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It's raining. Glorious. With the light rain falling into Silvervein Pass, there stands a badger. Full plate armor, cloaked and hooded due to weather, stands a badger wearing full plate armor and a grey cloak to keep the rain off. Armed, sword and shield, looks unhappy. Beside him stands a crow, female, wearing a long leather coat slightly too big for her over a black dress, a red stripe of feathers across her face. She leans on a staff, looking as unhappy as the badger beside her, while they wait for whoever chose to show up.

Zuri wipes some sweat off his brow on account of the long walk to Silvervein Pass. The excitable little salamander moves down the trail as part of a small group arriving at the badger's call. He brings with him his usual bright smile, and as he moves up close enough to the badger that their eyes meet he offers him a curteous bow. He doesn't introduce himself just yet. He peers back at the others, his eyes scanning the group while he waits for everyone to gather.

Serana flicks her tail, the ostensibly male shark looking about. No introductions from him either. Though, he mostly also didn't care as much. Currently, his weapons were holstered, and his arms crossed a bit, golden brown hair tied in a ponytail falling to about shoulder height. Tapping his foot he continued to wait, impatiently. Didn't even know why he was here.

Burton comes jogging up the trail, puffing and panting but looking to be in high spirits. The Broffalo is wearing some kind of hooded jacket, to keep the rain off, but it is hanging open and just a little on the small side, showing of the bovid's chiseled physique. He is also wearing a pair of trousers cut just long enough to avoid getting him arrested for public indecency. He reaches the gathered beings and stops jogging and starts stretching. "T'sup?" he asks, swinging his arms in a dynamic stretch, "Heard there was a chick up here who needed some help!"

Mindaugas is more than willing to contribute his dourness to the icy atmosphere of the sullen Crow and Badger, his face drooping and impassive as he joins the clot of beings gathered, dressed in some uncommonly pristine mountaineer wear, a long alpenstock at the ready in both hands.

The somber priestly Moose was willing to chalk this up to a populace straying from the First Text, too--not only had they grown lax in their morals, but they had failed to glean important and useful education on handling the wilds, preferring instead to stay holed up in cities, growing soft all the while. Well, except for the buffalo that had arrived, though he seemed lacking in...other ways. Like appropriate dress. "You arre awarre that it grrows cold high up in the mountains, sirr? I may have an extrra cloak or woolen stockings with the rrest of my gearr," he offers to Burton, with a definite edge of patronization.

While the others seem have made the trip out to Silvervein pass on foot a certian cloaked coywolf by the name of hannibal. Seems to have made the trip perched on the back of a golem. His gaze sweeps over the group that has gather to continue the investigation. Frowning slightly when he sees that not one of the previous group aside from himself appears to have shown. A frown which dissapears as he looks to Ipswitch, and the crow. Nodding to the badger he says. "I see you have found our witness." He says while lightly drumming his fingers across the top of a small chest resting in his lap.

The badger and crow look over the gathered group, the crow scoffing a bit at the bow given to them, then badgerguy speaks. "...That's one way to put it, sure." He says to the Broffalo. "But, yes, the witness. She wasn't that hard to find... Anhyway, we're here for a captured noble." "Not a noble, just involved with one." The crow corrects, making Ipswitch (The badger) shrug. "Whatever he is, we're here to get him back. We tracked the bounty hunters who took him a few days ago to somewhere just ahead of us, nearing the end of the pass."

He gestures down the trail, continues to speak: "So, whenever or however you're ready to go deal with them... Well, go deal with them. We'll be coming with you as backup, maybe move ahead to cut them off if they run or something."

Zuri nods, the short-statured salamander keeping his bright smile even through the scoff. He's used to it a bit. As the orders are given he turns back to the gathered group, looking for whomever is likely to be the leader of this outfit. He focuses on Hannibal, the one that addressed the badger and seemed know some of what was going on beyond their basic briefing. He tucks his coat up and walks towards the Coywolf. "Right, ready to head off."

