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The late morning is warm and sunny and there are all manner of beings wandering the docks, about their business. There is a short queue up the gangway of the Aurora. The clipper ship is shrouded in decorations and draperies, hiding the deck from view and a servant in Snowmark liverie is keeping watch at the entrance. As each being arrives, he speaks to them and their reactions seem to vary widely. Some laugh and enter, others are more hesitant or turn away, and others seem horrified and leave in a hurry.

Cirrus is just another being meandering along the dock, doing whatever it is that a cat does on just another day like this, until the queue for the boat catches her eye. Well, looks interesting, at least. And she hadn't seen the Snowmark insignia in ages, so why not? The snow leopard approaches the fancily-decorated boat, nearing the servant with a curious eye. "Ooh! What's going on, here?"

Bazalt hums headding along to the boat. "so.. a dresscode-eh?.. but... it didnt.. say.." the wolf frowns, not long behind cirrus as he noms a sweetcake. "well.. I might as well see!" he says, tail wagging-it nothing else it'd be an.... intresting experience!

A delicately featured Otter stands in the queue, eyes wide, but idly rubbing at the brooch on his cravat, his long rudder-like tail curled up around a leg as he stands there. "Oh, I hope I get in. A party would be ever so much fun." He looked down at his body, then down at his body. "I do hope my clothes are alright though. It's the only thing I've got that's presentable." He furrows his brow, then looks up, head tilting as he looks over the wolf. "Mister Bazalt? Why isn't this a surprise! It's a pleasure to see you here too. Do you know this Mister Sven Snowmark?"

Aisling is quite a bit further up in the line than the others, the noble vixen is wearing a fine gown ow white and cerulean, with a fitting, feathered hat. She turns her head to look at the harbor area while she waits, a smile making its way across her muzzle as she spots the golem she left back there.

The servant nods as the little group draws near. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen," he says formally, "I must inform you that there is a very strict dress code at this event. Specifically, no dress. We ask that you disrobe just inside and leave your things with the attendant if you choose to join the party."

Bazalt blinks "Oh.. hey...it's the Otter that thought i was dangerous!" the wolf shakes his head and blinsk "Wait-wait..Did.. you say.. Disrobe?" the wolf Blinks as theinsides of his ears go Red-naked.. in.. public-with others? "I... Do.. we.. have to go. naked.." he asks, Blinking, tail wrapping around his leg. "I mean..i..Guess. that's..ok..just.. wondering. this.. is.. odd...-are.. all Svens parties like this..and..Yes, Lucas..I do know Sven.. sorta, more in passing.."

Lucas rubs at his brooch and nods his head to the side. "I've never met a shadow before. Sorry. And you're so..." His eyes scan the wolf up and down, having to crane his neck to look all the way up. "Big too. It's quite intimidating." His eyes widen and he clutches at his cravat. "R-realy? I have to get naked? Like... completely?" His brow furrows and he tries to smooth out the ruffles futiley. "Well... might not be so bad. I mean, free food's free food... right?" He sighs and starts to unbutton his vest.

"No dress? Bare fur?" Cirrus considers this for a second, tapping her chin and glancing back to the servant warily. "Ah, well. I hear Sven's parties are amazing. Might as well!" The snow leopard nods faux-sagely, glancing back to the others in the group to make sure everyone's actually, y'know, undressing. She starts do do the same, hesitating about midway through to ask a question, "So, can we still keep panties and the like on? Or do those have to go too?"

Aisling blushes deeply, then rolls her eyes. "Of course it is." The vixen shakes her head and turns on the spot, leaving the party to beings more into... -this- kind of thing. She mutters some not very nice words about the house Snowmark as she leaves into the city.

The servant opens the curtain to allow those willing to strip to enter. Behind the curtain is a set of changing tents with servants in skin tight swimwear. "Welcome!" says a stately reindeer in a pair of swimming trunks and a priestly stole, "You need not go nude," he says gently, "We have appropriate clthing for you. It is Sven's joke, I fear, and a test for his guests. You are also welcome to go without."

Bazalt nods slowly And does enter-if anyhting he was about to strip like the rest. "Oh. thank the Creators we dont have to go naked..." the wolf sighs in relief and pads on. "i'll ah.. take some.. non-nuke things please..." he says to reindeer. "and.. that sounds like sevn...." he shakes his head "never do anything normally...." he chuckles, rubbing the back of his head-Ignoring the fact that the others had undressed.. or mostly undressed.

Lucas was already pulling down a pair of white panties when the reindeer pulls back the curtains, quickly drawing them up before he collects his clothes. "I-I wish you had said that before I made myself so indecent." He said, head lowered with his soulgem resting on a choker around his neck. He quickly pads in, rudder tail swaying back and forth with the motion of his hips. He quickly enters into a changing tent, practically running in his embarassment, tail sticking out for a moment before he draws it in.

Cedric would not miss a naked boat party for the world! Of course, he may also be semi-obligated to attend, seeing as how he sort of works here. Sometimes. Either way, the badger finally appears from below deck, naked as the day he was born, hiding not a single one of his badger stripes from the warm morning sun.

"The party can start, I've arrived!"

Cedric cedric

"G-gosh darn it.

As everyone begins walking inside, a certain green runed feline appears on the deck. Surprisingly, she is still wearing her clothes and unfortunately she is wearing all of her weapons as usual. She looks around the room and sighs upon noticing that most of the party goers are naked. "Ugh, is this one of those parties? Well, I guess I can go for that. It's not like I have anything to hide." The feline takes off her white pants and her underwear to reveal that her legs are covered in thick striped tiger fur. Absolutely no sign of genitalia is evident on her form. She nonchalantly walks over to Sven and asks, "Will there be a problem with this?"

"G-gosh darn it. Well, swimwear. I... I suppose that's better. I never did like going swimming, though." Cirrus considers this, as, well, she's already in her skivvies. This is what you get for complying to requests to 'get naked' too quickly. The snow leopard strolls over to the tent, heading to pick something out that is a wee bit less... revealing, glancing over to both the badger and the tiger as they arrive, decidedly resolving to try to meet these new people. Oh, and say hi to the otter too. Who'd known that a skimpy seaside soiree would be the best place to meet new people?

