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The instructions a fairly clear and the location of the Bandit's base noted on the on the post, so it is an easy task for the freeswords who picked the job to locate the small, reinforced camp. It lies on top of a small hill and is surrounded by a wooden wall and guarded by a single tower on which a being with a musket can be spotted. The freeswords are hidden at the foot of the hill, on the side opposing the gate of the camp.

Angus checks the draw on his bow as he comes up on the meeting spot, the fox remain quiet for the most part as he tries to take stock on who else would be part of this mission. With the bow ready he crosses his arms, leather creaking just a bit as his tail flick.

Fenris stands quietly in the lee of the hill, his hands jammed deep in the pockets of his long, black duster. He would have liked a little more information on these bandits and their hostage, but had learned little so far of these bandits aside from the fact that they were worryingly well settled in. The tiger nods to Angus as he arrives.

Zuri follows in after a few minutes. The small salamander moves with a brisk pace, and quickly slinks up to catch up to the other freeswords. He offers them a big, bright smile before tilting his head to look past them at the encapmment. He's dressed in rather light traveler's robes, and is lazily supporting his weight on a staff that's a little bit too big for his frame.

Bazalt Frowns as he walks to meeting point bow in hand. He nods t the Around and sighs as he glances up at hte hill. "Great..." he says quietly. "any Ideas?" he asks, looking to the otehrs, lingering on Zuris weapon for a few moments.

Angus perks his ears as others arrive, returning Fenris nod. "Evening everyone, ready to give some bandits a r

Angus perks his ears as others arrive, returning Fenris nod. "Evening everyone, ready to give some bandits a run for their money eh?" He asks, flashing them a bit of a smile in turn, before he notices Bazalt, his smile becoming much thinner at the apperance of the shadow.

Fenris considers the gates to the bandit encampment. Fiddles for just a moment with his ornate soul pendant, then stride out from cover. "I think I will go knock," he says, "Maybe ask for a glass of water. I suggest someone find the boy quickly as possible." He looks to Zuri meaningfully. "Come on, Lord Solacious," he says with a smile, "Tea time, I think."

Zuri nods at Fenris. "Understood." He hefts his staff and shifts it to the horizontal, then keeps it low and pointing forward like a spear as he makes his way towards the side of the camp opposite he tower, the eastern wall. He looks back one last time to see where his friends are moving to, and then ducks into the underbrush to approach stealthily.

Bazalt nods to Angus, offering hs a Slight Smile back. "So...Tea?" he tilts his head at Fenris, Confused and Quite unsure what to do for a few moments. "errr.. ok." He says, before moving to Follow Zuri, unless someone objects that is, the poor Guy lost any ideas he had thanks to Fenris.

A shot is heard and a bullet hits the ground near Fenris' feet, a second later one of the bandits yells to the group. "If you are not here to deliver the ransom, you better turn around now, or the next shot will not hit the ground, understood?" The voice comes from a mangy heavy clan alligator who seems to be standing on some kind of platform behind the wall, looking out over it.

Angus watches Fenris for a few moments in silence, giving a nod as he hangs his bow off a shoulder. "Try and circle around the encampment and find a way in while we have some 'tea' I guess." With that said he follows after the Tiger. As the shot is fired he crosses his arms over his chest, looking up at the Gator before he leans in just a little to speak with Fenris. "Beat ya I can hit them with a knife from here."

Fenris does not slow, still sauntering forward with his hands in his pockets. "I am sure you can," he quietly answers Angus, "But let's see if we can't buy a little time." He keeps a wary eye on both the gator and any other guards at the gate. "We are here to confirm that your guest is both alive and well," he calls out, raising his voice, "If everything is in order, you will get what is coming to you." The tiger stops in front of the gate and waits without moving.

Zuri stalks towards the encampment's back wall. He jolts as the shot is fired, crouching down to the dirt while checking if he had been spotted. When there's no outward sign that he's been made he resumes walking to the wall. He looks over his shoulder at Bazalt and gestures for him to catch up as they near the wall. "Can you get over the wall Baz?" He asks in a hushed voice.

Bazalt Freeze at teh Shot and looks around slowly, nodding and chasing after the Mander. "I...Think.." he tilts his head adn looks over the Wall "maybe.. Really depends on If there's someone on the otehr side or not." he Replies in a whisper. "perhaps...I can toss you up? not too high..."

