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In the back corner of the Shadow's bar, Ashley sits, in a plain set of clothes and a hooded cloak. She stares off into the nothing, as she sits, perfectly still. This being a place that shadows congrigated often, she felt almost at home here, if not for this shell that surrounded her. Still getting used to being in a physical form, she twitches her skunk tail a bit, that being the only motion she gives.

The doors opened with a defiant squeal, making Angus cringe a little as he walks in. "Really should oil those hinges." He mutters as he walks up to the bar, ignoring most of the shadows as long as they ignore him, and orders a drink. This place always put him ill at ease, being in a room full of what use to be Promises greatest threat would do that to you.

Ictus nods as he follows after Angus and hmms, "Yeah, they should." he looks at the shadows curiously as he watches them warily, mumbling something to himself before he shakes his head free of the thoughts

Ashley looks up as two enter, warriors, she can tell by the necklaces they have on their necks. She has one now too. She looks down at it. She has her mission, she just needed to wait. She watches the pair, then notices! What she has been waiting for. One of the two tailed ones. And here were two of them! She takes a moment, staring into the distance to confer with her mentors. Then gets up to walk over to the pair of foxes.

Angus had a drink in hand, and about to take his first actual sip of it as he turned around, and noticed someone walking their way. "Um....hello there." He comments, an eyebrow raising in curiosity as he eyed the skunk before him. Then he finally noticed the pendant that she wore and his expression became serious. "Is there something we can help you with?" He asked, his tone neutral as he watched her.

Ictus glances over at the skunk as she approaches and eyes her carefully, "Hello..." he looks to Angus and nods in agreement, "Something wrong?" he notices her pendant and seems to recognize it but says nothing about it

Ashley was just walking up to them when they started talking. She hadn't got used to that yet. So she just takes a seat at a table next to the bar. Her eyes are unmoving, unwavering as she looks at the pair. Could these two really be who she was after? They confused her to no end, but she hadn't been around them long. She looks away, far and distant a moment. Perhaps it was too soon for her to take her mission, but it was too late now, she had a shell, and she was here. Still unblinking, it is quite sometime before she says anything at all, "Come with me."

Angus eyed her for a few seconds, before he gave a nod. "Your word that no harm will befall us if we do, and you got yourself a deal." He shot back, smiling lightly as he already knew his answer no matter what she said. Threat or not, this shadow had peaked his intrest, granted he wasn't in the mood for a dagger to the ribs.....but he was still curious.

Ictus blinks at the skunk and then looks to Angus, "Well... That's new..." he shrugs a bit and nods in agreement, "As my cousin said... We'll go if you promise no harm." he looks over the skunk some more, still seeming guarded

Ashley looks at them both still unblinkingly, if she wanted to hurt them, they'd be hurt, so why were they even asking about that? She just nods and turns, walking back toward the table she was at before. The shadows themselves also watch her, but she pays them even less mind, or at least seems to. Once back at her table she sits down again where she was, and waits for the two foxes to follow.

Angus shrugged, as he really only did it as a formality. "Shall we?" He asked Ictus, giving him a sideways smile as he stood up, easing his hand of the musket still hidden within his cloak. He had dealt with Shadows before, most of the time he came out of the ordeals without a scratch, but that didn't make him any less cautious as he walked over to the skunks table and took a seat.

Ictus shrugs at the nod and sighs, "I suppose." he chuckles a little as his tails sway, "I'm curious as to what her interest is..." not to mention his own questions, he takes a seat and looks around more while he waits for the shadow to speak

Ashley looks to Angus as he sits down, then to Ictus. She'd only need one, just one really. Why did there have to be two? Maybe two would be better. This way she could lose one and still have the other. She looks distant a moment while she conciters this. "Warriors. What do you think of the ones you call Creators?" Her speech is slow, as if she wasn't used to using her mouth, and the way she sits looks almost unnatural, didn't she know she had a tail at all? It just hung limply behind her on the floor, under the cloak.

Angus leaned an elbow on the table. "I think they are rather mysterious, and they care to much for shiny things." He joked lightly, knowing all to well she wouldn't even crack a smile, but he tried anyway. "To be honest, I don't know what to think of them. Only thing I really actually know, is that they are powerful." He hadn't forgotten his drink back at his table, and he quietly started to sip at it's contents as he watched the shadow.