Servants are on hand to tend to clothing and personal items. When the guests have achieved their preferred state of undress, they are ushered to the main deck where beings of all sizes and shapes mingle. A number of pools of various sizes are set up around the deck, allowing guests to wade in some or lounge in others. Servants stand about with towels, drinks, and food. The host, Sven Snowmark strides with a swagger from group to group, welcoming his guests without a stitch on his broad, powerful body. "Hah!" the puma calls out, "Is fine! Is fine! Come, enjoy beautiful water!"

Bazalt Blinks after Dressing-Admittedly he feels more nervous elaving his stuff witha Stranger than being around possibly naked peope. The wolf sighs and pads along, Takes a deep breath as he looks about-PArties still escaped him, What were they for? "w-wahts.. the point of this.. " he says rather loud before he Eyes Sven. "and there's the host.." the wolf shakes his head and glances around- looking rahter out of place and stiff-clearly the wolf was at a loss at waht to do-Hopefully it'd go better than almost drowning like the last party he was at.

Lucas lets out a girlish shriek as the servants come to take his clothes. He offers them up, then peeks out from behind the curtains. He frowns, brow furrowed before she steps out, hands crossed over his groin as he strides out with a yellow, striped bikini on. He jumps, then reaches back, pulling the back of his bottoms out a little to cover an asscheek. He takes off his hair tie, letting his hair fall down to rest on his neck, giving it to a servant really quick. he looks around the room, eyes falling on the wolf a moment and the naked badger before looking away. He takes a towel quickly and wraps around his towel. "We... we don't have to pay for any of this right?" he asks a servant carrying a tray of drinks.

Cara puts her pants in the changing room and grabs a towel before walking back to Sven, "If anything happens to clothes, you'll be held responsible." With that she waltzes her way over to the pool, but she chuckles for a second as soon as she notices the aquaphobic wolf from earlier. "Well, the aquaphobic wolf is apparently here today." She slowly walks over to him and asks, "Bazalt, you may want to stay in the shallow end of the pool. That way you can learn to face your fear of water slowly."

The badger, naked aside from a choker containing his soul gems, doesn't seem at all phased by the fact that he's not wearing anything. He takes a drink from one of the servants, and hovers around the party (not literally), just kinda being-watching for the moment. He sips his drink as he wanders over to Sven. "What was the occasion for this, anyhow?" he asks his captain, glancing up at the puma and patting his on the shoulder with a friendly gesture.

Cirrus has chosen a simplistic, pastel bikini as dress. Minimilistic enough to not draw overt attention to her private areas, stylish enough to.. also not draw attention. Rather convienent how that works out. She plucks a glass of something mildly alocholic from one of the servants, returning back to the few she arrived with, keeping an ear out for any interesting conversation of sorts. "Hey, Bazalt, Cara. Nice to see you two again." She glances over the unfamiliar otter. "Hello, there. Haven't seen you around before."

"No, Miss," the servant says to Lucas, then blinks, "Uh, Sir," he ammends, "It is all compliments of Lord Snowmark." Sven only laughs at Cara's threat and leaves her to her own devices. He grins at Cedric and shrugs broad shoulders. "Sven is too hot!" he says simply, "Also, Sven is wanting party!"

An enormous hippo, obviously a bit tipsy and incredibly exposed waddles up behind Cirrus and Lucas. "Hey there, ladies!" he says with just a hint of a slur, "Care to keep a Good man company?"

Bazalt Blinks and Frowns "Yeah no-you Go somewhere else, and i'll avoid the water." the wolf says, frowning. "I'll face my fears and such in my own time on my own terms, not when someotherperson thinks it's good for them!" the wolf makes his way the the Badge and Sven and waves to them, still looking Quite.. out of place an oh by teh Creators Cedric was Naked! "uuhhhh n-nice party" he says, trying to not look anywhere that'd be terribly terribly awkward to be cought looking at.

Cara sighs and turns around just in time to see the large hippo hitting on Lucas and Cirrus. She stares at the Good for a moment in disbelief. Her mouth is completely open and she isn't sure if she should be angry or disappointed. Somehow, the rather bulbous Good managed to not only fail to notice that she was a girl, but she mistook the short otter as a girl. Granted, he certainly has the hips of one, but it isn't really his fault on that matter, but it still causes her to blush from embarrassment. She walks over to the large Good, "Err, you do know that the otter is a man, right?"

Lucas covers his muzzle with a hand at the accidental slip, but a smile curls on his lips as he takes a sip from his drink. He rubs at his choker and nods to the Leopard. "Yeah, I... I'm a little new around here. I come from a small town up the Negila River called Tamsong. The name's Lucas Riverkin." He offers a hand to the leopard. "It's a pleausre to meet you miss...?" As he awaits a name his eyes go wide at the hippo entering, covering his muzzle in surprise at the body, tail curling around his leg. "Oh, I might have to sit down."

"Shoulda' known..." Cedric replies to Sven, lifting his glass to sip. It's not rare for the captain to throw a party 'just because'... and certainly not a clothing optional one. He smooths his hair back and gives Bazalt a smile. "It's a nice day for it, too!" he exclaims to the wolf. Having fun, I hope?" he asks politely.

Cirrus glances over to Lucas, their bikini and all. Strange, but she wasn't really one to comment on how strange people are. "'names Cirrus. Nice to meet you, Lucas." The leopard wasn't as confused at the others of the ambiguity of the otter's gender, primarily because she did see them while they were waiting in line. She narrowly avoids choking on her drink from a short burst of laughter that comes around as the drunk hippo actually attempts to hit on the male otter. "Hey, there, hippo." To the otter, she notes, "Nice party, isn't it, Lucas?"

