the Fox. Instead, a hawk with the same equipment follows her in. The same medals on his chest, and the same tell-tale signs of ranks, but with a very different, and unfamiliar House-sign. "Welcome back to Fairlanding, miss Stormborn. I feel you may have been left with some questions last time, so now would be the time to ask them... Although I reserve the right to refuse an answer, of course," The Player adds.

Cirra pauses, hands going to her spells to prepare for defense, surprised by the Player's sudden attention to her. <You.> she signs, pointedly. <How did you know my name? And where did you take me last time? Where are you taking me this time?> She looks over herself, checking to see if she's still who she was or if she's her Player-designed characer, looking specifically for hte mark of Hephestia on her caudal fin and the torc at the base of said fin.

"I know a great many things. Surely, you must have bigger questions," the fox offers. "You are still you. Although she cannot reach you here," he offers with a nod to Hephestia's mark. "As of right now, you are invisible to the world, and the door is locked, but if you wish to leave, you may do so at any time," he adds. "Marsh is still out there, with Bari, waiting for our next session, which will pick up where we left off. But for now, I imagine you have other questions about this world."

<Multitudes.> The shark signs, nodding. <First off, my business does not exist in this world, yet it is a significant feature of the Sweetwater Port. The Freeswords Guild is missing. Where are the Soulless in this world? did they just not happen?> The shark blinks. <And how can I talk when I'm Marsh? Does that mean if I got a second figurine with different soul gems attached to it I could play a different character? And I'm rather surprised but if the characters are base on the soul gems, that would be a good way to prevent skill metagaming. Can't play a character who knows what you don't...> Yeah, she's pretty talkative when she can sign.

"Should you require a new character due to unforseen circumstances, we can craft one. For now, you are limited to a single character per campaign. Perhaps if you were to become one of my Players, that may change, but for the time being," the fox offers, as he gestures out the window. "We Spirits, Outsiders to your world, as you call us, can do a great many things. And are you not talking to me now? Does it make a difference, whether you're talking through a slate, your hands, or Marsh's voice?"

"Which buildings are you missing in the city? You've already named two. There is another, important one missing," he offers, as he gestures towards the castle district.

Finally, he offers Cirra a sheet of paper, Marsh's character-sheet.

<I lost my voice at the same time I lost my best friend in Cliffside. It does matter, as I haven't been able to speak for years.> cirra frowns. <I can't be the caller of two Spirits, right? I definitely have no reason to renounce Hephestia, as you're probably aware.> She frowns some more as she recognizes the building, barely. <Never really knew that family, to be honest. My own works have kept me away from the squabbles of royalty and nobility.> She looks over at her character sheet. <So soulless do exist in this world of yours. When does this take place, anyways?>

"Before the current day in your own world. It doesn't matter much. What does matter, is that while the soulless exist in this world, soul-gems do not. And as a result, the Soulless, not Gifted, are dead in the water. Easy prey for the Shades, and often, considered a burden and an ill omen. Not many decide to raise a child born Soulless in this world, I'm afraid. Fewer still are like Marsh's parents, truly concerned for the child's well-being."

"As for your character's ability to speak. If you can imagine an ability, it can be so. Although one who's never spoken might have more trouble with it than one who's lost their voice,"

Cirra nods. <Hopefully it's not out of character for me to be fiercely protective of said sister.> Cirra does have strong feelings on the soulless matter. <That is an interesting twist, though. Would Marsh be able to grow to better protect her sister and other Soulless?> She pauses. <You didn't answer one of my questions from before, but I suspect that's one of those questions you reserve the right to not answer.>

"Do you believe it to be in-character for Marsh to protect her younger sister, defenseless as the latter is? Or to stand up for their rights, with the shades encircling Fairlanding? That is for you to decide, is it not?"

"As for pledging yourself to me, not right now. You would have to complete this campaign successfully, first, for one... For another, you will find that a second spirit will be -much- more demanding of you than your first."

"If, however, you are serious about this, I am willing to consider you, later."

