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"Cousin Angus, if you please follow me?" the older Fox had offered as he passed by in the hallways of the House. He was an unfamiliar, masked sight, certainly, but the number of medals stitched to his chest suggests he's a ranking officer.

How, wasn't quite clear, but after only a short walk to the castle, and underground, Angus would find himself in familiarly unfamiliar shoes, as Angie, the noblebird who incited the Fairlanding Riots... And he, now changed into hawk of her own house, holding the keys to a cell-door. "Shameful display. The House stands by the Greats, Cousin," he offers, as she's thrown into a cell, and he moves off into the distance... Angus studies the fox that he is following, the medals are given great attention as he remains quiet for a time. "So what is it you wished to speak of?" He asks, right as he notices the change of location, looking down at his hands as he realizes what is going on. Angie looks up at her cousin before being thrown into a cell. Standing they turn and step back up to the door. " A shame yes, one we may be able to rectify with time." "Don't bother with the old coot. You won't be able to reason with him," comes a smooth, silken voice. An otter, female, and in her mid to late thirties. She bears the marks of age, although her gaze is sharp and keen. "You come back into town, try to establish some order in a disorganized world, and what do they do? They throw you in jail for 'crimes against the kingdom.' Psh," she offers with a smile on her lips. "So, what did -you- do to land yourself here on the chopping block, little bird?" Angie shrugs her shoulders a bit, pushing her arms out between the bars as she leans against the door. "I talked with a few loyal citizens about how 'Great' the Greats really where, it isn't my fault that the conversation quickly turned to violence for others after I was detained." "So -you- are the one who caused all that... Ruckus outside," the ottress offers with a broad smile, before rising, and placing her paw on Angie's shoulder. "We might have a use for you yet, little bird. How would you like to turn those words into actions proper?" she offers with a sharp, toothy grin. Angie turns to look at her once more, studying the ottress for a few moments before shrugging her shoulders. "I may be intrested, but how exactly am I to help in here hmm?" She asks, gesturing towards the cell itself before putting her hands on her hips. "I wouldn't worry about that too much, little bird. That little ruckus you caught should give us the -perfect- opportunity. And the Family does not pass on a good opportunity without reason," she offers with a smile.

"Everything according to plan. Not to fret," she continues, knocking on the bars once. Twice. A knock from further down the hall. Twice. Three times. And as the sound travels down the hall, suddenlly... One of the walls on the far side of the dungeon comes crashing down into the ground... A breakout! Angie stares at the wall as it crashes to the ground, shrugging her shoulders a bit. "Well I am glad that I helped I guess." She answers, leaning forward to look at the hole. "So, I take it time to leave huh?" "Time to leave," the ottress offers, as the bars of several cells come down, almost silently. "Of course, we'll have to take care of the guard between here and the outer wall. From there, we will observe, until the moment is right to strike. But don't worry, I'm sure we can find some way for you to make yourself useful," she offers, as she gently but firmly pushes Angie along. "You understand, of course, that it won't be -you- sitting on the throne in the end. But if you do -especially- well, mhm... I might just promote you to head of your House, little bird. How does that sound?" Angie is pushed along, quietly weighing her options at this before she finally gets her footing and starts moving. "We'll see little Otter." She retorts, smiling a little bit as it seems that she's being given a second chance to continue her plans, giving a quick glance down the hallway to see if the guard was coming their way before quietly adjusting her coat. The guard, for the most part, are quickly incapacitated by the otters breaking the people in the small dungeon out, caught unaware of the assault on the dungeons. soon, the wall is re-erected behind them, as the group manages to make their way out through a tunnel... And into the hustle and bustle of a city in turmoil. A tunnel leading into the old Sleekfur manor. "Now, we make for the outskirts. How are you with a blade? You -are- a wanted woman, after all. And you are a member of the nobility, and I doubt the mob will care about your position on the matters." Angie rolls her eyes, as if the question had to be asked. "I know how to hold a blade better then you I believe." She retorts, smiling at that. "If I didn't I wouldn't be here speaking to you." She frowns when she comes to the realization that she is actually a wanted woman now, no longer able to easily show her face in the streets. That and the very people who are hunting her she once respected fighting beside. "Do not underestimate the Sleekfur, little bird. It will be the last mistake you ever make," the elderly ottress offers, as she catches a blade thrown at her, while another is tossed Angie's way. "We move as one. Understood? I am sure your house at least taught you discipline," she offers, smiling faintly as the first of the black-dressed otters move out, weaving through the city... And attracting quite the attention from the rioting crowd and the guards, whom seem to be focusing their attention on the group... Rocks are being thrown, and guards are desperately trying to throw up blocades... Angie tests the weight of the blade, giviing it a single swing as she smiles. "Oh Perish the thought that I underestimate anyone miss." She retorts, checking the edge before nodding and tad taking off as soon as the others do. She holds an arm up to protect her head as the rocks rain down, keeping her attention and focus straight ahead as she works to keep pace with the others. And then, there is the first roadblock. Two guards are quickly dispatched by the otters, but one of them manages to slip through, ready to pick a fight with Angie!