The hippo turns a confused eye on Cara. "Whazzat supposed to mean?" he asks, "She's about the prettiest lady here! You're just jealous that I saw her first!" He lays a heavy hand on Lucas's shoulder and leads him and Cirrus toward one of the snaller, steaming hot tubs. "Come on ladies," he says, "We can relax over here and you can tell me about yourselves."

Sven grins and wraps a burly arm over Cedric's shoulders. "Is always good time for throwing party!" he crows, and reaches out with his free hand to give Bazalt a friendly butt-pat, "If friend wolf is not liking the water, maybe he is liking something stronger?" The big feline points out the buffet and its extensive wet bar.

Bazalt Nods to Cirrus and smile-GAH BUTTPAT! the wolf blinks and coughs before shaking his head and shrugging. "I.. think i'll just try and be social for now...I.." he looks to Cara and frowns "you have one ver uptight guest-you know that?" he says, sighing. "I'm still trying to make sense of Parties to be honest...Gah.. they. just dont make any sense to me!" the wolf shifts slightly, tail wrapping round his right leg. "Hrrnn. though food does sound good..."

Lucas's muzzle opens to protest, but as he's drawn close he shuts his mouth, being tugged along with the hippo. He nibbles his lower lip, then softly mutters. "T-thank you Mister Snowmark. That's... very kind of you to say." His tail uncoils from around his leg and he draws himself close to the large hippo, despite his obvious embarassment, he does seem to be a little giddy by the situation. He looks to the leopard then lifts a finger to his lips, as if to tell her to keep quiet.

Cara blushes even further, "WHAT!" She grits her teeth in anger and she walks after him as well. She walks with the intention to go into the same hot tub as the other three. She seems to be staring angrily at the Good and as she walks after him, she angrily vents, "You do realize that I'm a girl too." She continues to glare at Cirrus and Lucas, her ears straight up and her fur standing on end.

Cedric peers between the hippo and the other two, and Bazalt, scratching his cheek. He returns his attention to the wolf and puma, nodding a little. "That's basically what partying is... talking to people, drinking, and eating food..." he says, nodding emphatically as he takes another drink. Afterward, he wanders over to the food table, stubby tail swishing a little above his bare cheeks, as he looks over the spread and tries to decide what he wants to snack on. "Hmm..."

Cirrus sighs, and allows herself to be tugged along, taking another long sip off of the glass. Well, it's someone to talk to. "Yep. She's definitely the prettiest girl here, definitely." She smirks a little, glancing at Lucas' blushing and such, but otherwise remains relatively silent, lloking back over to Cara with a calm raise of the eyebrow. "Yes, yes you are. I'm sure you've gotten plenty of milage out of what comes along with that." The leopard picks a mini sandwich off a plate as they pass by a servant, chewing it as they go along.

The hippo lets loose a loud guffaw as he lowers his expansive, bare form into a steaming pool of hot water, making tge water slosh over the sides. "I'm not Lord Snowmark!" he says, still chuckling, "Pontius Good, at your service, ladies." He indicates the available space on either side of himself, then looks at Cara. "What's your point?" he asks, holding out an arm to help Lucas down, "Unless you're offering to keep me company too?" The hippo winks.

Sven himself swaggers toward the buffet, taking a glass in each hand for a start. "Is fine, friend wolf!" he says, "Relax! have fun!"

Bazalt blinks "I've got a name you know, Sven.." the wolf sighs and follws the two the food, frowning. "yes Relax near semi-naked people and on a boat surrounded by water with water on it, OH and yes-the Fact i feel like i could get stabbed in the back.." he Sighs "I'm far too uptight..." the wolf Grumbles, Grabs some alcholic drink and downs it in one go. "this is boud to end well." he mumbles under his breath.

Cara raises a hand in protest for a moment and sighs, "Actually, yes, I was a little interested." She begins to blush fervantly and as she lowers herself into the water, bubbling water as well. She mumbles to herself, "Well, he is a bit nicer than most of the guys that I met in my life."

Lucas's eyes wide and he rubs at his cheek, head dipping in his embarassment. "Oh, I'm ever so sorry Mister Good. I... I'm quite new around here I'm afraid. I didn't realize that was your name." He looks over his shoulder to note the puma Bazalt was talking to, but accepts the hand from the hippo, stepping down gracefully into the water. His eyes close and he sighs as she sinks into it, head dipping back to let the end of his hair dip into the water. "Ah, this feels good. Haven't had a dip in water since I left Tamsong," he said, getting lost in his enjoyment of the water.

Cara raises a hand in protest for a moment and sighs, "Actually, yes, I was a little interested." She begins to blush fervantly and as she lowers herself into the water, bubbling water as well. She mumbles to herself, "Well, he is a bit nicer than most of the guys that I met in my life. Especially that guy who hit on me when he had a girlfriend, but that's another story."

Cirrus slips smoothly into the water beside the hippo, taking care to keep her glass above the effervescent pool. "Nice to meet you, Pontius. My name's Cirrus, and our otter friend here is named... Lucy. Lucy Riverkin." The snowy feline nods, and giggles a little at Cara at their comments, leaning herself back a little to get a better look at how Bazalt is doing up there with the badger and the Snowmark. "Hey, Baz! Come join us over here."

"Oh, don't mind him, Bazalt..." Cedric says, waving a hand dismissively. "He doesn't really call anyone by their given name. I'm still 'friend stripeyface, last I checked." the badger chuckles, picking his food an putting some on a plate for himself. "I wouldn't worry too much about backstabbing. There's not many places a being could hide a knife here, y'know?" he grins at the wolf. "If it'd make you feel any better, you're welcome to give me a... uh... more thorough search. " he says, giving a playful wink before returning to food. "Just messin' with ya. If anyone wants to start something here, I'm already prepared to tear them limb from limb with my bare hands, I assure you." he says, any previous hint of joking or playfulness absent now. He's a little distracted for a moment afterward, glancing over towards the tub where Cirrus, Lucas and the others are.