Serana was already a distance ahead, a shark of action! Oh, wait. He stopped, staring back to the group "Well?" he asks, isharan accent on the young sounding shark. "You guys following or are we going together?" better if they would head on ahead. Easier to get things done."

The air fills with the cacophony of tumbling rocks. It's a landslide!!! Probably triggered by this... light... drizzle? Actually no, most of the rocks tumbling down the cliff face towards our heroes are pebbles, at best, and the large one is not a rock at all, but a wolf. "Hey guys! What's goin' on down here?" the canid calls from afar with a cheerful tone, raising a hand high to wave to them as he skids and slides his way down at breakneck speed. Barefoot. You'd think the only thing he'd be able to say is "ow my feet oh geeze the pain this was a horrible idea" but no apparently that's not going to be a thing. Well, not until he's only five or six feet above the trail, when he suddenly loses balance and falls the rest of the way, landing face-down on the cold stone pathway. He only lays still for a beat, however, before he thrusts upright, coming face to face with... the tightest set of abs he's ever seen. "Sweet -Erick- you could grind meat on tho--oh, hey!" Rainer suddenly remembers that there is a person attached to that midriff and quickly gets to his feet, brushing himself down, pushing loose a few smaller stones that had gotten caught in his fur somewhere during his descent. "Hi! Rainer!" he addresses the buffalo specifically, only then seeming to notice the others are around... some of them already moving away. "Neat! A thing. I love things. You guys don't mind if I tag along, right?" No opportunity to refuse given, he's already heading after Serana at a hastened pace.

"Chillax, old dude," Burton says, doing a bit of shadow boxing, "With all this hotness, I can't get cold!" He is a little disappointed that the Bird in question was not the damsel in distress he had been hoping for, but as long as he is here he might as well join in. "Come on, Dudes!" he cheers, trotting after the shark, "Let's rock this!" He stops when Rainer comes crashing down the hillside to slide to a stop at his feet. The Broffalo's face lights up at the introduction. "Bro!" he shouts, giving the wolf a congratulatory but slap, "That was totally wicked!" He jogs along by the wolf's side.

Mindaugas's giant nostrils flare in distaste at the 'leaders' of this expedition. "I was made to believe this was a rrescue mission," he snorts, frowning--or was it just his neutral expression? "Neverrtheless, I suppose brringing errrant Beings to justice is imporrtant as well..." In the time it had taken to scold the duo, much of the party had left without him, to his annoyance. Doubly so when he actually had worthwhile insight on the situation. "HALT!" the grand Moose bellows, banging the butt of the alpenstock on the ground. "You would rrush carrelessly into the mountains? In the sprring thaw? In purrsuit of a crriminal who may lie in wait to ambush us? By the Firrst Text, do you all lack the good sense the Crreatorrs endowed us with?" he calls out to them, his voice stirred to obvious annoyance as he advances on them, trying to impose some sort of order in this gang of misfits.

Hannibal rolls his eyes at thE Broffalo's behavior. As he watches tbe group depart one by one. Before directing his golem to head out down the path the group had been pointed to. Not really all that worried like the moose seeing as with the groups number of warm bodies. And his golem, and creator tech. They should easilly be able to handle the bountyhunters.

Ipswitch and Calisiel don't know what to make of Rainer's glorious slide and such, though the crow grumbles something, before flying off with the aid of wings and air magic, probably either going to set up ahead of the opposing beings, or leaving... Though with the direction she flew, if anyone were to look up, it is towards where their targets are supposed to be.

Badger grunts. "Damn bird. Stuck with the rest of you, now. I'll bring up the rear." And move to the rear he does. "This -is- a rescue mission." He says to the moose. "How we go about dealing with the hunters is still up to the rest of you, but the goal is to get this... Thel-stuff-name guy back. But, by all means, lead them." He chuckles a bit, seeing the Moose somewhat adgitated.

As the group moves on, if they're not all stopped by Mindaugas trying to speak sense at them anyway, they'd eventually find that, no, the hunters aren't 'right up ahead.' It seems to be at least a mile of walking along the trail before they see, after rounding a cliff face, a wagon. Or... a cage on wheels, really. It's stopped, with four or five beings standing around it, smoke billowing up from what looks like a small fire near them.