And yet, the otters move, the older otteress looking over her shoulder with a smile. "Don't take too long, little bird. You wouldn't want to disappoint your new liege, and the next Queen, would you?" Angie scowls at that, taking the blade in both hands as she continues forward. Using the moment of her run she swings the blade from over her shoulder, the flat turned towards the guard as she puts the full force of her weight into it to try and either stumble him or force him off balance to get around. Angie's movements seem to have the intended effect, for the most part. The guard is left off-balance, his own motions slow and confused, unorganized. It certainly shouldn't take long for Angie to take the guard out properly, but, despite his apparent ineptitude, he's still trying to block the way. Angie steps around him before he can get his balance to return the strike, bolting as she tries to catch up with the rest of the group instead of trying to prolong the battle between the two. "Tsk. Not much of a killer, are you? How are you planning to make it in this new world you've ushered in?" the otteress offers with a smile. "Regardless. I'm sure you can get the gate open for us," she adds with a sway of the tail, pointing at a small side-gate, meant for people rather than for carts. Angie rolls her eyes at that. "There is a time for killing, would of taken to long to engage them in a real fight to put them down and would of lost time." She answers as she heads towards the alcove in the wall where the gates controls would be, poking her head in to see if the post was manned. "Makers above, child, what do they tach you? A single, well-placed stab between the third and fourth rib is all it takes. You leave your enemy alive, it'll come back to haunt you," the otteress counters, before the bird moves away.

The post is most definitely manned... Three beings, each of them lightly armored. Angie sighs at that. "I'm a soldier, not an assassin." She mutters, giving a quick glare back at the Ottress before stepping into the post with her blade in hand. She sighs once, lifting the blade at the ready in both hands. "Don't suppose you'd want to lay down your weapons? No?" She asks, moving already before they can answer as she steps towards the nearest guard with a thrust of her blade at his ribs. "From now on, little bird, you are both. Do I make myself clear?" the otteress offfers... And indeed, like Angie suspected, the guards do not seem too keen on the idea of submitting.

Knives and swords drawn quickly, the three are readying themsselves in the cramped space... The guard closest to the doorway is caught off-guard, and finds a blade between his ribs as he reaches for his own knife... One slash of his own knife, woefully inadequate, and he stumbles... He is most definitely out for the count. Angie steps back, letting him fall as she brings her blade up once more, there really wasn't much time to draw out the fight as she snags the dagger of the guardsman before he is down. Holding both blades in hand as she readies herself. "I'm going to need a lot to drink after today I feel." She mutters as she lunges for the next, the blade going for his eye as she keeps the dagger close in case the other comes for her. The second guard is quick to fall, and as the third moves to strike, he's quickly met with that dagger, felling him too and leaving him bleeding out. The post is now completely undefended, allowing Angie to finally open the gate, and allowing the group to leave the city.

Outside, there are quite a few more guards lying by the wayside, as well as one or two rioters, although the rioters have, largely, decided to give the Smoothfurs a wide berth. Angie sighs, flicking the blades to get as much blood off as possible before dropping the kinfe and opening the gate. As she steps out she looks around, before heading back to the Otter. "Shall we leave, or do you want to linger." "We leave," the otteress notes, as she, and her entourage, make for the gate. "You coming along then, little bird?"

Once out of the city proper, and on a nearby hill, the otteress gestures at the city, which is distinctly on fire at this point, with a smile on her lips. "Was this what you envisioned when you gave your rousing speech? Is this everything you wished for?" "It does not matter, of course. We can work with it. We can reshape the city, and the country." Squints, shielding her eyes from the sun as she watches the blaze, her shoulders slowly falling. "Yes...and no, many people I know have probably died for this. But in the end we will be better, we need to be better then what it was before. For all of us." "Very well," the otteress offers with a smile, her paw resting on Angie's shoulder. "In time, the royals will fall, and and we will take their place. And whether this event went the way you imagine it or not doesn't matter. We can make use of it. You will see, and you will be a part of our strategy." And then, suddenly, Angus is Angus again, seated at a table in a curious tent, in front of the miniature of Fairlanding. Several buildings have collapsed, the two ships in the harbor are burning, and the ship not in the harbour is hastily sailing away...

"I do hope you do not mind your rather... Unexpected visit to Fairlanding. But the story is moving, and it simply won't do to leave any one of my players behind," the fox from before offers, mask still on his face. Angus blinks, staring down at the table as he leans back a bit. "I...see." He states, looking back up at the fox a bit as he scoots in his chair, almost wondering if his hands where still stained with blood as he them on his trousers without thinking. "Your hands are clean. Angie's are not. Now, since you left early last time," the fox offers, before pulling out a small piece of paper, and taking the figurine from the table. "These are yours. Next we meet, I will review any changes you make to your character. That said, if you have any questions about the game, or its world, I would recommend you ask them sooner, rather than later... I do not enjoy... Breaking character." Angus quietly takes the paper, looking it over before folding it up and pocketing it. "I may have a few questions next time, but for now I've...none, thank you." He answers, still just a little to stunned by this to really have many thoughts on the situation. "As you please. Now, I am sure you have matters to attend to, no? I believe you had an appointment or two in your role as captain or the guard? Best hurry to ensure you make it, no?" Angus quietly nods, standing and bowing to them as he starts to head for the door. Stopping at the moment he thinks, turning. "Is any of this real, what happens if we fail. What happens if one of us falls in the game?" "Their world is as real as any other. It is as real as this world, and it is as real as the world in any play, book, or spoken story. Who are you to decide what is, and isn't real?"

"If you fail? That depends, does it not? Are you failing a personal objective, or a global one? What even -is- the objective?"

"IF you should fall, you will awaken, perhaps sore and hurt, but physically fine. I may permit you to make a new character, but such things should not be taken lightly." Angus nods slowly at that, thinking on it before heading out the door with a final Farewell as he goes about his day. Rather distracted by the events he had just dealt with in the game.