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A crowd is gathered around a mass of slabs bearing the inscriptions of divine math, and a gathering of mages consisting of a chicken, owl, and elephant all of the

clever folk, and a small claned flower girl. They bustle about the slabs inspecting their work as the elephant seems to be calculating something. The crowd murmers confusion and curiosity as they do so.

Sally arrives with a pad of her own notes and math. She settles in with the crowd, towards the front of course, and who would deny her noble herself the privilege? "Do you know anything of the competitors?" she asks of whomever happens to be near her.

Peril arrived early enough to secure a spot with a good view, the cat having chose her crystals to allow her a greater knowledge of air magic, or at least enough to understand much of the math being employed. With a wary grin she looked over the preparations, every now and again making note or sketch upon small sheets of paper clipped to a board.

A walrus tweaks his whiskers and addresses Sally "Well ma'am the way I see it the flower girl is assured victory, shes been studying for most of her life on this subject. I think her name is Jia, and the Elephant there is Tom, hes a judge." he says as he motions to the busy trunked genius. "The owl is some professor from Cliffside, and then the chicken is just a student if I recall." He adjusts his glasses and settles in to watch the finishing prep-work. The chicken appears to be epreparing to work their magic, prompting the elephant to work faster than before.

Sally cants her head at the set of them, then pulls out a small pouch, from within, a heavy thousand crown coin, "Two to one on the new one," she wagers. It's what people do at competitions, right? "If they win, it will be twice a fine a day. Bloody Cliffsiders."

Peril perked her ears and the sound of bets being taken, and lifting her head from her note she gave the nearby fox a grin "encouraging gambling are we? What a dreadful habit to bring into this fine contest of skill. Oh and 20 crowns on the owl".

A tall giraffe with a great view of the event calls Sallys bet with a smile. The chicken hops into the center of the slabs and starts to work out some divine math, the owl nodding in approval as she works. The elephant gives her the all clear and a gust of wind sweeps the crowd, directed towards the chicken. When it reaches her she lifts gently off the ground with a smile, rising higher and higher slowly.

Sally tilts her head the other way, squinting at the floating chicken and seeming unsure of something, but keeping it to herself for the moment at least.

Peril chuckles, shaking her head and looking back to her notes, striking threw a few lines and replacing them. "If any heavy clan to take the skies like this I may make a hasty exit"

The chicken rises about a story off the ground and waves to the crowd before rising slightly higher. As she does she flips upside down, letting out soft "Aaah...." as she looks down to the ground. She seems to have broken focus and decends at a slowed pace headfirst towards the ground. The elephant steps forward and snatches her out of the air and notes the length of time and height achieved, patting her on the back. She steps back towards the owl, who gives her a dissapointed look and shakes his head. The flower girl steps forward slowly, looking over the crowd slightly embarassed as they stand at the center of the slabs.

Sally scribbles a soft note on a clear page and whispers to pass it along down the line towards the chicken contestant, "No one looks too large today, but so what if Lady Ironsoul herself showed up to sail through the sky, as long as she's got the math down."

Peril drew a deep breath as her head rose again, the little cat looking over the next contestant as she exhaled a long sigh. "Maybe my stature has coloured my thoughts on those three times my size hovering overhead with the memories of being trod on repeatedly"

The chicken recieves the note and looks it over, tilting her head and then nodding, checking over her works with the information provided. The flower girl is given the okay and rockets off the ground, her small form easier to push around than the average folk, she quickly levels off ascension high above any tree in the eastbank forest, and then scratches her back as she looks to the ground. She then focuses her work on maintaining her achievement. The owl frowns and tilts his head.

Sally nods her head lightly, "Smaller is easier, for this contest," she agrees, "But I bet a flying squirrel or something else small of statue with something to catch wind would be even more suited," she says mostly to herself.

Peril cranes her neck back to watch the flowers ascent, grinning as the thought of applying just a little wind in the wrong direction but pushing that notion out of her head "Well, this seems fairly well settled. For some, taking to the air would seem to be a far easier task than it is for others"

The flower stays up in the air for what to some is too long to endure, the crowd thins a bit during her stay. She slowly reaches the ground, the magic petering out. As it does the flower twirls, happy and smiling, even if she does not look directly at the crowd. The owl scoffs at the works and steps forward rather prematurely, taking to the slabs as she reaches the ground. The elephant has them hold off as he begins marking down the flowers accomplishment.

Sally wrinkles her nose, "The mind is the greatest tool given to us by the Creator. Any being who understands the divine math well enough will rise to the top, no matter what beast they call ancestor," she speaks confidently.

