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Fenris leads the way throught the marketplace toward a loudly colored striped tent on the edge of the regular market. "I can't believe they came back so fast!" he says, weaving carefully through the crowds, trying to avoid getting stepped on, "I was sure it would be another two or three weeks."

"If it were that long, I'd have killed a fella, an' ya know that." The Cherry tree following close behind him, her strides more natural now as she grumbles slightly to herself. "I just wanna be back to normal."

"Yes," Fenris says, "And that fella probably would have been me." The tiny green otter leads the way up to the tent. It looks like they have only just finished setting things up. The coyote that owns the whole thing is not even in his gaudy hawker's outfit yet!

"We're not officially even open for business yet!" he smoozes, "But for a lovely thing like yourself, I suppose I could make an exception. Marty isn't here yet, but I can run it just fine without him. If you're looking for a change?"

Kalt grits her teeth at first, though when he offers to work it she sighs... Not even bothering to change into pretending her persona, she walks forward and points to herself with a relieved look on her face. "Yes, yes please... M'wantin' to go back t'normal. No more of these legs, an' no more of this..." She motions over herself with an exasperated gesture. "-This-. Just, bring m'back to m'good ol' marble fox self."

"Normal?" the coyote asks, eyebrows rising in surprise, "You mean you have been through my amazing fleshcrafter before?" He looks over the cherry tree's form and smirks appreciatively. "Marty must have done a particularly good job the day you came through," he says, "I am afraid that the magic of the fleshcrafter does not necessarily remember what you looked like before. But if you can give me a description of what you want, I think we can get it right." He also looks at her prosthetic arm. "We could fix that up for you as well," he promises, "It might hurt a bit getting the prosthetic fully removed, but my machine can fix you right up like it was never gone!"

Kalt reaches into a small satchel at her side, and holds up a photograph for the Coyote, reaching around to point at her various fur spots one can see that are not covered by fur. "That were white there, that were black, an' those spots were brown... An'... Well m'guessin' so..." The Woman reaching up to poke her fingers under the arm, a few clicks and wince later, she has the arm pulled free, and sets it haphazardly into her satchel.

The Coyote takes the picture and looks it over, humming and nodding. "Ah! Yes!" he says, "This is very useful! I can certainly manage this! Just come along with me and we will have you all set!" He leads both Kalt and Fenris over to the tent and holds the flab open for them, ducking in after they enter. Inside is another, smaller tent, presumably to hide the fleshcrafter from prying eyes. "Just step right inside, my dear," the coyote says, "And, of course, now is the time to make any, well, any Improvements, if you feel so inclined."

Meanwhile, Fenris follows quietly after. He will get his own turn soon enough.

Kalt blinks at the mention of improvements, looking down at her form before looking back to the coyote. "Well, a bit more muscle ain't gonna hurt none m'supposin'." An innocent comment, one will have to see how he takes that as she steps into the smaller tent as she takes a deep breath, anticipation budding nicely!

"Sure! Sure! I can do that for you!" the coyote says, stepping up to what can only be the control panel. He works at it for a few minutes, then nods, stepping back. "Now," he says, "You know that this sort of service doesn't come free, right? It's going to cost you five ounces of lunar dust."

Kalt reaches into her satchel once more, pulling out the small sack as she tosses it to the Coyote. "Yer rules, an' yer price. Ya ain't gonna get a haggle from me fella... Just go gettin' me Normal, an' him... Uhm... To wot he wants m'supposin." The Tree nodding gently as she begins to chew on her thumbnail slightly in a nervous manner.

"Two customers!" the Coyote says happily, "Ha! Without even starting the schtick! I should have made you wait for a crowd to show! They always love to see a good change." He gives the waiting Fenris a wink, since Kalt is out of sight in the dark tent. Fenris just rolls his eyes and hands over a pouch of his own. "Suit yourselves," the coyote says, "Stardom isn't so bad though. You ready in there, cutie?"

"I don't want nobody to go seein'. S'my preference..." She bites her tongue at the Cutie remark, knowing full well she needed him to change her back before she could afford to be well... Herself. So she merely gives a swift nod and clears her throat. "Whenever yer ready."

The slick talking coyote taps something on the console and pulls a cover over it while the machine does its magic. "Just try to hold still," he says, "Works better that way. Less unexpected hiccups."

Inside the machine, Kalt is suddenly surrounded by strings and rings of divine math, far too complicated to make sense of or remember and swirling in three dimensions. Kalt herself is seized with a sense of comfortable warmth, not nearly so frightening or intense as when the machine under the church malfunctioned. It starts at her core and slowly moves down her arms and legs and up her neck.

Kalt works hard to watch her breathing, being careful to watch each breath as she feels the warmth spread, to prevent her from panicing. "N-No problem just... be careful..." She almost whispers, for while she is still able to that is!