Zuri hurries after the group, joining them as they start on the long trail. He slinks around in the middle of the group, easily blending in on account of his short size and low profile. The salamander picks up the pace when the billowing smoke becomes apparent, moving to a position where he can observe the beings huddled around the cage. "Well that's certainly something." He turns back to his companions, that bright smile still gracing his features. "Figure these are the fellas that are holding our charge? We could slink down and take em out nice and quick." The salamander draws his two weapons, a dagger for each hand, while watching the group to see how they respond, ready to follow them down. Always the quiet shadow, he would rather let someone bigger and tougher to go first.

Rainer's tail stands straight up and bristles as he is made the recipient of a slap on the caboose, when sends him hopping the next couple of paces forward before he slows and peeks back. "Oh, you thought so? ...I mean -- yeah! It's just... what I do. Be wicked." Aaand now he's grinning ear to ear. Way to give the kid a big(ger) head. The pup does slow to a stop and turn back to regard Mindaugas, when the latter calls for them to, but now he's all overflowing with confidence. And sass. "Well... yeah! Although in my defence I didn't know that was what we were doing until you mentioned it. But don't worry, you're in the capable hands of Rainer the Wicked, hero of the Shadow War, veteran of the Cliffside War, and world-renoun explorer extraordinaire! Navigating treacherous paths is what I do!" As evidenced by the odd patches of rust-tinted fur where he scraped himself up during his grand entrance.

"See, moose Bro?" Burton says, "No ambush, the dudes are all just standing around." The Broffalo waves at the bounty hunters. "Hey dudes!" he shouts, cupping his hand to his mouth as he shouts, "There's some kind of misunderstanding!" He doesn't even slow as he jogs toward the camp. "Come on, Wolf Bro!" he says, "we can handle this, right?"

Surprisingly enough, nobody opted to listen to the spoilsport Moose with mountaineering experience. Presumably, then, nobody listens to Mindaugas still as he spends the entire trek regaling the group of First Text lessons they should have paid heed to--on the dangers of landslides, on the risks of hiking with insufficient supplies, on the spoilage of provisions due to shoddily-manufactured packs being soaked in the rain...the list goes on and on, though at least he has the sense to shut up as they approach their target. Well, kind of. Though, once Burton goes ahead and blows their cover, the sanctimonious Moose figures he might as well at least try this the civil way, swapping his soulgem and appearing a bit more glorious as the spirit of his family's sacred duty takes hold. "Hold, and stay yourr weapons!" he calls to the other gathered beings, stepping ahead of them. "I am Mindaugas Alderrman, of the Hillrock clan of Alderrmans, and I mean no harrm. We simply seek a...fugitive, it seems, by the name of...of...Thelerrgrramorr," he manages to choke gracelessly out through all the rolled 'r's. "Have you any news?

Hannibal slams his palm into his brow, and shakes his head as the brofallo announces their pressence. "Well there goes the element of surprise." He mutters then proceeds to direct his collection of miniond to target the bounty hunters. His crusher, twirligig, and of course the advanced offensive gole

golem move into formation around the edge of the camp. While his divine shield sits ontop of the golem with hannibal. "I'd come quietly if I were you lot. From the looks of what your captive did to you lot on his own. I doubt things will go very well for you. If you fight the lot of us.......But I really really hope you choose to do things the hard way."

Serana you know. why bother talking." Serana complains, their cover already blown, she just removes her two of her six pistols and lines up a target, should someone get in the way before she fires, they may have a hole in them, as The shark really doesn't care for people trying to stop her after she's all lined up.

The beings up ahead all turn at once when Burton gets all loud and joggy towards them. They don't immediately go for their weapons, instead just moving closer to their cage, while two seem to be getting closer to an approximately 4 foot tall rock; likely to use for cover, if needed.

And then they get circled by golems. They don't look happy. Not that they did, seeing as one is missing a good deal of the flesh on his face, if the bandage wrapped around his reptillian visage is anything to go by... He's also missing a hand. An iguana, clearly. The stump wrapped in bandages... Even without it, he pulls a club from his belt. Two other's are equipped similarly, a jackal and a scrawny black bear. All got clubs.