The badger is right, of course. As Cedric has pointed out, no one really has anywhere to hide a weapon. Many of the partygoers ar actually following th lead of the host and going completely in the nude. A tall, thin hare actually wanders up behind Bazalt and puts a finger in the small of the wolf's back. "I suppose there could be some backstabbing," the hare gives a buck toothed grin and slips between Bazalt and Cedric to snag a treat from the table, "But only if you ask nicely."

Thinks are pretty relaxed in the hot tub as Pontius pulls Lucas and Cirrus close to his sides. "Nothing to worry about," he slurs a bit, "I'm only a minor member of the house. Now why don't you ladies tell me about yourselves?" He looks to Cara. "I got room on my lap, if you care to get friendly," he offers.

Bazalt Blinks "A..you...Suggesting I-" he gets suprised by teh hare.. and his Request. "O..Ok. point.. taken.." the wolf sighs "this is like being Surrouned by Thel..but... without-" he trails off and noms some food. "not bad food here Thel.." the wolf blinks-it was a party.. he knew a certain boar that loved partys... Perhpas he was about? "heh." he says, grinning. he was hardly gonne go talk should he be here but.. they were no doubt always watching. "Ok.. so it's safe e're all nice peoples that are drunk and probabaly want to...do..things..I think i'll stay with people i know so I Guess...How are you.. Cedric?" the wolf asks, stepping closer to him. He'd probally realize it was awkwardly close if he wasnt so nervous

Lucas lifts his head then nibbles his lower lip at the name Cirrus gave him, a smile cracking then spreading wide as his tail curls around his waist as he nods his head. "Y-yes, Lucy. It's a pleasure to meet you-" He lets out a quiet shriek as he's tugged closer, but doesn't resist, simply wiggling as he situations his body close. He looks into the churning water of the tub at the offer of the lap, but his ears twitch in resposne to the idea and he looks away in his bashfulness. "Um, well, I come from a small town up the Negila, l-like I was telling Cirrus earlier. Tamsong. Fishing village, but... well, I'm not one much for catching fish, so I took to the Graceful clan. My twin brother went to Heavy." He giggles and shakes his head. "Damndest thing, we both caught each other yesterday in the Freeswords' inn last night, along with a friend we grew up with. Afraid I'm still a bit new around here though. I hope to be a cour... N-nevermind."

Cara rolls her eyes for a moment, "I'm fine where I am though. After all, the fact that I'm actually at a party and not doing my work is really rare." She clears her throat for a second and continues, "You probably won't remember this Pontius. Well, I'm a member of the Freeswords and my work tends to be loud and somewhat destructive. I'm actually an ex mercenary trying to get work in something that doesn't involve my rather bleak past." The feline sighs for a moment as she lowers herself further into the water, "I have to get work in something less violent because I'm starting to hit a degree of power where things keep going out of hand whenever I put effort into my work." She takes a moment to eye the rather short otter, "I also want to teach others how to fight as well too." Then, she eyes the hefty hippo, awaiting an answer.

Cirrus slightly leans into the the hippo as she's pulled closer, leveraging the aquatic mammal's mass as a kind of pillow or cushion, and primarily just allowing the rolling bubbles of the tub warm both herself and her fur. "Not much to know about me. I mean, I hang around the freeswords because they're interesting, mainly. Don't have much patience for all the silly courts and balls and things. So boring, y'know?" She raises an arm to attempt to flag down a servant, desiring to trade out her empty glass for a new one, and perhaps receive something to chew on. Also, to Lucas/Lucy, she notes, "Graceful clan? Neat. I am, too."

Cedric relaxes a little and gives Bazalt another friendly smile, and a pat on the shoulder with one hand, as the other pierces a grape with its foreclaw. He brings the grape up to his maw and eats it unceremoniously.

"Just gotta relax a little bit. I used to be more nervous about being around other people than I am now." In reality, he's a lot more nervous around other people right now than he's letting on, which might explain the vigilant way he keeps scanning the partygoers with his gaze. "Oh, I'm great. Things are going pretty well for me. I've been helping Silas move in with me lately. A lot of work, but it's been nice not sitting around my tower all by myself, as usual..." he says to the wolf, taking a piece of cheese from his plate and eating. "Thinkin' of uh... asking him to bond with me soon, I think... maybe." he says, sounding a bit nervous about the prospect.

There is a happy cry and Sven bounds over to scoop Cedric into a big bear hug. "Is wonderful news!" he says, "We are start planning right away, da?" The puma drags Bazalt into the hug as well, then finishes the imprompu dance. "Maybe Sven is take boyfriend crocogator for test drive, eh?" he offers with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Pontius grins down at Cirrus and turns to take in his other hot tub companions. "Well," he says, "If any of you ladies are looking for something to do, I imagine that I could always use some assistance. I'm occasionally in need of talented, interesting escorts for diplomatic issues. It would help me show up that supercillious little Edmund."

Bazalt Blinks "huh well i still need to get the bonding done with Reggi-GAH!" the wolf chuckles at Sven, bot before the dance and after. "Still that's nice" he nods, smiling. "I.. It's one thing I understand-atleast slightly." the wolf smiles. "I do hope it goes well.." he says, nomming on a bit of cheese. "yeah.. it makes sense to me.." he nods.

Lucas nods his head. "Yeah. Parents wanted us both to be Water Clan, but I always loved music and dance, expressing myself, and my brother is a big, strapping sort who found himself drawn to Heavy." He looks to the hippo and smiles bashfully, a hand moving underneath the water to tap at the Hippo's leg. "Like you Mister Good." His eyes widen at the proposition, chirping in surprise as he splashes himself trying to cover his mouth. He sputters and bats at his face to get some water from his muzzle. "E-escort? I-I-I don't know. I'm not sure I'm exactly 'talented'. I only just finished my apprenticeship with the Graceful clan." He nibbles on a claw. "But... it is kind of what I was hoping to find for a job though." He sighs and sinks in the water up to his nose in thought, wincing as the bubbles tickle his nose every so often.

