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Fenris is at work. Well, at his job. One of his jobs. And it is not so much work as a hobby. But a hobby for work. The tiger is standing in front of a full length mirror in a small, sequestered part of the underground Spyguard Enclave, practicing a particular skill. Right now he is standing, stripped to the waist, crafting a very specific map of scars and markings in his currently jaguar-spotted fur. His kind of skill with his Kitsune powers are apparently rare, and the spymaster certainly puts him through his paces. Mostly where no one else can see, of course.

In walks a rather lavishly dressed Solacious. A mask made from ivory and silver, a sword at his side, and a smile just barely hidden below the mask, as he moves with purpose. He's a well-decorated fox, that much is certain, and he knows exactly where he's going, by the looks of things. "If you would follow me, please, Mister Fenris? I believe it is time for your performance-review," the fox offers, shaking his head lightly. "And please, don a shirt."

Fenris has a long, metal needle in his hand almost before the door opens, and his jaguar spots are already stretching and morphing back to his unusual pattern of stripes when the masked fox enters. "Performance, review?" he asks, raising an eyebrow and examining the other being's mask and fine clothing, along with the plethora of military decorations. "Did Sirus approve this?" he asks suspiciously, "No one else is supposed to interrupt me here." The big tiger, returned to his normal appearance reaches for his long coat, wondering what this intrusion could mean.

"Performance-review. You heard me. Chop chop," the fox offers, his tail swaying behind him as he gestures for Fenris to follow. "Unless, of course, you prefer a failed review?" the fox offers with a smile, as he holds the door open for Fenris to follow. "We won't be long, you can get back to your... Exercises in a bit."

Fenris belts on his coat, stowing the odd weapon that came so easily to his hand, and follows the mysterious fox. He looks over his guide, "I am not sure I recognize you," he says, "I did not realize that the mask fad had moved beyond Lady Cassidy."

"Is that not the mark of a proper Spyguard?" the fox offers with a smile, as he guides Fenris up the stairs, and into a small office overseeing the city... Which is most definitely on fire in several places. And the fox is gone. Instead, there's a hawk with the same sort of medals and equipment standing behind him. "Now, about your performance during the Fairlanding riots."

Fenris blinks stupidly for a second, looking over a city that is simultaneously familiar and foreign.

"Ah," he finally says, turning to face the fox turned hawk, "You could have just said." Things suddenly make a lot more sense now. He turns again to look over the burning city. "I guess I wasn't especially helpful, huh?" the tiger frowns out the window, "Is this place real? Or is it just in my- or maybe your, head?"

"It is as real as Bohmer, yourself, or myself. It is as real as the Brightfeather and the Solacious," the hawk offers, as he looks out over the city. "This is a social call. Hopefully the only one. I do -detest- breaking character," the hawk offers, as he looks out over the city.

"A fine city, now in turmoil, all due to the actions of a very small group of people. And Bohmer is stuck in the middle. Have you given his motivations any thoughts?"

Fenris looks out over the city in silence for a minute without replying. "Bohmer is afraid," he finally says, "It is not very good as far as motivation goes, but that is sort of Bohmer's wheelhouse." He looks back over his shoulder at the Spirit that has brought him here. "I have not been afraid for a very long time," he admits, "Not like Bohmer. He is afraid of change. Afraid of losing the tiny little comfortable life he has scraped out for himself." The tiger smiles at the hawk.

"Good. And what is he going to do to keep that little bit of comfortable life? Or to enrich it?" the hawk offers. "I feel you felt it hard to see how to get him more involved. Am I correct?" the hawk offers with a smile, before procuring Bohmer's character-sheet, and smiling lightly. "Feel free to make small adjustments. They will be reviewed at the start of your next session."

"Yes. . . " Fenris says, looking at the sheet that the Spirit has revealed. The tiger produces a little wooden figurine of a hefty hippo being. He frowns at the hippo in his hand. "The thing is," he says, "He seems like something of a coward. He does not want to get involved. He wants to be left alone. . ." The tiger frowns as he looks over the no-doubt magical sheet of paper. "He works for the crown, right?" the tiger asks, trying to make sense of his character's sheet.

"He works for the Crown. Not directly, of course, but he certainly works for the crown. And he will have to pick a side, eventually," the Player offers with a faint smile, another gesture out the window. "Already, the flames are encroaching on his house. What will he do once they reach him? Will he choose his employer? Will he choose to leave everything he has left behind for greener pastures? Or will he seek some other fate, yet unconsidered? His actions may prove pivotal in this whole debacle... The question is, will they?"