Ictus blinks at the question and shrugs, "Warrior huh?" he chuckles a little at Angus' joke and shakes his head, "Well, they did create us. Though, if I saw one I wouldn't know what to do really." he ponders a bit and shrugs, "Why do you ask?"

Ashley looks at Angus first, a dead stare. If he looked closely, he could tell her eyes were purple. Purple with pink dots. "Shiny things." she repeats, somewhere between a question and a statement. She nods at their seemingly basic understanding. "They are dangerous. Why do you think they left you here?" she says next. Some other movement, just a bare amount as she shuffles her paws slightly. She continues to speak slowly and softly.

"Beats me." Angus replied without a thought, the only time he ever came into contact with anything that was Creator made. Was in his studies as a young kit, and the few times he was sent out to retrieve creator artifacts. Any other time he never really brought up the subject, and had no opinion on it.

Ictus hmms at that and nods, "I'm sure they are quite a bit more dangerous than we are..." he hmms at Angus and shakes his head, "I only know what we were told as children, that this world was given to us... The real reason could be quite different."

Ashley looks over the two again, eyes moving from one, to the other. Why couldn't this form just sense them, and see them more easily? Why did it have to actually.... well, at least it made up for it in other ways. It wouldn't do to just tell them, no. This.... would be far harder then she thought it would be. She stares off again. "What are you two?" she finally asks, maybe if they forgot where they came from and why they were here, they'd forgot that too?

Angus leans against the table and eyes her. "I'm a Fox, to be correct I'm actually a Kitsune. One of the Sacred families the Creators made." He answered tails flicking in amusment as he watched the skunk. "But then again, that's not the answer you are looking for. Is it?"

Ictus looks at the skunk curiously at that, "Well... I could spout off any number of things I believe myself to be... But like my cousin said, I doubt that is what you are looking for. I am a Fox and Kitsune." he shrugs at that

Ashley nods once. At least they hadn't forgot that. "Warriors and Kitsune. You can be useful." she says to them, for the first time blinking. She stares forward again, off into the distance. Then she gets up and grips Angus' hand, "Come, this way." she says, almost as if unsure she was saying the right thing. She tries to pull Angus off toward the doors again.

Angus rolled his eyes as she repeated herself, and was in the middle of taking a drink when she actually blinked. He didn't notice it, so he was rather surprised when she grabbed his hand and started to try and drag him off towards the door. "Hey, hey. Whats the rush?" He asked, senses already on full alert as he looked around the Inn.

Ictus hmms? and tilts his head curiously at that, "Useful?" then Angus is absconded with and he blinks as he stands to follow her, "Yes, what is the rush?" he has a hand on one of his daggers, though it doesn't look like he's thinking of using it just yet

Ashley looks to the dagger and lets Angus go. "No Vy Ol Ants" she manges to say, though she doesn't have time to figure out exactly the right way to say it. They were being accomidating, maybe she could just have them follow. She was in a hurry, she wanted this to be done. "Come, follow." she says and turns toward the door again, walking toward it. The other shadows eye the pair of foxes.

Angus blinks. "No...Vy Ol Ants..." It took him a second but he then sighed, putting a hand on Ictus' shoulder. "Dagger away please." He muttered, eyeing the shadows right back as they were stared at. "Well...we've come this far..would be foolish to back out now." He muttered, giving the entire room a Smile, a sharp one, before he turned to follow the Skunk.

Ictus blinks at that and nods, "Alright. Just let us know before you drag us away next time." he removes his hand from his dagger and nods to Angus as he eyes the other shadows, "True, it would." he sighs a bit

Ashley walks out of the bar and to the city gates. The guards look her over, but, she has te pendant on, and they eventually let her pass. She still looks so odd, tail practically dragging ground, as if she hadn't a clue what to do with it, but it also doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest. She continues to walk on, looking back only to make sure the foxes were still following her, that is till she gets to the Saints Square. She draws looks the whole way, but once there, she waits for Angus and Ictus.

Angus shrugs at his cousin as he follows Ashley, giving the guard a slight salute as he walked by. Everything about this Shadow was odd to him, the way she walked, the way she talked, it just She was a lot different then most of the shadows that he had met, and he eyed her curiously as he followed with his hands in his pockets. "So, what do you think she wants?" He asked Ictus as he glanced around Saints Square before stopping.