Cara blushes fervantly for a moment and her eyes widen, "Err, are you sure that I should be placed in charge of diplomacy? I'm not exactly from here for one thing. I'm actually from Shralesta, but if there's anything involving certain cultists and discretion isn't something that you value, I can handle it. The problem is, well, I'm not exactly meant to be a knight." She nervously continues again after she scratches the back of her head, "Really, Pontius, are you absolutely sure that you want someone like me to be involved with you? Normally, I wouldn't question other leaders, but this could have negative consequences. Also, are you sure you should be making decisions like this?" She wades through the water and moves closer to Pontius Good, "I can teach you how to fight though. I'm more than capable of doing that."

Cedric looks slightly embarassed as Sven gives him the huge bear hug while he's not wearing anything. He nods, and thanks the creator saints that his plate is empty so that he can strategically hold it in front of... himself. "W-well, I haven't asked yet, so there's nothing to plan yet..." he says, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, careful to keep his other hand holding that plate steady until his 'problem' subsides.

"But anyway, how goes your planning so far?"

"Something to do?" One of Cirrus' eyebrows quirk up, shooting a strange look at Pontius, and debating within herself for a few seconds, raising the newly-filled glass back up to her lips to take another sip. Tasty. "Hm. Escort. I think I can be convincing when I want to. And polite. Maybe. I always did prefer my crossbow, though." She leans forward more to look over at Lucas, a smirk pulling up at the edge of her muzzle. "What do you think, Lucy? Travel with a noble, see the sights of the world..." The leopard doesn't mention her own nobility. Like she said, courts were boring.

Pontius gives an incredulous look at Cara. "I am sure I said nothing of being in charge of anything, my dear, only looking lovely and being helpful," the hippo smiles at Lucas's teasing and it is a good thing that the bubbles cloud the water, "And of course, there is room to expand on any job." He shakes his head at Cara's offer. "I am sure I have all the martial training I could ask for. Beautiful companionship is much more interesting."

Sven lets Cedric and Bazalt loose and strides to the center of the deck. "Ladies and gentlemen! Friends!" he crows, "Now is time for entertainment!" The servants lining the deck scurry to clear away food and drink as a whole troupe of beings in skin tight, glittering clothing come tumbling and howling onto the deck from somewhere, juggling fire and spinning swords and balancing improbable objects on their heads. Definitely a Snowmark party.

Bazalt nods "it's going-slowly.. he's been busy..so mit's been hard but.. it's moving along.. very.. slowly" he smiles and glances at the Plate, both blushing adn grinning. "At..the rist of being bashfull.. YOu.. did.. ask me to.. Search you.." he crosses his arms and Grins again before-Wow.. Sven briings out teh Crazy stuff.. Still the wolf looks around-idily wondering IF a certain boar was here-probabaly not but.. who knows?

Lucas casts his eyes over towards Cirrus and makes some bubbles of his own under the water before submerging his head for a few moments. He lifts it up and relaxes against the back of the hot tub. "I... I don't know. I'm not sure I'd be cut out for that. I mean, it's one thing to be a... erm, entertainer, but it's another thing entirely to work for a Noble." He rubs at his cheek and shakes his head. "I'm not even a..." He catches himself and sighs, head dipping. "Cara should be the one sitting here next to you, not me. I'm just a fraud. There are only two women here, and I'm not one of them," he shamefully admits.

Cara blushes for a moment, but at the mention of having all of the martial training he could ask for, her small smile changes to that of a sly grin. "Well, if that's the case than something tells me that this might be fun." She nods and sits down next to Pontius' lap, "Alright, as long as I get paid, then I'll accept the job. If you like we can have the occasional sparring match. When would you like me to show up to begin my first day?" She instantly turns to the river otter and she rolls her eyes to the surprise of no one involved, "He probably already knew about it by now."

Cedric thanks the performers quietly to himself, for their distraction, and wanders off to go 'calm himself' before returning. "You went all out as usual, huh..." he remarks, a bit impressed with the show as he watches.

Cirrus snickers, and attempts to reach across the hippo to bump Lucas lightly on the shoulder. "Darn, you spoiled it all, Lucas. Darn, I was beginning to think you were a girl, myself. I mean, you have the curves for it." The snowy feline leans back against the hot tub, swirling her drink inside of the glass, while she looks over to Cara sitting next to the hippo, before turning to watch the show. Very... very flamboyant. "You know. As fun as this whole diplomacy thing sounds, I'd have to get things in order, first. Can always talk a bit more about if, if you catch me around Firmament."

"Looking for someone, friend?" comes a deep voice from behind Bazalt. A large, incredibly obese boar wanders into view with a full wine glass in hand. "Always love a Snowmark party," he says.

Pontius actually does not seem too enthused by Cara's advances and slides her from his lap to one side and instead pulls Lucas into his lap. "Mmm," the hippo hums, "You got curves in all the right places, though. I don't mind so much what's under that suit when the rest of you is so squeezable." Well, it is pretty apparent which oh his three companions Pontius was most interested in. "Tell you what," he says, sounding rather less drunk than he did a moment ago, "All three of you can come and see me soon. We'll see about a little employment, as a test run." He leans down and whispers something in Lucas's ear.

The performers have spread out a bit and given center stage to an alligator doing a fire knife performance in the shallow wading pools. He is very good, and the fire sparkles off of the sequins of his tight clothes as he spins a pair of flaming torches about in a mesmerizing pattern. The other performers clap and cheer, encoraging the audience to join in and some of them have small instruments to add some musical accompaniment.

Bazalt Blinks "GAH!" the wolf jumps slightly and rubs his head "now i'm convinced your watching me!" The wolf sighs and frowns "How'd you know-YOur reading my thoughts or something?" the wolf asks, actually smiling-sure Cedric had but here was Olloch! "enjoying the party then?" he asks, shaking his head-probally a caller of his in the crowd-seems likly. "wow.." he says, being darwn to the show. "certantly over the top.."