That time is not very long, as the warmth spreads up to her throat and head! There is even a strange pulling sensation in her shoulder and tailbone as two lost limbs build themselves from her own tissue! For a moment, things go completely dark, and it is difficult to breathe, before the whirring of the machine stops, the math vanishes and nothing remains but the faint light from outside the tent. Time to see the results!

Kalt coughs slightly when the light finishes, her eyes watered slightly as she tries to blink it all out. Her form just slightly -less- curvy than before, though she's definantly sporting a bit more muscle as she makes her way out of the tent, looks down at her self, and wraps her arms around her chest with a whimper of happiness! She's far too happy to even care that they kept her bust a few sizes larger!

"Happy to see a satisfied customer," the hawker says, "Now let's get your little friend all fixed up! What'll it be, tiny?"

Fenris steps up with a grin. "I want to be a tiger!" he says, "Big and strong, but not scary or anything. Uh. I guess I don't really have any specifics. Or a picture or anything. Just make it good, I guess." The little otter wishes he had been as forward thinking as Kalt had been. The tiny otter scampers into the machine and waits.

Kalt nods gently as she wipes away an errant tear, and steps to the side before clearing her throat. "Be c-careful now Fenris..." The Vixen pausing in thought before she moves to try and whisper something to the coyote... A little vengeance goes a long way~

The coyote grins at Kalt. "Why stop there?" he asks, quietly enough that Fenris can't hear, "You got any other improvements or suggestions? Men don't always know what they really want, and he DID say he didn't have any specifics!" The coyote has a sharks grin as he waits for Kalt's answer, fingers hovering over the controls.

Kalt grins slightly as she looks at the tent, then back to him with a low giggle. "Oh I got sumptin... Why don'tcha give him a nice big poof of fur on the end of his tail eh? That should be a nice pay back to the lil'squirt." The Vixen nodding gently with a grin.

The coyote snickers and turns to the controls, tapping at the multitude of buttons and dials and switches. It is rather amazing how good he seems to be with this machine. Especially when you consider how much he uses it and moves it around without it ever breaking! "There," he says, "all set. Big, strong, fluffy as hell and with a great big butterfly on his derrier." He steps aside a little and points at a big, red button. "If that's all," he asks, "I suppose you can do the honors, Miss."

Kalt peers at the button, than at him, a frown creasing her face as she reaches out to carefully, and -gingerly- press the button this time. "Erm, thank ya..." The Vixen glancing then to the tent as she watches for Fenris...

The machine hums to life and the coyote pulls the cover over the control console and steps back, pulling Kalt with him. "It'll take just a minute," he says, "I get a lot like him. Little guys who just wanna be bigger. I hope I didn't over do it. Tried to keep things pretty simple. Not too tall, cause it can be hard to adjust. Still, machine has to make up for the size difference. It takes a bit."

Kalt nods slightly to him as she's pulled away, glancing back some at the smaller tent, then back to him. "I... Don't figure he'll go takin' much adjustin'... But thank ya for doin' all this privatly. Ain't a big fan of crowds an' such m'self." The Vixen nodding gently to the Coyote.

Soon, the machine winds to a halt and a huge form emerges from the little machine tent. "Not exactly what I had in mind," Fenris laughs, his voice back to normal, though perhaps a little deeper and certainly richer, "Kalt, did you have anything to do with this?" The big feline is, of course, nude, and holding his doll sized clothes in one hand.

The coyote frowns a little. "That does not make sense," he mutters, staring at the huge cat. He gives Kalt a sidelong look and a very fake smile. "Uh," he says, "Maybe I set him to be a little bigger than I thought?"

Kalt feels her jaw drop as she looks at Fenris before she points and accusing finger at him! "YA BLOODY GIT! Ya been gone an' changed yerself so damned much, ya can't even get changed right from a workin' machine no more!" The Vixen furrowing her brow with a huff as she crosses her arms across her chest. "... M'gonna beat yer arse if ya go changin' again. Don't know wot it'll mess ya into next time!"

Fenris blinks in confusion and points at himself. It's more than a little adorable. "What do you mean?" he asks, "You didn't tell him to change the fur?" He examines himself more carefully, digging through his incredibly fluffy fur. "I mean," he starts, "I did not ask for a butterfly on my butt! I am sure of that!"

The coyote's salseman smile suddenly grows wider. "Sorry folks!" he says, "No refunds! But we could try again if you care to spend a bit more?"

Kalt walks forward to grab Fenris by the arm, and try to pull him from the tent. "We're fine, thank ya again sir! As for ya Fenris, I said to give ya a mark... Not to go makin' ya a giant, an' havin' all that thick fur! M'swearin' m'honest that ya might be a bit messed with these things now!" Such a concerned vixen... That doesn't seem concerned to drag a mostly nude fenris into public.

Fortunately, the fluff seems to hide most of it. But still, definitely a healthy specimen of tiger. "Thanks again!" Fenris calls out as he is dragged from the tent.