Ictus follows as well and hmms, "I realize shadows are... Different, but she could at least try to mimic us at least..." he ponders a bit and shakes his head, "I honestly have zero ideas about what she could want, I mean... If she wanted us out of the way or anything, it would have been easier to do it at the tavern." he hmms as they come to the Saints Square and tilts his head curiously

Ashley ear twists as she hears them talking. So much to try and remember to do. What could she be doing wrong now. She had 'clothes' and she'd brushed herself that morning. She'd bathed. Oh, the fifth limb again. She raises it up and finds that her balance is a bit better as well. She adjusts herself on her feet a bit and walks up close to Angus, "Tell them." she says and points to the largest church on the squire. "Tell them that they are dangerious." she says again.

Angus blinks. "You want me to...what?" He asked, wondering if he heard her right. He tilted his head, looked towards the church, and then looked at her again. "....I don't think they will listen you know." He couldn't believe what he had just heard, he knew that people had to be cautious around Creator artifacts, he had a few scars from incidents himself actually, but he didn't believe that they were truly dangerous...well, not purposely dangerous that is

Ictus looks at the shadow as she starts using her tail and shrugs. He looks to where she is pointing and blinks, "Uh... Yeah, suure. We are just going to go over there and tell them that they are dangerous and expect to be believed, yeah... That's not crazy at all." he rolls his eyes and shakes his head a bit, "Would you like us to ask the creators themselves to come here and tell them they are dangerous?" he's being extra sarcastic in hopes to get the point through

Ashley looks to Angus as he doesn't move, then over to Ictus. Her mission is easy, The other Fox did just say it! She looks to Ictus and nods. "Why wait? Go now." she says and points again to the church. She shakes her head a bit "No, they wouldn't come here for that, you don't want them to come here, but tell them!" she says a bit more urgently.

Angus sighs and rubs at his eyes. "Okay, look." He said, giving her a slight smile. "We can't just march right into there and tell them that they are bad without more of an explanation why." He tries to make her understand, curiosity getting the better of him as he watches her.

Ictus blinks at Ashley and shakes his head, "Right..." he looks at Angus and nods, "Exactly, even then... We'd need proof and that may not be even enough to convince most." he frowns a bit

Ashley looks at them, they were Kitsune, this should be easy. Proof? And Explinations? She looks far away again, far far away, as if she herself wasn't there anymore. After a while she seems to come back and nods. "Proof, you need proof, we will give you proof, no words, just proof." she says and then turns, walking back away at first, but stops, "How will this one find you two again?" she asks.

Angus nods in response as he steps forward. "We are usually at the Freesword Inn, but if you can't find us there...Try the Solacious Manor, tell the guards that Angus sent you." He smiled, offering her his hand. "Might...I ask what your name is, Miss?" He had a feeling that he wouldn't get an answer, but he had to try at least.

Ictus hmms and nods at that, "Yes, we can usually be found there. Ask for Ictus if Angus is not there." he thinks a bit and shrugs, 'I am curious as to what your name is myself."

Ashley looks to them both, "This one, has no name." A name would be useful. She points to Angus, You, give this one a name." she says, walking back up to him. Her movements seem a bit more fluid as she holds her tail up properly.

Angus blinks as he is pointed at, rather surprised at her movements. "Um...ya sure, okay." He manages to respond as he looks at her, tapping his chin. "How about......Ashley?" He asked, the name just popping into his mind from out of no where.

Ictus blinks at that and laughs a bit, "Well, that was interesting..." he nods at Angus and grins, "Ashley does sound good." he shrugs a bit

Ashley nods and says, "This one is Ashley then. I will find you both later, to seek out proof." With that she turns again and heads back out of the city and toward the tavern outside once more. She still moves a bit oddly, but at least a bit more fluid wth her tail up, now, if only it was so up....

Angus nods as he watches her leave, still confused on the entire incident. "This was....a rather odd day." He muttered, rubbing his chin before he blinks. "Dammit....I didn't get to finish my drink!" He complains, grumbling lightly as he stands there.

Ictus tilts his head and shrugs before he looks back to Angus, "It has been rather odd." then he blinks and sighs, "I didn't get to ask anything either..." he grumbles and shakes his head