Several muskets are pointed at Fenris and Angus as the Alligator vanishes for a moment, returning quickly with a gagged and tied up small clan squirrel that he holds up by the neck of his vest. "There. You have seen him. Now give us the money and you can have the little pest back." He lowers the squirrel behind the wall again, where he is probably being taken back to where they keep him.

Angus takes stock of all the black eyes pointed their way, fingers flexing over the little black ball in his hand. "Think I'm just going to let you do the speaking today Fenris, lets see if they are up for some tea."

"Hmm?" Fenris hums, looking at Angus, "Tea? Oh! Yes!" He looks at all the leveled muskets on the wall. "But it seems that they are not going to invite us in," he continues, "Rather rude, I think. Perhaps we should go talk to someone in charge?" Without another word, the tiger takes a little hop and then a huge, air assisted jump to the top of the battlements!

Zuri nods at Bazalt. "I have a different idea in mind." He closes his eyes briefly, focusing upon his dedication to assume the feathered form of the Pegasus sacred family. When he opens his eyes he smiles at his friend and turns to face the wall. The pegamander flaps his wings, speeding up the wall to try and cling onto the top of it. He secures himself to the top of the wall with one hand, while the other one keeps a firm grip on his staff.

Bazalt Blinks and shakes his head "now, see i'd change But then due going Dragon I'd lose my armor..." he mumbles "Bah-i'll cimb, for now.." he nods and and then attempts to climb the wall-hoping Zuri aint met any resistance on teh other side of the wall.

Fenris and Zuri make it over the wall, while Angus and Bazalt stay behind and fail to get over it, respectively. Several shots are fired, one hitting Fenris in the chest. Luckily the tiger's armor absorbs most of the impact and stops the bullet, but he is still considerably hurt and surrounded by three bandits, wielding melee weapons.

Angus drops at the last moment as a bullet goes ripping by, the distraction not going as they planned. Time to improvise. Armor gets dropped as his form changes, the dragon taking the less subtle approach as he makes his way to go straight THROUGH the wall.

Fenris grimaces as the musket ball slams hard into his chest, bruising and maybe cracking a rib or two. The tiger shrugs off the pain as best he can, then gives the bandits a cheeky salute before turning tail and running deeper into the camp. In three different directions?

Three blurry, indistinct tigers sprint off into the camp, one in each available direction, coats flapping wildly.

Zuri peers over the wall to see the combat begin. He grimaces. "So much for the sneaky approach." He looks down to see Bazalt strugglng with the climb, but sadly has no way to assist him up right now. He vaults the wall to land on the other side, and quickly looks around to try and find something he can use - rope, chain, something he can toss over the wall to help Baz over.

Bazalt Frowns And sighs "fuck it, dont Got time for this." he adjusts his Armor, and grunts "Bloody didnt..want to" he mumbles to himself before Finally shifting to his own Dragon form and flying over the wall. "Annd this where bad things happen" he mumbles, ever whining about his Luck.

Angus breaks through the wall, and through one of the bandits that were left guessing where Fenris had run off to, the remaining two now turning towards the dragonfox. Again, several shots are fired, however all miss this time, giving the scattered group a chance to strike and search for the hostage.

Angus breaks through the wall, and through one of the bandits that were left guessing where Fenris had run off to, the remaining two now turning towards the dragonfox. Again, several shots are fired, however all miss this time, giving the scattered group a chance to strike and search for the hostage.

Angus had dealt with bandits waving around guns, making it that much easier to stay out of the line of their paniced fire as he charges forward. The rest of the team needed a distraction, and it was time to give one as he lets out a challenging roar, bearing down upon one of the bandits foolish enough to fire already as his fangs clamp shut on their shoulder.

Fenris does his best to still his heavy breathing as he ducks behind one of the camp structures, allowing his illusions to vanish. Now he just has to find the kid, avoid getting shot, and get out alive. No problems there. The tiger turns to observe the camp. The child couldn't be too far from the gate. He does his best to move quickly and quietly through the camp.