The two who slipped behind the rock are armed with muskets, both avian, couple of cardinals.

The jackal speaks up, with an air of authority, likely their leader: "Which is it?! Coming in peace, or threatening us? This man-" He points to the cage "-Is a wanted criminal. We have full legal authority to take him back to Thera'Dor for execution!" Which may or may not be true...

But we probably lost our chance to find out, as the jackal takes a shot to the face from Serana's pistol. He falls, bleeding from his new facehole, to the ground. The remaining hunters charge at the party, aside from the other two who start lining up shots with their muskets.

Specifically, Serana has a bear in her face, swinging a club while Burton ends up with the one handed iguana doing similarly...

Zuri watches the situation with incredulity. Not one ounce of coordination or patience. He avoids facepalming for now and focuses on the job at hand. With a twist of air mathemagic he speeds down the trail dashing towards the group while moving through the underbrush to avoid being seen for as long as possible. As he approaches the group he selects one of the bandits - the black bear. He runs nearly up to the bear, daggers held in hand, and rather than simply stopping he leaps, propelling himself up and twirling in the air to try and deliver a swift kick to the bear's snout.

Serana flicks her tail smiking as one hunter went down, and she dodges out of the way of the other's shots. Next target would be... the iguana, she lined up another shot, aiming carefully and firing.

Rainer's eyebrows go up. Why yes, he knows that name. Regardless that reverent reverend rather wrecked the articulation with repeated alveolar. He just hangs back with his hand poised upon the hilt of the sword strapped to his side, using the handle of the blade as an armrest. It doesn't take long for all hell to break loose, since they apparently went in without a concensus of how they were going to approach this situation, and he can't but chuckle to himself as musket shot and fists sail through the air all around him. "Tch, the Freeswords'll take anyone these days." he remarks as he casually struts to the camp, moving his hands to his hips and tucking his thumbs into the waistband of his pants, tail swaying in contentment as he beelines towards that lone cage.

"The Hell, Dude!?" Burton shouts at the sound of Serana's gunshot. He stops in bewilderment, sidestepping the attacking iguana in a distracted sort of way. "That was totally uncool!" he shouts. Then seeing the shark lining up another shot, his eyes widen and he dives at the poor, mangled lizard. "Get down!" he shouts.

Mindaugas's tone actually seems to brighten, for once! "Therra'Dorr? Allow me to assist--as you may be awarre, the Alderrman clan is--"

--and that's all Mindaugas is able to get out before gunshots ring out. Shouting numerous words that would be wholly inappropriate for Noon Mass, the Moose turns tail and runs for the nearest outcropping of shelter--giant rock, pile of trash, old fence, anything. Though it's fruitless, he persists in his call for a ceasefire and regroup as he fumbles with his soulgems. This could've gone simply, they could've pled their case, taken custody of the Being, and been on their way. But now thanks to some bloodthirsty barbarian fool, someone was like to end up dead. Ready to patch up the damage, the Moose peeks out from behind his cover...

Hannibal chuckles when he sees the one handed iguana. The coywolf pops open the chest sitting in his lap. Which contains a bunch of ice, and a reptillian hand. Which he pulls at, and waves at the lizard. "Missing something bubb?" He shouts then adjusts the fingers on the hand so that it is flipping the iguana the bird. However if he actually caught the iguana's attention. Is as of yet unknown. And of course the coywolf worries little about that. As he turns to direct his twirligig to go hover it's way over the rock to attack the two with the muskets. While in the mean time he sends his crusher to attack the two of them head on. And lastly directs his golem to attack the bear. His golem proceeding to lumber towards the bear, and bring it's fists swing down towards the bear. Small bursts of flames spring up along it's fist as they swing downwards.

While the injured iguana is shocked as all hell as Burton saves him from being shot, dropping them both enough to get out of the path of Serana's bullet, he meeps audibly, not sure what happened. He struggles against the broffalo. "Get offa me!" He says, only after amoment registering what Hannibal is waving around. He's confused, to say the least.