<Thought so. Just was curious since you brought it up earlier, yes?> Cirra chuckles a bit. <So, why did you bring me here today, if not to continue the campaign?> Cirra nods a bit. She would be the type to foolishly protect such a younger sibling even one as defenseless as Marsh's sister. <Also, no one has yet made a pact with you, have they? There are a few interested, from what I've heard. If I choose to not become a caller later, would it still be okay for me to join in your stories? I like to collect stories, even if I'm terrible at telling them.>

"All are welcome at the table, so long as they are dedicated to their characters," the Spirit explains, a smile on his beak as he moves around the room. "You had questions about the campaign and the world. I would prefer clearing those up before our next game, which will include both you and mister Lysander," he offers. "Since none have yet finished a campaign, I have no callers in your world."

<I would like to have a spell list, so I can at least be more prepared for my adventuring. My style of hearth magician seems to be very different from my character. So I just want to know what I am capable of so I don't try to turn the tide of battle when the best I can do is some basic earthen shields.> Cirra nods. <Not to mention, I know I don't have the leviathan's tooth as Marsh. Even if people fought the leviathan in your world, I doubt they'd keep such trinkets.> She smirks a bit. <Is there anything else about my character I should know about before my next session? I know about the sister now, but I want to make sure I'm not muddying her motivations with what I'd do instead of what she'd do.>

"Her motivations are whatever you wish them to be, so long as they are consistent. Should you wish to make some alterations to the character, write them down on the sheet, and I will see to it that they are reviewed. As for a spell-list, it will be taken care of," he offers with a smile on his lips. "As of right now, your characters, all of them, are at a basic level. Anything else you will need to get into your role?"

<I think that's it for the role, though I would like to know if I have any contacts outside of my family.> Cirra nods a bit. <I do appreciate you talking to me outside of the game to improve my experience, though. Would I be able to sit in on campaigns that I am not in?>

"If you have ideas, write them down. I will see what I can do for you," the hawk offers with a click of his beak, before looking out the window for a moment. "I may allow observers, but that will be on a case-by-case basis. For now, you will be a part of your world's first Campaign. But a game is, principially, between me and my players."

<Was thinking Marsh should have a teacher, and possibly someone she's fawning over. Probably a couple people at the market, though unlikely they would help, but they are people she knows and can talk to.> Cirra writes these down. <Can't think of much more. And that's a shame, but I can understand the rules. I just like listening to the tales people tell.>

"Some stories are not for everyone to know. It would not do the greater tale much good if I told you what mister Lysander's character's motivations are, would it now?" the fox-turned-hawk offers with a smile. "Keep the sheet, make adjustments. They will be reviewed," he adds, before gesturing at the door. "Like I said. The door is locked, but you are free to head back home any time you'd like."

Cirra nods, though is internally pouting a bit. <That is a rather odd way of putting it. But, that does beg the question: what were you wanting me to do after you answered my questions, since my current campaign cannot be continued without Mister Lysander?> She tilts her head a bit.

"Continue with your life until your next summons. You will know when it comes," the bird offers, looking out the window. "I will be hosting a session for mister Solacious first, I think. Do not worry about it. I host a great many tables, so your time will come when your time comes," he adds, as he looks out over the many fires and the riots in the city below.

Cirra nods. <Then I will take my leave. By what title would you have me refer to you, in the future?> She makes for the door, preparing to open it.

"Whichever title is appropriate in-character, miss Stormborn. Whether I am a Solacious, a Lightfeather, or any other being," the hawk offers, swapping his mask back to vulpine. The door, most definitely still locked, offers no resistance, and soon, Cirra is greeted with the sights of the more familiar Solacious beings and other guards milling about in the tower... "Have a pleasant day, miss Stormborn. I think we have all we need from you, for the time being."

Cirra blinks a little, clearing her head. Yeah. Being in the Player's world is weird. Definitely something different. She sighs, and begins making her way back to the shipyards, shaking her head. <Goodbye, Mr. Solacious.>