Lucas lets out a squeak as he's draw onto the hippo's lap, wiggling a little, then closing his eyes at the noble's appraisal. He smiles bashfully, and begins to lean back. "W-well, I suppose if you don't mind... I could use a job, and I did want to be a courtier." His eyes widen as the hippo whispers into his ears and he covers his mouth, looking back over his shoulder, posture straightening as he wiggles in the hippo's lap. He casts a glance to Cara and reaches out, setting a hand on her shoulder in a silent apology, then smiles at Cirrus in thanks. "I might have to take you up on the offer Mister Good." He wipes his brow then looks around. "Creators, I could use a drink."

As expected, the felines' ears furl down, and she sighs, "I apologize for making you seem uncomfortable. Well, I'll have to see you then, Pontius." Cara sends a small smile to Lucas, "I'm personally happy for your good fortune. Also, could you possibly tell me where I might be able to find you? I sort of expect that it would be Castle Good, but I could be wrong. I'll be certain to show up whenever you ask me to appear." Her ears suddenly perk up for a moment as she begins to feel something really unnerving and she frantically begins to look around the area for where the disturbance is coming from. "What in the world?"

Cedric wanders over towards Bazalt and the strange boar, looking him over for a moment... and then shrugging, and taking a drink of his strong wine. He leans over to Sven to whisper to the puma, "Who's this guy? I've never seen him around before..."

Cirrus is, more or less, acting as wing-lady for Lucas at the current moment. She's not interested in the job, as she wasn't ever actually one for subtlety, but it was always nice to help someone out. The snow lepoard quickly polishes off her current drink before flagging down another servant, plucking two glasses off the plate and offering one to the otter and.. offers the other to her mouth, yes. More alcohol. For the meantime, her attention is drawn back to the show, watching the magical going-ons.

Pontius relaxes in the hot tub with the otter in his lap, murmuring little compliments as he strokes Lucas's smooth fur.

"They are always over the top," Olloch says to Bazalt, slurping down his wine and smiling, "I never miss one if I can help it." It might finally occur to Bazalt that Olloch is, in fact, as nude as the party's host, if not half so muscular. "I am particularly impressed by his selection of alcohol, personally," the obese boar says, "Honestly, I wish he were one of mine." For some, unknowable reason, he raises his hand in a rather rude gesture toward Cara, though he smiles as he does it.

Meanwhile, Sven, the topic of the conversation only shrugs at Cedric. "Sven is not knowing," he says, "He is only merchant. He is visit with Sven sometimes, but is not sharing his name. He is liking Sven's parties, though."

Bazalt GRins "Cedric this is...a Friend!"the wolf and nods "I.. was gonna telly ou one of whats-his-faces was here but of course you know." he grins ever more, managing to ignore the nude fact. "I'd not say a good friend but... i'd trust him." the wolfs tail twitches and he nods to Sven. "I hoestly think sven is too wild to be bound down by a commitment like that." the wolf shrugs and grabs some more cheese, looking around "wonder if anyone else is here? doubtful.."

Lucas takes the offered drink in both hands, drawing it to his lips to take a sip, then a gulp, downing it quickly. His stomach grumbles, reminding him that he was hungry, but he ignores it, setting the empty glass on the edge of the hot tub and leaning back. He smiles at the whispers, eyes closing at the strokes over his fur. "Hmm, I think I could get used to this," he said with a dopey smile on his muzzle, a finger tracing the rim of the empty glass.

Cara rises from the hot tub as the water drips from her fur. Her attention is drawn to the incredibly overweight boar and she growls for a moment. Then, she immediately takes the towel from earlier and begins to dry herself off. Once she is finished, she walks over to the boar as staring directly at him, and she attempts to pinpoint the location of the corruption that's currently on the ship. She has a faint suspicion that it might be this guy, but it is best to err on the side of caution rather than risk accusing an innocent being. Besides, if he isn't a corrupt caller, then she can ask him what the trouble is and clear it up immediately.

Cirrus applies pats to Cedric, and tries to whap at Flora.

Cedric nods to Sven and takes another long look at the boar, getting a little bit closer. He seems rather interested in the man, for some reason. "I see..." he says to Bazalt, not really noticing the man's gesture.

The Boar snorts down at Cara. "I'm really going to have to ask you to stop that," he says, "Everytime you do that, it makes my ears burn and I feel like I am going to sneeze." He then turns a tusked smile on Bazalt and Cedric. "Just me, my friend," he says as the wolf searches around, "The others tend to dislike crowds." He puts an immense hand on Cedric's shoulder. "Cedric!" he says, "Yes! Your friend Sven has spoken highly of you! I could see us working together closely in the near future."

Meanwhile, Pontius grins at Lucas's rumbling tummy. "Sounds like you could use a taste of Lord Snowmark's hospitality!" he says, flagging down a servant who brings over a tray of appetizers, "Just leave the tray with us." The hippo plucks a canape from the tray and offers to feed it to Lucas, though his free arm does manage to snake its way arround Cirrus, lest she think herself forgotten.

The fireknife dancer has finished his act and takes a bow after dousing his torches dramatically in the wading pool. A trio of graceful squirrel beings zip out as he splashes to the side and begin to juggle glittering, flashing balls.

Bazalt nods slowly "Annd Cara-Really.." the wolf sighs. "it's a frigging party." he shakes his head-already getting looped up with spirits. "Oh... Really now?" he looks at them both. "well...Should..anything happen.. might I be able to watch? all for research that is. Curious.. I mena i understand if not.. but..I'd owe you." the wolf says, noddign slowly-No doubt a risk.. a ver HUGE risk..but you gotta play the game.

Lucas softly sighs with the hand rubbing his stomach, eyes opening at Pontius's words. His eyes widen a bit and he licks his lips. "Well, I am hungry..." He opens his mouth hesitantly, leaning forward to nibble on the canape. His eyes close and he savors the flavor as he slowly chews, swallowing it then licking at his lips. "Creators, that's delicious." He reaches for it, carefully plucking the rest from Pontius' hand to eat it nibble by nibble until nothing was left, licking his digits clean. He smiles and looks at the hippo. "Thank you. Could... could I have another?"