The bear takes a foot to the face. One hell of a kick, causing him to spin back dazed, but still standing, and looking as if he'll continue to attack should he recover. But then he has a golem in his face!

Which hits him. With flaming fists. Ow. The bear is dropped, slamming hard down to the ground. He remains face down, seemingly unconscious, blood flowing from his mouth... Not in great shape, admittedly.

And as Rainer nonchalantly walks up to the cage, he'd see within Thelergramor! Basilisk has a sack over his head, is chained -Chained!- to the interior of the cage. One of the cardinals aims and fires at Rainer, his aim slightly obscured by the creator tech Hannibal sent at them.

The other bird fires at Serana, also blocked by Hannibal's crusher, messing with his aim...

Zuri readies his daggers, assuming a fighting stance to take on the bear before he gets a chance to recover.. but suddenly the golem is upon him. The salamander smirks. "I'll let you play with that then." The cracking of gunfire brings Zuri's thoughts back to the fight at hand, and he turns to one of the two bandits holding rifles. He darts towards him, trying to engage him before he gets a chance to reload. Still seeking to disable rather than kill, the salamander dashes past his opponent and uses his diminuitive size to slash at the back of his leg, ready to follow up with a more punishing attack if this one connects.

Serana flicks her tail softly "Aww..." she pouts, walking over "Well, at least you're keeping him held for me." she looks to the bear, and then to the cardinals, picking instead, to wander her way towards the birds keeping out of their line of sight by staying behind the golems, or behind the rock

"Hey Thel." Rainer is all smiles as he bends forward to address the captive canid, barely the span of a blink passing between his stooping and the sound of a ricochet against the metal of the cage round abouts where his head was the instant before. The sound only causes the pup to pause for a second and avert his gaze in its direction, promptly dismissing the distraction and turning his attention back to the bound basilisk. "I'm saving your butt again. I think at this point we might as well stop counting how many you owe me and just agree that you're basically my indentured servant for life, eh?" Straightening back up, he briefly scans the cage until he finds the lock and steps around to it, brandishing his claws and wiggling his fingers as he prepares to go to work. "This'll only take a sec~"

Burton rolls off the iguana and to his feet. "You alright, Dude?" he asks, then looks at the reptile's pitiable condition, "Guess not, but you don't look like you need any more holes, Bro." He does his best to help the other being to his feet, then frowns around the field. "The hell is wrong with you dudes?" he cries, "This is totally bogus!"

Out of all the people gathered, Mindaugas had not expected the half-dressed Buffalo to be the most sensible. Kit bag at the ready, he runs out to Burton, who somehow seems to be impervious to the ongoing melee. "Brrotherr! Yourr selflessness shames us all!" the Moose says--he's shouting above the din, but the kindness of the compliment does shine through in his tone."Arre you alrright? Did you see who starrted it?" He bites his bottom lip absently, thinking. "And how we can stop it? I would rrather not see undue loss of life, but I fearr it may too late..."

Hannibal turns his gaze to his creator tech which he directs to attack now that they are in position. The crusher working to destoy their cover while his twirligig begins to dispense metal slugs in the direction of the two hiding behind the rock. While the golem grabs the bear by the head, and drags it along with it. As per hannibals command before heading in the direction ot the caged thelergramor.

The coywolf watches the his machines as they attack the avians. Having begun to laugh at just how poorly things are going for the bountyhunters.

Cardinal one gets a slash to the back of his leg. "Ah!" He tries to swing his musket back at Zuri, but with the twirligig sending metal slugs at him... Well, he gets shot. He's dropped, collapsing into a bleeding mess.

Iguana gets up, confused, and seeing that at least two of them don't seem to want to fight... Though with his friends still fighting, he keeps a hand on his club. Still ready to swing it if needed. "Just give up already. What's one murderer really worth, eh?" He says, delusionally confident in the situation...

Rainer gets the lock open, cage door swinging easily... Inside, Thelergramor doesn't seem to be very responsive, or conscious.

