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It's a relatively warm afternoon, but then again, what day in Sweetwater isn't? There's clouds overhead, and Flora is waiting in a small room on the first floor of the manor for her guests to arrive.

Guests who, despite their status as spyguard, are still going to have to be escorted by the longtail guards, rather than being allowed to wander on their own.`

Behind Flora, there is a wide array of different, uncategorized family-paintings, some bought, some returned to Flora when her house had been restored, and yet others, restored...

After a bit of arguing over the issue of being escorted, the spyguard finally is escorted to the main room. The small rat seeming to be perpetually annoyed under his hood as he sizes Flora up. "Do what do we owe the pleasure?"

A smile on Flora's muzzle, a flick of the tail, as the she-cat gestures at the small table. "Flora has a... Request. I assume mister spyguard is already aware that the Spyguard have ran background-checks on Flora's family members before, yes?"

Flora herself pauses for a moment, canting her head to the side. "Would mister Spyguard want a drink? Coffee? Tea? Flora really should've asked that first, yes."

The Spyguard crosses his arms, fixing Flora with a look for a few moments. "Coffee." He answers, before taking a seat. "And yes I am aware of the checks we have already made, what is it you are needing."

A nod, a smile, and a gesture to one of the servants. It'll take him a moment to return with the drinks, tea and coffee, but soon enough, both feline and rodent should have a drink.

"Flora needs... Another background check. But this one's... Different. If it weren't, Flora would've just provided a name through the usual channels, yes," she offers, as she slides a small stack of papers forward, as well as gesturing at a small, unnamed portrait on the table, an image of a young, white-furred panthress with silver rosettes.

In the papers are what little information Flora's already managed to gather. Traveled through Shralesta towards the jadelands, stayed there a while... Two different pseudonyms, Lily and Iris.

"The problem is, Flora has no... Indication this familymember is still alive, no."

The rat turns the photo over for a few moments while he savours his coffee. "That bars the question as to why you would need a check for a dead family member." He asks bluntly, putting the picture down on the pile of notes.

"Flora has... Suspicions. A hunch, yes. Things aren't quite adding up, and Flora would like to have certainty, but Flora feels that Lady Lily... Or Iris, or whatever her real name is, might be someone of importance to the family."

"Flora isn't quite sure yet, so that's why Flora would like to request the spyguard to investigate, look through the archives, and so on," the tigress offers. "Flora understands if any of the results wind up being confidential, but Flora figured Flora could at least ask."

The rat taps his cup for a moment in thought at that, eyeing the picture quietly. "Mmm, that might take some time. And yes, we will withold anything that we may believe is confidential to the crown or otherwise."

"Of course. Flora wouldn't expect anything less... Though, if possible, Flora would like to know her real name, and, well... Where she fits in the family tree, yes," the she-cat offers. "Even if Flora turns out to be wrong, and she isn't special, Flora could at least put her in the right part of the family-tree, yes. There are already too many gaps," the tigress oadds, before taking a sip from her own tea.

He Finishes his coffee, putting down the cup as he stares at Flora. "If we find something we will let you know, that is all I can offer. We are rather busy ourselves doing actual work." He answers, folding his hands in his lap.

Flora nods, and smiles, although the mention of 'actual work' does seem to upset her just -slightly-. "Of course. The Kingdom's security is more important," Flora offers with a flick of her ears. "And Flora understands it'll take a while. Although Flora doesn't have much experience... Spyguarding, Flora does know projects take time, especially when they aren't top priority," she offers, tails swaying behind her.

He eyes her up and down, placing the cup back on the table as he gathers up the material provided. "Then we have reached an agreement, we will contact you if we manage to find anything."

"Of course, yes. Oh, and if mister spyguard speaks with the spyguard's requisitions or Mister Sirus, could mister spyguard let them know that the first shipment of LongTech spyglasses should be ready for pickup sometime next week? Flora is quite proud of them, yes."

"Other than that, unless mister spyguard has any other things to discuss, mister Tom will provide an escort to the gates," she offers, as she gestures for the LongTech guard that'd escorted him in. "And if Flora, or LongTech, can be of service any other way, do not hesitate to let Flora know, yes."

The rat watches her for a few moments before nodding and standing up, slipping the material into his tunic while waiting for the guard. "If we can think of anything we will let you know." He answers, giving a polite bow before being escorted out.