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It is chilly enough to draw some snow down, a relatively rare, but not unknown, sight in the warm city. Still, not enough to keep warmth from the heart of the people as they gather for noonday mass. It's a pleasant enough ceremony, going over some good and bad news, some disputes settled and hearts set to ease. As it draws to close, the kindly priest announces, "We have a lifebonding today."

Selena quirks a brow at the mention of a lifebonding and rests back against a wall, fiddling with some small object or another.

The Large badger grins as she sits in the back of the mass in her most beautiful outfit she could dress in. Out of respect for any family and close family, Kilsa look at the priest with a warm smile. Her white robes are trimed with gold and black as her clan symbol and noble house symbol are sown into each side the center of her modestly cut neckline has small flower cut into it. "Heh heh." She chuckled excitedly at the thought of being witness to the life bond.

Mazurek is seated in the front row of the chapel today. He is in his dragon form and a smile spreads across his face upon hearing of the lifebonding at the conclusion of the sermon. One hand comes to rest on the other dragon's beside him.

Ixitixl pales, swallowing hard, as the priest announces the Next Item of Business. He starts as the fellow drake's hand settles on him, turning head swiftly to regard Mazurek, then looking sheepish, returning the smile. Feet tucked together, he rubs his thumbs in circles over his palms, taking a breath to steady himself. "This is, um... it... heh."

The priest motions towards Mazurek and Ixitixl, "Come on up to the front. These two are loyal defenders of the city. Mazurek," Gesturing at, "Is a member of the armed forces, under the Lightbringer unit, if I recall correctly," he pauses just long enough to be corrected if wrong, "As loyal members of the nation, they now declare their love for one another."

Selena's ears perk up slightly at the mention of a vaguely familiar name. She pockets her trinket and turns her attention to the front, gazing intently across the crowd at the pair and priest.

Kilsa smiles from the back, "Lucky." The badger smiles a small twinge of hope runs through her before her mind forcus on the beauitufl pair before them. "I can't wait to reach that point myself." She smirked before curiously looking around for familiar faces, her hands slowly play with flower as she excitedly watched one of her good friends settling down with a lifepartner. The urge to cheer is nearly overwhelming as she attempted to apply that Crusader discipline as they are called to the front.

Mazurek nods to the other dragon, "Yes. It is." He nuzzles before rising, coaxing his partner to rise as well. He leads the way to the front, where the priest awaits, "Private, First Class of the Lightbringers, sir." Where he stops is the traditional position for the female of the bond.

Ixitixl lifts slowly from his seat and takes a moment to smooth down the wrinkles in his formal attire, comfortably fitting despite his immense draconic girth. A few nervous glances are darted to the audience as he follows Mazurek up to the priest and takes his position, tucking wings and tail close to his body as he fights the urge to figit.

"Do either of you," asks the priest, "Have family in attendance? Besides your friends and countrybeings, of course." Ah yes, we are all family, or so priests are fond of saying.

Kilsa gives Ixitixl a thumbs up when his gaze reaches her. She smiles at the priest words knowing that she is far too imformal to give something as important as a lifebonding ceremony. She looked at the pair and could almost not tell the difference in them, "I bet they will be good together." She murmured happily.

Selena gazes off a little wistfully at the mention of family, her eyes glassing over for a moment before she snaps back to reality with a smirk, noting Lady Ironsoul's barely contained excitement.

Mazurek can only shake his head, "I do not have any in attendance, sir." There's a difference between the two, though it is really only in their color and texture. One is green scaled, one is black flesh.

Ixitixl pauses briefly with his lips parted as if he has something to say, but he follows suit with his counterpart in shaking his head, pursing his lips and adding nothing further. His eyes do wander the audience a while before finding their way back, and then he gives his posture and extra bit of straightening.

"It is very rare, possibly unique, that two of the same sacred family would bond." Though, the chance of children are pretty minimal, "I choose to accept that as a good omen." He moves around before them and produces a silk rope, "As I bind your hands, it is but a symbol of your lives, already bond fast together, your souls progressing in blissful harmony." He reaches, starting to wend it through one wrist and the other, "There will be arguments, there will be anger, but they will only hone your love, not break it. You will have understanding, and there will be peace and fulfillment."