Cara continues to walk over to the boar, with complete purpose in her stride. As she gets close enough to him, she crosses her arms. Then, she proceeds to take a nice long look at the portly boar. She eyes Bazalt for a moment and glares at him, "This is absolutely necessary, Bazalt. After all, I am...unfamiliar with this one and it would be nice to know what he offers. I also have to be careful that he doesn't do any of that misdeeds that a certain beings trafficker conducted." From there, she takes a deep breath and calms down, "Okay, since I don't exactly know your name. Might I inquire as to why you're here?" She begins to get closer to the portly boar, so close that he could see the slight scowl on her eye brows, "It's not all day that someone acquainted with the Corrupt Court shows up here, and most of the time, they tend to be involved in serious crimes. However, you seem to be a bit different. You haven't done anything yet other than gesture rudely to me, so let's chat and get to know each other."

Cedric rubs his chin curiously, nodding to the boar. He gives a side glance to Cara ash she starts to interrogate the boar. "Well, anyhow... I'd have to admit I'm a little curious about what sorta work you're offering..." he says, seeming pretty intrigued at the prospect. There is something somewhat alluring about the boar, at least to Cedric anyway...

Cirrus leans a little bit more against the hippo with the movement of the arm around her. She glances back and forth shiftily, before grabbing one of the bite-sized bits and quickly consuming it, following it up with a sip of whatever brew it was this time. The alcohol was undeniably tasty, and the show was undeniably extravagant and interesting, which makes for a good day, all-in-all.

Pontius passes another canape to the otter in his lap. "Have as many as you like. Lord Snowmark always has enough food at these things to feed an army!" The hippo seems more than a little pleased to keep the otter right where he is, a hand dipping under the water to run along Lucas's hip. His other hand running down Cirrus's side. Very gentle for such a large being.

"I am here for a party," Olloch says to Cara, an eye running along her naked form and its glowing marks, "Why? What are you here for, little spear?" The Boar then turns to look at Cedric. "Work?" he asks, and shakes his head, jowels swaying, "No, I bid you to indulge! I offer you all the pleasures of the world! Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die! The world is fat with good things. A fruit ripe for plucking, but not by just anyone, by YOU! Every excess is no crime, but rather, worship!" The boar looks intently at the badger and holds out a shining, golden coin.

Bazalt blinks and Sighs "Whatever" he turns and watches the Exchange between Olloch and Cedric rather intently. "Intresting..I wish I had my book for notes but..I can write it down later." he does eye the coin however-looking quite intrested in it. "how.. very.. Curious.." he says, tail flicking.

Lucas smiles and nibbles at the canape from the hippo's hand, kissing at his thumb before taking it into his own. "Well, I certainly can't have too much. Don't want to ruin my figure, do I?" he said, clearly relaxing a little against Pontius. He takes gentle nibbles from the hor d'ourve, giggling softly s he feels the hands on his barely clothed body. He turns his head to look over Pontius' shoulder, waving down a servant and pointing at the drink. "Anov-" He quickly covers his mouth and swallows. "So sorry, another, one, please?" he asks, picking up another canape then leans up against Pontius. "Would you like a nibble sir?" he asks, offering it to the noble.

Cara glares at the boar for a moment, "Listen, while you do look rather...intriguing, I'm afraid I can't allow this." With surprising speed, she dashes bewtween Cedric and the boar, "Sorry about this, but until you tell me what you really want, I'm afraid that there will be no offering today. So stop shrugging me off, and answer when you're spoken to." She hunches down and assumes her combat stance immediately, "We can skip this if you tell me everything about who are, your history with the members of the corrupt court, what that coin is, and if you intend to bring a disaster of some kind like famine. I just want to work this out now so that we can get it over with."

Olloch stares down at Cara. "I believe that I just told everyone exactly what I want," he says, "Now, you look like you are starving. Go have something to eat. There is plenty and to spare." Suddenly, Cara is ravenous! Her stomach growls like she has never eaten before in her life! She must eat NOW! The boar offers the coin to Cedric once more.

Cara manages to resist the absolutely annoying feeling that suddenly came to her stomach and she turns to Cedric, "Listen, you really shouldn't listen to this guy. He is related to the corrupt court and if you work with him, then I'm just going to remove the corruption though. Listen, just think about this first before you agree to his deal." From that she calmly walks off to the buffet table and starts eating some of the food there while glaring and Olloch viciously.

Cedric... starts to have second thoughts. Especially at the ring of the words 'I bid'. He's heard that phrasing before, once or twice. In any case, he has a few third thoughts that override his second thoughts, and he accepts the coin with only a little hesitation. After all, he's not the sort of person to think very carefully about the things that he does before doing them. Never has been!

"Corrupt or not, he doesn't seem evil... and I make my own decisions..." he says to Cara before she walks off.

Cirrus starts emitting a warm murring sound next to the hippo, providing a nice, calm contrasting element to the energy provided by the otter. To be fair, the fur on her is nearly impossible not cuddle. She idly watches the scene play out between the tiger, the boar, the wolf, and the badger (oh my), starting to actually slow down on the drinks, though it seems the leopard can actually hold her drinks pretty well, silent as a whole.

Seeing as both of Pontius's hands are busy now, the only way he could have a canape is if it is fed to him. The hippo opens his mouth and takes the whole thing, sucking on Lucas's fingertips. "You eat up," he says, "I'll keep my eye on your figure." He has not noticed the drama across the way.

Olloch snorts and nods as Cara walks away. "See, no need for a fight." The boar grins when Cedric takes the coin and goes back to watching the performance, which has switched to a team of acrobats tossing each other to great heights and performing spins and flips in the air. "There," the boar says, "Now I will come when you call and you will come when I call. We have an agreement. And between you and me, I am glad she backed down. I would hate to have had to do something drastic."

Cedric will see that the coin bears the face of a boar on one side and a hyena on the other side. Suddenly his lower jaw starts to ache as his eyeteeth start to change.