Fenris turns back to the window, looking out toward the maritime district where he knows Bohmer's tiny little house stands. "Tell me about the Great King," he says, thinking, "Is he worth fighting for? Has he taken care of Bohmer? What is the King to his people?" The tiger looks beyond the city to where Shanty Town stands in his world.

"King Great, as you may recall, has died. In his life, he was much like your own. Foolhardy, proud, but with genuine concern for his nation. However, defeat after defeat against the Shades does not bode well for morale, especially that of those at the top."

"Surely, you can imagine the kinds of actions of a ruler desperate to save his country and himself from certain doom," the hawk offers. "Still, for any major battle after the fall of Grassy Knoll, the King was present, rallying his troops, and ultimately, ensuring that what remains could retreat in relative safety."

"His death, of course, sent shockwaves through the nation, and left a void to be filled. And with defeat after defeat, the country is divided."

A lookalike to shanty town certainly exists, and is most definitely more on fire than the rest of the city...

Fenris contemplates. "Bohmer is selfish," he finally says, "He will follow whoever offers him a safe way out. He likes where he is, but he is more afraid of the instability of Fairlanding than of losing what little he has." The tiger runs his fingers through the thick ruff of fur on his chest. "Losing everything can change the world," he says, "I know that better than most."

"Then, it would be a -terrible- shame if he -did- lose everything, wouldn't it?" the Player offers with his same, mysterious smile, as he places a taloned hand on Fenris's shoulder for just a moment, and another burst of flame lights up, a little closer to Bohmer's home. "Now then. Any other things you need to know to make your decissions?" the hawk offers, as that hand retracts once again, a smile adorning his beak. "Any other knowledge of the world you feel is important to be aware of?"

Fenris raises an eyebrow at the Spirit. "Who else is out there?" he asks, "Who is going to see Fairlanding burning and will sweep in to take advantage of it?" The tiger considers and points out the fire threatening Bohmer's home, "And who is behind that fire? Is my hippopotomine friend going to know?"

"Perhaps they will, perhaps they won't," the Spirit offers with a smile, a shake of his head. "That depends on how he behaves, doesn't it? As for Fairlanding. There are the Great, who have a vested interest in getting the fire under control. There are the Brightfeather, with a similarly vested interest in directing it towards the castle. And lets not forget the Sleekfur, disgraced as they are."

"Of course, a country does not exist in a vacuum. There is HolyBough across the ocean to the east, sprawling with jungle and unhabitable territories, but with the richest supplies of Maker-technologies, and perhaps, the most successful defense against the Shades yet, even if that isn't saying much. And there is Spirehill to the west, with its tall towers, perhaps seeing fit to finally taking Fairlanding."

"... Of course, that is, if they can succeed in their own death-struggles against the Shades."

"Loss taught me to let go," Fenris says, "I think that it will teach Bohmer something very different." The tiger looks over his character sheet. "What souls did I choose for Bohmer?" he asks, "Would something like this be enough to change his focus?"

"The souls you chose for Bohmer, represent both his natural proclivities, his interests, as well as his natural abilities. His primary abilities as an earthshaker are set, unless he goes through something extra-ordinary... As for his secondary... While it certainly won't be easy, and you will not be able to change it at will, it more closely resembles his interests, his whims. Think your choices through carefully. They have repercussions."

Fenris nods and looks out over the city again. "I think I am learning about Bohmer," he says, "But you continue to be an enigma." He waves toward the Spirit's mask. "Do you have a face under there?" he asks.

"Good. And I will continue to be such," the spirit offers with a smile, a small shake of the head. "It should be none of your concern what I hide under my masks," the spirit adds, as he looks out over the city. "If you have any further questions, ask them. Once you step through the door, it will be time to return to your... Exercises.

Fenris smirks at that. "Any tips?" he asks, "You seem to be better at my exercises than I am!" The tiger looks over the city and then his sheet, contemplating his little hippo figurine. "I suppose that is everything," he admits, "When should I look to hear from you again?"

"Uncertain. I have told you, and the others, that I host several games in several worlds. You will have your chance to play Bohmer once more, but I cannot tell you when, or where. You will know when the time is there," the hawk offers, before gesturing at the door. "Back to your exercises, then. And like I said, feel free to make adjustments to your character-sheet. I will review them next we meet."

"Well," Fenris says, turning toward the door, "Always a pleasure." He takes his sheet and figurine with him as he steps outside.