Mazurek raises the hand that is still clasping the other dragon's to give the priest the opportunity to symbolically join their hands with the rope. For being the female of the bond he sure seems to be the one taking the lead. He remains silent throughout this part, gazing at the other dragon and then the rope and then the priest and back again.

Kilsa is silently pressing her hands together in a clapping motion. "Speak the truth priest." She gives one of her few girlish giggles as she fines a far seat to sit so that her large frame doesn't cause anyone to miss the beautiful ceremony as her eyes start to mist slighty. "I won't cry....I won't." She sniffles quietly, even attending hundreds of these ceremonies she can't help but tear up.

Selena smiles warmly, her hand slipping into a pocket as if to hold something. Something about the almost picturesque scene... Her eyes seem to glass over again, though still focused towards the front.

Ixitixl's gaze levels directly at the dragon across from him. Lips purse and rub together, the very utmost tip of his tongue peeking out to quickly wet them. A bit of fidgiting turns into a tremble while the priest binds their hands and his eyes start to mist up -- and then he squeaks. Softly, but in a high pitch that carries easily in the holy halls, leaving him head bowed and cheeks flushed with embarassment.

The priest moves back and to the side, allowing everyone to more clearly see them, "And now you are bond. Let any that would speak against it, speak now, or hold your peace." Ah, that tense moment as he looks about for any naysayers.

One hand raises, the gall! "How are they to have children. They're both male." The priest lifts his shoulds in reply.

"Life bonding is about live and dedication. While all children should be born within the safety of a bond, not all bonds are destined for children. We would not shun a barren female or a sterile male from joining, let us not look down upon the love of these two."

Apparently good enough to quiet the rest, the remainder of the time passes. "Then, speaking as proxy for the Good King, and under the rules set forth under the First Text, I declare you bond. May all know you two are now one."

Kilsa looks around for anyone stupid enough to argue against two dragons. "I pray to the creators no one is that suicidal.." She mumbles between sniffles and notices Selena tearing up. She attempts to motion for the other female to join her as she motions for the female to join her. The badger eyes narrow at the one voice unable to tell who might need some tact beat into them as the priest declares them bond.

Mazurek does not remove his gaze from his partner at this point, even after the squeak. His tail moves to brush against his Green partner in the time it takes for the ceremony to conclude. Not even the sole Naysayer attracts his attention, and when the words are spoken he finally leans in for a nuzzle to a cheek and then a true kiss that would mark the bond for what it is.

Selena paces across to the familiar badger having just noticed her presence and gives her a friendly hug. "They look like they'll make a good pair." She smiles, a little watery-eyed.

Kilsa smiles at Selena, "I know..." She says and hugs the other sniffling girl close, "I really need to send them a..aa.." Another sniffle, "a Gift." She holds her friend tightly, "I mean they look so cute together..."

Ixitixl shifts, turning his back just so and parting his wings, in a not entirely subtle effort to hide himself from the crowd. Nuzzles met with nuzzles, a fluttering breath reaching Mazurek's ear as the green drake struggles with his composure, one itty-bitty tear squeaking out when he closes his eyes to return the kiss to his bondmate, quickly getting lost amidst the narrow seams between his scales.

Soft cheer is had in the crowd before the food is brought out proper for traditional after-bonding feasting purposes, which is met with all the more cheers. Much better to eat well in the warm church than to brave the cold snow outside.

Mazurek doesn't give any indication of having noticed the tears being shed, holding the kiss for as long as is proper before finally breaking it. He joins in the merry-making afterward, though eats sparingly. When the time is proper he does leave with his partner for the 'honeymoon' they had agreed to.

Selena makes an effort to congratulate the new couple, despite being barely acquainted. She chooses to leave a little earlier than most other beings, as the day progresses onward something seems to be weighing over her head. Such a beautiful day for a wedding. A beautiful day indeed.

It's hard to tell if Ixitixl is happy to stop being the centre of attention, or just happy as he and Mazurek step out of the limelight and the feasting beings. He keeps that hand bound to his partner in a death grip the entire time through to their departure, seperating only long enough to pay his thanks to the priest.