Bazalt blinks "So you'd let a single Spirits View decice how you'd act and treart otehrs becuse THEY choose a diffrent path to you?" the wolf growls and shakes his head "so your a simple pawn-dont dare to think for yourself-instead you do as your master tells you." the wolf corsses his arms and Glares at the cat. "You're a discuting piece of Garbage-" the wolf Stops himself before he Draws anymore attentiona dn instead turns to CEdric, furrowing his brows as he looks at the badger. "Huh.. Easier than i though...then again i expected it to be fancy and stuff.." he shrugs, tail flicking in annoyance.

Lucas's nibbles his lower lip and giggles as Pontious eats the canape and sucks his fingers clean. He rubs at his cheek with the hand, then widens his eyes and giggles, beginning to fan himself with a hand. "I'm all flustered now." He looks over the hippo's shoulder the scene, pulling back a little to hide behind the large royal, only to sigh as the fighting ends, before it's ever started, then pulls his head down lower when Bazalt starts yelling at the tigress. He swallows then grabs a few canapes, nestling his head against the hippo's chest as he eats, the rich flavor distracting him from the fight that's surely about to break out.

Unfortunately for Bazalt, the feline manages to finish eating her fill. She slowly walks over to the annoying mutt, who was sadly too judgmental to think things through before opening his yap.

"It's not polite to insult a person when you don't even know them." She smiles at him for a moment and replies, "I have my reasons for being suspicious of him in the first place considering that the last person who was dedicated to a member of the corrupt court that I met was a beings trafficker. The other encounter with members of the corrupt court was the Lady of Bones who attacked me for reasons that I don't even know to this day. Besides, members of the Corrupt Court normally have a catch that results in negative consequences, like the Lady of Bones' enslavement of the people that she revives as well as the Lord of Decay's desire for destruction being evident in most of his cultists. So, I have to be suspicious. In fact, my 'master' didn't tell me anything about this one."

The badger nods to Olloch, wincing as his jaw begins to ache and he starts sprouting tusks from his lower jaw. "Now, now..." Cedric says, wagging his jaw a little and trying to get used to the new tusks, reaching up to poke one of them curiously. Neat! He imagines they probably lend a nice rugged look to his handsome face! Which is definitely the best reason to contract a spirit of the corrupt court.

"There's no need for hostility here... nor any need to purge anything from me. I assure you I'm no trafficker or underworldy being." he says, seeming a little offended by the insinuations! "I simply tend to... enjoy earthly pleasures." he continues, rubbing his chin a little in thought before adding. "...quite a bit actually. Ask Sven." he says, pointing over his shoulder with his thumb, at the puma.

Cirrus is plenty enjoying herself at the current moment, in the hot-tub thing. Plenty good time to relax, continuing her rhythmic food-stealing and beverage sipping routine, and, is enjoying a little bit of entertainment from spying the others arguing across the ship. The leopard decides to maneuver a hand over to rake gently into the otter's back-fur, as a friendly gesture. Very, very friendly.

Pontius is a strong slab of hippo and more than happy to be cuddled up with the lady and girly-man. He turns his head toward the raised voices. "Perhaps it is time to be going," he says.

Olloch nods at Cara. "My point exactly, girl," he says, "You don't know me. Keep your pantie- well you know what I mean." The boar takes another long drink from his goblet, which it seems that he has never had to refill. "No need to defend me," he says to the others, "I am a guest here and have caused no harm or made any threats." He looks over at Sven who only shrugs and tosses back a drink. One of many he has had tonight. "No fighting at Sven's party," the puma says, "Unless Sven starts it."

Bazalt Growls and shakes his head "Yeah you dont know him at all.. He went to teh corrupt court for his reasons, The court split for whatever reason! you dont know, For all we know it'c cause of your a master you so willingly a puppet too!" the wolf sighs his head and sighs, ears going flat. "Sorry Sven.. Olloch.." the wolf shakes his head, muttering to himself. "how can you so blindly follow someone?.." he asks himself, headding for some food, the damned tiger had ruined the party.

Lucas squeaks and straightens his posture with the scratch up his spine, fur bristling at the sensation. He giggled and his tail stroked up along Cirrus's side. He looked to Pontius and nods his head. "I suppose so, if... things start to get a little out of hand." He peeks over the hippo's shoulder again, a sigh of relief leaving his mouth. "Looks like they might be calming down a bit though. I hope so. I'd hate for a fight to ruin this lovely party." He notices at that moment his drink had been refilled, and reaches out, picking it up and drawing it back to sip at it.

Cara rolls her eyes once more, "But that's what I want to know though. The reasons why he would want to ally himself with what are essentially known criminals. That shouldn't be too much to ask for. A simple explanation woudl be helpful so that I can possibly work out a few deals and possibly get something that both my 'master' and Olloch might want." She nonchalantly walks back to Olloch and sighs, "Personally, if I knew a bit more information then I wouldn't have to do anything. Besides, this enticing spirit here is rather neutral for the most part and I just want to know his stance on things." She gives a playful wink to Olloch and continues, "Is that honestly so much to ask for?"

Cedric decides to take a break from this conversation, for the time being. He's feeling a little peckish all of a sudden, and decides to hit the buffet for some food and drink. On his way towards the table, he gives Bazalt a playful swat on the rear... and then Sven. And then finally, he's at the table and stuffing his face much more than he had earlier, with his few nibbles of cheese and grapes...

"Maybe it is. Such a shame; I was really starting to enjoy the sauna." Cirrus gives the hippo a pat on the arm, worming her way out to emerge from the pool, plucking a towel from a passing tray and quickly drying her fur before it has a chance to become a marshmallow. She acquires her original clothing, tugging the original clothing on post-haste. "It was nice to meet you two, anyways, Pontius, Lucas. Hope to see you both around again sometime soon." With that, she makes her way out of the party! Maybe to head to the inn. No such thing as too much beer.

What a party! Spirits, fighters, hot tubs and all the tension of a street show! The rest of the event passes without incident under the watchful eye of Sven Snowmark.