Peril scoffs, glancing over at the fox “no matter how you approach it, you need the power to raise the object. The more massive the object is the greater the power required. If that were not the case we'd be living in castles in the sky by now.” Holding her pen carefully and resting her notes against her side, the cat folded her arms, eager to see how a studied professional would perform while hoping years behind a desk had not blunted his skill.

Sally spends 1000 Crown to: Doomed bet

The owl recieves an okay and wastes no time. The wind begins to gather around him, spinning and swirling at his feet. He slowly is lifted up as the spinning air gains height and speed. The elephant and the flower girl look rather unsettled by this development.

Sally doesn't like whatever she sees, and flips to a fresh page, starting to scrawl in a new formula hastily. As it turns, her skirt has pockets, deep ones, just the sort to pull out small flecks of crystal and material, laying them on the page carefully as she works, eyes off the performer now.

Peril quickly tucks her notes into her pouch, flicking her pen to clear the nib of kink before slitting it into her writing kit, closing the entire thing up and sticking it under an arm as she makes a rather hasty exit, choosing to depart the front lines before any panic set in as opposed to waiting on becoming a floor mat for those far larger than herself.

The owl rises with a remarkable speed, chuckling to himself before giving his wings a flap in triumph. The elephant shouts out "Disqualified, outside influence." as the owl does so, and the professor seems shocked, his focus averted from his spell he is flung aside into a rooftop where he comes to a stop short of rolling off. The magic itself seems to be growing in power, dirt and dust it carries accompanied by the high speeds damaging the slabs, which promptly become unstable themselves. Things don't look good as the crowd disperses quickly, the magic taking motion through the academy district.

All just in time for Sally to hold aloft her creation. Tracing the smooth lines of energy control and beseeching the forces of air, she thrusts forward her free hand to expel a gust of wind into the maelstrom, encouraging it to tumble away from the gathered crowd. "Everyone out, no stampeding, if anyone's hurt, help them get to the exit," she barks with the military cool her family is known for.

Peril didn't even give a backward glance at the crash and rattle of the growing air magics,, only continuing to hurry away as fast as she could comfortable travel with her hastily stowed burden, taking advantage of any shelter she could find from the escaping wings. With her lead on the rest of the audience the little feline had more than enough time to reach a safe distance and vanish down another street where she felt comfortable to stop and properly pack away her things.

Sally's spell destabilizes the out of control air magic, sending it towards the city gates with decreased speed and direction. At the foxes guidance the crowd escapes without any damage or tramplings, surely they deserve praise for their actions. The flower runs towards the city gates with magic prepped in hand, and soon after she is out of sight a mighty crash can be heard, the gates collapsing on themselves. but the spell has been dispersed.

Sally scowls as she tucks away the spell. A bitter triumph. She looks around, checking for injuries. Seeing all is well, she hurries in the direction of the gate, jingling wildly as the bangles on her tail ring and clash.

Peril,once all her materials safely stored away in her bag risks a peek around the corner to see what was happening. Her curiosity roused by the lack of screams and anguished cries of the fallen.

The flower girl lays unconcious at the foot of a building, the gates are pure rubble. They will need swift repair for the cities safety. The elepahant, Tom, follows Sally towards the scene and frowns. "I'll tell her she won when she gets up, but this was not a fruitful day." he says with a sigh. The guards who had been at the gate re-emerge from cover and scowl. "This isn't going to go well." one of them says as they survey the wreckage.

Sally approaches swiftly, already barking out orders, "Let's get this rubble cleared away. I need three university investigators to find who rigged that magic to go off. No witnesses. You're either cleaning or getting out of the way!" she shouts as she descends on the scene and gets to work.

Absent of any obvious danger, the little feline slipped around the corner, sticking close to the buildings as she moved back in the direction of where the contest had been taking place. Nearing the inscribed paving stones, she moved out to examine them more closely, looking over what remained of the etching a moment before pulling open her little pouch and pulling out her notes, eager to look them over again.

The guards work with Miss Sally to achieve the goal of cleaning the rubble up, although more than a few of them had seen Jia the flower girl dispell the magic. A few investigators approach where Peril is and she is hurried off. What a fine mess this contest has turnd out to be.

Peril hangs about nearby regardless, though at a reasonably safe distance to watch the clean up while wondering just what motive there could be for the gate of the city to be destroyed in such a fashion, or why the gate was so easily destroyed by a single rogue spell for that matter throwing it all into whatever grand conspiracy plot she could think of which she would happily retell in the taverns later that night.

You make a mess, you help clean it. Sally remains at the gate until the way is clear for traffic, and volunteers to be on the team to help rebuild the new one, the sooner the better, "House Solacious will not leave the city undefended," she assures.