The pegamander's search for a rope is interrupted by the arrival of a dragon'd up Bazalt. He smirks at the other dedicant, then looks over his shoulder at the battle that is quickly turning noisy and violent. The perfect distraction. He starts making his way towards one of the tents inside the encampment, the biggest one. Might as well start there.

Bazalt nods to Zuri smiling slightly at him. he Frwns and instead makes his Way towards the Wodden hut, more people looking means it'll get Done faster.

One... half of a bandit goes down, as the other half is ripped off by Angus. The bandit that is left to face the dragon-fox on his own looks around with a paniced expression, drops his weapon and runs for it. A new wave of shots are fired, the one missing Fenris would indicate that the guard on the tower has spotted the tiger. Most of the freeswords remain unscratched, except for Bazalt, who, large as he is in his dragon form, got hit on the foot, the bullet going straight through.

Angus drops the poor sod that he tore in half, reaching down to pick up the dagger sheathed on what's left of him. Turning he focuses on the tower, taking flight to get closer to level with the shooter on the tower before throwing the blade with a bit of a shot. "Head's up you scaley bastard!"

Fenris salutes the tower and ducks into the hut he is leaning against. Partially to get out of sight, and partially because there are tracks in the dirt that indicate someone a little short to be a stormtroop- um a bandit. The tiger pushes through the pain, ready to lash out at any guards that might be waiting inside.

Zuri quickly surveys the tent, peering through the flap rather than entering. Looks like the 'mess hall', where they would eat. He returns to his search, trusting the others to continue providing cover. He picks out another tent, one of the small ones, and heads over to search through it.

Bazalt Curses and Steadies Himself on a Nearby wall. "I Swear ..I'm going to the doctors for me or my friends after almost everyjob.." He takes a deeep breath and Resumes trying to enter the hug, he CAn bitch and all later.

The sniper bandit on the tower goes down as the knife hits him in the chest, leaving Angus without opponents. Fenris sneaks into the hut and takes out the guard before they can react, leaving him alone in there with the tied up squirrel and, among normal furniture, a chest. Bazalt is reasonably quick to follow him into the hut, despite his injury, but is too late for the action. There are no more bandits in sight.

Angus does one lazy circle to make sure he didn't miss anything before landing down next to his gear outside of the camp, shifting back before putting his gear back on. "I swear everytime I have to deal with bandits one of them ends up stuck in my teeth, tasting like shit."

Fenris squats in front of the child and carefully unties him. "Are you alright?" he asks quietly, "We're here to get you out of here. Hold tight." The tiger fiddles for just a moment with his soul pendant and closes his eyes as new paths open up in his mind. He pulls a small white box from within his coat.

Zuri searches the second tent and finds nothing of interest. The pegamander peers back outside and slinks back towards his friends, instinctively keeping hidden and a low profile despite apparently every bandit already having been dealt with. He heads towards Bazalt, joining him to go investigate the hut.

Bazalt sighs and watches Fenris and the teen. "soo" he mumbles, Growling slightly. "Hopefully Angus got all the guards? we can find the otehrs and Go right? Hope you enjoyed your tea party..." he pants, wincing sligthly as he looks around, waiting for fenris

The squirrel is quickly untied and thanks his saviors profoundly, asking to please be taken home as fast as possible. As Zuri investigates the hut he comes across the chest, finding a sizable amount of crown in it, that could be taken as a bonus to the payment they were promised.

Angus cleans his muzzle off with his cloak, quietly returning to the others as they find the kid. He crosses his arms, studying the person they spent this entire time to rescue, before a burp ruins his train of thought and he gets a taste of the bandit he just chewed up once more.

"Stay close, kid," Fenris says to the squirrel, "We'll get you out of here." He grunts and takes the young man under his arm and activates his divine shield before ducking out of the hut. "Move!" he commands, heading back toward the gates.

Zuri is not one to let free gold go to waste. Whether as bonus pay or a charitable donation, this chest of gold will find some kind of use. He collects as much of the chest's contents as he can before running to join Fenris as he calls out.

Bazalt nods to Fenris and Angus and Grumbles. "Right." HE nods again and smiles weakly to the fox as he glances as his foot-another TRip to a Doctor... Again...

The group makes it back into the city without incidents and the merchant happily pays up after his son is returned to him.