The second cardinal is also hit by the twirligig, though he fares better than the other one. He snarls at the machine, trying to put some distance between it and himself. And that rock's not exactly good cover anymore, with the crusher going at it...

Zuri was readying another attack on the Cardinal, but as he's felled by yet another attack he chuckles and sheathes his weapons. Looking around, the situation seems to be under control. The last gunbeing is fleeing, and the Buffalo seems to have the last bandit under control. He walks slowly towards the iguana, seeing no need for further violence.

Serana hums softly, waiting for cardinal two to stop before pulling her guns up, giving a nice solid position to fire from without sacrificing accuracy or stamina. Decent range too, might make it. Serana would then pull the trigger, if it misses, forces the cardinal to go on the defensive while the shark moves her way closer.

Rainer has never required a responsive conversation partner. Or a conscious one. It just means he can change his story without their being the wiser, when he embelishes it later on! "Boy, they went to town on you, eh?" He slips a thumb under the hood and lifts it up for a peek at Thel's face, loitering, squatted down in the cage beside the unconscious hound. "Always have t'hog the fun for yourself~" A few gentlepats on the cheek, then he slips the hood back down and sets to hoisting the older wolf over his shoulder so he can make with the getting out of there.

"Not worth whatever they are payin' for him," Burton says, "They payin' for that hand? Or your buddy there that ain't going home?" He turns his substantial personality on the battlefield. "Stand down you morons!" he bellows. Harsh judgement indeed coming from a meathead like the broffalo. He charges at Serana, knocking her gun aside. "The hell is wrong with you!?" he cries, "You are completely batshit! Nobody even pulled a weapon till you shot the dude for talking!"

"You! Unless you carre to perrish frrom ... this rrogue agent, I suggest you wait, erre you give them fair cause!" Mindaugas calls to the Iguana. "Help drrag yourr compatrriots out of harrm's way." He shakes his head dolefully as he surveys the scene. The Jackal was a goner...the first Cardinal was fading response from the Bear, but he was still breathing. The second Cardinal seemed...wounded but living. "Call off yourr birrd, there." Now, time for some of that Priestly leadership. "You, with the golem. Did you brring yourr Sacrred Doctor with?" He draws a deep breath and calls, "YOU! BARRBARRIAN SHARRK! Cease firre, you murrderrerr!" (Man, those Rs are hell on the tongue.) It looked like that giant Buffalo was trying to knock some sense into the madshark. Good on him.

Mindaugas kneels down behind the bear, straining to lift him. Perhaps once the Buffabro was done, he would lend his bountiful muscle to moving this collapsed hulk.

"You! Unless you carre to perrish frrom ... this rrogue agent, I suggest you wait, erre you give them fair cause!" Mindaugas calls to the Iguana. "Help drrag yourr compatrriots out of harrm's way." He shakes his head dolefully as he surveys the scene. The Jackal was a goner...the first Cardinal was fading response from the Bear, but he was still breathing. The second Cardinal seemed...wounded but living. "Call off yourr birrd, there." Now, time for some of that Priestly leadership. "You, with the golem. Enough. Release them. Did you brring yourr Sacrred Doctor with?" Finally, he draws a deep breath and calls, "YOU! BARRBARRIAN SHARRK! Cease firre, you murrderrerr!" (Man, those Rs are hell on the tongue.) It looked like that giant Buffalo was trying to knock some sense into the madshark. Good on him.

Hannibal looks down at the Bear. "Bye" He says before giving orders to his golem. Which releases the bears head. Who by now is probably looking like a rsther beat up ragdoll as he falls to the ground. As it turns, and starts lumbering after the retreating crane. Joining his twirligig, and crusher in the pursuit of the injured bird. "Now where do you think you are going whelp?!" He shouted as his twirligig fires metal slugs in his fleeing prey's direction. Clearly having missed any of the moose said. As he is focused on putting down the last of the enemy. Not wanting his involvment in the fight to get out to those outside their group, and countrys side.

Cardinal number 2 is shot. And then shot again! Really not his day today... What with the shark and her pistol sending a round through him, then the twirligig sending metal through his body... He's not left in good shape, but is still alive! If unconscious...

Thelergramor remains unrespsonsive, his reptilian snout bound shut under the sack on his head. He's still handsome, though! Rainer's able to move him with little difficulty, is not a fatilisk.

The iguana shrugs at Burton, saying, before he went to stop Serana: "Hazard pay. We charge more, and now we don't need to split as much..." But then he sees Rainer hauling Thelergramor away, grumbling angrily. "Bastard took my hand, y'know. Why're you trying to save him?" He doesn't seem to get it...

Returning bloodied from combat at the back from where teh group came, is Ipswitch. "Had another one come from behind, he didn't make it. S'what you get attacking a militiaman..." While from the front comes Calisiel, dragging a somewhat charred being along by the throat. "This one'll live, so... We got Thel, then?"

Serana growls softly, first ensuring her target went down before turning on the buffalo "You..." he glared snarling out the word "Don't you dare mess with my shot again. The next time will leave you like that bear over there." he offers, his voice cracking slightly in his anger, before stomping off, removing her last two pistols and capping the bear, to ensure he was dead and doing similar to the iguana, but more for her own reassurance. This accomplished. she holstered her weapons and wandered into the forest, shouting for his part of the pay to be given to the basilisk they were sent to save

"He's my--" Rainer faulters mid-step and starts to tip towards the side over which he's thrown the ragdoll that is Thelergramor, but quickly regains his balance and his stride, "" After that he keeps his pace, flashing a broad and altogether cheerful smile at Ipswitch as he strolls right by the badger with the precious cargo in tow. Boy ain't hanging around for conversation or back pattings or payments, he's got all he needs out of this~

Burton does not give the mad shark any opportunity to get away after such senseless killing. The enraged buffalo catches the much smaller shark by the wrist, rears back, and decks the bastard! And it does not stop there. The big bovid keeps punching, hard and fast until his breath is coming in gasps and his knuckles are bleeding. He does not waste words, only spits on the beaten shark and stomps away, hurrying to catch up and help Rainer with his cargo. If he never saw that maniac again, it would be too soon.

As the golem drops the Bear, Mindaugas squats to lift him up, levelling a glare as icy as the Frozen Skull Reach at the Shark...but he doesn't even have the chance to move before they fire a ball into the defenseless man's head. He drops the sagging body in mute horror, staring agape, covered in the spray of blood and brains. And the rest of the Freeswords willingly countenanced this horror! All of which could a been avoided if they had just talked to each other. Well, except for the Buffalo laying into them and beating them bloody. He took his time in intervening, though he finally stood up, clearing his throat to try and find his voice again. Ahem--"Brrotherr Buffalo! Stop! It does no good to lowerr you to theirr level!" And after Burton quits the beating, he stands before her grounded form. "You, " he spits, his voice quivering in anger. "The First Text says that there is good within each perrson but with you, I rrefuse to believe it. You arre vile, uncivilized scum, and I swear upon my antlerrs I shall not rrest until I have done all I can to see all good people rreject you and Therra'dorr herrself turrns you away from Herr borrderrs on the severest penalty possible!" And anyone who knows of the Aldermanns knows they don't invoke their antlers lightly...

Hannibal casually watches the antics of the others. With a somewhat apethetic gaze. Once the scuffle is over he looks to the badger, and crow. "Sooooo are we done here, or is there anything further you need of me?"

The badger and crow both shake their heads, telling Hannibal: "No, we're good." Ipswitch sheathes his sword, starts helping with the wounded... Dragging Cardinal 2 out from where he lay dying, starting to do... MEdical shit to him. "Don't think he's gonna make it. I'll carry him back, see if we can get a priest on him..."

Calisiel, instead of flying off again, quietly follows after Rainer and Burton. "Tell me when Thel wakes up. I need to talk to him." Doesn't sound happy, but what else is new with her?

With that, the various beings head home. Or to taverns. Or other places they're likely to end up... Hopefully it doesn't occur to anyone that they didn't get payed... Ipswitch -did- specify 'volunteers.'